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Dream About Prairie Dog meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can someone please answer this for me?

I really want to know the meaning of the colors burgandy and brown. What do they signify... if anything? I am not sure if this is in the correct area, and if not I do apologize. Thanks!

Depends on what you are aiming for with the colors.
From a mystical/magical perspective try this:

Brown: Rituals of material increase, justice and retribution; eliminates indecisiveness; improves powers of concentration, study, telepathy; increases financial success; locates objects that have been lost, Animal Healing

Magickal Purpose: properties and associations for magick, dreams, witch craft and divination Mental, business, legal problems, ambition

Personality: Agreeable, extroverted, excitable, sociable

Magickal Uses: Personal creativity, career, legal issues, business



CHAKRA: Spleen Chakra

PLANET: Mercury/Mars

SCENT/OIL: Dill, Lily of the Valley, Savory, Honeysuckle, Sweetpea, Jasmine

PLANT/HERB: Fern, Lily of the Valley, Marjoram Savory, Valerian, Vervain, Alstonia, Buckwheat, Calamint, Snapdragon, Flax, Senna, Wandering Jew, Mugwort, Rue, the same as the Red and Yellow for enhancements, Fenugreek, Gardenia.

WOOD: Hazel, Beech, Lemon Tree Maple, Lime and of course the Orange Tree.

ANIMAL: All of the RED animals, Swallow, Prairie Dog, Butterfly, Scallop, Bison, Butterfly, Catbird, Crane, Fox (clarity), Hawk, Martin, Prairie Dog and Squirrel.

STONES: Moss Agate, Carnelian, Alexandrite, Orange Sapphire, Quartz, Orange Calcite, Petrified Wood

As close to Burgundy as I can see, Red: Spells for physical desire and passion, courage, victory, and physical strength. Stimulates energy and vitality.

Magickal Purpose: Fire, passion, life, birth, stimulating, intense, highly-charged, will, ego, potential, anger, aggression, lust, war, courage, strength, fear. Its use in magick must be cautiously guarded as it can be very wild and unpredictable, as a candle color, it should be used with caution.

The Personality: Bold, assertive, impulsive, extroverted, passionate, aggressive. There is no in-between for this person, they go from one extreme to the other. But it can be a fantasy ride for anyone who joins them!

Magick Uses: Energy, passion in love, courage, lust, power, transformation, loyalty, force, sexuality, blood. May be used with black candles.



CHAKRA: Root Chakra


MAGICKAL TOOL: Sword,Cauldron, Incense Burner, Candle

SCENT / OIL: Dragons Blood, Basil, Pine, Cinnamon, Mullein, Musk

PLANT / HERB: Sunflower, Nettles, Holy Thistle, Crowfoot, Hops, Wormwood, Cranesbill, Chili Pepper, Chives, Spikenard, Onion, Cornflower, Rose, Mustard, Garlic, Rosemary, Dill, Hibiscus, Woodruff, Tobacco, Pepperwort, Heather and Yew .

WOOD: redwood, cherry

ANIMAL: Bear, Horse, Wolf, Ram, marsupials and night creatures, Tigers, Lions, Badger, Alligator, Ants, Beetle, Cardinal, Porcupine, Chicken, and Peacock.

STONES: Ruby, Garnet, Bloodstone, Spinel, Red Tourmaline, Red Topaz, Agate, Rubelite Rhodochrosite, Quartz Crystals, Tigers Eye, Pyrite, Tektite, Diamond, Red Jasper.

Example: What does it mean if animals are drawn to me?

For example, I had a family of 6 deer that used to come visit me every single day outside my apartment. I never fed them or anything; they would just come over to me and let me touch them. People would watch awe-strucken...but the deer ran away when anyone else approached.

Prairie dogs used to eat out of my hands and when I went on walks alone, I almost always saw coyotes, but when I was with other people, we wouldn't see any.

This one time a baby squirrel and its mother ran up to me and let me start petting them. People were taking pictures; it was so crazy...the squirrels came up to ME. When other people leaned down to pet them, they sprinted away though.

There was this problem cockatoo at a pet store who apparently hated everyone and would keep his distance from humans, but when I came into the store, he flew over and sat on my shoulder.

When my uncle died, we spread his ashes on a mountain top. A hawk followed us up the mountain and into a clearing where it sat on a branch and watched us spread the ashes. When we were done, it followed us back to our car where tons of other hawks appeared swarming in the sky. Ever since, I've always seen hawks when I was stressed.

People's pets always love me and my own pets are basically obsessed with me. I have had horses, bunnies, rats, dogs, a cat, a bird, a snake, etc and all of them were deeply loyal to only me.

Does this mean anything?

Example: What are some good art rock songs?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a pet prairie dog that turned into a gerbil, then a guinea pig, then into a wolf. I put the wolf into a pit, which turned into a green and blackish pool with garbage in it. I looked and saw eels in the pool, and ran to get the wolf out, and saw a blood cloud leading from the wolf, and when I got her out, she had a huge... cut like thing on her leg. Also in the dream, she wouldn't get into the pit unless I was in the room so my sister told me to go into the room because she wants to see my face. And the wolf talked to me and my sister, my sister had walked around the corner when it turned into a wolf and my sister said "It's a..." and me and her said "Wolf" at the same time. It looked at both of us and growled "Prairie dog." What does this mean? I kind of miss the wolf when I'm awake. Like a part of me is still with her.


To say my life changed when my dad married Jessica, She changed my dad entirely. There is only one other thing that impacted my life so much, an that was when Ryan Broad drove up our road in his yellow 2008 Camaro, his windows down and his hair being moved by the wind.
My stepmother was crazy, gorgeous and a genius, and I guess that’s how I should start my story. If you read about her recently you would know that she was a wildfire blooming every other minute. But supposedly, there’s a research link that can explain her. They describe her as how delicate women can be and how they have there moments. But I believe she can be labeled having a mental illness and extreme creativity, I believe I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. Sure, you have the sporty, car builder and car shop owner like my dad, say who is talented and calm and gets things done when told and without much complaining. The closest he gets to madness is when someone is chomping on their food like a cow and calls me Shay, which is our dog’s name. But there are the people out there, whose hunger so deep and far down that greatness lies there too, nestled somewhere beneath there own skin… those who get their inner voice and direction from their freaky dreams they have at night. In other words, They’re brilliantly nuts.
I guess we should also begin with a statement that justifies that if you aren’t happy how every person breathes and it may not be politically correct in your opinion. It’s probably best if we part company now. Ill loan you my copy of Little House on the Prairie (I really liked it when I was ten) and you can vanish into the prairie perfection, because I will not explain this topic word by word so you can understand it. Because Jessica Tansum was joy-impaired (Hugely depressed, unless on the runway) and excessively imaginative (hell I think she was delusional), abundantly security conscious (as paranoid as a dog with a burr stuck to its ***) or emotionally challenged (deserves to live in a psychos house) I’m not talking about your mentally ill mamma or your best sick aunt -I’m not judging anyone else who's ill, or crazy. This is my singular experience. I’ve lived with it; I’ve earned the right to describe how it felt from inside my own skin. So if your truths and secrets have to be protected the same way people rap their Christmas ornaments in paper towels, then perfect. Have a wonderful nice life. If we bump into each other at Wal-Mart, I’m the one buying the plain and boring gummy worms, and that’s all you need to know about me.
Madness. Beauty. Genius. It’s a very disturbing thing to think about. The people in this world who have no idea what they’ve dug themselves into. Insanity walks alongside the brilliant like some creepy intent stalker. Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Dickens, Billy Jusco and whomever, they’re crazy. And we can’t forget the weirdest married people and the people who work way too hard, because this story is about them. Another crazy person is Jessica Tansum.
And the funny thing about this is that our dog is named Shay, for example, the whole reason behind that is because Jessica Tansum bought him during a bad bout of paranoia and named him for her enemy and former runner contestant in the Beauty pageant, Shay. She like the idea of this poor, ugly dog-named Shay that would eat used Kleenex if he had a chance. She liked yelling at Shay for getting way… to personal with our guests. I can here her voice even now, in her British accent. So raspy, and annoyingly loud… “Shay! Get your nose out of Mrs. Berry’s crotch.” She’d say with mock seriousness. I sure knew that you didn’t want to get on Jessica’s Bad side.
Oh! Did I ever mention Shay is a boy? Well he is.
Some people think the Brilliant have been touched by the heavens above (Mostly God). If this is true then Jessica got god on the day when he was drunk and wearing black leather, a biker bandana listening to whatever the bikers listen to. ---Sorry to the Christians out there, but I’m just stating a fact. God must have seen something in her that no one has ever seen before, well god sees everything but that’s beside the whole point.
My dad, also known as handy man, worries allot about Jessica and how her actions are becoming more and more out of the ordinary. I mean I care; its just she’s psycho and way too annoying for me to hang out with her.
My mom Leslie, (weird name right?) takes care of me Wednesday through Saturday so then I don’t have to put up with all of my step-mom’s ****.

Example: How can I refuse house guests?

My relatives have always stayed with me when they visit because I have a large house that can accommodate them. Recently I had a terrible time with a relative staying with me. He was rude, insulting and disrespectful to me, my husband, house, and even my dog! I do not ever want this man staying with me as a guest again. Unfortunately, my sister is due to have a baby in May and it's a "given" that these family members will stay with me again because she doesn't have the space for them.

When they come into town to see HER baby, how do I refuse having them stay with me even though I have enough space, and will be in town myself? I would like to avoid problems if possible but it's worth an argument to never have this man as a guest again!

Example: Dreaming of Lions and Tigers?

I feel kind of silly asking this question, but within the last 7 months or so I've been having these dreams that involve large cats. The first one was that I was walking in a park type of setting with someone (don't remember who exactly now) but all of a sudden I got this feeling I was being watched. I looked over at this hill and at the top was a chain-link fence, behind the fence was this absolutely gorgeous lion which was either white or silver/light gray. It stood there pacing back and forth just watching me. It's eyes were just intensely fixated on me. I didn't necessarily feel like I was in danger, I didn't feel any urgency to run away, I just kind of stared back at it curiously. I don't remember feeling any aggression from the animal. I just thought it was odd how it just continued to eye me the way it did. After that went on for a bit it I vaguely remember what happened after that I believe it just finally quit looking at me and walked off into the trees behind it.

The second dream I had was I was on this dirt path that almost resembles a trench... There were walls of dirt on both sides but I was coming up to a clearing. The next thing I knew is I really felt eyes staring at me again, which I looked up there was this tiger.. It was definitely aggressive towards me so instinctively I bolted and it began to chase me. Somehow (and yes this is odd) the chase began with running then it became jumping (like Disney Gummi Bear bouncing) constant bouncing ... I kept bouncing towards a forest where I knew it would be my savior from this animal. After a few bounces through the trees the tiger gave one last bounce towards me and I guess I just woke up.

The last one happened 2 nights ago. I woke up feeling like determined to understand what the hell is going on... In this one I was in what at the time seemed like a prairie type of setting, trees were scattered around but not really an abundance of them.. I was walking around just aimlessly on a dirt path with my dog, then all of a sudden ahead of me I saw something stride gracefully into some brush. My first instinct was, holy crap get the dog out of here. So I turned around, grabbed my dog and took him to a house. I went back to see what it was I saw, so I followed that same dirt path very cautiously. I came to a point where I turned my head to what would have been the right and laying under a tree I saw I believe 3 or 4 lion(s)/ness(es). They just laid there and finally acknowledge I was looking at them. They didn't seem to have an aggressive demeanor towards me, just returned my curious stare. Finally they just went about their business and I hauled *** back to the house. I went on to tell someone about these animals and remember saying something about "those things need to go, they deserve to be in a better place rather then here" they agreed with me... That's all I can remember now..

My feelings on large cats is this... They are large beautiful animals that deserve respect, which I give them by staying the hell away from them and would never in waking life (and also in my dreams to a point) ever want to cross paths with. Not a power I would ever mess with. I am afraid of them in a way... But the two dreams with the lions there was no chase, no shown aggression. The tiger on the other hand was definitely aggressive. When I woke up from the dreams I had mixed emotions, one was fear, another was WTF, and after the last one I just felt the need to understand why I might be having these dreams and what they might mean. Anyone have any ideas they could pass along on all or any of the three? I'd really appreciate ANY and ALL help and insight I could get.

Example: What do you think is the meaning of this dream?

I was getting married, again to the same man but for some reason we decided to do it again. So I was like on this journey with my dog, who I can talk to by some kind of mind understanding. We walk through a prairie with quiet a few trees and we come upon a very old ancient tree. My dog and I discuss on how harvesting the walnuts would be wonderful and making furniture out of the wood. We agree that it would be a shame to tear down the very old ancient tree and wonder how long God was going to let this tree live. As we start to move on, suddenly God himself knocks the tree out of the ground. He stand amazed that God would do that to such an old tree.

Example: What does it mean when you dream that you have a boyfriend but he's your friends crush?

I dreamed that me and him we're coming from eating on valentines day we got in the car it was a black jeep and then he grabs my hand and kisses it and tells me thanks for everything and i just smiled then we get to my house and he's like i like you and i tell him the same thing back and he kisses me and he gave me flowers and a big bear and i woke up.

Example: I had a dream about killing a wolf, what does this mean?

had a dream that my house was in the middle of this frozen prairie. In the dream there were these wolves that came every year with the frost. I think I called them frost wolves. They were killing my puppies. I was outside doing something, and one of them came to attack me. I grabbed their collar and started choking it. My mom was standing at the door, and I was crying and screaming that I didn't want to kill it. The wolf was laying on the ground about to die, and I woke up. I was looking into it's eye, watching it die...
what do you think this dream meant?

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