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Dream About Prison Camp meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you dream of losing an arm?

I have had two dreams recently where I've lost my right arm (which is my dominant hand). In the first I was in some kind of war prison. All my family was there and we were trying to leave. But, my arm was cut off at the elbow and I refused to leave without it. So, I had my whole family running around this prison camp being chased by men with guns, looking for my arm! In the second, I was in the woods with a bunch of people I didn't recognize. Again my arm was cut off, this time above the elbow. I was trying to find out who cut it off and where it went. In both dreams, I failed to find the arm. And, oddly enough, in both dreams there was little or no blood. Please help me figure out what this means!

Loss of a dominant limb is about the fear of losing your ability to cope with something--and you won't leave home without your confidence. That's why your family has to run around looking for the thing you need to get that confidence back, and you are putting everyone in jeopardy (the men with guns). The whole business is a prison for you all. In the second, you're lost in the woods without it and nobody can help you or care. First you behave as if finding out that someone else did it will give you the answer. Then you treat your confidence as an external THING, something you can find and reattach rather than something you generate yourself. The blood isn't the issue; the real injury is inside.

There's another school of thought that insists that every character in our dreams is another aspect of ourselves (Gestalt Theory). I could give you that interpretation, but it would be longer and would overlap

Example: PLEASE HELP! Dream Meaning?

I need to know what this dream means? I had it maybe 5 or 6 years ago... but it stands out from the rest of my dreams, it seems important.
There were only children and teenagers locked up at this camp/prison and there were no adults to be seen.
We all wore white, the place and items were all white and it was very peaceful and beautiful there.
Everyone seemed happy.
For some reason I had to escape. A boy and me ended up escaping over one of the vine walls.

I would appreciate some meanings given if known.

Example: Flirting in dream what does it mean?

In my dream, I was at this weierd combination of the camp i work at in the summers (and miss a lot) and my middle school (which i hated). I was in the arts and crafts building, where a school art class was going on. The teacher was an art teacher i had in middle school who I didn't get along with (although i am good at art, i hated the class, which was mostly busy work, and we never did anything original or creative) In the dream, i was zoning out in a corner of the room, leaning aganst a wall with loads of names and drawings painted on, just like the camp's art cabin. This guy was sitting next to me who i dont know in real lie, and apparently he was an escaped convict from a prison although he didn't say so. He was flirting with me, and I lirted back (he was hot) even though i knew he was a convict, and we talked for a while. In the dream he was tickling me (im not ticklish in real life) and i woke up laughing for real. The place we were in in the dream holds a lot of memories between me and my ex, and the dream overall was odd. What do you think it means?

Example: What do you think my dream means?

My dream started out with me and my girlfriend as teenagers at church camp. The owners fixed the whole place, upgraded it, repaired it, remodeled it, etcetera, except for one of the cabins. Every cabin is one building with a dividing wall in the middle to separate the boys from the girls. The cabin we slept in had a hole in the wall. Just my luck, my girlfriend was on the other side of the cabin. That whole week, each night, I would stick my hand in through that hole when everyone else was asleep and she would take it and we would sleep like that, holding hands until morning just before everyone woke up. Sometimes we would whisper sweet nothings to each other, softly. Sometimes we would exchange love notes. Then there was a scene where we made love in the boys' shower room.
Scene shift: Years later. I'm working for her dad. She's working there too. The usual office romance. Flirting and whatnot. We don't care if she's higher up the career ladder (since she's the boss's daughter) and I'm down below. Then there is a scene where I'm at her apartment, we have dinner, dim lights, candles, soft music. Then we're in the tub, red wine, candles everywhere.
Scene shift: There's a fight--gun fight--between me and my hired men against her dad, her brother, and their hired men.
The next scene is the same as at the beginning except that I'm behind bars and she's visiting; we're holding hands, crying, whispering sweet nothings to each other, exchanging love notes, etcetera.
The last two scenes are a repeat of the shower scene and the tub scene (a memory kind of thing).

Example: Question Dreams what does it mean when in a dream you are in Vietnam prison camp with soldiers holding guns?

in hand & like Grass huts and swords in shivs . i am unarmed as a prisoner looking all around me as if desperately observing the surroundings with the great escape rolling through my brain,only to wake up and is was a japanese prison camp.like is there away to distinguish the japanese from the Vietnamese.and i have never been a pow where do you think these dreams come from.help me understand the dream.i am like going through hell.sort of.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night that the military was taking US citizens and putting them into buses and forcing them to leave their homes; kind of like when the Nazi's put the Jews into vehicles and trucks and forced them to leave their homes. I also had a dream people were trying to defend themselves and were being shot down like cattle. Do you think the US government would ever do this against it's own people? Why and why not?

Example: Hey, can someone tell me what you think this dream could mean?

I had a dream that it was basically a war going on. Bombs were being dropped from the skies by these military airplanes, i was on land, dodging bullets and grenades. I think i had some friends with me and we were trying to stay alive, then suddenly i realized that the person i loved, was not with me...suddenly i began to fly, this power just like came on me and in the dream i had the ability to stop the war and destroy all the planes or whatever...but instead i flew and went to my "lover" he was with other people wearing the same clothes, like a concentration camp (but it wasn;t) they were all rounded it, so i went and i called his name out, hugged him and told him that i love him, we kissed...but in the dream i knew i should be fighting a war, but instead i chose to go with this guy...and the dream ends.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok so i had this dream about me and my friends (and my crush) walking outside in a HUGE lightning storm and then we went to the mall then too this really muddy lake and we all went into the middle of it and stood there (during the storm )?That was dream one here is two. Me and my crush were talking alone and this guy comes up ands starts hitting us with handcuffs.? What do they mean. Thanks SOO much!

Example: Does my dream mean something?


I have this dream last night where I was in a prison camp escaping with my mum and the dog, (seriously lol) and I accidentally fell over on a spike. Then after I got up I saw a road in front of me, this driver stopped and picked me up and took me to a motel where I hid in a secret cupboard. After that we found the cupboard had an openable floor so we went down, and there was a bunker underneath that you can get into and hide. Then I drempt that there was a bomb set off and everyone on the world died and the world was infested with animals and stuff so we had to stay in the bunker but then the animals found a way to get in and we had to shut down parts of the bunker as they were attacked. When we had got to the last room and the animals were attacking the door for a while and then they got through this metal door, and started to jump towards me and i woke up.

My question is, does it mean anything? Does the prison camp mean my brain doesn't feel free? Do I need to escape or something?

Example: What does it mean to dream of being mutilated?

I had a dream that I was in some sort of concentration camp and everyone there was being murdered and mutilated and eventually it came to me. They cut my throat, shot me in the chest and cut my ackelis tendon.

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