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Dream About Quench One'S Thirst meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my Blood dream mean?

So last night, I awoke up by the most...Wonderful(?) dream, and all I wanted to do was go back to sleep. So I dreamed that I had somehow become a vampire. I don't remember exactly how I had become one, all I know is that I was a newborn(but still 16 years old), and I was going ballistic. I was killing people, and the blood tasted so... scrumptious. I wanted more and more. Some people I didn't recognize to me to a hospital...in a back room where it was Top Secret. No one entered that room. A few medical professionals walked in and examined me. They ran some tests, and discovered that I had no white blood cells remaining in my blood stream,but for some reason, my immune system was the strongest they've ever seen. Nothing could stop it. Everyday I would go to an appointment where they gave me human blood, to where it would quench my thirst. When I didn't receive blood over the course of a week or so, I would begin to bleed even if I just bumped into a wall just slightly. Everything made me vulnerable unless I had the blood.

It's just today's obsession with Vampires.

Example: Would You Help Me With a Dream Interpretation of Hispanic Vampire Guerillas, etc.?

First real easy one...Well it seems so...
This is jus' a fragment of what I've remembered of my latest Dream...Let me state beforehand that I wear Glasses by default--I only take them off, when I need to apply something on my face or I need to drop dead on a mattress. 'kay 'nyways...to the point. >.<
I was looking at my reflection, 'n I was 'bout to put on these new glasses that were entirely different. They were half-rimmed from the top, 'n the frames were thin 'n light-weight. When I put them on while looking back at my reflection, it was like I felt this sort of pressure against my face--this pain that was focused 'round my eye area. I would adjust them several ways, and it would still hurt...
Hell does that mean...?


Have you ever had those seriously Epic Dreams like they came from a Fiction Novel or Television Show--somethin' like it?

I had a few of those...so stimulating.
Like I was somehow in Brazil or Mexico...'n it was a bit like CSI or Law & Order, but the Supernatural and Horror aesthetics were present too.
I was switchin' roles wit' several of the "main cast"...seein' almost everyone's point-of-view.
I was in a Town, and obviously speaking Spanish...but the Police and the Detectives were mostly speakin' English, and the Climax was...that the Police was surrounding two Hispanic or Latino Males in Navy Mechanic Uniforms wit' a Black T-Shirt underneath...They were probably holding firearms, or had 'em on 'em. Shockingly, they were Vampire Terrorists or Guerillas. 'N they were the distraction in order to prey a smaller town up in the thick forest covering the Mountains...North of Town. There was a Wildfire in that poor lil' town, and the Vampire Terrorists actually surrounded the Town that I was present in from the North and South Sides. Hahaa...No hope. 'N this was during Noon or somewhat in the Early Afternoon. xD
But these Antagonists definitely quenched their thirst wit' Human Blood.

Totally adventurous, and I finally had my own physical position within my dream. I was wit' a Party of Humans armed wit' a variety of firearms, and we were surrounding this deserted Supermarket during late night hours. Then I awoke, when we stormed the place...However, there was no one residing there. We were dead silent in our operation. ^^

Example: Dream-home, What's yours?

Dream -houses. [Thread] discussing my/your dream home. Or are you not a dreamer?[/thread]

So my dream House in short.
1 - Shell – Garage/Hall Like structure, yes that means no walls.
2 - Walls– However few will be painted all white.
3 - Top of the range home automation system, installed by myself which will control
Video, Audio, Heating, Lighting, Security from points all around the house, And also away from home with my Smartphone via the internet and SMS messages.
4 - Garage will be inside the house – Yes that means living with my vehicles.
5 - My Bed to be set in the center of the house – Everything same distance away from bed.
6 - Contents of the house would include, High tech Gaming PC’s, highest speed broadband, LAN capable, all new consoles out at that time, with games to boot. Epic home theater system. Bean bags would replace the traditional
sofas and chairs, fully solar /wind powered, with geothermal heating.
7 - Computer hard-drives will hold a fully functional Wikipedia to quench my thirst for knowledge in all fields for use in times of internet outages caused by the dictatorial European regime that will be in place by then.
8 - The traditional Kitchen/bathrooms randomly placed somewhere in the big open room.
9 - I will definitely be a crazy cat man, with a few bichon frise dogs(Don’t Shed),and are cute as they get.

And of course that's not covering half the contents you'd usually find in an average house,(Art,phones,shelves (which will be cool), windows (obviously),brand of toilet paper etc etc)
I'm 18,in college studying my first year of a computer science and information technology degree. Covering programming,computer systems,electronic engineering,and energy and enviorment informatics.
Just thought that might show people where i'm coming from with all these techie ideas.
I will definitely be a crazy cat man, with a few bichon frise dogs(Don’t Shed),and are cute as they get.(cough not gay)

Well that's the plan. what are yours?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream that I was in the middle of the ocean, freezing to death. I started drowning, and i then started praying. A bubble surrounded me so that i could breath. I saw, from my bubble space all kinds of marine life. One of the biggest things i remember seeing is a hunchback whale came up beside me; it's eye was huge! and watching me. Later on in my dream i could see a couple that were stranded in the ocean and they were surrounded by sharks. My bubble floated up to the surface and i told them to get in the bubble with me. So now the couple were with me under the ocean, and we were hoping to drift along to land soon because we were worried about dieing of thirst. then i woke up.

Example: What did this dream mean?

So I had this dream last night, where my history teacher came to visit me to say goodbye after the end of the school year. I came into my house and my man told me he was there and I started talking and joking with him about my class and other general stuff. When I was finished talking I went somewhere and by the time I went back into my house it was dark and he was still there. Mymoms sister came to give my mom something and when she left she offered him a ride home to which he replied: "no it is not my time to leave yet." at this stage it was getting pretty late and I went into the kitchen my mom followed me and started saying she was scared he was following me he came into the kitchen then and got a glass of water and my mom started asking him where he was going he said he was going to a "become a man" training camp for a week and started talking about what he had to do when training- some of it was kinda strange.
He was standing next to me but I found I couldn't look at his face my eyes kept averting him for some reason. When I finally got the strength to look at his face I noticed his eyes were turning red and he seemed high or something I tried to look again but then my eyes snapped open in real life and my dream ended.

Nb: we always got on pretty well
I'm not the type of girl that's scared of a teacher
Hes in his twentys

What did this mean?

Example: Can someone help explain these two dreams I had?

The first dream I had I was in this Walking Dead like Prison outside with a group of people. There were these two wasps there. I went to shoo them away. But they came back ready to sting me. In the dream I said "Okay I can't shoo them away again and I'm going to accept my fate." So I let them sting me on the hand.Each wasp stung me once. In the dream the pain was supposed to feel like a burning pin sensation.

The second dream I had happened last night. The dream was my mom and I watching TV. But it wasn't our house or it didn't look like our house. We were on a bunk bed I think I was on the bottom not so sure but I remember having an endless thirst. I was drinking chocolate milk to quench it though, cups and cups of it. My mom told me that's enough, too much milk is unhealthy for you. I then started drinking root beer to quench my thirst but that also didn't work. I don't remember if I drank water in the dream or not but I woke up very thirsty this morning and drank a lot of water.

someone please explain for me? :3

Example: Interpret my dreams? It''s important..?

I was driving down a trail through the woods, kind of swerving i wasn't driving very well and then i looked up into the sky and i saw the moon. I think ut was a full moon, was whole anyways and then i continued driving. It felt like i was chasing somebody, or in a hurry & i also had some lady with me.
I then got to this part in the trail where i couldn't go any further. There was a metallic looking fire on the path and it was shooting out fireworks. Was really pretty though, and i also was carrying two babies. One in each arm, i kept trying to think how i could get across but the fireworks made it too dangerous so i had to go back. Well i watched it for awhile and then the dream changed. P.s. the fire was turning blue, and red and all diff colors i kinda forgot.

So my next dream, these are not very interesting btw but has lots of symbols i think. So i was at my boyfriends house & i went there for him, but he didn't greet me or anything, i seen him and that was all. Barley seen him anyways and a lot of his friends were there, so i hugged one of his friends instead and i guess he turned into my bf. One of my friends was there also, and we were all going to eat spaghetti that his mom made and they all got plates but i grabbed a bowl, that already had plain elbow noodles in it and my new bf told me i could put garlic and butter on it. & i was go in to eat spaghetti as well:p

So i also had a dream where this guy had a hood on and i could not see his face, it was pitch black. He also turned out to be a skeleton, i kept trying to see his face and looked closer but i couldn't. When he took off his hood he looked normal. -i'm thinking that means i'm being deceived, that's what dream moods is telling me anyways.

I also had a dream a few nights ago, me and my bf were at a resort and our room over looked the ocean. It had no walls or windows on the far side where the ocean was and we were standing on a waterfall. The water was clear and bright blue. I almost jumped off the waterfall into the ocean but i suddenly thought there could be fish or something scary in the water so i stopped myself and kind of asked my bf for reassurance. He let me know it was okay, and i looked down and seen two turtles in the water. Then i went up on top of the other waterfall by myself and it looked different, the water was clear but i could see the mud underneath, was grey mostly. Then i came back over to him and was looking to see if we had enough privacy to have sex because we were sharing our room.

I also dreamed, when i was at his house in the other dream (i forgot to mention) his mom and this little girl had braids in their hair. I said, "I used to have braids when i was little," and the dream ended.

So if you can interpret my dream please do, and only answers that know what their talking about and can interpret dreams legitimately.

Example: Can You tell me what my weird dream for craving blood means?

Okay, I know this is weird and most of you guys think this is fake but this is 99% real (the one percent is still confused). Okay, I've been having this dream for the past 2 weeks. Okay, in my dream, I'm some were in Europe (I know its Europe because they speak this strange language) I cant understand what their saying, but at the same time, I understand every single thing there saying. Any ways, I'm wearing this beautiful black and red corset dress and My hair is really long and I look beautiful. And in my dream, there's this SEXY guy with shady black hair, a black sweater and black pants and in this strange language he says something like "Use me as a Donner" or something like "Use my blood for your energy and beauty." And then when I wake up, I'm I have a strong thirst for water, but water doesn't seem to quench my thirst.

Here's another weird thing, When my little sister was trying to be a big girl and slice an apple by herself, he missed and cut her hand, I sucked the blood to stop the bleeding. When the bleeding finally stopped, I had a urge for more, Not a strong dying to have it taste, but like when you just had an amazing piece of chocolate chip cookie and you wouldn't mind having another one if it was offered.

I just want to know what's going on. I'm a 14 year old African American girl too if that helps... lol

Please help XD

Example: I''ve noticed something... The question is down below.?

Well, I don't mean to be... childish, but from the moment I finished reading the first Harry Potter book, I was in love. I love reading about things that I would never be able to do. Imagination is a wonderful thing, but now that I am 16... I realize, what's the point? I can never be a wizard. I can only dream. The average and dull routine in kid's lives extremely undermines the dream of what we cannot achieve. This isn't just Harry Potter. This goes for every individual's imagination, whether you've dreamed of being a knight in Camelot, or a Pirate, or really anything. I guess my question is... Is there a way to fill this deep gap between what cannot be achieved and reality?

Example: Have you ever had this kind of dream, or know anything about it?

I kind of have the same dream every night. Only it is more like a continous dream. It picks up the next night where it left off the night before. My dream has been like this for years. I didn't think it odd until I heard one of my employees discussing thier dreams. I commented on mine and it was decided that this kind of dreaming was rather unusual. What do you know, or think?

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