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Dream About Rebel meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok, i had this dream, that aliens took over our world and blocked out the sun, and all the kids had to stay in their classrooms, and everyone except me was enjoying it and having fun. then, i saw my mum and dad and my cat standing in one spot telling me to go over there, then i did, then we went home and continued life, except with no electricity..

it was really weird..and when i woke up it felt as if it were true, and i was really scared..
so, do any of you no what it meant? thnxx♥

One interpretation: you would prefer a warm, loving, happy home life to the alienated life one perhaps encounters on the "mean streets." (This, btw, is the subject of C. S. Lewis' excellent--meaning, why don't you check it out--novella, "The Great Divorce.")

Your obedience is important, as you are not rebelling against the gnats of home and swallowing the camel of "alien-nation."

The "trueness" relates to how your dreaming consciousness, which is your waking subconscious, and more tuned in to your feelings and emotions, views your whole life--waking and its more lively dreaming :)

Thus, it is really well that you be "afraid" or "scared" of merely becoming an alienated worker in a hive mind, a "godless luciferian superstate." This is the daily reality of e.g. Soviet Russia or Third Reich Germany, and it is not a "pretty picture."

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Example: What do you think these dreams mean?

I had a dream that i was a caveman searching a cave. a dinosaur jumped out, roared, and asked me if i wanted to go out for ice cream.

I had another dream that the whole school choir turned into cats and attacked the audience.

Lastly, i dreamt of me driving a car illegally, hitting an old lady, and having to pay for fines.

WTF do these mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

OK, so not long ago. I had a dream about me on the last day of school, but it wasn't like the last day of school. In my dream, I was going through a few classes, I don't remember what they were talking about. But I was in there, plus the classrooms looked differently than the last time I saw them in my waking life.

Then I was instantly put in the car with my mom and brother, but we were in a car that I don't remember her having. My brother looked tired, and I don't remember what my mom looked like in the car.

Then it changes again, of my mom showing me the last report card for me, and it said I failed everything! Even though I know I had A's and B's My mom was shocked by this, and so was I. We both knew I shouldn't have got this.

Then it changes again, to my principal with my grades, and putting failing grades RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! I was very angry when I saw, then I grabbed this random drink and poured it all over him! He then come after me with a giant bottle of blue Gatorade in his hand. Then I ran away from him, to my room. Even though I don't know if I was home, or in some random room but it looked like my room. I was holding the door back, and he couldn't push through. It was amazing because he was tall and he looked very strong.

Then we turn into these raptor-like things. It had the body of a raptor, but if had a beak and big eyes and sounded like a bird. I'm not even interested in dinosaurs, nor birds. So then, we have an epic battle. Then I win. Then I woke up.

I don't get this dream! Does this mean something, or is just a random dream? And please don't just read this and answer something you don't know. I would like you to put thought in it, or if you want you can look it up. The reason why I'm not looking it up myself is because everyone has different answers, and I want to read your answers and decide what is best.
Plus I would like it if you would read this completely. I do not want you to answer this saying you didn't read this part and try to wish me luck on finding out what it means. Ex: "Hey, I was too lazy to read this, but good luck on finding what your dream means!" Don't do that please. I know you people can read, and it's sad you don't read it, but you answer like that. It's just a waste of time for you and me.
So please look this up anywhere, and show me your answer, or tell me what you think it means. That would be very helpful. Thank you. :)

Example: Weird dream...need the meaning...?

OK well...I had this dream and me and my friend were in Auburn NY and the crows were rebelling because we exterminated all the groups in 2006. Ok, by rebelling they were taking the streetlights of the wires and they were dropping them on cars and people. But...the streetlights weren't all green, red, and yellow lightbulbs. It looked as if hey were cut in thirds because some crows had the green light bulb section, some had the red, and some had the yellow. Me and my friend went into the mall to be safe and we went into the toy store and we both love Betty Boop and we found Betty Boop figures. But...the whole set wasn't there. It was missing like one doll or one dog. After this I woke up. But here's what I think, my dreams might be telling me I'm not complete or I'm missing something. Does anyone think I am right and possibly if I'm not could you tell me what it's telling me. Also what I'm missing if I'm right. Thanks!

Example: What in Hades does this dream mean?

I forget all the details of it, but I was in some kind of civilization that lived in a glass-enclosed, underwater city. I got kidnapped by this group of, well, I think they were rebels, and heard their plans for taking over the city (and these weren't very nice rebels from what I saw). So it kinda skipped ahead to this huge battle, and I saw a hell of a lot of eagles fighting a crap load of seagulls, except I was seeing them from above (yeah, this was a pretty messed up dream; I think the seagulls were on the rebels' side, and the eagles were on my side, although how they got all those birds underwater is beyond me). Anyway, it then skipped ahead again to something completely irrelevant; me going to one of my dad's friends' houses. So what the heck does all this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Just before I start, I just thought I'd add cos it is kinda relevant to the dream, I'm a male-to-female transsexual (basically, I was born male but I identify as female and have taken medical steps to make my body match).

Anyway, like my dream was set during the reign of King Henry VIII and in my dream I was blonde (I'm naturally brunette in real life) and like I was in jail for rebelling against the King and I was going to be killed and like for some reason I was in Exeter.

Anyway, shortly into the dream I'm saved by this guy and there is a break out of prisoners and well the guy who saved me was me back when I was male, which was kinda weird, I used to be called Corey so I'll refer to this guy as Corey from now on. Anyway, Corey wanted to take me to London where I'd be safe cos the soldiers who recognise me and looking for me are from Exeter, but like I was like no, I want to stay in Exeter and continue to rebel.

So like I leave Corey and as I do some soldiers come up to arrest me however there leader shows me sympathy and lets me go for some reason.

After this I go to see my Dad at this farm where we apparently live, but like some more soldiers were their looking for me and like I end up having to run into the woods to hide and that is basically it.

What does this dream mean?

Especially the stuff where there was me back when I was male in this dream, that was just weird.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Lately i have had this dream that a group of people try to kidnap me and my two younger brothers but they only get to kidnap my 10 year old brother. (My other brother is 6) i have been having this dream lately for about a month. The brother of mine that they get to kidnap is a total rebel. He disobeys my mom and dad. He is ALWAYS getting mad at my youngest brother for no reason. He is always.arguing with me and my mom. And sometimes my youngest brother. And when he gets mad or he doesnt get what he wants he starts crying. Any little thing that he doesnt like he throws a fit and starts crying also, But i still love him as my brother. He is sometimes really nice to me and my family. But he only acts this way with our family. When he is with his friends he turns into a whole different kid. He is fun and rarely gets mad. Should i pay attention to this dream that i have been having lately? Im really worried because im really afraid that something can happen to me or my family. My brothers walk home and to school alone. Because my parents are at work.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I had a baby with this unknown girl and the baby was born very premature. I had an overwhelming sense of happiness when I had the baby. Like the feeling as if I really were to have a child. What could this mean?

Example: What does having a dream about being a rebel in class mean?

im still in school and im not a rebel.. this dream was quite cool haha. what does it mean?

Example: What is the meaning of my dreams?

i keep having these similar dreams that involve me being arrested or chased by the cops. it usually involves me going on a joyride or something similar. last night i had one that i was drunk driving and the cops breathalyzed me and arrested me. these dreams usually involve me either stealing a car or being arrested or something similar. what do you think it means? i have had like 5 dreams like this but i cant remember them all

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