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Dream About Rapper meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

So iklms itting with my brother(in reeal i dont have one) so he telks me he works for some bad dude in this place and he didnt tell me what his job is so i wanted to help him so i went to his job and that made him mad the this short guy called the brother their boss cae and pushed me down so i got up and punched him as hard as fu*k so all the people there ran after me with knives and some without then i got to run away and the boss's right hand man almost got me an i took a taxi home andmy face was cut up and bruised so i had dinner with my family and unckles so the bosses right hand dude was at my door and waiting outside and then we were goin to this party at school and i didnt know what to wear there was a yellow jersy and a hoodie at the end i went to the party and a bunch of people with british accrlwnts were threre so i talked to a bunch of freinds about what was happening i found a snartphone with samsung galaxy g written on it and my freind found one to but he found it before me so i see one of my freinds in real life with two girls that turn out to be guys becuz they had hoods on so he started talking and laughing and i dont remeber what he said so im were the gate of the school is and i saw the boss' s right hand man was there in a rusty wight truck then suddenly eminem my favourite rapper jumps up with two shots.in the air and tells everybody to get down everybody starts running back and he had a silver revolver and in the handl there were big holes like a tactical pocket knife and he he aimed at the man the brothers bit*h and he said something like im with da brother so **** u and what da **** now and emibem took a shot and it misfired so he was going to take another shot but then i woke up

please help me i know it very long and complicated but pleaaaz help me

peace out

Most dreams are messages from the subconscious mind, which picks up on cues and clues that the conscious mind is in denial of. Basically, I believe that there are FOUR types of dreams: 1. symbolic dreams; 2. dreams that rehash the day's events OR are entertainment meant to keep us asleep so that our systems can regenerate; 3. messages from the subconscious that are straight messages and not symbolic, and finally, 4 psychic dreams/premonitions or those that predict the future or events to come.

I have had many psychic dreams. It is a gift. Those who do not or have not had them do not understand the gift.

Too long to read your dream and no paragraphs - you know, we do this for free, so you could at least make it readable. Repost it with paragraphs and only the pertinent details.


I had a dream that my parents were looking for my sister cause she disappeared and then i saw her and i called her name and she came back but then i notice that we were at a airport and i was looking around and i see tupac [TUPAC SHAKUR HE WAS A RAPPER HE DIED TOUGH]
and i went up to him and we were talking we he was very friendly tough and we were taking pictures and everything so then he went to pick up with Lounge and i was there but then
we appeared in a bedroom and and he was kissing me and when he looks at me it was my ex boyfriend kissing me all over and then he started to kiss my boobs and started to suck them
and i remember touching my boobs they looked big and then he got off and he put the t.v on ..

Example: What did my dream mean?

in my dream i had a gun ice cube(rapper) was there and i kissed a hot girl from my school wats the meaning of all that?

Example: What does it mean to dream...?

i had i dream that my boyfriend who i live with an is the father of my unborn child, he went to chruch with me an while there a girl tried to take him from me (like hooking up with him) he had no response but i ended up beating the crap out of the girl an she kicked me in my belly then i woke up. then i was cleaning his dirty clothes out of his bags (he travels for work the travel bags) an i came across condoms they were in the rapper folded in a white peice of paper with hearts in it...in my dream i ask him about them an he was trying to tell me he used them with ducktape an did somthing an he didnt cheat on me. i woke up this morning an i have a feeling that he is an feel the need to check his travel bags but i think its because of these dreams do i feel like this but what do these dreams mean?

Example: Does anyone know what these dreams might mean?

ok so i had a dream about Nelly the Rapper <3 i love him so much. ok here goes :
me nd connie (my friend) got a bouncy slide thing but it was huuge! and Nelly was on it then me nd connie suddenly went on an we went into this rockpool thing to talk to this spirit but we just bounce back out of the water, we started to collect all this expensive jewerlly but it kept fallin apart
so we bought these little plastc bags to put them in. ( i can remember 3 pieces of jewerly. they were coverd in like white diamonds: one being like a boxing gloves ring, one being a pair of shorts to wear :s and the other being a necklace)then we ended up in a sphere sorter thing ( the walls were going round) we was in a que behind some girls then we randomly started sliding on our backs along the concrete floor :S then i fount the neclace underground in a load of soil.^^^. so then we got onto the highstreet thing and everyone was quing up and people was asking to see ur parents. i got up to see what they wanted and my friend kayla was pretending to be my mum so i looked for my mum and dad in the que but they werent there so i just went along with Kaylas plan. then i was suddenly in a car and when i arrived home Nelly already had the shorts on full of diamonds and hewas bouncing on the slide thing and so was the 2 other lads. at the bottom of the bouncy slide u can bounce dead high so Nelly went onto the top so i went to the bottom and tried to bounce dead high to go and talk to him but i almost got to the top sso i was holding on for dear life. so connie jumped after me trying to stop me from meeting Nelly then she started to slide down it and i started to cimb up the bouncy slide. AND THEN IT ENDED.!
any ideas?

Example: What might this dream mean?

It was me, and my best friend in the dream ( not my best friend IRL, just my best friend in the dream.. that was the vibe I was getting) He actually looked, sounded and seemed like the rapper redman but anyways.. we were just walking around at night and we saw this scary looking mansion.. and I was like.. hey man let's go check out what's inside.. and he's like yeah I was thinking the same thing(again the vibe was like we were like brothers.. like twins..)

So we go inside and this place is dark, dirty, and scary and just somewhere you don't want to be.. we go inside a room and it was full of spider webs, and I started telling him a story about how I used to have spider webs like these in my garage.. and i had a short flashback in the dream where I was looking at spider webs and there were spider eggs inside hatching. Anyways back to the mansion.. there was a clap of thunder and the worst storm you could imagine was brewing outside.. thunder, lightning, wind, thick thick rain.. and we both had a thought like.. "maybe we should sleep in here until this rain goes away, but the fear of staying inside this place overcame that and we jumped out into the storm, trying to get home.. but there was this feeling that home was hundreds of miles away, and that we had no business being in this kind of storm.

So anyways we're running through the rain and wind, over puddles, jumping over fences and cars..and while we're running a cop car turns his siren on from behind us and we stopped because we thought he turned his siren on for us.. and the cop was like.. you boys better get home, you don't want to be out here right now.. and then he drove away..

We looked at each other and we were like.. yeah no sh*t pig, laughed, and ran into the storm, into the darkness

and that was the dream.

Example: Are dreams meant to come true?

So my dream is to become a rapper/singer and get a record deal and theirs a boy in my class that's a rapper and I want to be better than him watch his video on youtube under lil solo

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream about the rapper DMX and lil wayne i was interviewing dmx and with lil wayne there and dmx just started acting crazy and talking about crazy things and then both of them started flipping out on me i don,t know why i had a dream about both dmx and lil wayne cause i,m not a fan of dmx and i,m not a big fan of lil wayne

Example: What does it mean to have a dream of being in music studio with famous well known rapper?

I had a dream which I was in the studio recording with a well known rapper. I write music now and have dreams of getting signed and putting my music out. What does this dream mean. I have been havING other dreams where I'm around people I don't know and rapping.

Example: Whay does this dream mean.?

OK I had a dream a few nights ago and this is what happened. I was I was on top of a cliff and lil wayne (which a rapper I don't like ) had a nuse around his neck but the nuse was made of a realty thin string and the string was attached to a wooden table chair but then lil wayne jumps so I think "I should untie the rope" so I do that and the person with me said "dude u just killed tech n9ne( a rapper I do like )had so I tell him I didn't kill tech or Wayne then I look over the cliff and I see tech n9ne laying on the rocks then he gets up and walks arouses so I look to the other person and say he is alive and then I look down and see that he has a giant rock in his head and then tech n9ne dies and I wake up.

What doesthis mean

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