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Dream About Pythons meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream that i was almost bitten by a yellow python but i wasn't afraid does anyone knw what this means?

Dream meaning...

I think dreams can predict the future.

Maybe one day you'll be a professsional fieldherper and go to the tropics. YOu probably saw a Amazon Tree Boa.

But that also means you have to work hard. Go out and catch snakes! It will get you trained for the test.

If you're like me and rarely have dreams, isn't it wierd? YOu get that feeling that it's so wierd. I'm trying to do some major work on dreams. Here's what I have so far.

This was the wierdest dream ever! I was playing 10 and under baseball for the Rec. League, usual, but I was on a different team with different players... Bad ones. But anyways a man on first and secound. I was up the bat. This was were it got wierd!

I could actually CONTROL my dream. High pitch, I didn't hit it. THIS WAS A ACTION I DID. MY DREAM DIDN'T DO IT!
Right pitch-> Don't swing.
Then I woke up.


Example: What does this dream about armbands baseball bats and a huge python mean?

Thank you to all those who will read this in its entirety.

This was quite an indepth dream that started of with me taking a short vacation on a moored yacht my hotel room was pretty high up but from the hotel room above me there were these small kids each with armbands on jumping from the window into the water far below.

In the dream I confronted the parents saying they should not allow their children to jump from such a high place into water even if they did have armbands on as obviously it was not safe to which the parents mocked and jeered me for my concern about their own kids.

Shortly afterwards the dream changed location to a part of the town where I live which is always best avoided at night but in the dream there was this japery from all these well experienced martial arts experts (the kind you would imagine being in hardcore martial arts films those who know no fear etc)

Example: Had a weird dream. With two BIG snakes, Pythons. And one had a frog in his bellly. What is the meaning of this

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok so every time my friend has a nightmare it starts off the same. he says that its always been like that is whole life. he is in a pool and he tried to get out but a huge python is in the way. it only suffocates him sometimes.

Example: What does it mean to dream about python hiding in the bed?

last night, i had a dream about a python hiding in my bed.
i walked into my room and i saw a hole in the bed and first thing that got to my mind was a snake in there. i tried finding out what was there and it was a python in there. i was not scared and i hit it 3 time on the head but it got out an went to the corner of the bed. i went there to kill it before i woke up.
what does it realy mean?

Example: A yellow python in my dream, waz it mean?

i dreamed i just got a pet python, it was yellow, and i dont know why i got it but yeah i did, im not scared of snakes but i wouldnt get one in real life,
if there was a whole bunch of snakes i would be scared but in my dream it was just one big one and i wasnt scared, and yeah in my dream i bought for like 30 dollors and i was thinking of selling it cuz i wouldnt be able to take care of it, and i also have 2 cats which i really have in real life, and i was thinking if the 2 cats and python would get along, so i pick up my cats and take them to my upstairs room tell i figure out what to do with the snake, then the dream ends

Example: A Python nightmare...what could it mean? (Dream interpretation)?

In my dream, I was in my little sisters room, it was very dark, an the whole room was nothing but sheets. When I sat down on the sheets, she told me to look how big her python was, she picked up the stomach (pick a pumpkin thick (circumference) maybe bigger) an I held it. The instance I picked it up the python bite me, an within seconds I was dead...and I woke up in almost tears. What could this possibly mean?

In the dream the python was very black-all one color, an only bite me. It was very long, in the dream she ended up insisting the length was the room, so about 60ft all together (it was bundled up about 3 ft.) the sheets laid on the snake, where we sat.

Example: What is the dream meaning of a plain emerald python?

Last night I dreamt the weirdest dream. I know it is symbolic because I can't find its connection to my present activities. It went like these:
"I found a long green hose like thing, and it was lifeless at first. I didn't know how, but I did something and it went to life and became a long emerald python. I'd say it is emerald because it was shiny darker green in color. No pattern in it, just plain shiny emerald scales. I thought it was both beautiful and scary. Then it became so hungry that it tried biting my arms and probably wanted to swallow my arms, so I threw it down in a seemingly spiral stairs (going downward ,spiralling clockwise). I realized that somewhere below the stairs, my two yellow pet kittens were there. It didn't bother me, and just left. Then when I came back, the snake seemed to have swallowed something and seemed to be at peace. I instantly knew that it ate one of the kittens. Then I saw one of the kittens to be alive and safe in a corner. I was relieved that the kitten I liked most was spared. Only the kitten that has less significance to me was eaten by the emerald python."
Then I woke up feeling both relieved and scared. It was around 2 a.m., and I went groping in the dark, cautiously for snakes in my bedroom floor. This morning I kept wondering what did that dream meant. Thank you so much in advance for your opinions. God bless.

Example: What is the meaning of having dreams of python and helping it?

I'm having dreams of snakes and sometimes it becomes a nightmare just two days ago i dream about a python and I'm helping it I don't know from whom and for what reason and that snake is so near me I'm not even afraid but I'm scared of a smaller snake that chased me but when I reached inside the house and under the door I found a baby crawling what that suppose to mean.and ones I saw I'm climbing a mango tree around 6pm in the evening its quite dark and I saw a black snake coming down towards me...and in the other dream a brown python chasing me and I was so go frightened...Why do I keep having this dreams,what are they trying to tell me.I need to know because once I dream about snakes I'm scared to close my eyes again...I need help.

Example: Meaning of a python in a dream?

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