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Dream About Portrait meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What is the meaning of my reoccurring dream?

It just started again today. I saw a new owner. the room was no longer dusty&old. she decorated it. the portraits were moved around.The things in the portraits weren't happy and there was a nasty little demon that looked like a goat man in the house called pan. Those things wanted me back in that house to get rid of the demon. Idk it doesn't make sense. Idk why I would still dream of that house if everyone moved out.

I wrote about this house awhile ago:

I've been dreaming about demons for the past 3weeks. Usually in the dream I'm confronting them, trying to hide from them, and in the end I usually exorcise them. They come in all forms and sizes. Including Cerberus, small demon pit bulls, a handsome but deadly demon, black spirits and etc...Before this, I dreamed about both demons and paintings for 1 1/2 weeks. I am a spiritual Christian and don't understand why I would have dreams like this.

Idk if this matters but I was mentally, physically and emotionally abused in that house by my ex husband. I also notice some odd things happen there like things turning on by itself. I moved out of there several months ago.

This is your unconscious working out a solution for what maybe going on from your prior abuse. Usually a reoccurring dream means it is something that is being repressed so it will come up in a dream or waking state you can either push it down again or find a way to look at it in a new perspective. The little demons would represent irritation or helplessness. The idea is you will keep having these dreams until you find out how to get rid of this irritation or whatever emotion it may be, you are feeling. It seems to be deep rooted from the abuse so i would recommend to think of something positive that you took from that experience, examples like you are stronger now because of it, you are now more aware, etc. etc. This will help you instead of confronting this head on and shifting your focus to the gains instead of recycling the bad.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Me and my friend Courtney were in front of this live theatre, participating in a weird contest were the contestants compete to see how many hula hoop like objects they can fit on their bodies without any falling off. Courtney won, and I failed miserably. Suddenly I remembered I was missing my boyfriend, JD. I briskly walked up the stairs of the theatre in search of him. The more doors I opened looking for him, the more lost I became and the more the theatre started to look like a house. The farther I searched, the fewer people I came across and I soon found myself hoplessly lost. No matter how much I backtracked, I could not find my way back to the theatre. I ran through the house, room after room. Each one looking different, with strangers' family pictures hanging from the walls, vanities and dressers, all perfectly clean. Some rooms were dimly lit, others bright with multiple windows. I remember this one picture in particular, it was propped up on a dresser; a portrait of a man with black, shoulder length hair and a pointy nose that matched his pointy chin. In the photograph, he was wearing this evil, toothy grin, and I remember thinking that it was as if he was laughing at me, running through the vacant hallways and doors in desprate search of civilization. I looked at the portrait for a minute, and moved on. The next door I came across revealed to me a brightly lit staircase. I was so excited for some reason...I ran down the stairs and entered into a sunny room with huge bay windows, a fireplace on the right side, and a big white bed with lots of pillows. I felt drawn to the window, so as I walked over to it I wasn't watching where I was going and I heard a sharp cracking noise beneath my feet. I looked down and saw that in front of the cozy fireplace, there lay a huge rectangular mirror on the floor, which i had stepped on and broke. I looked at my cracked reflection on the ground for a few seconds before it filmed over in red. My foot was oozing blood over the half shattered mirror and the flawless white carpet. The only thing to do was to hurry on to the next room. As I opened the next door, I was shocked to see a fat man in an apron with white hair and glasses. But he wasn't that old...maybe 40-45. He turned around from polishing the mirrors and greeted me, I said hello back. I remember being terrified at the thought that he would decide to enter the room that I had previously been in and see the destroyed mirror, not to mention the stained carpet. I told him I was lost and he promised to get me back to the theatre. I didn't trust him. He turned and led me into the room with the bloody mirror, and fury swept over his face. He stopped to look at the mess silently with wide eyes. I stayed quiet, hoping he wouldn't think to look for my sliced up foot I had been walking on. He then went to the closet and pulled open another door that I had never noticed. In the next room there was a young woman probably in her twenties with the same apron as the man. She had brown hair about the same length as mine. I could tell she was friendly, and somehow I trusted her unlike the man. Her name was Sarah. The man explained to her that I was lost and needed to get back to the theatre. So the 3 of us continued on until Sarah and I heard a door shut and lock behind us. We turned around, but the man was no longer there. He had locked us in at the bottom of a dark staircase. Sarah started screaming, once we got stuck in this never ending house, there was no getting out unless you knew the exact way, which she did not. I calmly decided the only thing to do was to move on, and try door after door, room after horrifying room. The last door I opened led to a empty dark hallway that was covered in cracked flowery wallpaper, probably 20 feet long. At the end I could see a curtain, so we shut the door behind us and walked to the curtain hoping there was a door behind it. But as we flew back the curtain there was nothing but more cracked flowery wallpaper. Sarah and I turned around ready to go back the way we came, but the door had disappeared. Vanished, in its place there was nothing but a wall. We were finally completely stuck. Then I woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean?! Help?

I had a dream that I found my crush (she's a lesbian) crying in a room by herself. I went to her and asked her why she was crying. She said that she tried to talk to a boy and he rejected her. I don't remember what I said to comfort her but I'm not a boy so idk if the boy represented me. I feel like this is significant because in real life. a secret admirer left a poem in her locker so I did too, but I messed up because she ended up being creeped out by mine.

Example: What Do These Dreams Mean? 10 pts.?

I had a dream i moved away and as we unpacked I realized and got worried about the fact i would have to go to a new school and make new friends and not see the person I like no more. (we both like eachother but we cant date) I called him and told him the news... I dont remember his exact responses but he sounded calm about it. I standing in the street all of a sudden infront of his house (it looked like the back though b/c there was a high deck) I saw him with a hose watering a small half grown tree and talking on the phone w/ me. (i wasnt on the phone at the time but i was watching him).

Now my friend said he had a dream with me in it. He said he was flying w/ an umbrella (like Mary poppins kinda lol ) and he flew over my house and saw me on the roof. He tried to reach for me and I just looked up and said "Hi mr.cat" (random i know) and he flew to new york after that.

What doe these dreams mean? I'm not sure if his means anything... lol but i dont know about mine though... I think the tree might be significant. 10 points for the best answer. thanks.

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

I had a dream about my dad dying and in my dream I kept crying and screaming and when I woke up I was all upset and out of breath. My dad is alive though but it was a bad dream.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I walking down a busy highway with couple of friends. While walking down the road. I saw a red house that look like a barn. It was about 3-4 blocks away from where we were at. Did not play that much attention to it because i was talking to my friends. As soon as we had got to the next block. I instantly got 4 pictures in my head. 1 was the Red barn house,2 a big trash can in the yard with lots of fresh garbage 3, at the bottom of the trash bin was kid barley alive it was unconscious 4 a guy in standing at the window with a shotgun.

As we got closer to the red house you can clearly see it was a barn shape house and there was a huge trash can in the front. As were passing the house there was a guy staring right at us with his shotgun as his side. As we pass the house we called 911 gave my info and then i woke up.

what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

In this dream I see an attractive girl. She apparently knows me but I do not recognize her. She tells me that she is dating one of my close friends and has nine boyfriends. I couldn't tell if she was being sarcastic or serious. She asks me how I am doing and stuff like that. (IDK if this matters or not but we were talking and walking on the sand but I kno for sure that we weren't on the beach) I later find out from my mom that I went to school with her and our mothers were close friends. My dream fastforwards to a moment where I am in a van with my mother, the attractive girl and my little brother. The attractive girl and I were having a conversation and I see my dog chewing something up in the trunk. I grab the object from my dog and it is a graphing calculator. Right when my little brother was about to say something I wake up. Does it mean anything?
I already know it means that I like the girl but I think that there is something else to it besides that
I was thinking about my dog because he had to go to the kennels when I was on vacation.

Example: Tell me what my dream means?

So yesterday, I dreamed that I was in the bathroom. Suddenly, this creature that I can't describe (it's small, furry) suddenly appeared at the door, and hopping toward me. I knew that it was going to, like, kill me or something, and I grabbed it, trying to stop it, while trying to yell for help, but my voice was too soft and wouldn't work. The creature dissolved into this pile of fur, and I tried running to the living room where my family was. But another creature appeared in the hallway to chase me. I couldn't run, my feet were moving too slow, and I turned around. Then another creature, that I couldn't see, grabbed me from behind. I just felt these two hands/paws grabbing my shoulders, then I woke up.

Example: My dream... what does it mean?

I was in a cabin with my family and went down to a huge dock that had stores all along the dock out into the ocean. One of the stores was a library where I got books of... poetry... I think out. When I opened the book suddenly the storm clouds rolled in and a sofa fell down out of them and the sofa turned into a portrait of a devil type looking thingy and then exploded. I ran back to the cabin and my family wasn't there and I saw flames and orage glowing outside the cabin.

Had this dream about 2 and a half years ago... can't stop thinking of it. Weird dream, I know. What could it mean?

Example: I had a dream of a womans portrait ghost, and I think it was me, looking me right in the eyes. Means what?

I'd really like to know what it means...

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