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Dream About Police meanings

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Example: What does it mean dreaming about ur neighbors daugther wearing a police uniforms and she is teenager?


You know exactly what it means...:)

Example: Dream meaning?

Its really weird but here it goes,
My principle from last year, (she moved to a different school irl) held me and 4 other people captive. I only remember one person, she is my best friend emily. The others i just can't remember. Anyways where she kept us had this sky roof type thing, i don't know if thats important. It was a huge house with an upstairs that spiraled upwards. We couldn't leave. One day she took me for a walk and said she would give us the opportunity to leave if we made a speech in front of the town. She also asked if i would include "618" into my speech. (Not sixhundred eighteen, she said it as six eighteen) i said okay but i wasn't really going to do it because i thought if i did it would kill me and everyone else held captive. Also if i said 618 it would blow up the sky roof and thats what would kill us. She forced me back into the house and there was a police officer there and everyone had sonic. I was going to tell them what happened and not to say "618" or we would die but i couldn't because the officer was there. I tried to take one of my best friends french fries and she punched me in the face. That is when i woke up.

Example: What is the meaning of having multiple dreams about becoming a police officer?

I've had three recurring dreams about either becoming a police officer or already being a police officer.
In the first dream it was my first day going into the police station and I was nervous about my first day particularly about being shot or something. And I seen multiple people I knew in the room.
The second dream I was very proud of being a police officer. I remember paying close attention to my gun. Feeling empowered but not arrogant.
What do these dreams mean? Or having a dream About becoming a police officer?

* I have no desire to become a police officer.

Example: To Dream of a police officer means?

I saw a cop in his car looking at me then he pointed at me. Why did he point at me. He said I am coming to get you while pointing at me. He was handsome to. I was trying to hide form him at first, but he spotted me out.

Example: What does dreaming about a police officer trying to rape you mean?

He tried to but I ended up picking up a big rock and smashing his face so I won. Does anyone know what this kinna dream signifies?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of police and people killing one another?

i was asleep and then i dreamt that police and people where killing one another in my village

Example: What does it mean to dream about being followed by the police?

I dream that I was being followed by the police. They weren't trying to arrest me or anything. They were just following me around in their car. What is this dream supposed to mean? Is it trying to tell me something?

Example: What did this dream mean? Police outside, struggle running, being kidnapped?

It starts with me asking my dad what it's like being on the exec board of a school organization and he says "well you'll have to fight Covington terrorists." Weird, I know (and that has nothing to do with the exec board but the tone of the dream is set now.)

Now I get a phone call from a strange woman telling me my grandfather has passed away (in real life, he already has). Suddenly her voice is mute.

Next, the police are outside of my house with the lights flashing but I never got the feeling they were after me. One of them was doing a sketch of a criminal.

Next I'm outside of a friend's house with some random girl I'm sitting across from and I'm still scared and paranoid. Then a car with some strange men pull up. I freak out and start running but I'm struggling to run (feels very slow motion).

Now Im seeking safety in a gas station and I call my friend to pick me up but mid-conversation I stop talking. I just stop...like I lost the words. Somehow my car is at the gas station now so I get in and even though I locked the doors, three strangers quickly get in. Now I'm in the back. They're kidnapping me. I start crying and it becomes too stressful for me that I wake myself up.

Example: Military and Police Dreams...what do they mean?

I have had many dreams about being a police officer, and being in the military. Once, I had a dream that I was a Sheriff's Officer, and I was called to help on a crime scene. I then pull down a culdasac in my cruiser, and at the end is a small dirt road that ends shortly up ahead. I pull onto the dirt road, and a friend from school is there on the scene investigating. I help out a little, and then I return to the car, pull away, and then I wake up. I also once had a dream that I was in a high speed chase, and I was the lead patrolman on the chase. The units that were behind me were friends from school. The suspect then spins out, and then he(which is a punk from school)runs from me. Then I chase him down, and tackle him. After that, I take him into cuffs and escort him back to the cruiser. After doing so I woke up.
And last night, I had a dream about the military. And these soldiers were friends of mine from my old school. I was a Gunnery Sergeant in charge of all of them.

Example: What does the song Dream Police by Cheap Trick mean? connection to the book 1984?

So i have this english assignment
and i have to explain the song Dream Police by Cheap Trick
and i was gonna obviously connect it to the thoguht police from 1984.
but i want to know if there are any hidden messages or really good "in between the lines" kinda thing.

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