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Dream About Predictor meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dad's dream mean?

My dad gave me a call because he said he had a dream about me last night... he said that in the dream there was a room where he was told not to go in to.. but he did and I was laying on a bed sick... I'm guessing like I was suffering from a sickness.. what can this mean?

It's probably part of his great love & devotion toward you, plus there's so much in the paper about flu & other concerns that it led to his dream. Since you don't seem to be there lying on your deathbed, it's not a real cause for concern. Most importantly, remember that it was his dream & not yours. Something in his mind wrote the dream, & I'm guessing that it's just part of what's been playing in his head as fed by the media. By all means, encourage everyone in the family to get flu & whooping cough vaccinations, but on the other hand, don't take the dream to be a predictor of the future.

Example: What does my dream mean?

(Yes I do like finding out what my dreams mean... Don't like it? To bad lol)

WELL It was really awkward. Me and my best guy friend were at school, like every mon - fri but he had his arms holding my waist (like what you do in a relationship) and we were talking blah blah blah. And then my friends came up and said are you two dating? And he said yea. Then they said CUTE kiss kiss kiss. So we looked at each other and I kissed him. I don't remember what happened after that but then the whole scene changed lol. It was some weird kind of taxi-bus thing. It looked like a bus but it said taxi. So anyway he was sitting next to my best friend and I was sitting behind them on another chair. And my friend knew that i used to like him lol. So anyway she pushed him off the seat and said for him to sit next to me (i don't think in this part we were dating.. idk) And so awkwardly he was sitting next to me looking at me. I looked back and said whats wrong and he looked the other way. Then he put arm on my shoulder and kissed my cheek. I was blushing and like woah. So I kissed him on the lips saying how much I liked him. Then we were pretty much holding hands and kissing .__.

Yea... What does this mean? Does it mean I have feelings for my best guy friend AGAIN? Or is it just a coincidence. lol Serious answers please I like knowing what my dreams mean cuz I dont dream often

Example: What Could My Dream Mean?

Last Night I had a really clear dream (a first) I dreamt I was pregnant and the baby was dying inside me and then I went to school...Weird huh? what could it mean?

Oh! and by the way I'm only 13 so I'm not pregnant!

Example: What does dreaming of losing your child at a store mean?

In my dream we were at a department store I used to work at and my son was in a cart, then my wife, my other son and me were looking at some item. All of a sudden we didn't see our younger son anymore so we looked for him all over the store and didn't find him. Many of my co workers that I had there were helping me to look but still no sign. Can someone tell me what this means?

Example: Do dreams mean any thing?

im 3 1/2 months pregnant and last night i had a dream that
i had twins a boy and a girl and there was something wrong with the boy like he was to small or somthing. then i woke up
i havent had an ultrasound yet and twins run in my family

Example: What does "For a virgin, this dream omens scandal and adversity." mean?

Last night i had this real realistic dream about me being pregnant with my crush's kid...and the end of the dream, i had 2 kids from him. I searched about what the dream meant and found this "For a virgin, this dream omens scandal and adversity." and im not clear on what that means...I am 19, and a virgin

Example: If an unknown person appears in your dream, could it mean something?

A girl appeared in my dream, whom, I don't know. Her appearance was so distinct and clear, I could draw a picture. She does not resemble anyone I know. How does my subconscious conjure up a person I don't know? Could it be a predictor of the future, i.e., she is someone I am bound to meet?

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?


Alright so for the past few years my sister has been in love with this kid a few houses down, but for some reason, I was babysitting them when the dream began, but I was not in my normal neighborhood. It was such a different location than I usually lived in. So anyways, I'm guessing that this dream takes place in the year 2070 or something like that. Inside my house, I have a Wii console with a Sonic the Hedgehog game, but this Sonic the Hedgehog game is not only 3d with great graphics, but it is also virtual. You can actually die in the game and go through all of the 3d obstacles at a high speed. The only drawback is that not only do you take the PLACE of a hedgehog, you also have the MENTALITY of a hedgehog, so you're pretty much just living the game (like any futuristic predictor would assume). But the weird thing is that there were 17 year old kids scrambled around my TV set playing it with these 6 and 7 year old kids! It's almost like in this alternate world there are no age barriers, a four year old could be friends with a 40 year old! Anyways, I was the master of the game. I had no idea who these big men were, so I just walked outside. The sky was not black or blue, but some funky, screwed up mix of colors with no clouds. I guess this was a subliminal element of the environmental world crashing down in the future. So, I'm walking with these 6 year old kids and I spot a tree, which is dead. But, it is made of chocolate, so I watch the kids try to take it down, and they do, but they don't eat it. We then walk around the corner, and see another house: the house of an old man my godfather is friends to in real life. He greeted us to come inside (even though I live 30 miles away from him in real life). His house was full of furniture, old tools, paintings, records and garbage; he was a bit of a hoarder. But the odd thing: his house was packed with people! I saw families with their kids walk around, gazing at the many sights to see, and the old man was in charge of it all. I let the kids play around a little bit, and then I stumbled upon an odd photograph. It was actually a little scary. It was inside of an album, and it showed me, my sister, and her little friend as four year olds, BUT we all looked so sinister. It was almost as if the pictures were cursed, because we looked like evil demented versions of ourselves. I place the picture down and hear a crash from across the old man's home. I run over to see a crowd of maybe 8 staring at a monster coming out of the wall. My sister and her friend were yelling at me: kill it with the chocolate tree! kill it with the chocolate tree!, and so I went out to get the branches. But the odd thing was that I couldn't carry the branches now. Before, I could swing them freely, but now I couldn't get them a half a foot off of the ground. There was no one in sight outside to help, so I ran back inside of the old man's house to find that the monster had been destroyed by my sister's friend! "I killed it with the mirror" he said. As the people slowly walked back to the rest of the house, I stayed there and stared at the mirror. Something was not right about that mirror. Next to it I saw that frightening photo album (it changed position) and decided that I should leave. I went to get the kids. The second I touched the doorknob to leave the dream ended.

Wow! What do you make of that? I don't know if it's a nightmare or an odd dream but I sure don't know what it means! If you had the patience to get this far, please answer below! Thank you so much!

Example: What does it mean when you dream of your ex-boyfriend getting married?

I been having dreams of my exboyfriend and his girlfriend who i have not met.In my dream Before the wedding he had told me he was still in love with me and he was just with her to make me jealous. Three days later they had gotten married...am really curious what my dream means.

Example: I had a VERY vivid dream, what does it mean?

Here's how it went: I found out I was pregnant with quintuplets(5) and when me and my "fiancé" walked out of the clinic and saw a crowd of our family and friends and told them it was quints. They all clapped and cheered and we went home to our new house that we r in the middle of renevating and were greater by his kids, Christian aged 9, Emma aged 7, and Gabriel aged 1. My "fiance" had been .married before and I remember him telling me that she went to jail. Next thing I kno I see my fiance(sorry his name is like the only detail I don't know!) Painting Emmas room purple.and I was on bed rest and my stomach was quite a bit bigger with the quints, and I remember playing with Gabriel while detained to the couch. And I don't remember getting married but at this point we were married. I remember a lot of baby things lying around by the 5s, 5 bouncy seats, 5 high chairs, 5 cribs, the works. The next day we go into the hospital and I hav a c-section to deliver the quints and their names were Madelyn, Hannah, Jacob, Ryan, and Elliott. That's about when I woke up. It's CRAZY how vivid my dream was! I'm 14 years old by the way if that makes a difference

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