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Dream About Red Carpet meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean? Murder, being chased, blood?

What does this dream mean? Bear with me, it's long, but very interesting. This whole dream was set out like a horror or thriller movie - different "camera" angles, sometimes I would be watching myself, dramatic or suspensful music would be playing, ect.

I'm only 17, but I was with the police and detectives trying to catch this serial killer. He was a black man who liked to kidnap and murder young girls. I was staying at some "hotel" that looked like my primary school, and it was night. I was reading on the balcony when two young girls walked past me, giggling. I asked them where they were going and they said "To take a bath". I didn't think anything of it at first, then suddenly realised they were going to be murdered.

Then my dream switched "angles" and I was watching the black killer slowly open the door to where the girls were.
The dream jumped back to me and I ran down to this large tiled room that was the school bathrooms, where there was like a hot tub in the middle. I could see blood all over the floor, the girls were screaming, one of them completely covered in slippery dark red blood so she didn't look human anymore, the other one crouching away. The man had a gun and was wearing a purple suit with a black and white checked shirt. He had one girl under his arm and the other he was coating in her own blood. He worked very quickly and frantically.

For some reason I was braver than I would have been. I don't think I even had a gun or any weapon but I told him to stop. He turned around and said to me "Come closer, please." And then from another door in the wall m parents suddenly burst through, yelling. The man decided to escape and, holding both girls, ran very fast our of the room and into the playground of this "hotel" which still looked exactly like my primary school. It was still night and so he vanished quickly, but my parents and I still gave chase.

Whe chased him right up to the fence of my school. For some reason we couldn't get around or over this fence. I was angry because I had run so fast after him and nearly grabbed him a few times by just missed. I knew what this criminal was like, so I tried to provoke him, gain information about his character, maybe distract him for a while. I didn't know how dangerous that could be.

"Hey!" I yelled at him. "You always want us to get closer to you. But you never come closer to us!" The man had stuffed the girls' bodies in a small blue car, and now he turned to me, almost perplexed. Then he started to walk to towards. Then my parents finally caught up to me, and we all stood behind this fence facing this criminal. I knew he had a gun and was a psychopath but I kept taunting him. I also knew he thought of himself as very intelligent, so I said "You're nothing but a stupid idiot, aren't you?" He was becoming angry. My parents were telling me to stop.

Suddenly the man ducked behind another parked car and began sneaking towards my mum. I shouted a warning and my dad attempted to break the man's neck but it wouldn't work. Instead the man threw him off and began chasing me. I remember running as hard as I could, but it was so dark and the terrain so unstable. I was so scared. I knew he was a faster runner and that he would catch me and shoot me.

THEN, thank goodness, the dream changed (I'll be brief with this one).

I was at a friend's birthday party, which was being held in an abonded shopping center, and to reach the other floors you had to go down very long and very, very steep metal ladders, the ones with tiny rungs.
The whole time I was there I thought something wasn't quite right. The place was grimey, the carpet old and pulled up in places, the wall's scatched and dirty, with insulting messages scrawled on them. And the walls and the carpet were all a dirty shade of red, like old blood. I felt very uneasy there.

I started to go down all the ladders, which made me scared too because I believed I would fall. They were very high and not very stable. I was going down floor after floor till I reached a basement. And then I knew the source of unpleasentness and evil was coming from here.
Then everything became a bit blurry but I know I saw some strange cult of people who would cut off their own legs from the knee down and insert metal bolts all over their body. They were building some sort of trap or machine. Some of them still had legs. They noticed me watching in horror and one man without any legs who seemed to be the leader yelled at his minions to get me. I was beging chased again, this time up so many ladders and horrible humans, some with legs and some without, would crawl at an alarming pace after me.

Then I woke up.

Oh, it was so scary. I feel like this black killer is out there somewhere still with these girls, even though I know that is impossible. And I'm not a racist person, I do not know why he was black, but in my dream he just was.

Can anyone have a go at decoding what this means for me please? I know

First of all, your dream is quite in detail However, the theme is around one thing, you may be feeling out of control, out of support, not getting enough attention.

At first, when you project this black man as a killer, it does not mean you are a raicist., Many times, we are affected by media effect. What you see in the news can always give you preception of what things should be in your subconscious mind. In other words, this black man is a symbol in your subconscious mind. He serves as a symbol of bad person, person that may give you threat, things you feel fear about.
In reality, you may have no problem or even friend with black men, but the fact that this can become symbol of things you fear. That comes from your subconscious mind.

The chasing part of your dream may suggest that in reality you feel out of control, out of support. That may be due to some sort of criticism you encounted. Somehow you projected that as a crime scene. That is a reflection of things you are running out of control.

As far as the party held in abondoned shopping center, that also reflects some emptiness in you. You may be feeling not enough attention in your social life . The whole scene about being chased again may be something related to things you can't control in reality. However, in this part, it is more related to your social life. Perhaps, in reality, you may not be getting enough attention and that is why you had this dream vent out

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dream as if I am actually living the dream.

When I fall asleep, I dream that I am His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of a mythical country called Mirador. I live in opulence and luxury at the Emerald Palace. I have an entorage of servants, sit on a throne covered in diamonds, rubies and pearls and it looks like a Peacocks behind when it fans. My principal servant is an Indian man named Abdhul. He is very loyal and carries out my instructions exactly.

The dream always starts with me sitting on this throne with my feet on a gold plated footstool draped in pink crimson. I am sitting in a large ball room with dangling crystal chandeliers. The room is crowded with people looking at me and saying NOTHING! They just keep kneeling, curtsying and cheering. I know that all the people are not sincere as they are out for their own personal gain.

Suddenly a fanfare starts and all these footmen come out of nowhere and start rolling out a red carpet and four men come along with a litter, pick me up and put it in it and carry me out of the Palace and into a cheering crowd of people throwing their hats in their air, clapping and waving and all the while Abdhul and I are talking and laughing. All the while the fanfare is still playing and people are throwing money, diamonds, pearls, crystals and emmeralds at me. As this is going on there is paparazzi and press everywhere and there is an army of men cordoning off my route.

BUT the dream always ends badly..

As I arrive at this building suddenly the crowd stop cheering. The footmen drop the litter and the army abandon me and Abdhul, while the crowd start running at us stealing all the nice things, shouting at me, threatening me with guns, holding me hostage and some even start shooting. Abdhul is always brutally murdered by a gang of thugs who keep stabbing him and I always run back to the Palace to find the doors closed and all the fine things from inside being destroyed and thrown out of windows. There is one sarcastic woman in one of the Palace windows waving and swearing at me.

Then I wake up..

What does this dream mean? and why do I have it all the time?

Example: Does anyone know what this weird dream means?

I was going down some red velvet steps ,just like an old cinema but it turned out to be a shopping centre.Next thing im back at home in bed with my husband and a large brandy bowl .My husband told me to look inside the glass and in it was a 2 inch tall Chinese devil , and it was moving and squirming.
I laughed at it (partly because of fright ) and then a red smoke puffed up , I told my husband to throw it away .
Im then being woken up with this little devil sticking 6 pronged needles in me , I was trying to scream but just rubbish was coming out , then I woke up ,what could this mean it really scared me .And what is the significance of the cinema turning into a shopping centre.

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

My dream
I was in a casino it had red walls and red carpet and every machine was shaped like a video game machine with edison light bulbs outlining them .the lightbulbs were flashing.Although no one was playing them everyone was just walking and talking it was as if the machines were just there for decoration.i was on the balcony which overlooked the bottom floor. I realized I was dreaming and then decided to have a little fun. But I don't know why I did this, there's this boy I had a crush on for 2 years who sees me as his little sister and this week I finally moved on and came to the realization he didn't like me amd they we weren't going to end up together, but in my dream,once i realized I was dreaming I just kind of made  him  show up and I rapped my arms around his neck and he kissed me .Then everyone wanted to chase me like they were mad I knew it was a dream I ran away then realizing its my dream and that I can control them  i said freeze and they froze,then i woke  up and opened my eyes to a white room and I was in white sheets an blanket but the bed post was black and iron then I was really happy I had a lucid dream,only to actually wake up for real in my room.what does This mean?Why did i have my old crush show up a kiss me?And why did I dream that I woke up?

Example: What does this dream mean...?

All I remember from the dream is that a friend of mine(who in real life is like a father to me) has his arm around me and holding my hand, helping me down the stairs. The steps are red carpet and the railings are dark wood.

Example: What does this dream mean?

My friend had this dream and it went like this (in her own words)

I signed up for this online email penpal service, and this service gave each recipient a fake name to protect their identity. I received the name Lily and the person I started emailing was named George. Our first emails were awkward. But then after a few months we began to tell secrets and trust each other. After a couple years past we decided to meet. We were going to meet in a small town in Washington named Spoons. I was 25 and George was 27. Since we had been emailing for so long the website decided to have us meet on the set of a gameshow on live tv. There was a curtain between us and a curtain hiding us from the audience. Before they pulled up the curtain hiding us from audience they were told not to scream when they saw the match. They pulled it up and the audience was filled with stifled screams. I was suddenly scared what if my match was alien or worse old! They pulled up the curtain and my eyes popped out of my head. I had been expecting an average joe, instead served up on a plate deliciously tasty was Taylor Lautner! A few months later we were happily wed and don't think that was too soon because we had been sort of dating through years of email. He took me to my first red carpet premiere. I wore sweats and started a trend that rocked the nation. Say bye to all those tight short dresses and hello to comfortable sweats.

That's the end of her dream and she's not even obsessed with Taylor Lautner and she just wants to know what's going on with her head. And if you're going to say dreams don't mean anything plz don't reply!
Thanks in advance!

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night, i was dreamed that i was getting chased by this monster. (the dream took place at my house downstairs in my living room) It was very weird because every time it would reset itself back to it's position where it came out of. The lighting in my dream was very dark and gloomy. I was in the position where i was afraid, yet trying to to kill this monster. I found 2 ways i can kill this monster, one was when the monster was trying to attack me, i found door, like a basement door that had a knife... Another way was to make this really tall heavy bookshelf to come and fall down on it. After it was dead, my dad came out with a hose and started spraying what looks like mud on the carpet. It looks like he was making a portal. I fell in the portal and when i got to the bottom, there was a family telling me that i've reached heaven, i was releaved.. but then they said, "No! it's hell" and they lit on fire, all of them... everything turned red... after that, i found myself watching horror movies on the life time channel ( still in the dream) but it was halloween horror movies. (by the way, it's september 14, not even october yet) Then the doorbell rang. I saw there was a lot of kids dressed up with there halloween costumes saying "Trick or treat" but they were getting upset because i didnt have any candy. Landon the most popular girl at my school was in the middle of the crowd. I was so jealous because she was going out with my crush's twin which was also cute. My mom woke me up saying "Your having a bad dream". i instantly fell back to sleep but didnt dream anything. I asked her later in the day what made her say i was having a bad dream, she said that i was whining. (what i usually do when i get frusterated with someone or something-- or when im really moody) HELP? i really dont know what this means...


I have been having many dreams of snakes in it lately since the past 4months. I got really disturbed by the dream i had last night. In last night dream i saw that i was at home and there were like countless small black snakes travelling everywhere like under the carpets through the holes of the walls (but not attacking me) and i was trying my level best to stay off the ground to be safe and while me tryin to stay away from snakes my dad came(in dream) and he started to chop of the snakes head to show me they mean no harm. Then i woke up in the middle of the night dont know the time.
Then when again i slept i saw the same dream but this time the snakes where quite big like as in 5 to 10 feet long. This time the snakes were not black but were in diffrent colours like red and yellow, red and blue ect, and my dad wasnt there for me this time.
I was pretty much scared and didnt know wht to do. I searched many sites for the meanings of dreams but didt quite get what i was looking for.
If anyone knows a good site or if anyone could help me out with my dream please do.
I would want ppl to answer from every religion espically from ISLAM.
Thanks in advance.

Example: When someone dreams been on a red carpet, giving away a blow kisses...what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of queen red ants all around my house carpet?

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