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Dream About Prison meanings

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Example: What does escaping from prison in a dream twice mean?

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Ok so it started up in a waterfall, I was with two friends and before we jumped in to the water, she pointed out that the flowing water was dyed red with blood we presumed. So we dived in and tried to swim as quick as possible to get out of the other side but we ended up getting taken downstream. I was alone at this point, I seen a dead body with blood gushing out of it which explains the water colour in a way. The next thing I knew I was in jail although I don't know what for. I managed to escape somehow and I can remember being put straight back into jail. But this time I escaped with a ticket of some sort I gave to a guard and he shot the lock and I escaped again. I jumped back into the red water and I was halfway downstream when the found the ticket was bogus and I think I got either shot or prosecuted and then I woke up. Im a good person in real life and I don't have a criminal record so what could this mean guys?

Something that happens before something else in a dream often represents an event that actually happened before another in real life. Look for a parallel series of events, thoughts, decisions, feelings, etc. in your past—most likely your recent past.

Before can also represent the idea of:

More important or superior
Life force, life energy, or the essence of humanity.

Someone being injured and losing blood can represent a situation in your real life where you feel someone is in a weakened state.

You bleeding can mean you are feeling weakened or tired (emotionally, mentally, or physically), or you feel something is sapping your energy or time or attention.

Bleeding as a result of someone else injuring you can mean you are feeling threatened (emotionally, mentally, or physically) in real life—or you may be having a Toxic Dream.

bodyThe body can mean many things. For clues to the meaning, consider why the body is showing up in the dream, what's noteworthy about it, how you feel about it. The body can be pointing to some awareness or realization, a desire, a fear, or an area where your subconscious mind is seeking information or clarification.
Seeing a lock can represent:

An obstacle to getting what you want in a certain area of your life
A need for more emotional or mental security
A need to focus on personal boundaries (strengthening them, or loosen them up a bit)
redThe color red can represent stimulating, exciting, exotic, full of life or vigor, or anger. Red can also appear in a dream to highlight something important.
An admission ticket often represents permission—especially official permission by an authority—or society's approval and adhering to society's rules. Lost an admission ticket can mean you're feeling like an outsider in some way, or feeling afraid that you won't be able to play by the rules in order to get something you want.

A penalty ticket, such as a parking or traffic ticket, might represent a fear or feeling of being penalized somehow in your life.

A certain time on the clock might represent:

The idea of time in general, or the passage of time
Being late or early (or a fear of being so), short on time, or having too much time
A particular time of day, or a certain event that tends to happen at that time
Involving a romantic relationship or partnership
Companionship or the idea of not being alone
The idea of receiving spiritual assistance
Water can have many different meanings, depending on context:

Satisfaction or quenching
Ability to adapt or accommodate, as water assumes the shape of its container.
Pervasiveness or ability to have far reaching effects, as water naturally flows and spreads into its surroundings
Water that is flowing or changing shape can represent change, transformation, or movement forward in the dreamer's life—possibly out of the dreamer's control

Example: Dreaming about PRISON (info)?

What does it mean if i dream *several* times about prison,
Either helping out someone in prison or being in prison, jail..
Or trying to escape someone from it !

What could this mean ?

Example: Dream?

i had this dream it involved excaping from prison being kidnapped and hurting someone real bad i had this dream a couple times and it involved me and one of my friends what could it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream that a Supreme court Judge is going to prison?

Example: What does a prison dream mean?

i had a dream where im taking to prison but never went to court or anything. so what does this dream mean?


I was in prison sitting at a long table on a bench, sitting beside a friend. The room was full of people.
There was an officer walking up and down the aisle.
I was doing an exam on horses.
Next I was standing in a huge hall and saw a herd of wild horses running away and someone had a gun and shot three of them.
I was looking for something in a huge pile of rubbish.

Anyone have any idea what this means? All answers are appreciated.

Example: What does this dream mean of prison?

Last night i dreamed that i was in prison! It started off to where they had electricity plug plugged into the cells and the tolies so if you were to touch the bars or go on the toliet you would get electrified. I had my 3 year old daughter in there with me and i just kept yelling at her to come with me and to not touch the bars. Then it changed to where we were in a big room and every inmate had there own bunkbed. Well the wierd thing was that my daughter was still with me along with my mom and a daughter of a girl that used to be my best friend. IT was crazy wierd because we had to keep the spaces between the bunkbeds clean otherwise the dean was going to file a complaint and we would all be in trouble.

Its the first time i have ever had a dream that i was in prison, what could this mean?

Example: Breaking out of prison dream meaning?

Last night I dreamt of breaking out of prison.
I smashed a big window with wires running through it and put a towel over the broken glass then scrambled out. I was on the run, trying to evade police through shopping centres.
I remember making a disguise and walking straight past some cops, eventually I got into a helicopter and got away from them, they caught up then I got into a tank. Except the controls for the helicopter and tank was like I was in a video game, weird.
At one point I think I was grabbed by a cop but I never actually was put into a car or taken back to jail.
What meaning does this have? I constantly have dreams of evading authority.


Example: What does it mean to dream of prison riots? it would be great to know?

Example: What does a Coed prison dream mean?

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