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Dream About Puddles meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream about a fish, dream meaning?

In my dream I was in the washroom, I was on the toilet and then I noticed puddles on the floor. Then I splashed my hand or foot in the puddle. Then my sister and mother came into the room, my sister said the puddle was from the fish. She then picked up a dead fish, of wish I was scared. She was taunting me with it, then I jumped in the shower. I was then naked and my sister was shoving the fish at me. I was really grossed out and scared of it. What does this mean?

It means that penises frighten you. (Eek!) In your dream while seated on the toilet you see a puddle on the floor in front of the toilet. Your sister tells you that the puddle is from a "fish". We all know who leaves puddles in front of toilets, so the "fish" evidently represents a penis. Your sister picks up the penis, which is flaccid ("a dead fish"), and "taunts" you with it. An interesting choice of words; your sister seems comfortable handling the penis, and that gives her power of you, who are afraid of it. You "jumped in the shower," feeling perhaps contaminated by the presence of the penis, but your sister follows and threatens you again with it. Since you are naked in the shower, the penis is even more threatening than before, and you are "really grossed out and scared of it."


Example: Elephant dream... Meaning ?

What does it mean if you dream about playing with and feeding elephants? Are elephants good omens?
I dreamt I was Playing with a pride of elephants and there was a baby, the baby would mimic me if I stood on one foot and even pushed me in a puddle of mud! Then I ended up feeding the pride grapes and scratching their ears and talking with them and such... :-) it was a cool dream !

Example: Dream meaning?

I had this dream that I was at work(I work at a Dunkin Donut's) and that it was raining outside. I had mopped the floors because I was closing the store and I started to realize some parts of the floor were puddled and I look up at the ceiling and there are about 4 leaks making these giant puddles. As I start to try to grab buckets a bunch of customers start to come in with just barely any time left until close. Im too busy to attend them trying to fix the problem and they all continue to stand in line. What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Recently, I've been having this weird dream constantly, what does it mean?
In the dream, it starts out in a peaceful forest, with no control over my dream self, i walk through the forest and too the local cliffs, where a brown wolf is sitting peacefully under a full moon, looking at me intently.
The dream quickly shifts to what looks like my mother's house, all my family and friends are there, dead, staring at me fearfully while their lifeless bodies soak in a puddle of their collective blood.
It goes dark from there, and i can hear a voice speaking in what sounds like Latin, before the same voice speaks "I will find you!" and then i hear someone screaming in agony before i wake up, my body coated in a thick layer of sweat.
What does it all mean?

Example: Weird dream? What could it mean?

In this dream I was in a pool area of some sort and this kiddy pool was deflated and had a bunch of deflated sleeping rubber midgets that fit in my hand around it. They kept turning their heads in thier sleep and almost drowning. I was begging someone to help me get them all in thier rooms to dry so they didn't get sick. I knew all about them and had to help pick out which room they belonged to based on thier personality. I felt very frantic because everytime I turned around they were in a puddle of water. What in the world could this mean?

Example: What could an odd dream mean?

I can't remember the entire dream, but I'll tell you what I can remember.
I ended up walking to school on a snowy winter day, and normally I take the school bus or get a ride from my dad, but for some reason I walked. I got to the school, and the outside looked normal, but when I went inside, it looked like a foods store, the lockers were the freezers, the classes. . . i don't think there was any classes. Anyway, I was going to get my books from my locker, but they weren't there, and my friend beside me couldn't find hers either, we went to the lost and found, but it was more like a high tech computer support place with a creepy little girl in there. I can't remember much about that part, but once I headed back to my locker there was this guy there. He's been in my classes since I was in grade one, so I didn't think much of it. I've never been interested in him cause he's a total jerk. But he ended up asking me out. I remember looking at him funny, bu then it skipped to me walking home instead of taking the bus. It had stopped snowing, and as I walked by this truck stop, there was a MASSIVE puddle of blood. Everywhere, it was on the trees, it had been smeared into tire tracks, but there was nothing there, no accident or person or animal dying. Just blood.
I woke up after that, and not even a moment after I woke up, I found out my mom was taken to the hospital with gul flatter stones or something. She's okay, but has to stay in the hospital...

Anyway, do you think this odd little dream had any meaning to it, or was it random none scenes?

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream means?

I'm around four or five in my dream and a teenager i don't know grabs my hand and tells me my mom wanted him to take me home. While walking around we come across a fork in the road the one in the left contains the woods and its so dark you wouldn't be able to see a thing and on my right( in which the teen tugs me towards ) it is clear. I want to go to my left but he says its dangerous but i still want to go, looking at its outline often as glimpses of me in there play or surronded by creatures that resemble monkeys flash through my head. I walk forward with him and arrive to this house but in front of it is a puddle stepping stones in it. I careful walk on them and istead of walking to the house he turns its corner. Now the wods are more visible to me as I follow him. But after i turn the corner I see a burgandy colored car full of teenagers waving, and cheering towards us. Some where in between i have gained an age or two. I walk towards the car with the teen ahead of me.

Example: What does this crazy dream mean?

I dreamt i was in an apartment that was oddly made with many MANY! windows. It was located near a shoreline. Well anyway, My wife,(I dont have a wife) sends me to buy a lobster, then all of a sudden i have a lobster, i slice the lobster, then all of a sudden its guts come out and form what looked like a hamburger. Then the hamburger chased me around the apartment and i was chasing it also. At the same time i had a sub-dream that all the other people living in other apartments ran away, because they were afraid of something, Then for some reason after that i killed myself (stabbed). And then i was chasing the hamburger again. as i was chasing it i chased it outside too, and oddly every one was gone, even my wife! Well finally i killed the hamburger and as i stabbed it all the grease droplets and puddles that formed, came together and formed one giant puddle as if it were alive. Then all of a sudden i was outside, meeting some guy, (by this time a storm was forming in the ocean) that claimed to be a film director, and as i was talking to him there was a lady on the other side of a wall, in my neighbors lawn with a knife, standing still holding the knife above her head, and i also noticed a dead guy on the doorstep of the(her) house.

What does all this craziness mean? I didn't make it up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Some background info before the dream: I've been in love with this guy friend of mine for a few years now but he only likes me as a friend and we've never been anything but friends, and he has a girlfriend. My dad lives in a house near a junkyard that fixes cars. The friend i'm in love with has never been to my dad's, however he has met my dad and my dad loves him!

The dream:
I was at my dad's in the living room. My dad is in the room, as well as my stepmother, and a few friends of theirs. We hear a loud pop and my dad says "that was a gunshot!". I rolled my eyes and said "No it wasn't, it was probably just a car backfiring at the junkyard or something". He says "No it was a gunshot, I know a gunshot when I hear one". So I get up and look out the window and I see my friend that i'm in love with laying in a puddle of blood at the end of the driveway. I scream his name and go running to get to him. I'm running down the driveway screaming his name. My dad has a short driveway but it seemed like I was running and running and couldn't get to him. I woke up before I made it to him, was still running when I woke up.

Example: What is the meaning behind this dream: I was running and I tripped over and fell into a puddle without injury?

I read somewhere that falling without injury means you will be victorious in your struggles, is this true?
thank you

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