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Dream About Post It Note meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream/Nightmare Meaning?

My girlfriend started having this dream about 3 months ago about some woman trying to take over her body and kill people/kill her. It went on for a couple nights then stopped. It starred back up about 1 week or so ago and now Im in the dream, whenever this lady appears it is when Im with her.
Does anybody have any ideas as to what this means or to what could possibly cause a dream like this?

Serious answers only please.

Obviously I don't know you guys, I'm just interpreting it the way I would my own dream and really she should be posting it or you should have more detail e.g. what are you doing in her dream, what does the woman look like, are you just standing there watching or are you more active? Who else is she trying to kill - strangers or family?

Anyway, it's obviously important because it's recurring. I would say it's to do with your relationship because you're in it. Has it changed in any way? Is she still happy? Have you decided to take it to another level and this is scaring her?

I would guess the woman who wants to kill her is actually her, she might fear that her life as she knows it and the person she is today will disappear completely (be killed) and this scares her and maybe angers her too if she never anticipated it and it's just dawning on her. Maybe the killing of other people means the hurt this may cause to others. On a positive note, it could be she's falling deeper in love with you and she's scared.
Well that's my take, but it's difficult without much detail.
But in any case, it can serve as a starting point for how she's feeling about things.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep having dreams where my canaries are flying outside of their cage. I try catching them sometimes but there usually is always another canary that I find and catch in the process. I don't believe in dreams telling the future but I just want to know what is psychologically happening.

Note: I have two Canaries, a Sun Canure, and a Cockatiel. I don't feel connected to any of them because I have a dog that I consider my pet. I actually find my other two birds more entertaining so I don't know why the dreams would be about my Canaries.

Example: Post-Apocalyptic dreams?

So it was actually a few months ago, but around November when the election was rolling around, I had several dreams in which I was living in a post-apocalyptic world fighting to survive. I had maybe 3 dreams total- one dreams, maybe one a week. In the only one I can vividly remember, I was hiding in a confined space from some kind of zombie or infected creature for a long time. Right before I woke up, they had discovered me and I was fighting them.

Weird I know, but i really did have dreams like that and they sucked haha.

Notes: I almost never watch horror/apocalypse/zombie/slasher movies, or shows, or read books of that sort.

can anyone explain why I might have had these dreams?

Example: What does this dream mean? In the dream, I receive a pink slip (note)?

In the dream: I'm just sitting and handed A pink note. I couldn't make out what it said or who handed it to me. Just that the little note was Pink, small and vivid in color.

In real life: I don't see any signs at my current place of employment of anybody being laid off. Work is abundant and continuous. And I never felt that my job is/was threatened in any way. However, I have been wanting to return to my FORMER employer..But, they are only hiring ALOT of Engineers and MFG. Supervisors..Thus far, they mentioned nothing about or posted positions for my job type. This dream is pretty much unprovoked and I can't see the reason. Please only serious answers. Thanks in advance.

Example: Dream meaning ?

Last night I had a weird dream. I dreamed it was the last day of school and that one of my friends which is only a friend and not a best friend was leaving the country and I would never see her again. I was crying and crying and crying a lot in the dream and she told me not to be sad because christian(one of the popular guys at school) always asked her about me. I don't even talk to the guy. What does this mean?

Example: Birthday suprise. What does this dream mean?

Well, i had a dream about my crush for 3 days in a row. I posted another dream i had before that about him.
Well, me and him don't talk anymore. We used to be good friends, but now he ignores me and just is really rude to me. He stopped caring. He also apparently likes this girl, and she loves him back. She litterly is in love with him and always brags to me about him. Kinda sucks...
Well, my birthday wasn't to long ago, and he promised to get me this gift that he planned for me. I never got it. That is the type of guy that he is...

My dream:

I was in school, and the new semester started all over again. I had new classes and everything. I was in my band room, and i was feeling very light headed for some reason. As i was walking out of the room, in my dream i had no idea where the dance room was. I asked my teacher, and he followed me to it. We passed the math room where i saw my friends, then i saw the room.
I felt really tired in my dream that i sat down on this stone cold staircase. My friend was right next to me and kept giving me this look as if someone is next to me.
I basically turn around and i see that guy and he was putting stuff in his backpack. I saw him and turned back to my friend and gave her a look back. Out of nowhere,
the guy comes up to me and gives me this big hug. He kept holding onto me and eventually gave me a kiss that was my cheak but part of my lip also. I was so happy. And he still held onto me. We were cuddling and everything.
It was my birthday in that dream, btw.
I don't remember the rest but that is what i know.
When it actually was my birthday, he didn't even tell me happy birthday in person. Just on facebook. And that was when he promised to get me this gift he planned for me ... Idk =[
What do you think this dream means? To get more info also, check out the other dream i posted.

Example: What does this dream mean?

This was a weird one..

I awoke in a town and no one was around. Oddly enough, there was a very worn steal bridge above a river that had turned completely grey/brown. I was walking through it and heard what appeared to be a whale, except more bass to it. And literally nothing in sight. I went ahead and traveled up to a dam passing up lots of tattered houses, looks like maybe post nuclear war or something catastrophic. I wasn't able to speak either. not that i tried, it was an awareness i was not able to speak. once i got up to the dam i noted that the water was the same. Very dirty, very grey/brown. worst off, it wasn't moving. How could the water in a damn not move? I mean the dam WAS not powered up and working properly so the turbine wasn't going but still, the water simply had no displacement. like a swimming pool. I descended down into the dam and found a small window peering out into the murky water. The same sound occurred again, this time it was beyond the glass. What could possibly be in there? absolutely nothing.

The dream skipped forward to another event , this one was at night. The rain was coming down too hard, way to hard. It was unreal. The drops were too big, and it was too loud. i had shacked up near the river so i had to get out, i turned on a spotlight to see into it and the water was rushing very quickly. And under the water i hear the noise again, and a giant figure with an extremely long neck moving under it down stream. This was of a birds eye view, not really me at all this time, it was like it was me looking down, but when it came to knowing what was actually under there it was like i wasn't that person at all.

Example: What does my dream mean?

recently, I had an odd dream. I'm not sure what it meant but i guess that's why i'm here.

first i was with on old friend, and an older version of my younger brother. we all seemed to be aged to about twenty years of age. we appeared to be in some kind of a pyramid, constructed of sand. but upon contact, the sand remained it's texture, but seemed to become as hard as concrete. there were floating sections of floor above a bottomless pit, made of the same sandy material. apparantly i had the aide of a sword. and so did my friend and brother. my sword appeared to be built for tricks and slashing. my friends for defense, and my brother's was a wooden training sword. then the dream jumped forward and i was outside, again flanked by my comrades. in front of us was a five or six foot pyramid of the sand substance. on it were our swords, so i reached for mine and my partners for theirs. then the dream jumped again, and i was fighting the devil. alone. eventually after several prince of persia style moves, mixed with a dash of assasin's creed, i won. his carcass began to spew green mist. then i was back to the pyramid room. but the floor was rearanged. again, the dreams jumps forward and once again i fight the devil. again i win. and once more im in the pyramid room. the floor is again different. then when the dream jumps again, instead of a sowrd battle, i face the devil in a guitar battle. however i was holdiing a guitar, but i was holding it as if playing a violin. then as we played, yellow and red circles came forth at me, realizing it was like rock band i played the corresponding notes. finally, i win. he spews out a ton of green smoke. and then i awake to my dad hoisting my little brother out of my bed.

please don't judge me on the game/movie references, it just seemed as if they fit this dream's description. also, i rarely dream. when i do, they are always weird and i wake up thinking they have some sort of meaning but i've never been able to understand it. after some research i think i found out the meaning to this dream but i don't think i used a reputable source.

Example: Dream drawing? what does it mean?

ok, so for the past eight days i have been posting the question about my dream here and now (as the dream continues, so does the wierdness) i awoke to my drawing in the book i keep next to my bed for jotting down notes on the dream, and i had made several weird calls and jibberish texts to my freind alexa...

what does thjis mean?, pleas i want real answers...

Example: Can you tell me what these dreams mean?

I woke up three times this morning before my alarm and every time I went back to sleep, I had a somewhat different dream. Can you tell me what they mean?

Dream 1
I dreamt that I was in a recording studio. It was built inside one of those outdoor wooden gazebos. It was a very sunny, warm summer day. Kesha was recording her song "come on". I was standing there listening to her sing. After she was done, Demi Lovato came into the studio and asked me if I could sing. I said no, because a few years ago I had part of my vocal cords taken out so sometimes my voice just...stoppe working. I sang along to a song from high school musical and ended up being an amazing singer. I sang along with a random guy. Nothing happened with the guy, he just showed up and sang the guy parts of the song.

Dream 2
I exited the recording studio and it was late at night. I became best friends with this black woman, she was the one who brought me to the studio. I walked to her house and went inside, her boyfriend was coming home so I had to keep running around the side of the house so that if he came he would not shoot me. Turns out he never did, but I still left.

Dream 3
This one felt really real.
I was in a mall. It had many floors and from the top of each floor you could stand at the railing and look down to the ground level. It was snowing outside, and was around Christmas time. I remember going into the Tim Hortons at the ground level and looking to my right and seeing the menu. There was a gingerbread house, for $30, premade. You could also buy a gingerbread that they would make in store but it cost $66 because they made it have wifi. -.-
I ended up waking up. I went back to sleep and this is what happened.
I was at one of the top floors of the mall, and was dressed in winter boots and a jacket. The floor was very slippery. I walked over to the edge of the floor to the railing, but slipped. Before I could fall I grabbed a chain that was attached to a ride and dangled off the edge. I was pulled up and rescued. The railing was only metal posts about four feet apart with red string attached to each post.

I have been trying to lucid dream for a while by jotting down all my dreams in my iPads notepad. The one at the mall felt SO real...am I close?

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