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Dream About Power Lines meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Recurring Dream. What does it mean?

For several months now I have been having the same dream at least one a week. I am sleeping, and I hear something outside, I wake up and am in this creepy, dirty trailer (I dont live in a trailer). I look out the window and that big plastic mascot from Bob's Big Boy and the one from Bun Boy are in my yard, but they are alive! Behind them are 50 dirty looking, angry people with torches, all of them have big clown shoes on. They are all whispering/chanting something something. I can't tell what they are saying. I try to open the window, it is stuck. I go into the living room to get to the front door, but in my living room is Big Bird trying to hand me a Cup of Noodles. I sense someone on the couch and look to see that there is a troll-like lady sitting there with bizarre make-up on. I scream and wake up in a sweat. What does it mean? Why is Bob & Bun Boy leading angry mobs to my trailer? Why am I in a trailer? Why the troll? Big Bird? Cup of Noodles? HELP!

Wow. That's something. I thought it was odd when I dreamed that Aunt Bea was sexually harassing me.

But here are my thoughts...

What does it mean?
I believe the dream as a direct result of living under power lines and being kicked in the head by a mule.

Why is Bob & Bun Boy leading angry mobs to my trailer?
Surprisingly, this is a very common occurrence in the South.

Why am I in a trailer?
You have a love of bourbon, fast woman, fishing and NASCAR. It's a forgone conclusion that you are headed that way.

Why the troll?
This one has me stumped, however I hear they enjoy bojangals chicken, so feed her.

Big Bird?
Let's see... big... yellow ... Maybe you want to feed the Troll

Cup of Noodles?
You have a desire for something warm and limpy.

Good Luck To You!

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

I have had the last 3 nights just a random dream like the first night I was just flying and trying to run away from something. Second night I was trying not to get hit my a train and just last night I had a dream that I was in school and walking in the gym and a guy bumped into me and I thought my arm was broke but then at the end it was fine.
Do these dreams mean anything or symbolize anything?


Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that I was flying up and down this street lined with bare trees on both sides... there was one run down house with people sittin on the porch, and I kept flying up and down their street, turning around and every time i would turn around i would hit some tree branches and get scratched up and it hurt. Later I was in the really really big field behind the house with some big power lines running across it, I was with some friends. all of a sudden something exploed behind me so I tried to grab my friends (don't know what friends they were) and tried to fly with them but I couldn't "Take off" with them, and they stayed on the ground, then they started running away from where I was. then bombs started landing in the field everywhere, and i was trying to dodge them, flying about 9 or10 feet off the ground the whole time..trying to get away from the bombings, i was flying in the same direction as my friends along side them.

Example: What can flying in a dream mean ?

I always have lucid dreams, i tend to fly in them.

Example: What does flying in a dream mean?

i drempt that i was running and ended up flying and twice drempt that i was being shot by arrows...ive been dreaming that i could fly since i was lot younger...wat does this mean? thanks:)

Example: Fear of Dream Power Lines?

I have always been a fan of dreams where I can fly, whether on broomstick (like Harry Potter) or with great albatross wings upon my back. The feeling is so exhilarating that it just makes me feel to at ease, and comfortable with my surroundings.

Lately, I've been having these dreams, and when I wish to fly anywhere, the are great thick power lines hanging down from the sky. It frightens me, for in real life I have a fear of being electrocuted, or I try to escape. After slipping through one or two of them, I find that the space between the lines has grown so close that I am trapped. This fear is so great that I eventually wake up.

What causes these dreams? How do I stop them?!

Example: What do these type of dreams mean?

I know falling dreams mean you feel helpless and going into public in your underpants means you fell like your life is out of control. But what do dreams when your flying mean?

It's such a wonderful, free feeling so I think it means something good, but I just want to make sure.

Thanks in advance!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I was with my best friend flying in the air and laughing. We were wearing rainbow clothes and we were both really happy and laughing. Do you have any hints of what this is trying to tell me?

Example: What does a reacurring dream mean?

Off and on I have dreams about me being a bird. Seems like I am a bird. I can fly like them from tree to tree. Or house to house. When I tell people I can fly, it's hard to fly. I do it very little or it is hard to? Was I a bird in past life?

Example: Does any one knows what dreams mean ?

I had a weird dream I saw my self flying around the world like a bird. and than land on the ocean.. It was a weird dream freak me out when I woke up? does any body know what that means?

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