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Dream About Recurring Dreams meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could this RECURRING DREAM mean?

In the past week I have been having dreams where I am trapped underwater. In one I was trapped in a car underwater, and in another I was underwater in a pool that covered with ice. What could this symbolize?

Water in a dream can mean fear, it can also symbolize a life based on false assumptions I.e. an un-solid foundation.

A car represents you traveling through life. Right now your life is stagnate. You are trapped by false assumptions. You cannot move forward (car) in life because of some erroneous beliefs about yourself or about life in general (water). My guess is that you do not believe in yourself or your talents.

Ice represents a lack of warmth. There is a layer of ice keeping you from breaching the surface. This is showing you that some area in your life is in need of love. My guess is that it is a lack of self love. How you feel about yourself is holding you down. I would venture to guess that you do not think a lot of yourself and that is holding you down and threatening to drown all the force (air) out of your life.

The dream is telling you it is time to deal with these issues of self love and self esteem. There is a way out for you. But the ice must be melted first.

If this resonates with you I am glad, if not, good luck in your search for an answer.

Example: What does this recurring dream mean?

I've had this weird and disturbing dream quite a few times and the first time I had it was when I was about 6 (I'm 19 now).

Basically I'm inside a condemned building on one of the higher floors (it must be 4 or 5 storeys) and I'm looking out of a broken window at the ground-level. Some bats are flying around my head trying to take a bite out of me, but they soon leave me alone. I carry on looking out of the window and there's a hospital van and some surgeons are taking a bloody trolley into it. One of the surgeons looks up at me and he has red eyes. I always wake up at this point. Freaky as hell. Is there some kind of meaning behind this?

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?

When I was little I would 'wet' my bed every once in a while (every month or two). The weirdest thing is every time, right before I wake up to found my bed has been wet, I had the same dream:
I see me walking next to a yellow canary on a sidewalk. Our steps are in sync and every time we step, it makes a tweeting noise. Then, I see a giant space ship in the distance (the whole time it's very dark out) and I see 4 creatures (they kind of looked like the monsters from Space Jam) laughing evilly. Then I would wake up and BOOM, bed wet.

Example: What do my recurring dreams mean?

1. I'm at camp and I forgot to pack all my stuff. I call my dad and he packs all my stuff but I wake up before he gets my suitcase to me

2. Me and all of the people I know are sea animals and I'm a jelly-fish. There are a bunch of different levels of the ocean with different colored stars and whoever gets the most stars gets to be human again.

3. I'm dating Rob Pattinson (dont know why im not even fan) and we start making out in a van that im driving, and some people i know are in thr backseat and the police come and i have to pretend that me and rob are married and those are our kids. And at the end Rob is on a matress in an icecream truck that has the front cut out and a man comes over to me to say that rob is in some kind of rehab. and then it just ends.

I have some others I will post later, i just really want to find out the meaning to the first one fast because I'm starting to have it every night

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?

In the dream I am in a seaside town I have never been to. I have to drive over a small bridge to get from one part of the town to the other. I can see a marina with different types of boats on the far side of the bridge. Sailboats stand out in my memory. I am on my way to visit a woman I have never met or seen before. I think she works in some small town coffee shop or bookstore but can't say for sure. I also have a feeling that the town is somewhat too "country" for my taste even though I grew up somewhere similar.

I have had the dream several times and it is the only recurring dream I have ever had. All the people and places in the dream I am completely unfamiliar with.

Example: What is the meaning of recurring dreams?

when I was little I used to have the same dream everynight, when I was little I considered it a nightmare- I would wake up and a T-rex would be standing in my room doorway just staring at me. It wouldn't do anything, but just stand there and stare.

Example: What does this mean? recurring dream?

I am 22 years old. I have had 3 or 4 dreams in the past couple of months about having a baby. My most recent one was this morning. In my dream i could clearly feel the baby kick and reach out inside me when i touched my stomach. I didnt have a big pregnant belly just a baby bump and i could feel the babies hand clearly. I gave birth and it was a boy and i named him gavin. I believe in all of my dreams it has been a baby boy. I was telling my boyfriend well before i had this dream that if we ever had a little boy i would name him gavin. Im not pregnant either. what does this mean?

Example: Meaning of recurring dreams?

Is there any particular meaning if you dream the same dream three times in a row in only one night?
the dreams has no difference between them whatsoever, and I also wake up between them.

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?

I have been having this dream over a period of a year, about 5 times. I am walking with this girl who goes to my school who I barely know, in a familiar area close to my house except there is a grocery shop where all the 'cool kids' go(?) anyways we go into the shop then come back out and it is night time, there is adults shouting abuse at the girl I am with. Then we walk home in the dark with a man following us? Please tell me what this means?

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?

For the past 2 weeks I keep having this dream, where i am sat on a sand hill and I am looking at the sea, I am always with a guy and we are not allowed to be together, then we hear people and we keep on running and then we stop and we are on a island and all these people are watching us kissing :)

what does this dream mean?

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