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Dream About Puffer Fish meanings

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Example: Dream meaning? any thoughts?

Last night I had a really awkward dream, something was chasing us I think it was the police, we didn't do anything wrong though, my mother said she wanted to show me something she saw when she was little, we drove to this place in a very grassy area, and in a really deep puddle there were these silver goldfish, they were only little but today I saw the same fish in a pet store, Back into the dream I turned around to go back to the car and I saw a puffer fish, it was all puffed up and looked angry at me, anny ideas?

Maybe you feel guilty about something, and the 'chasing' showed you that?
It may just be a spontaneous dream, though. Don't get too stressed out :)

Example: Dream saltwater fish?

Hey! Now, I'm seriously doubting I'll ever own these fish or have the money for a tank big enough xD But lets say that I did. What size tank for these big/semi-aggressive fishies? Could they all live together or not? I have just broke into the marine world and am still trying to figure out appropriate stocking xD Like I said, NO FLAMES, these fish aren't with me, together, or anything. They are imaginary at the moment. Please be serious, I'd like to know if my dream could feasibly happen someday if I get rich and crazy LOL

Red Stripe Angelfish (Centropyge eibli)
Passer Angelfish (Holacanthus passer)
Red/Orange Angler (Antennarius sp.)
Copperband Butterflyfish (Chelmon rostratus)
Yellowstripe Maroon Clownfish
(Premnas biaculeatus)
Bicolor Foxface (Lo uspi)
Volitan Lionfish, Colored (Pterois volitans)
Porcupine Puffer (Diodon holocanthus)
Orangebanded Stingfish
(Choridactylus multibarbus)
Powder Blue Tang (Acanthurus leucosternon)
Harlequin Tusk (Choerodon fasciatus)
Marine Betta (Calloplesiops altivelis)
Blue Spotted Puffer (Canthigaster solandri)
Immaculatus Puffer (Arothron immaculatus

Example: Need someone who knows tank sizes help for these fish?

I have bought a 300 gallon tank (foolishly in assumption that it will be able to fully house the fish in my dream tank for their adult lives) and now would like to stock it with the fish I've dreamed of keeping for years. This is a 9.5 ft tank (almost 350 gallons I guess) and if I *have* to remove any fish from the list I am willing to.

300 gallon REEF tank (again I will remove any fish that would overstock it but would prefer not to)
- 1 Emporer Angelfish (centerpiece fish)
- 1 Unicorn Naso Tang OR Regular naso tang..which are better fish?
- 1 Royal Gramma
- 1 Bicolor Blenny
- 1 Dracula Goby
- 1 Clown Fairy Wrasse (can remove I guess, really like them though)
- 6 Pennant Coralfish or the actual Moorish Idol although I have been advised against this..are they possible to keep?

* Lastly, if I got rid of all those off the list and just wanted ONE..GIANT...FISH like a grouper or somthing similar whats the largest species I can buy? Biggest grouper? I still want my reef this is just out of curiousity.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

The first one was that I was at a group home n the place we were at looked like it was getting constructed. I went in the cupboard and took two cookies and gave one to my brother. I walked around trying to escape something. I went back in my room, laid down, then got back up bc I got a roommate. The second dream is...weird. im in a stable crowded w ppl n this guy is like wanna see a horse talk? The owner came in and shes like no, and he says dont worry. He takes the horses head, n cuts it off. Someone says what was the point of that... I walk out,of there and im at like a school convention. I see my two friends and we go to this thing w fishes, I tap the glass n the fish blows up (puffer fish). I turn around n theres a pond w a baby in it and the moms looking at fishes. Im like omg shes drowning her baby. My friend turns around n says it too but theres no baby there. The third dream, was I lived in a mansion n the wicked witch of the west throws me into a bad room. It has a falling apart bunkbed which she says I should sit on but I dont. Afluffy siamese cat comes in and I make out w it so it will save me. These two kids come in and are like ok.. The cat lwaves n I go to the edge of my bed and start spitting into a teacup.

Example: Dream tank! (Saltwater, fish only)?

Just brainstorming. I'll probably buy them...in a few years or decades... What tank size do these fish need to be in? Any incompatibilities? Open for suggestions.

Humu Picasso Triggerfish (Must Have) , Porcupine Puffer, Dog Face Puffer, Clown Triggerfish, Volitan Lionfish, Blue/Regal/Hippo Tang, Powder Blue Tang, Naso Tang

Please suggest to add/remove some fish. Thank you.

Example: I dreamed of many fishes in tanks, and a couple of times the Puffer Fish specifically...what does it all mean?

I dreamed of fish tanks, multiple tanks with many fishes in each varying in sizes from small to big, some of the dreams are a variation of each, my most recent dreams were of Puffer Fish. This is not my first time, I dreamed of fishes in the past as well but notably more often these past few months interestingly enough. It ranges to all variations of fishes as well, some that exist in real life and some fishes that were never seen before. Can anyone sort of be serious and at least guide me in the a way to interpret if these dreams mean anything significant? I'm a guy so it can't be anything about pregnancy nor anyone around me since I am faithful to my fiance and have never slept with anyone else and my fiance is not pregnant either - checked already.

I am very career oriented in my own computer business so hopefully this may shed some light. Thanks in advance for your insights to this.

Example: Why did i dream was pregnant by a fish?

i had a dream found out was 12 weeks pregnant me and my boyfriend was ecstatic because i had had a miscarriage jan 5 but we had not been tryings again so we was wondering how?
(we use the pull out method but it hasnt failed yet...)
the doctor used some incredible way to see the exact moment i conceived and it turned out i had been stung by a puffer fish and some how ended up pregnant with a half puffer fish baby!

anyway i was terrified by the fish baby and im wondering what the dream meant/

Example: A dream interpretetion?

I had a dream last night where there were 5 puffer fish that were blown up, were genteelly floating into the month of a huge alligator. The alligator slammed it mouth shut and ate the puffer fish. What does that dream mean?

Example: I just had the weirdest dream when I took a nap HELP PLEASE FAST?!?

Scene: I was taking a test on Blogthings it was called "Can you know something is going to happen, ever without remembering it was a dream?" I took it and at the 4th question and there was a picture of a shark popping its head out of the sea to eat this puffer fish that just popped out and the question said "If you were this shark, would you eat this fish even if it would kill you?" and somehow I said yes and it was like I just transformed into the shark in the sea and just eat the fish and then I saw my mom and dad aguring about a guy and my mom was on the computer on Answers asking a Question but the title was saying "LOLL" 5 times and all of a sudden there was a computer in her room (Which there isn't) and I was on Blogthings and again on the 4th Question there was a picture but of Will Smith's family and Narato on top right the Question said "Which charater would you bite?" First I said Narato then changed it to Will and then the shark jumped out of the computer and that was it. WHAT DOES MEANS?! HELP FAST!

Example: Could zombies happen? im really scarred?

im in bed after watching a scary zombie movie last week i had the scarriest dream last nite and i woke up sweating and shaking with fear :( i cant sleep at all!
is it possible for zombies to exist?
plz be nice dont call me stupid im scarred outta my mind

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