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Dream About Pond meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

What does my dream mean?

So last night I had this weird dream. It started out as I was at my old middle school in the basement. Someone gave me a note that said "meet me b the boiler room". As I was walking down the hallway I saw my old science teacher. We said hi, and I kept walking. At the end of the hall was this door, and the person was standing in front of it. It was just a silhouette, but I knew it was my crush. I walked up to him, and just as I got to him, I was in the lobby of this really fancy hotel.

I was with Karlie Kloss, and she said something to me, but I don't remember what she said. Then I was in this car with my parents and it was really hot. We were on some woodsy road almost at a bridge. Then this guy walked up to the car and asked us if we had a winning ticket. We drove away, but my dad got out of the car.

Suddenly, I heard this chainsaw go off, and I ran away. The sky turned black and I couldn't see. Then there was this beam of light that went around me. I was running through this damp cornfield, with the chainsaw right behind me. Then I ran like the one in The Lovely Bones, into the middle of this road. The chainsaw came at me and I grabbed it and threw it into a pond. Then the light around me disappeared, and I couldn't see anything.

Then there was this really loud noise, and this huge pickup truck went by with this beam of light. Then the light and truck went away, and there was this ginormous flash of lightning, and I woke up.

It means you are as confused about life as the majority of us. When you awake, your life goes on and you learn from your experiences and how to cope. That's reality, dreams are not. Enjoy dreaming but don't worry over the context.

Example: What does it mean to dream of fishing at a pond or sandy beach and catch a whale or killer whale/orca?

At the pond/sandy beach I am fishing with my dad and about 3 other guys. Me and my dad are the only ones fishing also are the only ones wearing casual clothing. The other 3 guys (anglers/fishermen) are wearing fishing clothing. I could tell because I see them wearing overalls, baseball caps (not for baseball), and vests. I put the fishing line in and after a few seconds or about a minute I feel that I caught something. So I try to reel/pull the thing out of the pond or beach(mostly a pond because of how small the pond is its not too small its medium sized), I thought that I was going to get a fish but surprisingly its a orca that comes onto the ground. After that I watch one of the two fishermen somehow manage to push the whale away to the right with ease. While this is happening yellow sand not brown is being pushed aside.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was walking down a road, or perhaps running from something at night with my friends (but I didn't feel any fear), and I came across a pond. The pond looked greenish, and it looked as if a smoke machine were putting a thick blanket of fog over it. I looked at the pond and saw a bunch of toads jumping in and out of this pond, and for some reason I felt compelled to catch a frog. I went to pick one up, when all of the sudden a snake jumped out at me. I jumped back, afraid, but mostly surprised, and noticed that that pond like thing was full of snakes. They were all writhing and slithering around. I then woke up.
I know that this dream may not have any actual meaning, but this is the first time that I have had a dream in an awfully long time, so I was thinking that this may have some significance. Could someone please tell me if this dream means anything, and if it does, what does it mean?
Thank you. :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that my sister and I were swimming in a pond/canal/ocean...I couldn't tell what it was. Anyways, we were swimming around and saw sea turtles. We swam after trying to catch them, but they began to sink..as if they were dying. Suddenly, my feet got stuck and I would tap my sisters shoulder so she could bring me to the surface, however, I freed myself and for some reason, I would carry her to the surface instead. On the way out of the water, there were these electric barriers, where we had to crawl in through wires to get out. I touched a wire and it shocked me a little (I could feel electric shocks) but it didn't do much..then I woke up.

What could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I found this forest. Only it was dead. Me, my best friends, some random people I barely know, and the love of my life started turning it into a beautiful green forest. We were having fun creating it. And when it was finally finished we all sat in the beautiful forest. The only not beautiful thing was a muddy pond with wood railings around it in the very middle of the forest. We all sat on the railing and my best guy friend Josh was walking up to me singing a love song, but I soon realized this was wrong and awkward and quickly changed it to Landon, the love of my life. As we were leaving the beautiful forest it seemed to be losing it's life and beauty. As I got to my car I realized that I was in San-Francisco. And then it was sort of a Breakfast Club ending with me looking back at the secret building with the beautiful forest inside (I hate buildings but I love nature). I knew we all had to keep this a secret and that it was the best time I had ever had in my life. And even though it was gone, we would all know in our hearts(even as we were hanging out in our little groups with our different friends)that this had happened. And then I got in the car and woke up.
So someone please tell me...What does it all mean?
(Sorry for making this so long).

Example: What does it mean when I dream about having 2 twin boys and they end up drowning in a pond , but they live?

I'am only 13 years old. Why am I having these dreams ?

Example: What do car crashing into water dreams mean?

i keep dreaming that someone else is driving the car and they crash into a lake, a pool, or a pond and then the car starts to fill up with water. What does this mean ?!?!

Example: What does it mean when a car crashes into a pond in a dream?

I had a dream last night hat I was a passenger in a car. My ex was driving and my daughter ( not his) was in the back seat. We were arguing and I kept telling him to slow down cause he did not know the country roads we were on. At that point we went to make a left around a bend and he was going to fast and the car went over a hill/cliff and traveled through the air into the pond. We were in a convertible car and I remember saying to my daughter as I reached for her...hold your breathe and don't let go. No one died in my dream, but i woke crying like this really happened.

Example: What does it mean that in my dream I am playing with small snake in a pond?

So often I dream this type of dream at midnight.

Example: What does this mean in a dream?

okay so last night i dreamed i was at my nanny's and i dream she had a pond and in that pond there was snakes everywhere they was even comin up the porch and the house and my brother-in-law david was tryin to get them off and this yellow snake about 6ft. long kept biting him.. this really scared me so can someone please interpret this dream?

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