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Dream About Red Giant meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Why do i have a dream that a giant crab is chasing me? does that mean its going to happen?

ive been having this weird dream that a giant crab is chasing me...if you have any questions about it ill answer them

uh okay for u idiots why would that make him gay...i dream about killer teletubbies with sharp teeth red eye and razor claws like freddyy and they try to kill me and when they are about to i wake up i was told that its cuz stuffs on my mind that is gonnna change my life like im afraid of something in my life or im scared that things will change and bad things could happen these are from many pple idk i jus think its a dream and no it wont happen in real life

Example: What do these dreams mean.?

Can someone tell me what these dreams mean? i am only 13 if this matters at all.

1.I go to sleep by my bunk bed by the window, then a wolf scratches at the window and breaks in and eats me.

2. We drive home, wolves surrond the car, I get out they don't attack. I get inside and they are running through the venting system. I rush to my room and there is a wolf standing there with my half eaten cat in its mouth.

3. At super market, elevator music is playing, standing by a giant aisle of toliet paper. Grey and White wolf rush by, my parents tell me to be quiet. Am at the top of the toilet paper, there is a blue chair and a red couch. My dad's corpse is half eaten and right in front of me. Wolf at attacks my sister and mom then I rush into the blue chair and the wolf walks toward me.
I have been having these dreams since i was 10, and i live in the country for the dreams with my house and all. And the super market was completely white. The wolfs are usually grey and brown.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Me and my friend have been discussing our dreams lately and i realized I have the same dream once a year since i was 11. Here is how it goes:

At first, I am playing in the leaves with my childhood friend, then i hear my heart pounding harder and louder, i see a tree coiling around something, then i see a wedding dress being torn to shreds. Some of my memories flash before my eyes, then i am walking down a long hall, lost and scared to death. The leaves come back and i see more things that i can never remember. Then i see myself standing in a pool of blackness and something begins to stretch; it breaks. All the while i hear the thundering of my heart's rhythm in my mind.

When i wake up, i am freaked out and every time i close my eyes i can hear the thundering pattern.

Yeah, i know, weird. Is this just a regular nightmare that reoccurs for some odd reason? or is it something more?

Example: What does the dream mean?

Okay so here is a few instances.

1. i don't remember anything in the dream but the end, this girl i a huge crush on was about to kiss me, before our lips pressed, I woke up.
Also, she had no colour in her eyes, they were completly white except fr the part that was meant to be black, the centre or whatever, was bright red.

2. I've had this dream before, years ago and only a few nights ago: I was first in some sort of giant shopping mall which seemed to be desined out of several shopping malls that really exsist. Some person (or persons) was chasing me (and possibly my friends) around. I somehow escaped through the parking lot on the top floor or something and got into another town. Appartently something apocalpitic happened to the town, like if most of it was deserted i don't know. But the kid still seemed to be chasing me. I've never seen the kid in reality, the kid was of a new zealand descent, his head was shaven and was way bigger than me.

Can anyone plase tell me what this means?

Example: Skull dream meaning It was giant and made of rocks?

Dreamed a giant skull made from rocks like a mountain. Me and other people were having dinner chiken and red meat, there were a lot of people in separated tables. I take some chicken but didn't wanto to eat the red meat. Two or three people went up over the sukull and that was kind of strange for me. I didn't understand what were they doing there. What does it mean.

Example: What does seeing a giant red moon in your dreams mean?

in the dream i was running around in my neighborhood and i looked up and saw the moon, it was HUGE and red. i feel like it might mean some thing?

Example: Any idea what it means to dream about a giant fried egg?

I had a dream last night that has me really curious to know what it could mean. In the dream, I was with a friend who had an alien locked up in a room. They were keeping it separate from wherever they lived. And so I went with this friend to this room and they showed me this alien. What I remember is the friend opening the door and seeing this thing standing in a room that had a red floor but was otherwise pitch black.

The alien...was a giant, six foot tall, fried egg, sunny side up. lol The yellow yolk of this egg had broken, so it wasn't rounded but flat and runny, and it was on the floor, as part of it's...foot. Or whatever you want to call it. But I remember looking down at this "foot", then back up at it's face. I'm fairly certain it was wearing a cowboy hat and sunglasses, but it was dark...I couldn't see the glasses or the hat clearly, but more the shape of them in the dark.

Any ideas?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok this is two dreams
1: I was on my house balcony with three friends and we were playing around then this giant purple bird came swooping up but then i realized it was a knight... with feather wings! anyways he came to my balcony without the wings, the helmet and his sword then (ok this is ridiculous) one of my friends challenged me to jump down from the balcony and touch a tree and do it 3 times and i accepted and when i looked down it was pretty high then suddenly the knight took a red thing and jumped down using it then suddenly i was outside talking to my friends and the dream ended

2: I was on the balcony again midnight and there was this rock like egg that hit my balcony when a giant purple bird went after it then it thought i was a threat so it attacked me Dream Ended i didnt know if i died or anything it just flew to me and it went black.

Example: What does it mean when you dream being attacked by giant shrimp?

Last night I had a dream that I was walking on the beach I felt good walking in a two piece bathing suit ( in real life I won't be caught dead in one until I am in better shape), then all of a sudden a giant shrimp creature jumped out of the water and attacked me. I was yelling, "Get it off me!" So there were people helping me getting it off but when they took it off me the creature spit out some goo on me that felt my whole body had a burning sensation. So again people around me were helping me getting this goo off me but had to take of my bathing suit. Then I woke up. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of three ladies a blonde, brunet and a red head and there giant and your?

and your little and they all like you but your to little to share so they put you in a bottle and sit on you

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