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Dream About Race Car meanings

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Example: Meaning of a Car Crash dream?

So I had this dream where I was w/ my grandma we were going somewhere after church and she was getting onto the highway, it was also raining, but right before she was about to turn onto the high way their were a bunch of other cars that were going fast and acting crazy so I said, "maybe we shouldn't go on the highway", but then she got right on. Then she started swerving because other people were driving crazy and I immediately thought, we going to crash, right after her car goes into a ditch kind of thing. I'm not sure if real highways have that but we were in a street I know in real life and the car flips she and I are both thrown out of the vehicle and then I'm on the ground. I'm shocked that I'm still alive and seem perfectly fine, then - don't laugh this is a dream after all- a GIANT 2 gallon thing of milk, maybe like a statue or something is falling over and for whatever reason I can't crawl away or move at all and I'm just laying there with my heart racing thinking omg I can't believe I'm about to die, and like this! I'm so sacred then all the sudden I wake up like something you'd see in a movie when someone is having a nightmare and my heart really is racing!

Btw I'm pregnant so I know that can mess w/ your dreams but the strangest thing is the next day my grandma called me and said she had a scary dream about me that woke her up. O_o help please!

Don't worry that either you or your grandma will be in an actual car crash - that is not usually what a dream like this means. Dreams are symbolic, and they are about you. So, your grandma is there to say something about you. The fact that she was driving might say that she is a signficant motivation or "driver" in your life. If that is not true, then there is still something else to the fact that she is driving. The fact that there are crazy drivers on the highway has probably more to do with your own psyche that any actual highway. Does life seem crazy lately, like you could crash? Well, don't worry, you won't get really hurt, it will just seem crazy.

Now the milk is interesting. Milk can symbolize nuturing (because that is what we get from our mothers when we are young, even if from a bottle, its still nuturing by mom). Was your grandmother a significant nuturing influence in your life? It is a bit confusing, the milk statue falling and about to hurt you, but nurturing is supposed to be good. But, if you are older, it might signal the end of nuturing, that time is over, you are on your own now. In one sense, you should be driving your own car, making your own decisions about going on the highway, or not. So the crash could also be a signal of "the end" of that kind of nuturing for you.

I'm not sure about this, its just my best guess. Maybe the milk represents you as a mother (first time?), and the responsibilities of motherhood and the nuturing that you have to do, feels like it is too heavy, crashing on you. But it doesn't mean that it has to be that way, but rather that is how you feel.

Yes, you are right - hormones from pregnancy can affect dreams, as can some foods.

Example: What did my dream mean...?

In real life, the guy in the dream is in my class. We are both 14. He likes me but I dont really know him, and last year when he started trying to get to know me and stuff I just kind of tried to stay away. (I was very socially awkward last year haha).

So in the dream I was at my brothers hockey game with a friend whose brother also plays hockey. The rink we were in had an arcade section in it so we went in there and started playing those car race game thingies. When we were done my friend got out of the seat and walked over to the crane to try to win something out of it. I turned around to see him sitting next to me on the other car seat thing. We played the game twice and I won both times then we both got up. He walked over to his friends and I kept getting really loud trying to get his attention. And looked over and talked for a few seconds (I don't remember what he yelled) and I woke up.

Example: What does a "dream car" mean to you?

I personally like to keep my dream cars as in reach as possible. They arent the most expensive, fastest, or sexiest- nor the most expensive (I actually hate expense. For obvious reasons. The cheaper a car is = the faster you can get it; the faster you can get it = the more time you have to enjoy it.), but they either are unique in a way that I just love, or just plain fun!

My dream car(s)?

Subaru Impreza WRX STi (might go due to cars below)
Mazda Miata MX-5 (might take the STi's place due to price, fun-factor, size, and reliability)
Toyota MR2 (Might take the STi. Same reason as the Miata really)

How about you?! Whats it mean to you? Whats your dream cars?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I refused to eat two thousand beans for a bunch of crazy cyborgs. Then I was all of a sudden on the beach in Oahu downing bacardi with some seagulls. There was a Mexican pirhana prom party there with ONE JEW PERSON. He came up and said he had a pretty racing car for me and gave me some free bananas.

What does this dream mean?
Help please.

Example: Had a dream I was in a car accident? What Does this mean...?

Last night I had a dream I was in the car with my best friend and this guy who I like. I'm not sure if he was driving, but I know he was either driving or in the passenger seat. I can't remember if I was in the front with him or in the back with my best friend. But I 100% know he was in the front and she was in the back. (Not sure if this is important or not lol)

The car ended up slamming into another car and the entire front of the car was messed up. I saw me and my friend were fine and I saw the airbag blow up on the guy I liked in the front seat. I immediately was worried about his safety, but was relieved when he told me he was alright and the airbag had saved him. We got out of the car easily and took care of the situation. I was shocked at the damage to the front of the car.. and ended up walking off to nearby places.

I just really want to know what this dream means.

Example: I'm a 14 year old girl from Mass. My dream is to race cars.?

I'm a 14 year old girl from Mass. My dream is to race cars. I want to be a NASCAR racer but how? Can someone give me some answers on how I can fulfill my dream? Help me PLEASE!

Example: Car racing dream?

In a dream i had recently. I was car racing on the streets. This whole time, i was having a conversation about my life with my rival. He than said something which made me loose focus of the road. Then i crashed in slow motion. Then woke up paralyzed for a few seconds.

What does this mean?

Example: Last night I had a dream that Dale Earnhardt Jr. crashed his car into my house. What does this dream mean?

Example: How does one get into touring car racing?

i always had a dream of being a touring race car driver. (not nascar i cant stand watching that) i wanted to know how much money one needs to works convert a car to touring car racing standards, and generally just how to get my foot in the door.

Example: Iam a girl who dreams about cars and i want to become a mechanical engineer,i love watching f1 races,is it bad?

i love cars,i always wanted to be a designer and i have even designed some of my own.my parents were extremely impressed and they told its ok with them.but when i told this to my friends and relatives ,they were like.".cars and planes are not just the thing for girls..its better you choose an other option which is risk free."what does that mean,throw away your dreams.95% of people agrees this stupid thing.
and one more thing is it bad for a girl to play need for speed,...or watch f1...
for every one its just the 'guy thing'.

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