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Dream About Red Cross meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could this dream mean?! 10 POINTS?

Ok so for the past two nights, my dreams have varied but there is always a part in where I look outside from my window and I have this oak tree and these two big black Labradors, about the size of Great Danes and in the tree and attacking a birds nest and I can see the feathers falling down.
I don't like it much so I shout for them to come down (they're not my dogs btw) and they do, and they just look at me through the window but they don't look vicious or anything but yeah anyway I always wake up like then.
What could this mean?

Here are cross cultural interpretations of your main dream symbols:

tree: your family
dog: need to reverse your spiritual concepts
black: depth; result of severe confusion; sometimes seen with yellow and/or red
2: physical/spiritual duality
birds (nest): (source/beginning of) messages
window: opening to the mansion of your soul personality

The oak tree represents your family. Since oak trees are strong, so is your family. Your family tree harbors information which is important to you - not really "messages" per se, but wisdom or intuition which you believe can be extracted in the form of that bird's nest.

The dogs represent an "outside" concept attacking that wisdom (because the dogs aren't yours). Since they were black and there were 2 of them, they represent a physical/spiritual concept that has caused you confusion and "attacks" your family's wisdom.

You may have recently encountered a peer, authority figure, or some type of media which presented you with a concept; this person or media (article, song, video, game, movie, whatever) attempted to look into your soul (in the form of that window) and convert you to their way of thinking - which attacked your family's wisdom.

There's all types of arrogant people in the world using cult recruiting tactics which attack our families. We just have to recognize them for what they are: Insecure.

Healing Thoughts,


P.S. Never let anyone convince that anything coming out of your mind is unimportant - even when you're simply rehashing the day's events. You're important, therefore, so are your dreams - they're a living part of you.

Example: I had a dream...and a cross, blood, and a toilet were in it...what exactly could it mean?

I was taking a nap yesterday and i dreamed that i was standing right next to my toilet holding a red cross. It was my mom's cross that she had bought in Italy. Anyways, I was holding the cross in my hand and i dropped it in the toilet and I remember looking at my hand and it had blood on it. Afterwards, I looked down at the toilet and saw the cross and when i bent down to get it, a big shadow came in. It looked like a hand with long nails.

That's when I woke up and when I woke up my hand had
a burning sensation.

What exactly does this mean?

I've been thinking about lately
and I'd really like to know.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Three nights ago I had an eerie dream.. I didn't even know I was sleeping until I woke up, but I was sitting on the couch and I passed out (still thinking I was sitting there awake) it was like 3 in the morning. I started to hear loud sharp static noises, and beating and scratching on the front door, I got up and almost immediately fell on the floor, I started feeling really weak and delirious (as if I were having alcohol poisoning but worse) I could barely crawl and the noises were getting louder and more violent, but I managed to crawl to my bedroom in an attempt to get my .45 handgun. When I finally got to the doorway of my room I reached up and tried to turn the light on but the bulb burned out as soon as it came on so I pulled out my zippo and lit it. Something blew the flame out and the zippo was gone, I reached for my pistol but as soon as I felt my hand brush against it, I levitated off of the floor away from it, and began to slam back and forth between my wall and dresser as I floated towards the ceiling, I tried praying to god for help but I couldn't speak no matter how hard I tried, I crawled along the wall as if it were the floor, grabbing on to anything I could to pull myself away from my room and what ever was trying to levitate me up and pull me backwards. I made it back into the living room and was pulled up against the ceiling, and I mustered up the ability to mutter the words "The power of Christ compels you" and I fell to the floor and then woke up on the couch. What does that mean? If it helps, I've had multiple realistic demonic dreams before

Example: Can someone help me with the meaning of this dream?

I had a dream where I was a new surgeon, who was terrible at my job. I would just cut people open and have no idea what I was doing! Every patient I had died, and the only thing I thought was "I hope I don't get sued".

Any one have any idea about the meaning behind this?

Example: Dream of epic gun fight in apartment followed by seeing a cross in the sky. What does it mean?

Last night I had what seemed like a vision. It felt so real that I thought parts of it had happened even after I woke up. I wrote it in my dream journal, so I will paste it here. I could really use some insight into what it means exactly. Vito is my big samoan friend with a gentle spirit, and Josie is my best friend from high school who I just recently reconnected with and I am now living with. I spend most of my time with these two guys. We all are spiritual however I feel that I am the only true believer.

Im in an apartment, I’m with my friends, I Know Vito is there. We are trying to avoid people, we think one of them is his mom. They are freaking out for some reason and trying to break into the apartment. A few times they did and they started shooting at us, we were hiding behind counters and Josie was trying to make a shield out of scrap metal laying around. We had a gun that we used to test the shield but the bullet kept going through until we found three separate sheets and put them together. Once we did this, the bullets weren’t able to puncture it. People are still trying to get in, there is a lot of commotion, we are lowkey panicking. We are shooting back, they are shooting in, I’m pretty scared but not as scared as I should be, more excited. Finally, things cool down, Vito’s ‘mom’ comes in and she starts to make us pizzas. Things are ok but not, the food is meant to make up for what happened? We are excited, slapping 5 saying “dude we got shot at bro!” “We did it!”.
Next, I’m being taken home by Josie I believe, perhaps Vito is driving us, I’m not sure. I look up in the sky, it looks like we are in rosemond or something, but the city seems bigger. It’s early in the morning, maybe 6 or so. I look into the sky and see what looks to be a cross. It is getting bigger. I get dropped off, and I start walking somewhere but I’m staring at the sky the whole time. I tell Josie who is somehow there about what the thing in the sky looks like, he agrees that it looks kind of like a cross. Josie leaves, and heads home. I am still walking, the cross is getting bigger, it is undoubtably a cross now. It gets closer and I can even see a sign hanging from the top of the cross and someone is clearly on it. But the arms of the cross do not go straight across, they seem like they go forward. The cross is so close, and starts to fly away a little bit, I start to lose its definition in the light of the sky. I call Josie. Helicopters start flying near it, they look like they are trying to maybe cause people to be mistaken. Josie answers, I tell him that it was definitely a cross – I’m running now – and there seemed to be someone on it. I start to come up with theories on what it could be. I’m saying, “What if Jesus literally ascended and basically froze in time until he reached his destination, and now He’s back and-“ I’m cut off, the sunlight completely disappears – I start to pray – I’m running down a street, the sky looks almost blood red, then I wake up. It felt real, I believe the 2nd coming is very very close. Glory to God.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok, this is a very dark dream. I mean like devilish dream. I've had a couple of dreams before almost exactly like this. The dreams before my devilish dream was that I was with my grandma and grandpa in their truck. We were driving down a road, and there was a cross on the sidewalk where someone died. I knew it was my aunt (shes still alive in real life). So my grandma just started sobbing. Thats it I've had that dream maybe twice thats it. Now in my devilish dream its very different. Were in my grandma and grandpas truck, and were going fast, I mean very very fast back and forth across cross. And in my dream I thought we were gonna die in a car crash because were going so fast. Also my grandma is crying only this time its high pitched, Like a ghostly high pitched crying, also she has a blue handkerchief in her mouth and shes biting it and pulling on it. Then im next to the cross, only now its a pig like a statue, its not moving but it looks real. I knew it was something evil in my dream. Also my cousin who is 4 is holding the pigs snout and hes moving around violently and the sky is red, like a apocalyptic red. I have no idea why I dream this, If someone could interpret it please help.

Example: What did my dream mean?

My dream started in the forest near my home, there is a small hill (+-20 metres high) which I climbed together with my dad. In front of us walked an old lady, I tried to catch her up, I succeeded, and I was suddenly in Kazakhstan. It was Beautiful, I was on a hill now, which was part of the city. I saw old skyscrapers from the Soviet time waking up in the mist, with mountains behind me. 2 mountains actually, which stood straight next to each other, with the flats in the middle. I walked further on the mountain, where I saw a restaurant which is near my house. And I saw a red cross hospital. I saw a Kazakh man I didn't recognize looking at me, I looked back and I thought I remembered him from something. I walked to him together with my dad (my dad wasn't impressed by the landscape, he found it horrible) and he said I should buy some new clothes.

I stepped in a teleportmachine to another country I love: Singapore. I ended in a huge shopping male in the sky which was connected with bridges (there were 3 pillars). I saw a women I didn't recognize and I saw a man walking next to her. When I saw that man I recognized him: it was me, but then in my mid 30's. I walked thru the shopping mall, surprised by all the high skyscrapers. I teleported back to Kazakhstan where the man nods at me. I walked further on the mountain and the dream ended.

Example: What does it mean when you dream a rosary?

I dreamed my dad putting me on a rosary. (my dad passed away) The rosary was different colors (mostly red) and the cross was black. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where I was crossing a bridge very calmly drawing pictures.
What does this mean?

Example: I have been having dreams about a black dog. He has red eyes & he growls at me. what does this mean?

Every time i dream of this it seems so real i don't know what to think of it.
one of my dreams goes like this.,
im laying down on my bed looking at the ceiling.
i close my eyes , & all of a sudden something jumps on top of me
its really heavy i open my eyes & its a dog a big one, hes growling at me
he has red eyes. i cant move or speak.
he starts to whisper little things i can't quite understand what he is saying.
than he starts talking clearly, he says to me "i will come for you, no one can save you not even God"
i somehow move & he jumps off & disappears under my little table or out the door.
he always says that in every dream i have had of him.
its weird, my mom says not to be scared but i don't understand & i don't know what to think of it,
does anyone know what this means?
thank you.

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