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Dream About Rc Car meanings

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Example: What did this dream mean?

This was a very weird dream I had. The dream starts off with me at the flea market. Since I live in California I feel right at home with all the people of various Hispanic and Chicano ancestry (I'm mixed). As the dream progresses. I talk to all the shop keeper about the items. Somehow I leave the flea market into a ghetto. The Ghetto is going up in flames and I'm the reason why. Because I have superhuman powers that sent a kids and other items flying! Then I went back to the flea market. Saw a T.V. where President Obama pimped slap North Korea. As I pass by the television. I see a toy RC car. I turn it on and crank it! Harassing the lady folk for the lulz. As they quickly catch on I go to the tent where they lead me. One is clearly upset at someone. They seem to know me as a friendly person. I joke i see myself first as Chinese! Before I had my fun. Then I came from the flea market to a room where a young Christian woman was trying to contact her boyfriend. For some reason I could feel the boyfriend acted stupid and cheated on her because that is why he wasn't calling her back. She finally reached him. While on he phone I glanced at her desk by her bed. She had a apartment guide. After that I leave her room, see her leave the house happy, and see her mother call my name telling me I have a ride. Since outside when the daughter left it was snowing.

I have had dreams about this Christian or Jewish woman many times. her religion or race changes to Jewish.

In this dream your subconscious is telling you to be more prepared in your life by applying yourself constructively. The whole idea of you joking, pulling pranks and the fact that they really do not change the direction of the dream tells you that you need to apply your energy to those constructive things that make a difference to yourself and others. The fact that the same lady appears through several dreams is in fact the Mother archetype trying to guide you. She changes race and/or religion because these things do not matter to the lesson. Listen and heed.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was in my home town but it wasn't my home town. I believed it was but it wasn't if you know what I mean. In my dream I felt scared but when I think about it it wasn't scary. I was in a van with snoop dog and we were behind a yellow school bus (The weird thing is I don't listen to snoop dog) and snoop dog said yo they aint no school children then suddenly we were getting shot at and we were shooting at people. then snoop dog turned me around an pointed to a big orange cloud (Nuke) and pulled me off a cliff an we went into the harbour I looked up and there was an explosion. I then woke up in an abandoned hospital and my brother was in a bed next to mine. I cant properly remember this bit but I remember zombies came in and killed us then I woke up in the hospital with my brother in the bed next to mine and zombies came this time he tolled me to run and I found an rc car (black ops) and disapeared (can't spell) and drove away and then got surrounded by zombies now this is what Im confused about a blue magic lolly pop came down and rescued me and him and his little red lolly pop friend took me to a magic yellow castle and I tried to tell them about the nuke and zombies but they acted as if I was crazy (its possible).
I thought maby I shouldn't play so much cod and maby my brother is a bit more noble than me but the ending.

Example: Seinfeld dream ? have a meaning?

(we was in a store) my bf was jerry and i was Elaine , me and jerry was racing rc cars some lady toke Jerry's control and was
controlling hes car and crashing it into mine i picked up Jerry's yellow car and smashed it on a shelf (it broke into pieces)
then i went into the next room (gym room) i went on the treed mill for like 30sec i came off and there was like a ghost
version of me and of every one else that used the excise machine kramer came up to me and said ant the ghost versions of
people cool i left the shop walked around the city for a bit ( it was night ) i go up to were Jerry's apartment is and meet
Jerry at the door we go in to he's bed room only to find 8 guy's laying in he's bed jerry kicks them out we go to bed (sleep) then i wake up

Example: Questions about how to build your own RC car...?

Hi! When i was little i was really interested in RC cars, but i never had one that is more expensive, because i just thought that it is not worth to spend money on something like that... Now suddenly i want to make myself one just for the fun, but i don't have any idea how. I don't want to make it by someone else's plan i want to build it all by myself it will be more challenging for me ( by not making it by someone else's plan i mean to not look the same :D ). First i want to know is this even possible for someone like me that doesn't know anything about making such a mashine to build one? Second i want to know around how much money will it cost me (tell me the lowest price and the biggest if there is one...). Thirdly i want to know is there a site from where i can look at how to make my own RC car properly plans, needed parts etc. Oh and i want to ask is it possible to make the car drive on water... Beacouse i think that if it have enought seed, it isn't too heavy and have specially modified wheels it can't go even on water, i got that idea from the mythbusters they drove i think jeeps on the water their wheels grabs were like shovels, but i doubt it is possible...

Example: I had a lesbian dream?

two nights ago i had a dream in which i was making love to another woman. i knew we were in a relationship and we achieved coitus if that means anything. help me out dream decipherers?!?!

Example: Need some help with my teenager brother?

I have a brother that is turning 18 yo. I am 25 yo. I graduated from a top university with honors and is currently working as a electrical engineer and a real estate agent on the side. Although I have a busy schedule, I always make time for my brother. He is one of the most important people to me in life. I take him out to dinners every thursday and hang out with him on the weekends. He likes to build things with his hands so I always get him things like radio kits, Lego Robots, RC cars to build and he has a lot of fun with that. I also take him on mini trips as well and he really enjoys that. I also started a college fund for him because I want him to have a good education and not to be buried in college debt when he graduates.

I know when you're a teenager you go through a lot of changes. Recently, my brother got his ears pierced and has decided not to go to his high school graduation. I was a little disappointed but I respect his decision. People tell me that he really looks up to me. I never really thought too much about that. I just try to give as much as I can to him because I really love him. I always tell him I am very proud of him and no matter what I will always be there to support him. I try to encourage him to dream and to find a passion in life because he's really smart and has a lot of potential to succeed in life. But sometimes, I feel like I am too hard on him because I want him to do well. Although I am not that old yet, I sort of forgot what it was like being a teenager. Sometimes I feel like I am not understanding enough and can end up getting mad at my brother for things that are not that important to him but are important to me. I really don't like to get mad at him, because it always really hurts me to see him sad and quiet after I get mad at him.

I would like some support and some advice on how to be a better brother for this supposedly "crazy" time in his life. Thank you!

Example: Is Mechanics right for me?

Ok so im 16 in yr 11 and still not sure what i want to do for the rest of my life, i recently made the decision to quit school and do mechanics at tafe(next year).

Ive always enjoyed cars, but ive never know alot about them, i know the basics and some advanced things and i have the dream of building my own muscle car, and maybe one day setting up a crew and starting a mod shop. But im not sure wether or not im just going through a phase where this intrests me. My grandfather was a mechanic and so were a few other relatives.
From teachers in tech class ive been told that im a good problem solver(which i herd is good to have in the trade), we did a project at school to fix a lawnmower engine and i enjoyed that. Ive also got an Rc car(nitro) that i love working on and fixing(it breaks every 5 minetes), and know a fair bit on electronics. Some school test for future careers stated an aircraft mechanic as a good career for me(among many other very different careers).

I havent recieved much encouragement from parents although that are letting me go through with it, ive been told that its hard work, under payed and all that but i know that i will get all the qualifications and take it to the end(if you know what i mean), but is that worth it? do you think i would enjoy it? i have got no idea and im not sure who to ask, please anything or any advice would be greatly appriciated.

Also where is the most money made in this feild, and how would i get there?

Not sure if this is the right catagory

Example: Is it wrong of me to think like this?

Here's the details...

I have a 14 month old daughter with my boyfriend of 4 years who has an 8 year old daughter who lives most of the time with us. I am a SAHM, which I love but right now I need a job but I have no family members that are able to care for my 1 year old. Me and my boyfriend are always stressing about money, he works and I am thankful that he provides for us. He works long hours and on weekdays comes home, takes a shower, eats dinner, and then goes to sleep. On the weekends he always says he's bored. Our vehicle is non-driveable right now because it will not pass smog. But we have a park across the street from our home and two daughters who love going, but he never wants to go, he always says he's too tired from work. This week we are really low on money, he promised me a set amount of money to buy winter clothes for our one year old but spent more than half of it to buy an RC plane. On top of that, my parents have been putting money into my bank account so I can go back to school in January to become a nurse, but my boyfriend borrowed all of it and still hasn't put it back into my account. I am so angry with him! He spent our daughters clothes money to buy an RC plane! He's taken all my school money when he knows how much it means to me to finally go back to school to get my degree so I can get a job as a nurse and help him provide for our family! Also, he wants to buy a computer with some of my school money, which I kind of need to take online classes, but I told him I'd rather spend that part on getting our car running because I need it for school, dropping off and picking up his daughter from school, and so I dont have to borrow or ask for a ride to run errands. Right now I have to use his daughters moms boyfriends car to drop off and pick up his daughter. This drives me nuts because I hate her mom and her bf. And my bf drives me crazy saying HE'S bored! When I am home EVERYDAY taking care of our daughter alone, I dont have ANY social interaction. I want a sewing machine so bad because I'm really good at sewing and I enjoy doing but I would never trade something of my daughters in order to get it. I just have a feeling he's going to waste all of my school money and I will not be financially able to go back.

Q: Is it wrong or selfish of me to be mad at him? How should I deal with all of this? What would you do in my situation?

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