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Dream About Rear Side meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

While i was on holiday, I had a really worrying dream. It was also quite a funny one! I would just like to know if anyone has any idea what it might mean. I have my thoughts, but think i might just be worrying about nothing...

So, i was with a group of people. We were young, school aged, and we had various outdoor activities to do. We had to push a flying fox so it would reach the other end. We also had to think of something as we pushed it. I thought about my dad, who ive not see in over 25 years, since i was 5. When the flying fox made it to the other end, a care bear appeared. i was told "that is interesting, you better ask about that at the next stage. it might not be good".

The next stage was a visit to a tree house. As i made it into the tree house, i started feeling a sharp pain in the rear, right side of my back. the lady i needed to speak to noticed my pain and was worried. the closer i got to her the more i struggled. i passed out and felt like i was falling backwards out of the tree. at that point i woke up and was upset. i instantly thought that there is something wrong with my dad. i dont want to get in touch but its been playign on my mind... was wondering if anyone can help explain my random dream?

First, what's a "flying fox"?
Dreaming about going on holiday represents moving towards giving yourself more free time; growth toward allowing yourself to fulfill your needs instead of always considering other people.
Pushing in dreams represents being positive in what you want; exerting your will or effort of will, and manipulation or control of something.
Dreaming about your father represents authority, your ability in the external world, physical strength and protectiveness.
The tree depicts the living structure of your inner self. Its roots show your connection with your physical body and the earth, your family background and influences, and cultural roots.
The back in dreams represents strength, particularly moral fiber, confidence, decisiveness, ability to stand in the face of opposition, the power to endure and face life's uncertainties without being overcome. Pain in parts of the body represent tensions arising in yourself from living in conflict with your basic needs or feelings.
Falling represents a loss of confidence, threat to usual sources of security such as relationship.

Now after all that, you see that the each of these themes are related: "going on holiday" and "pushing" represent doing for yourself, "father" and "tree" represent family, and "back", "pain" and "falling" represent confidence, then conflict, then the loss of confidence". Take from this whatever meaning you want. But it's too coincidental that your dream happened that way.

Example: Whats the meaning of a dream where a praying mantis followed me arround but was not threatening until I laid down and it stung me?

I had a dream of a praying mantis type bug following me around in my living room. It was normal sized. I would move from one couch to another and the bug would follow me there and then lay on its back near the left side of my left foot. It was non threatening but concerned me a little bit that it was following me. I then got up and went into my bedroom and laid down in my bed on my back. The mantis crawled up on my stomach. Suddenly 2 stingers appeared out of its rear and it raised up and stung me! I woke up in a frantic panic brushing the bug off of me and screaming.

Background story is my gf and I have been in an unstable relationship.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I dreamed I was in the driver seat of a car, it was night, and then when I looked in the rear View mirror I saw a classmate(female) sitting in the backseat thought the mirror, with a guy on each side. I couldn't figure out why she was in my car with those guys. I never physically turned around or anything, I saw this through the mirror. They were not doing anything, but just sitting close to her, one guy had his leg crossed,and was leaning in closer to her than the other. Now in reality, I have been out of school for a number of years, and I have only run into this classmate a couple of times that's it...? and we didn't hang together in high school.

Example: What is this recurring dream mean?

I keep having a recurring dream roughly 1 time a week. It is the same every time. I am leaving a church I use to go to when I was a child, except for I am an adult, and this church is in a different state. I walk out to my car which is a silver/light blue 67 Ford Mustang. It was the late service, so it is dark when I leave. There are several people in the church as I leave and go down a hall pass all the Sunday school classrooms. When I get outside, all the cars are either gone, or leaving, so I quickly walk to my car, get in, and lock the doors behind me. As I start driving home a man (whom I do not know) is always in the back seat and he puts a net over my head to try and overpower me. He is really just a dark figure, but I know it is a man. As I fight back, I manage to pull over to the side of the street, and get out of the net. I stop my car, pull the keys from the ignition, and jump out of the car. At that time a large Quad Cab Diesel truck pulls up and a dark figure jumps out of that vehicle to try to assist me. I do not see the face, or know the gender of this person trying to help. The attacker is still in my car. I then grab a suitcase out of the front Passenger side of my car, which apparently belongs to the attacker. I throw the suite case as far as I can in the front of my car. The attacker then jumps out of the car to get his suitcase. When he does, the person that stopped to help me gets back in their car, and I jump in mine and lock my doors and speed away. As I drive, I can see the attacker in my rear view mirror. I now have become lost, and I don't know where I am going anymore. Then I wake up in a sweat. Does this dream mean anything? Is it trying to warn me of something? The only reason I want to find out what it means is because it is the same dream all the time.

Example: I had a weird dream that i was a sexy hot chick...what does my dream means?

i dreamt i was a hot sexy chick, n i was at this bus stop in a forested area waiting for the city bus, it was afternoon. then suddenly the bushes moved n a weird looking animal, half dog half cat n with legs like horse, came out n wanted to bite my butt. i screamed like girl say 'AHHHH HOLY SHAT GAWD!'

Then the bendy bus stopped in front of me, n i hopped on. The bus was like a futuristic vehicle, there was no bus captain. I saw a mini bar, n a robot appeared n asked me what would i like to have. (for a drink)

I scolded it f%%% u, n then it became pissed n shot soft drinks from a long pipe, into my chest (i think i was wearing a black racer back tank top), n my top all wet n my bra was soaked n i could feel the sticky liquid on my boobs.

i as approached the rear of the bus, i saw passengers but they were all sealed in capsules like cryogenic frozen like in some sci fi movie like the Alien. I screamed in fear n want to get out of the bus, but then i felt a tentacle reachned into the back pocket of my denim minishorts n wanted to hold me back. i ran forward with all my might n i think my pocket got ripped off.

then cant remember what happen next, but i was at the pavement n then i saw a big shopping mall in the distance, n den i realized i left my flip flops on the bus? coz i was like barefooted. Next up i cant remember much but later on i was inside the mall.

It had many neon links blinking at the storefront of the various boutique shops.

i think i wanted to buy a pair of shoes from Pac Sun store n den i was inside, i looked around, the clothes n footwear were all like locked in a transparent glass display cabinet, weird? So i asked a black salesgirl for a pair of cute sandals, female size 38, n later she returns with a box which seems to be a steel box? weird sh1t...

i opened up so i could try on the shoe, but i saw some steel tools n i dropped them.

They landed on my feet n injured my pedicured nails i think! ouccch my poor feet n i think next scene i limped then cant remember what happened next.

next i was inside a department store n a salesgirl wearing shades pulled me n wanted to demo makeup on my face, n later on she applied face powder n it was actually curry powder! Next up for the blusher, it felt like chili powder. i smelled it n my face was burning...so spicy n hot. omg! WTF...whats wrong?

i ran away crying...sob sob boohoohoo, i ran out the entrance of the shopping centre, the ground in front had some small holes where water fountain will shoot up once every few minutes. when i went pass, the water all started shooting up n i got all wet n i could not get out of the water maze, i was trapped by 3 feet of spouting water from every direction.

then i woke up, it was so scary, but i was back to being a guy n not the hot sexy chick i was in my dream, i n felt upset coz i really wanted to be a babe instead.

Example: What do these three dreams mean?

I have had all these 3 dreams in the past month and they really stand out to me.

1. ( NIGHTMARE ) I was driving down the road all by myself in the middle of the night, in the woods and there was no traffic whatsoever and it was just a 2 lane road. I turned onto a dirt road for whatever reason someone would do that in this situation and i kept on driving then all of the sudden I started to notice an old abandoned looking car that had a big sign in the rear window that said " call 911 "... then I woke up. note I don't get my license for about a year and am about to start taking driving classes )

2. It was christmas time and I was in the north pole and there was a HUGE christmas tree in the middle. but there was some murderer guy with his gang that was killing EVERYONE and when they would die they would freeze into the ground and stay there. When he was trying to get to me I jumped onto the christmas tree and started crawling up and they cut it down then I woke up.

3. I was in the jungle and there was some elevator thing that was hung onto long vines going horizontal, so the elevator didn't go up or down, it just went side ways in a big square. I went onto the elevator and went around and noticed a very old car that looked like it was nice but plants were growing up it and stuff. then all of the sudden my best friend allison was there and she was pulling me and telling me to run and we both got in the car and I was trying to start it and start it and it took exactly 5 times to start it which I was very aware about and I CAN remember that 5 times was a big part of my dream and then the car started and we were going super fast and there was a whole bunch of cars chasing us but we kept on driving and I thought I lost them, but then I woke up...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that I was handcuffed to some guy (didn't recognise him) sitting in the back of a car, I couldn't see the front seat (who was driving) and we were both in our underwear. Suddenly the car stops and we are tossed from it to the side of the road. We lay there and then these two skeleton dogs come and start attacking and eating the guy handcuffed to me but leave me alone. The dream then ends.
What does the dream mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of sitting in a car and it starts moving out of nowhere without a driver?

Yesterday I had a dream that I was at one of my family members house. We were taking pictures and then everybody walked outside. I remember asking for something to drink (soda) before I left. While walking outside I walked passed a car with my cousin in it, but she had someone in the car with her. I basically kept walking because I did not want to intrude. I walked over to a parked car (which all the cars in the dream were black) I got into the backseat of the car I remember drinking from the cup I had in my hand and then spiting the drink out (it was root beer and I don't like root beer). As I was sitting in the back sit, I looked up at the moon that was in waning crescent. Then, I looked into the rear view mirror. While looking in the mirror I saw myself, but it was like the moon's rays were directly on me and I looked different. Next thing you know I saw the door slam shut and the car started moving out of nowhere! I immediately became frighten the car was moving so fast, but there was no driver. I reached over to open the door at first it would not open, but when I finally got the door open I yelled my cousin's name and I kept yelling help. It caught her attention, but I guess the car was just moving so fast she didn't react. The car was speeding down this dirt road while I was trying to jump out the car, but it was like something was holding my arm and wouldn't let me go. I had half of my body out the car. I could literally hear the wind whooshing in my ear that is just how fast the car was going. I was so frighten throughout the whole scene. Then, I woke up.

Example: What do these 2 dreams mean?

My older sister drempt that she was at the Interstate Fair. She walked into the restroom and saw a row of mirrors on the wall. At the last mirror she saw Katie (My daughter) She was (as my sister put it) primping with her hair and makeup.
All of a sudden my older sister heard two gun shots coming from behind her. as she pushed open the bathroom door, she was standing on a beautiful beach, She said the water was blue and the sand was white, she said it was just beautiful. She heard the sound of gunshots to her right and as she scanned the beach to find where the shots were coming from, she saw people falling to the ground.
She saw a man, he was on his stomach and shooting people at random! As she got closer to this man, she realized that he was our nephew who was shooting people.
She turned back around and walked into the bathroom and saw Katie still standing there, Katie turned and looked at my sister and she had two bullet holes in her forehead, blood started to trickle down Katie's face. My sister started screaming and woke herself up.

This next dream was drempt by Amanda, another daughter of mine.
She said that she, her friend, Katie and some unknown person, she knew someone was there, although she did not see who it was. Anyway thery were driving through a pass (she thought this was a pass because of the high walls on either side of her) and all of a sudden a semi truck lost their load of huge pipes and she thought beams. She swerved to miss the rolling pipes and everyone in the car was screaming. She missed hitting the pipes and pulled off to the side of the road and asked if everyone was okay. When she looked in the rear view mirror, Katie was gasping for air. Amanda kept yelling and asking her if she was okay, finally she called 911 and started cpr. That is all she remembers of the dream.
Do I need to be concerned about Katie? Is this some kind of warning for her?
Please, if you can help me understand these dreams I would greatly appericate it.

Example: What do these dreams mean? ?

Ive been recently having the same dream everyday can you tell me what it means.

ok im getting ready for a fight i come out i see on the opposite side of the octagon someone who looks exactly like me like a twin but i dont even have a twin we battle it out till round 2 and i get knocked out with a rear naked choke what does this dream mean?

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