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Dream About Private School meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that I was in private school, with all these skinny, good looking girls in mini skirts and all these skinny, good looking men in business suits and ties...

Everybody was really good looking, and I was very good looking, smart, hard working, humble and attractive as well.

Then out of nowhere, I fall in love with this guy from my church, who has a pale white face and black hair.

Now I am thinking he could be symbolic of somebody else in my life who has also has a pale white face and black hair.

It could mean that when I at the top of the social ladder, I will get an amazing guy who is socially beneath me but morally above me.

It means you're a mainstream modern Christian who cares about social ladders and looks, thinks of them as blessings you ask for and then frivolously get because you "spiritually earned it" while babies die of AIDS in Africa because members of your faction are over there preaching about the evils of condoms and vaccs.

But you keep on dreaming of skinny good looks and social ladders. It's all you, baby! You're too sexy for the hard work.

Example: Does this dream possibly mean anything?

Sorry for it being so long.
I dreamed that I was in a private high school at night in summer and there were a few other people in it too. I was a ninja girl that was apparently from the desert, which was odd because in real life I am a guy, but in most of my dreams I am a girl. Everyone was locked in and there and there were some things in there would try to eat the people. They looked like big pink ovals with a white ring in the middle of them that would attach themselves to walls with things that looked like big pink spider webs. The people were mostly escaping from the Aida and sometimes killing them, mainly with things that they found from around the school, like when they were in the gym there were many Aida and they made an explosive that sucked in air towards the point where it exploded, killing all the Aida in the gym. I had to save one of the people who set off the bomb, but I got sucked into it. I was gonna die but the explosion ended when I got there and I went through the door that I was beside. For some reason there was a ninja with a gun, but I killed him, and took a melee weapon that he had. After that I was walking for a bit than I went into a someones room, where the person was being eaten by an Aida, I killed it saved her. I was walking around again, with the girl I saved, but than my mom came into my room to use the computer and I woke up.

Example: What does my dream with schools mean?

I had a dream were me and my family were going into this rich looking college. There were people out front, driving up in black cars. They were all dressed in 70,s style private school close. After seeing them my mind showed a picture of my mother as a little girl wearing the same outfit. We eventually entered the school. We didn't know were to go so I asked this women who couldn't stop laughing. I looked at her as I walked away. Suddenly this old man dressed as a wizard, but was wearing armor on his head, and a wizard outfit. He led us down a hallway were I seen pictures of other wizards. The dream ended. What could this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

It was a really gorgeous dream and I wanna know if it means anything.

I woke up in a really fancy bathroom-- with couches and furniture and what-not in it-- and I had on a really frilly "rich kid" outfit. When I came out of the bathroom I found out that I was in a school, but it was more like a private school with drapes in the hallway and crystal doorknobs.

I ran into two of my friends (who had similar outfits to mine on) and we just kinda ran around the school. We found different parts of the school like a ballroom, a greenhouse, a mini lounging area, and one special door that was decorated different than all of the others.


I told the friends that were in my dream about it the next day and we got to talking about how they had dreams like mine and how one of them had a feeling something weird would happen this month.

Also we weren't students at the school we were just there. And we each had a bow that matched our eye color on our outfits. (If that means anything)

I would go into more detail but I don't want to drag on forever.

Does this mean anything? Any thoughts help.

Example: Private schools?

What do i do if i get into the private school of my dreams but 2 of my best friends want to go to different sckools

Example: What does it mean when people say "i have some private schooling for you both"?

in midsummer nights dream .. theseus said to egeus and demetrius to follow him out and he said to them that hes going to give them both priavte schooling .. what does this mean? and that egeus and demetrius was telling hermia to marry demetrius but she doesnt want to and forcing her to marry him but she refuses and they both wont let her decide and forcing her to do stuff but she refuses?

Example: Ina a recurring-like dream, I am the owner of a home, a hotel, and a (private) school.?

The floor plan is the same in each dream. All three are upscale, the home, opulent. All three buildings are single story; the home has a ballroom, the school a gym, the hotel a convention center. The rugs are different, the lighting too...only the floorplan is the same in each. There is no fear or dark places experienced by myself in the dreams. Each floorplan, each place, in each dream is the scaffolding for something that happens within each dream.
THE WEIRD PART: Within the dream, the home, I looked into a closet and saw the accouterments (chandeliers, rugs,etc) that belonged to the hotel; in another closet--I was so intrigued within the dream at this first closet finding that I opened another closet--to find the trappings of the school (bleachers, basketball nets, desks, rugs, etc).
I find this dream so fascinating I would like someone's opinion as to meaning.

Example: WOAH!... Weird Dream! What Does It Mean?

Last night I had a dream that I had to go to a private school with my friend, and we lived there. There were a lot of weir things, but the weirdest thing I rememer is at the end of my dream I was talking to this girl and she told me that the mad hatter (who was one of my teachers) picks one girl a year, and he follows her from the time she is little to the end of sophomore year (which I was finishing) then he kills her. Well, we were sitting there and the mad hatter comes out and drags me by my leg off the chair and hold a gun to me. Then I woke up.

What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Almost every night I dream my parents accidently enroll me in an all girl school and I have to go in disguise every day (id kill myself if it really happened) then id have another dream ocassionally where they find out im a guy and torture me

Example: Private schools vs. Public schools?

Is it true that private schools are year ahead of public schools, or not?

I'm in 8th grade at an all-girls private school and here is my schedule:
Algebra I (Algebra II is for honors and accelerated girls haha), American History, Chemistry, Biology, Latin II, French III, Spanish II, English (we are reading Brave New World, A Separate Peace, As You Like It, and Romeo and Juliet)

I have to play 3 sports (Field Hockey, Squash, Lacrosse) and do 100+ hours of community service per year.

Whereas my friend who is going to public school this year is reading all of the same books we have already read and analyzed in 5th grade (Fever 1792, The Giver, Walk two Moons, and a Midsummer's Nights Dream)

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