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Dream About Police Van meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this bizarre dream mean?

I'm in another town in the same state I live in. I am riding in my family's van with my mom driving and 15 year old sister sitting in back. We are driving up a neighborhood street when we drive by an acquaintance of my sister's from her school. She is walking with her mother. When the girl sees our van, she starts running after us to talk to my sister. I tell my mom to slow down but my mom keeps driving. My mom starts to slow the van down and while the girl is running to catch up to us, a red truck driving the opposite direction mows her down going 60 MPH. The truck also mows down her mother and then keeps on driving 60 MPH through the neighborhood. I look back at the street and see both the girl and her mother laying in pools of blood. My sister is horrified from what happened and starts crying. I yell at my mom to turn around and chase down the driver who hit and killed the girl and her mom. I am in shock realizing that just a few seconds ago, these two people we sort of knew were alive and in the blink of an eye, they were dead. I try to remember what type of truck it was that ran them over so I can tell the police but the shock of the moment made me forget. I later find out that the guy who ran them over was a crazy guy who apparently went on a rampage hitting pedestrians because he thought the government was declaring war on him. For the rest of the dream, I realize that me and my family could easily have been victims of this incident had we decided to ride bikes instead of drive.

What does this dream mean? It was very graphic.

The meaning of a dream is very rarely literal. By that I mean, that I don't think that what you dreamed is going to come true, or that this dream is about those people that got run over, or your sister. Instead, its about you. The scenes and circumstances were created (brilliantly, I think) by your unconscious to say something about you.

First of all, you are in the family van, and mom is driving. That tends to say that where you are going right now is bound up with family, and that your mom's influence on you is very important, what is driving you. There is nothing wrong with that. Eventually (depending on your age now), it would be good for you to be driving - it would mean that you are making decisions independent from what your mother might want you to do.

What I think that the dream actually means may be a little hard to take. So let me preamble with the fact that dreams exaggerate, partly to get a point across. So, if you agree with the interpretation, it is best to take it in stride, that is, recognizing that it paints a picture dramatically.

Different characters in dreams are not usually who they are, but they represent some part of you. So for example your mom - in the dream she actually represents her influence on you, that is, that part of you that is influenced by mom. That is subtly different than being your mom directly.

So also with your sister. She represents some other part of you that is young, and, I suspect, very relational. That's because 15-year old girls are typically very relational and social. So your unconscious chose her to represent this part of you that is suffering (recently, in the last day or two) some kind of shock or horror - it is suffered (I think) in the relationship department.

Now that crazy truck driver that mows down your sister's friends: this also is you. That is the part that may be hard for you to accept. This is my interpretation - you can chuck it if it doesn't make sense, but give it a decent hearing and then decide. The fact that you couldn't identify the truck might make this difficult to believe - because that is a clue that you are to some extent hiding this from your conscious mind. But, you said that he was on a crazy rampage because the government was after him. So, is there any sense that you are feeling oppressed by all the rules you have to live by, the order that you have to maintain? Those rules or order could be what the government represents, and his rampage is what the crazy driving is about.

So then, the point of the dream: your dramatic reaction to what "government" represents in the dream, has caused you some damage in the relationship department. It is shocking to you - you didn't think that one would follow the other, but its like random, crazy damage - like a ramapage in how your reaction (to "government" in your personal life) affects stuff.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that i was wearing my black vans and i took the left shoe off because i felt something in it. i looked inside and there was a mariujana pipe. I gave my shoe to the kid next to me so he could get rid of it. He said "its too bad the person who left it there is wasting it". I didnt say anything. Then i had to hide my shoe behind my back because a police officer was walking infront of me. Also when i found the pipe i wasnt happy. Can someone please tell me what this means? no BS please and thankyou!:)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I keep having dreams where this strange man comes and is trying to kill me. I'm really scared. He is a normal height, wears all blue, sort of big, has a peg leg, and a beard. Is he going to kill me in real life? In my last dream I was at Wendy's, and he tried to kill me there. He also has a big van. Help!

Example: I had a dream... that had a pizza place, a duck and a stolen van in it... what does it mean?

I had a dream the other night that I went to pick up a pizza at a local pizzaria, and when I got there, the store was empty. I sat down in a booth to decide what I wanted to order, and felt like someone was watching me. I lowered the menu, and lo and behold, there was a duck with no feathers in the booth in front of me, hanging over the edge of the booth looking at me. I was a little startled, but went on and ordered my pizza.

Then, when I was ready to leave, I looked down at the floor, and there was the duck, eating crumbs off of the floor, but he had grown his feathers back.

Upon leaving the pizzaria, I realized that I didn't have a car. I found one in the parking lot that looked good to me, and I got in and realized that my own keys didn't work to start it. But, the fork that I stole from the pizzaria worked just fine and started it up. I drove home wondering if the police would catch me for being in a stolen van...

Then I woke up! What about this dream?

Example: Very vivid dream, what does it mean?

Well, I had this dream over a year ago, but it's still as vivid as ever and it's been bugging me recently.

In my dream, I'm outside, and it's windy. My hair is pretty much in my face the whole time of the dream. I am wearing my school uniform (and blue-plaid skirt, a white collared shirt and white ankle socks). I'm right outside my home on the drive way (in real life, around the time of the dream, my dad had recently put asphalt on the driveway). I feel like I'm walking around searching for something.

Then, all of a sudden a maroon van pulls up beside the driveway. I get panicked and run into my house. The driver (I get the feeling it was a woman, if it helps) gets out and runs after me.

She bangs on the door telling me to open up, or else she'll call the police. I refuse, and the next thing I know the police are knocking down the door.

I run away, to wards my room and crawl out the window. Before I can fully get out... I wake up.

Any ideas?

Example: What Does My Dream Mean, Interpretation Of Seeing A Dead Body In A Dream?

Im on my girlfriends account im actually a male,
I have been a bit disturbed by a dream i had last night,
It started off really well, i was given a transit van by an unidentified person,
After finding a note explaining that there is some money in the glove box (more than i could carry in £50 notes), and nothing must go to the police,
After deciding what to do with this money (spend it) i opened up the back of this Transit van,
To see a dead body, dressed in black with rips cuts and blood everywhere, it smelt and was a really horrible sight, i did not no what to do,
Wether i would get the blame or if i did go to the police i would end up the same way...
What does this dream Interpret ? or mean?... Thank You

Example: Had a horrible dream, What does it mean?

I was in a police station trying to get away from the cops. I ran down these flights of stairs. I would run, then I’d see the cops coming and I ‘d run and dodge under the stairs or through the doorways to avoid them. I saw a door that said "Fire arms" and it had a lock on the outside. I ran in. I grab this weird looking shot gun and ran out of the room, shooting people to try to get out. It was more like a video game then real life. I shot cops and then it hit me. They didn’t die! The gun was fake.
Next thing I know I am home. I am going out the back door with my friend. The next door neighbor comes walking up to me and is ranting about being peeped on by people in my house. There are a bunch of children living with us. Were they came from I have no clue!. For some strange reason there is now another house between mine and the neighbor;s. I tell the neighbor that I will make sure the kids behave.
As I walk off the porch I look up and my house has a second floor with a balcony and a man and woman are sun bathing. She has a bikini on but was planning on going topless.The man is telling her to get dressed and because she refuses he leaves. I then walk over to my neighbors house walking by the new house. My friend and I sit on her porch and chat. She is mean at first but becomes nice the more we chat. My friend is waiting for a bus to show up to meet someone. The bus shows up and she leaves.
I ask the woman if I could see the inside of her home because I was always curious to what it looked like in there. She was hesitant till I said she could look at mine from the inside. She agreed and I walked through the house looking around. I told them before they lived there they had squatters. Then all of a sudden I meet Bill from "Big Love!" His whole family is living there, He looks all nervous and I can tell I need to leave.
As I leave the house and go home I am sitting there and I become so angry that I want to be left alone. I feel like I am being treated poorly and that I want to leave. Everyone keeps trying to make me stay.
I can feel the rage inside me and I can’t stop it. The feeling of anger was so real. I tried running from the house down the road but this old woman that looked like a cross between a friend of mine and a teacher I had in high school. She was trying to talk me in to staying and was pulling me back home. I told her I’d get out somehow even if it meant killing myself. I stormed in to the room and started trashing every thing! Breaking stuff, screaming, yelling, crying.
Next thing I know I am in a van and My husband is driving. We stop at a mini mall and I see one of my sisters. I laugh crazily and run out of the Van towards her. My husband looking angry and hurt just says “Fine! But don’t ever come back. If you leave then that’s it. I won’t take you back and you don’t love me.” I was so hurt. I couldn’t do it. I felt guilty but I didn’t want to stay in that house. What’s messed up is that my Husband was never the one I was angry with. It was everyone else in that house. I woke up.
I love my husband and he treats me like I am the best thing that’s ever happened to him. What the hell does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok,i had this dream...and i wanna know,does this dream mean anything?or is it just a jumble of stuff from my subconcious?

Okay,i'm riding around my neighborhood on my bike and i stop at this park thing where a buncha kids are at, which is weird 'cause theres nothing close to a park in my neighorhood and so im just doing something, and i start kinda dancing like a ballerina...i dont like em, i just like the grace and stuff and i can't really dance ballet. so then i stop,ride around and i come back,and the boys whistle n stuff at me cause i guess the wind flipped up my skirt, i dont usually wear skirts,and is showing my panties,so i pull it back down and start heading home when their dorky boy who's from middle or highschool asks me if i wanna go out.i say no and keep riding.so i'm mumbling to myself how i dont wanna date and things,then suddenly i realize he's following me,so im pedalling faster and faster,trying to lose him but it's hard. so i turn down this street and i see this old friend in the neighborhood as a kid again in their family's van,and i kinda beg her to help,she looks at me then the guy,who's suddenly in a go-cart and she says to me,"uh-uh,i dont like him" so i yell over my shoulder,"but i dont like him either!" so i keep riding and i'm near my street and i glance over,and he's in a car with some man,and i scream,"go away or i swear to god i'll call the police"as i pull out my cellphone and wave it at them to prove i will.dork boy gets out and starts following me and i get the feeling he has a gun,so im pedalling and i look down at my phone,watching my fingers press 911,then i wake up.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I am a brick building, in a room that is built like a classroom. A chalkboard covered in maps is on one end of the room, and there is a long wall of windows. Under these windows are yellow and orange plastic chairs. Police and detectives crowd around tables filled with more maps and ringing telephones. A mother stands weeping in the corner. Someone has stolen her child and we need to find it. I walk over to the windows and look down at the parking lot below. My heart jolts when I see an overweight man wearing a leather jacket leading a small girl, with blonde hair and wearing green overalls across the cement toward a tan car parked next to a green van. It is the child we are looking for. “It’s her! She’s down there!” I yell. The police ignore me, but the mother runs over to the windows. “My baby! Save my baby! She’s down there, go save her!” she screams, pressing her face against the glass. I look around. The policemen’s backs are still turned toward us, and they are still focusing their attention on the maps and ringing telephones. They haven’t heard the commotion. I dash for the door, run down the stairs, and burst out the front doors. The man doesn’t know I’m coming. I am about to tackle him when he turns around and kicks me hard in the crotch. I stagger back, gasping. A moan escapes from my lips. He pulls out a gun, and shoves the child toward me. “Here. It’s your choice. Save the child and get shot, or let me go and you live,” he tells me. Wildly thoughts race through my head. We can get him another time. I don’t have to get shot. I step away and he picks up the little girl. She starts to cry loudly. The man then shoots at me, first clipping my ear. I start to run, and he shoots again. He got me. Blood gushes down my front. In my daze, I can’t even feel pain, just the warmth of blood on my shirt. Dreamily I think to myself, ‘Getting shot isn’t so bad.’ The gun bangs again. Blood is running down my face, coming from my eyes. I’m crying blood! I am horrified. Slowly the life drains out of me, and darkness takes me, and the last thing I hear is the wails of the child…

Example: What do my recurring dreams mean?

1. I'm at camp and I forgot to pack all my stuff. I call my dad and he packs all my stuff but I wake up before he gets my suitcase to me

2. Me and all of the people I know are sea animals and I'm a jelly-fish. There are a bunch of different levels of the ocean with different colored stars and whoever gets the most stars gets to be human again.

3. I'm dating Rob Pattinson (dont know why im not even fan) and we start making out in a van that im driving, and some people i know are in thr backseat and the police come and i have to pretend that me and rob are married and those are our kids. And at the end Rob is on a matress in an icecream truck that has the front cut out and a man comes over to me to say that rob is in some kind of rehab. and then it just ends.

I have some others I will post later, i just really want to find out the meaning to the first one fast because I'm starting to have it every night

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