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Dream About Prison Guard meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

this dream was a long time ago i was 4 years old but i still dont get it.It was me and i was climbing some stairs like a tree house with some friends i dont know them though.once i get to the top of the tree house my friends tell me sorry i cant let you in and they push me down and i fall while im fallingi see my self wearing what i was wearing and i see myself falling and this might sound weird but i felt like it was my spirit because i could see it go back into my body and when it did i woke up freaked out.what does this mean?

Jung's first dream he recorded came to him at age 4. Briefly: he went down a shaft and encountered the Siva Lingam (God as the Lving Phallus, the channel of life) on a throne. Going down into the shaft of dream-life and religion (he renamed God by calling Him the Unconscious from which all the world emananted) preoccupied his entire life. From this we may deduce that dreams at that age are characterising the life to come.

You might want me do support this observations with material from this very Yahoo Site. I just interpeted a dream of a young man who as a 5 year old saw the moon burning up and falling to the earth causing a general conflagration. A man with a beard appeared and words were heard. When this dreamer grew up to be a young man he had the dream again and saw that the man that had appeared in his first dream was himself as he was now. Ergo: dreams must be seen as blueprints of the future.

Your dream has you go in the opposite direction to Jung in his first dream. Boys love climbing trees not just in dreams but in reality. It is an urge to ascend into the sky which is symbolical of the spiritual world. Thus, whether you go down a shaft or climb a tree, in essence you want to connect with your origin, with your spiritual home.

But of course climbing a tree to get to a tree hut can as easily stand for social climbing, for career ascent. Your dream features both the worldly climbing and the spiritual seeking in one go. As you want to get up with the other boys and be part of the social struggle to get to the top of human achievements, your friends push you off the ladder of worldly success and you fall. The shock of your fall brings about a blessing in diguise. You are able to see both the material world, (your clothes), and your re-entering spirit body that houses your bone-house, your human frame.

It is common for spiritual seekers to be shocked out of their materialistic frame of mind. Saint Francis of Assisi was a priviledged rich boy who became a womanising knight in golden armour following a career of war and women till the day he was thrown off course by a voice from above. He put all riches and women aside and become a hermit living in the mountains where he attracted llikeminded men.

You have been priviledged to see your spirit body or your etheric. It means that it will be easier for you to accept that you are not just flesh and blood and an intellect, but also a soul that pines to know itself. Not many of us will go the path of self-knowledge freely. Most of us need a push off the ladder of social aspirations. Far from being a disater, such a push and fall is a massive blessing.

Incidentally there is a good little book on the market called "Discover Astral Projection" (how to achieve out-of-body experiences) by J.H. Brennan published by Aquarian/Thorsons 1989. It even tells of your compatriot Robert Monroe who developed in his "Institute of Applied Science" an electric aparatus that will help your etheric to leave your body almost instantly, but also allowing it to return safely again.

It is more common for the etheric to leave the body under stress. Your dream seems to suggest that at the time of your etheric adventure you were rather stressed because you had been made an outcast. It was necessary for you to undergo that suffering so that you could see your etheric.

There was an especially recalcitrant prisoner on Alcatraz. The guards used to give him the wet blanket torture which meant he was wrapped into a wet blanket that got tighter and tighter as it dried. This discomfiture caused his etheric to escape the body of flesh and blood and fly to San Francisco. There he would see what the latest news were and when he returned to the prison he was able to stun his tormentors by telling them all the latest happenings.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I have three dreams here though feel free to just pick on to interpret.

We can call this one "death."

I had a short dream. I was in the exact same room I was sleeping in. On the same bed. Yet I was alone in the dream while there was someone else in real life.

The door flew open and a creature that looked like death. Had the scythe and everything. For some reason I get confused as to whether it was a swarm of cats or bats that burst through the door with death.

The creature grabbed me by the throat with 2 hands. I didn't see where the scythe went. He strangled me for what felt like a minute. Then I woke up still feeling the hands on my throat for a few minutes.

Well dream 2 we could call "Sex dolls."

Basically I was with other people in the street. Though they weren't quite real. Their skin was shiny like some mannequins are. I started having sex with a female mannequin person in the street with all the others. They appeared to be speaking but I couldn't hear and I didn't care. Before i'd finished with the first one I was already going to another. I woke up before I got there.

The third we could call "mistaken identity."

It starts of with me walking down a really dark narrow middle class street. I could only make out shapes. I walk around a corner and there's a guy with a shotgun in my face calling me a nazi. I duck and run back the way I came.

There's another guy with a gun who calls me a member of the aryan guard. Then I escape to a beautiful, moonlit water garden. There is 'little person' love scene.

The rest of the characters are little people. There is a little sherlock holmes and dr watson. The rest is kind of fast forwarded. Sherlock needs a leather and steel headstrap type thing for some reason while he is in prison then he makes a remote control helicopter out of it after he escapes. He also mentions something about liking the headstrap. I think it ended there.
4 days ago - 4 days left to answer.

The girl I was with said I was making strange noises while I slept.

Example: What does this dream mean?Im scared.?

So I dreamt that I was taken to an animal masturbation prison by a guard with a tattoo saying 'piercing' on his lip. The dream continued by me being pushed into a room with a rooster, I refused and upon escape I found that I had something in my nose. I discreetly tried to rub out the booger, much to my surprise it just kept coming out it was like a rubber band, which wrapped around my hand and trapped it.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've had weird dreams all the time but none that would ever make me cry and there all in places that i would know ( like if you walked through a door and you were at your parents house ) but this one seemed like a whole other world i was at a play ground and the houses looked like something from a movie three girls walked pass with like shorts and skirts on but you could see all booty cheeks then i was taken and put into this mental institution so me and three other girls would go and ride bikes over these boards in something that looked like a old train station ( it had old boards, gray and white rocks, alot of dust, and bobbed wire around the place ) then we were in this room that could be the place where they put all the patients in ( for like eating and rec ) this guy was there and he was leaving on his bike so i rode on the back down the hill and he let me off and i walked back ( this is were my dream starts to scare me ) i get back to the top of the hill and there is a post where a guard had a gun and it was high up like in a prison so he let me in after he almost killed me and i was talking to other kids how the boy let me ride on the back of the bike and the man that worked there started to tease me about the boy with the bike saying that i liked him so i tried to walk away and he grabbed me from behind so i grabbed the pen but i dropped it cause i didn't want them to think i was going to be violent and they wouldn't stick me with the needle so when the nurses came out they had a needle and i froze cause i thought they were going stick me with the needle and they gave it to him and he stuck it in his penis i guess to make it go down and he went in this room then they came with another needle and i knew it was for me and i started cry cause i knew it was gonna knock me out but i didn't know for how long ( im not the type of person thats scared of needles ) when i woke up the next day this spanish nurse came in and told me to listen and the tv was playing in the other room and it said that Barak Obama became president ( the only part of my dream i was happy about lol ) they gave me a picture of the staff and the man was on it and i tore him off the picture they told me he was fired then she told me to get my toys and we can go in my regular room when i looked up this other nurse had my 10 month old baby in her arms and i froze like i was gone for a long time and there was my baby so when i got to my room i put 2 bibles in my lap and was going to write my father to tell him to come and get me and before i could put pen to paper i started crying and i woke up crying uncontrollably i cryed for about then minutes non stop

Example: Does this old dream mean anything?

a little over a year ago i had a really weird dream. I was getting married and right when the priest said that i could kiss my bride my one friend ran down isle and made out with me right in front of the alter. I woke up screaming! i didn't really understand it because i have no feelings for my friend in the dream. The following night the same thing happened; but one thing was different. The girl never made it down the isle to me. for some reason in my dream security guards tazered and tackled her before she could ruin my wedding. I'm still friends with the girl in my dream but i'm still confused. What does this old dream mean, if anything?

Example: What does escaping from prison in a dream twice mean?

Please take the time to read the whole thing.

Ok so it started up in a waterfall, I was with two friends and before we jumped in to the water, she pointed out that the flowing water was dyed red with blood we presumed. So we dived in and tried to swim as quick as possible to get out of the other side but we ended up getting taken downstream. I was alone at this point, I seen a dead body with blood gushing out of it which explains the water colour in a way. The next thing I knew I was in jail although I don't know what for. I managed to escape somehow and I can remember being put straight back into jail. But this time I escaped with a ticket of some sort I gave to a guard and he shot the lock and I escaped again. I jumped back into the red water and I was halfway downstream when the found the ticket was bogus and I think I got either shot or prosecuted and then I woke up. Im a good person in real life and I don't have a criminal record so what could this mean guys?

Example: Second time dreaming of escaping from prison, any ideas of what it could mean or represent?

So I had this dream where I was escaping prison and running away from all these gaurds, I was running so fast and for a long time but i just kept running.

At one point I was like on a cliff on the outskirts of the jail and like throwing the gaurds off the cliff(to their death).

Then I manned up and jumped down the cliff landing it, to jump over a high wall. I then ran off into the night escaping.

I had another dream like this where I ran and ran escaping from prison.

Both times I was succesfull.

Im 16.

Example: What do you think my dream meant?

I had 3 dreams last night and I can barely remember 2. The first one I kinda remember was that my mom was pregnant.. She had all her stuff taken out. NO WAY that she can ever get prego again.. :\ and my second one was I was a cop in a gated prison facility and I walked in the gate and the sniper cops had their guns pointed at me and I got searched. I was good. Then they put some type of robe on me. My tv was on the country music video channel, and the song "gun powder and lead" was playing in my dream. So back to my dream. Me and all the cops and all the prisoners started dancing to that song... Does either of these dreams mean anything? Lol

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream involving my boyfriend. This is what i said to him:

I had the WORST dream ever. :( I dreamt that you had this plan to go to the National Museum and steal all the Queen's precious jewels and smash them (because you are a Patriot) and i said Ok i'll go with ya (thinking nothing of it). so in we go and you get this ladder and climb up to get them and smash them all on the ...ground right there, and i pick up this ring and i say "I'm keeping this one". Then these guards come up and arrest you with handcuffs and take you away and I say "hold on I did it too!" and show them the ring and hold out my hands and they handcuff me too. so then we go to this prison where we get treated like ****. we climb up really high to this weird room, and i am the only girl. the matron looks like some nazi bich right, and she forces me into a corner and makes everyone shout abuse at me. there's this trapdoor in the middle of the room and you try come over to comfort me but you fall down the hole :( and i scream and i dunno if you are ok :(.

*continued* then they bring me to another room, it looks like a small staff room
with a tv and kettle and all with just a few lads there dressed in red.
then somehow im let go because i was only helping you in ur plan. So i
go to my nanny's because my mam is there. then i tell her everything
that happened thinking that... she'll be so mad
and disappointed but she helps me and sticks by me and says you'll need a
good lawyer. You tell ur mam also, except that you got arrested for
being rowdy at a bus stop or something. so me and mam go back to the
prison and mam goes in to see ya. I think everything gonna be ok then,
then she comes out and says that
you'll be in there for 18 years. :( on the drive home i burst out crying
and then i wake up :(. it was so real it was horrible. xxxxxxx

What does my dream mean?

Female, 19, Irealnd.

Example: Meeting my best friend's crush and trying to seduce two prison guards - what does this dream mean?

Tonight I had a dream about seeing my best friend's crush for the first time (this guy is like the "love of her life". She likes him most despite her current crushes and affairs). I found his voice to be quite more Caucasian in the dream despite him being Mexican. We did something together, like traveled somewhere, but I don't remember for sure.

The second part of my dream was of me in some sort of basement-looking prison where I tried to seduce two guards. I almost did but an event on-site (prisoners escaping) stopped me. I've felt "horny" and self-confident like I never do in real life. All I had to do was catwalk and put my legs apart and they were by my feet, whereas in real life I never even had a boyfriend.

What does this dream mean?

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