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Dream About Potatoes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: My dream? Help me figure out what they mean?

I had a dream, last night... What does it mean?

1) My sister had a gun and shot me in the foot? I dont know what it would have ment. Does anyone know lol - I never went hospital either and I walked on my foot fine ( after she supposedly shot me )!

2) I dreamt of my cat who passed away, Ben (He was pure black with a white bib). He was sitting in our garden, With loads of little black kitten around him - I looked down, at him and then I picked a kitten up - I looked at him again, Patted his bum - Which he loved when he was alive! And he seemed really, happy for me to pick this kitten up.

What do these dreams mean?
- I also Dreamt of the dreams, In the same night but properly woke in between them.

Kidda, anyone that can claim to authoritativly know about what your dreams mean is talking less sense than a potato at a madness convention.

The reason being is that every item and person means something different to someone else.

for instance, dream books would have you believe that water represents "tranquility" or possibly "benificial change".

This is utter crap. To one person, water could represent danger: especially if they can't swim. To another, it may represent their holiday in Brazil when they swam with dolphins.

These dreams are something that only you can work out. The gun thing could represent danger or safety. It could represent the fact you feel invulnerable or the fact you feel threatened by your sister. No one else can tell you what any of this really means.


Example: What could my dream mean?

I went to bed early last night (Thursday October 3, 2013) because I felt kind of weak and fatigued like you do when you don't eat all day, but I ate three different times yesterday;

I had two tuna fish sandwiches around 2 o'clock in the afternoon,

Around 8 o'clock in the evening I ate beef pot roast and steamed potatoes

Then when I started to feel weak and fatigued I ate two cheese sandwiches and a pack of peanut butter crackers.

My dad checked my sugar with his diabetes kit right before I went to sleep because my mom asked him to because she was worried my blood sugar was low, but he said it was 119 I think which according to him is good.

Well when I finally drifted off to sleep I had a weird dream about a buzzard getting inside the house and attacking me, trying to peck/snap at my face, arms and hands and trying to scratch me with its talons.

Then a huge white dove the same size as the buzzard flew into the house somehow and attacked the buzzard to try and keep it away from me, while it was distracted I grabbed the buzzard by it's beak and talons, threw it down really hard on the floor and stomped on its head with my foot and crushed it's skull...

That's when I woke up, could this dream mean something, or was it just a weird dream?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was carrying a baby and someone is feeding the baby with potato then it kind of choked the baby. And when retrieving the food, it comes out as a skin of a half duck.

The half duck skin is in one piece with it two legs.

Example: What does is mean when you dream about potato bugs under your bed?

Example: Potato Bug dream meaning?

I just had a dream of a bug that looked like a potato bug kinda mix with another bug that is not a real bug but had the potato bug shape and head and was just crawling around and ones i seen it and it seen me it crawl under my bed and just stayed under the bed where the head board is at and never came back out. Can anyone tell me what dreaming of a potato bug means?

Example: Potato bug dream what does it mean?

I just had a dream of a bug that looked like a potato bug kinda mix with another bug that is not a real bug but had the potato bug shape and head and was just crawling around and ones i seen it and it seen me it crawl under my bed and just stayed under the bed where the head board is at and never came back out. Can anyone tell me what dreaming of a potato bug means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I really don't understand this dream, at first I was at my school (nobody was there but me until later on) trying to run away from one of the people in my class who was driving some type of green thing that I knew that if I got ran over I would surely be dead, I on the other hand was on a bike and had a bunch of white stuff in this black crate in front of my bike, almost like a basket, and I had covered it with my jacket but as I rid my bike I had fell down and then suddenly the dream changed (not the back ground) and I'm running with this little girl but I can't remember what she looked like, but we were running in the grassy part of my school and then suddenly one of my friends was leading both me and this little girl to to this house on the schools campus, I knew it was her but her hair wasn't dyed burgundy but instead it was back to it's natural blonde color. When we walked into the house it looked like it was from a horror movie, rusty black stuff in some of the corners, a sickly yellow color, and the light seemed really dim, like they would go out at any moment, then all of a sudden, she starts to talk about how there's something in the house and she feels it after her. The dream once again changed and suddenly this thing that looked like it was stitched together from old dusty potato bags(It looks like one of the demons from Blue Exorcist, the anime) and it had ruby red glowing eyes and ugly teeth, it got in my face and was basically screaming at me. Can anyone help me

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a very bizarredream last night that went like this

i climbed onto a structure that allowed me to fly. It was a cloth platform. I had others help me stretch it out on this lush cliff (that wasn't connected to any other land) after i learned by experience that it allowed you to fly, though before you could attempt flying a blessing had to be said, and then you could leap up and the air would "catch" you. I did this several times, and flew with golden wings- the air allowing me to fly in circles, and if i had wanted- the strength of the platform would've allowed me to fly in enlarging circles even as far as the city- which i was on the outskirts of, even though i could see it as if it were close. later i collected others i knew and they flew with me(mostly familiy or people i knew from diffplaces) Though, once, after landing, i attempted to fly again but forgot that a blessing hadnt been said. i tumbled from the air after attempting to snag it. When i hit the ground, the word "september" came to mind, idk why. As i tried climbing up to the platform- where an ancient looking side area had been built after establishing the platform, i slipped at the bottom and was run through with mud and dirt. I took a rope though and threw it until it stuck to the ancient roman/greek-looking temple window(?) and climbed back up through it.I walked through the temple (where sunlight came through) and I opened the door of it, and then walked back onto the cloth.At this time, the sun was setting, a blessing was said, and i could fly again. though i remember someone saying that this would have to be the last time before the cltoh would have to be rolled up until the next day.

Does anyone know what this dream could be interpreted as?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a bowl of potato salad?

I dreamed that there was a man standing at the table with a ladle in his hand. The potato salad was in a crystal punch bowl and the man kept scooping the potato salad out but it never got empty.

What does this mean or signify?

Example: If you dream about blowing up potatoes, what does it mean?

My friend is a little odd.. and had a dream that her friends were blowing up potatoes without her.

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