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Dream About Prostitutes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'm a 13 year old girl and last night I had a dream that my best friend's German exchange partner came over to visit. But, the thing is, she's not going on the German exchange anymore and her partner is a girl, but in the dream it was a boy. He was an Asian/German boy, which made him really hot to me because I have a thing for Asian and German people. Anyway, we were all on the bus and I said, "I feel like a third wheel". I don't even know what that means, but I said it. Then he said in a harsh tone, "Shut up. You're not a third wheel." Then we arrived at our destination. It was a HUGE brick wall that slanted downwards. The aim was to walk down the wall without falling. There was a rope attached to another wall to hold onto if you got scared. But I was too scared, got halfway and went back to the start. Then the German kid disappeared and me and my friend walked to London, eating mint ice cream on the way. Then, we took part in X Factory as a double act. I went crazy backstage and accused everyone of dressing like prostitutes and wore pyjamas on stage. Then I woke up. What can this mean?

This is very complex, but I will try and answer.

Going on the German exchange trip and meeting an "Asian" boy are just reflective of the fact that you are going on that trip and you probably would like to meet an Asian boy at some point and are dreaming about this because it is something that you would like to do.

The reference to "I feel like a third wheel" is indicative of the fact that you assosciate a bus with wheels and your mind (as in any other life situation) coined a phrase, which both meant something in your dream and reflected your mood at that time i.e. feeling left out. The fact that this Asian boy stood up for you indicates that (a) you would like to be with an Asian boy and (b) you were happy that he stood up for you and secretly wish this would happen in real life. It also indicates that you were actually snapping out of the "I feel like a third wheel mood" and realizing that you are not a third wheel.

This is where it get complex. A brick wall means you reached a dead end. It could also mean that you feel you have reached a dead end in real life and subconscious is telling you this. Your subconcious was telling you that there are many ways to overcome a brick wall but you need to pluck up the courage to do so. A rope indicates that you can do it with some form of help i.e. counselling or a shoulder to cry on. That's why when you got halfway, you don't feel you have support in real life so you went back. As a result, the German kid disappeared because you feel that this is what would have happened in real life i.e. if you don't pluck up the courage a certain situation or person/persons will abandon you. However you realize there are important people in your life who would not abandon you. This is where the walking to London with friends comes in because you like being around people you can trust trust and people you can have a good time with.

The X factor scene about going crazy with people, is simply reflective of what you think of people who dress or behave a certain way.

I hope that helps!

Example: What does it mean if you dream your teacher is a prostitute (gigolo)?

Nothing sexual happens, just people telling you about them having this job, and walking into a brothel and seeing them there...

Example: What does my dream about helping a child prostitute mean?

I had a dream where I was in a very old, dilapidated house. Sitting on the floor was a girl that was about 10 with long blond hair holding a sign. She was a child prostitute. I knelt down and told her she didn't need to let people hurt her, that she had her whole life ahead of her and could do or be anything she wanted. What could this mean? I'm a 19 year old female if that helps. Thank you!

Example: What does it mean when you dream about being prostituted...in my dream a man?

in a way is not letting me leave so i have to leep with men i never actually get the chance in my dream to see myself sleeping with them but i know i did sleep with men thenn i was trying to escape it was a 2 story house and i hatwed it and my bestfriens boyfriend was doing a drg deal down stairs i think and i ran away thru the garage then i found my bestfrien with her knew boyfriend ...she was trying to help her ex but in reality there still together but about to brak up ne way i was also worried but i didnt want her to notice for some reason i was trying to hide from her that i cared for him then the i dont understand what happend but in my mind i knew they were caught and i said to myself im glad i left and i dont remember ne more but from i just said what does it mean?

i dream this b4 my friend was about to break it off with her man and i had no idea they were having problems that could make them break up

Example: Reoccurring dreams that Im a prostitute?

I keep having dreams that I am a prostitute working in a brothel.. And in my dream I ENJOY this job.. Which is strange because in my real life Id never want to work in that profession..

What do these dreams mean?

I habour no harsh feelings for women in that profession and also I haven't been in a relationship for a long time

Example: I dream about being a prostitute! What does that mean?

Weeks ago, I had this weird dream about me, being a prostitute!
And then there was this married but attractive guy that became my customer every night. . .
For most parts of my dream, people were like adoring me for being sweet, pretty, and kind but they don't know I'm a prostitute.
And then at the last part of my dream, I ask this man whose he's gonna go back to, and then he said his wife. I asked him whom he's gonna leave and he said me.
That part broke my heart and then he just left without a word..

What does my dream mean?! Help guys!

Example: Meaning about uncomfortable dream?

I had a kinky dream about [of all things] CINDERELLA! as a prostitute!

what does this mean/ what's wrong with me?!

Example: My wife dreamt she was a prostitute the other night. does anyone know what this might mean ?

Example: I had a dream that I was a prostitute, 2 nights in a row. What does it mean?

For the last two days I've been having the strangest dream that I lost my job, became a prostitute and lived in some kind of brothel where everything was super fake and cheesy. the walls were covered in fake red and pink silks, sort of Moulin Rouge style. (I'm really an architect, so this cheesy decorating in my dream has left an impression on me). I remember I had sex with a "client" once in my dream, only the first night and the rest of the time I was trying to avoid having sex with people who would come in that place.

I remember feeling very ashamed of myself, trying to think how i let it get that far, and thinking of how I could get out of there, but I was almost trapped. This was so extreme, that I even remember of waking up in my dream (while I was sleeping), turning to another prostitute in my dream and telling her "I just had the strangest dream, that I was a hooker" and she laughed and said that it wasn't a dream. Everything seemed so realistic and the fact that I dreamed of it two nights in a row, and the images are still very vivid in my head, make me think that there is some sort of meaning to this.

Anyone has an idea of what this could mean? Thank you very much!

Example: What do these kind of dreams mean?

ok i keep having dreams that i am losing my virginity and i am thirteen please help me on what this means

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