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Dream About Police Uniform meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was a little girl again, I had a big sister,(doesn't in real life,) we were alone in the house when burglars got into our house and threatened to kill her if I didn't get them what they wanted. That was money of course, but when I got what they asked for they simply stabbed her in the stomach. Something snapped in my mind and I attacked the man that stabbed her clawing at his jugular. This made him bleed and when the other man kicked me off of his I tried to attack him too. That didn't work; now he grabbed my hair pulling me with him. I was taken to this chamber and was torchered every day. I had cuts all over me, my eyes had been sown shut and forced open, broken ankle, and so many bruises. I felt every damn moment of pain there could be offered, I even felt the first burglars pain of getting his throat sliced open with human nails. After getting torchered brutally, the man went out of the room; in turn, I started twisting my hands against the chains. This made enough slickness with my blood to get out of the cuffs that kept me against the wall. I soon undid my foot shackle with the previous blood that was spilt that day. I waited until he came back to attack him, screaming, so much screaming, insane laughter and joy from my perspective. I could see absolute fear and pain in his eyes. I enjoyed every moment of it. When he was finally dead I found myself stumbling, remembering less and less every day. Years had gone by and I hadn't even realized it. One day, when I was in an abandoned building, my sister came through the door. She had a police uniform on, she seemed frightened when she was me. I recognized her...but she didn't remember me. I got so angry, I smiled and asked just in case if she remembered me. She said she didn't, thats when I was getting hysteria. I screamed that I was her little sister, I ran right at her. She ran away in turn, I couldn't think straight. I ran into walls and couldn't seem to turn corners quite right. All I could really see was my sister running and me laughing and enjoying her fear. I kept running after her, I tripped. She hid from me after that, I was calling her name sweetly, like we were playing hide and seek. I looked at a closet and smiled as I saw a shadow slightly, I knocked on it. Now I could actually feel my sister's fear. I could feel her feelings and mine. She opened the door when she realized I was never going to go away. I smiled and came into the closet slowly and petted her hair. She cried and was so afraid of me. I smiled so sweetly knowing I was going to kill her and probably enjoy it. I grabbed her throat roughly and started squeezing the life out of her, the laughing started up again. This time it was worse, it made me squeeze her throat tighter and watch as she struggled helplessly. I didn't understand why this was so funny to me. At that point though, I didn't care much. I felt her pain, I felt her dieing. I basically watched myself kill me in a first person view suddenly. Soon after, my sister died and the pain ended. I looked at her with love and closed her eyes, I said I love you and have a peaceful nap soon after. Its funny, I thought she had died from a bullet wound, she must have survived and I remember I was so furious. It turns out I wanted to kill her all along, thats why I had been so upset.
What does this dream mean? Sorry if it was too long to read, but if anyone knows please explain it to me.

Its all about jealousy and mis trust between the two but if you dont have a sister i would suggest that your angry because you dont have that sister and you feel alone and that your jealous of a freind who has a sister and a good relationship with her...I am curious of your age and a little worried because we do actualy control our own actions in dreams...moreso as we get older and while we mostly cannot decide the backgrounds or the themes of dreams we can control ourselves especialy once we realise it..it takes practice but once you remember you can control your dream self while your in a dream,as you practice you become more lucid and more in control and eventualy you can decide every move you make ehile dreaming just like real life...The themes and backgrounds and storys stay uncontrolable though.

Example: Very vivid dream, what does it mean?

Well, I had this dream over a year ago, but it's still as vivid as ever and it's been bugging me recently.

In my dream, I'm outside, and it's windy. My hair is pretty much in my face the whole time of the dream. I am wearing my school uniform (and blue-plaid skirt, a white collared shirt and white ankle socks). I'm right outside my home on the drive way (in real life, around the time of the dream, my dad had recently put asphalt on the driveway). I feel like I'm walking around searching for something.

Then, all of a sudden a maroon van pulls up beside the driveway. I get panicked and run into my house. The driver (I get the feeling it was a woman, if it helps) gets out and runs after me.

She bangs on the door telling me to open up, or else she'll call the police. I refuse, and the next thing I know the police are knocking down the door.

I run away, to wards my room and crawl out the window. Before I can fully get out... I wake up.

Any ideas?

Example: I had a dream about dead bodies, what does this mean?

Ok well last night i had a dream i was running from something not sure what anyway i was gonna run down a street but nobody on that street liked me so i turned the corner and seen a dead body all slit up and bloody a blonde nude female and the cops in white and black uniforms investigating it. and i ran up this alley and there was a house that looks like my friend Derek's house , and i ran up them stairs to cut to the street and the cops was investigating the same body.
The woman was a white , blonde hair w/ brown streaks long straight haired girl , about 120 lbs and 5'9 & had 3-4 BIG slits in her chest , which i was reading about this black female named alice who ran from slavery in reading class and the dogs ate her chest up til there was barely any skin left in which this girl named sarnys momma sewed up for her. This girl looked like somebody i had never seen before.

Also ' in my life me and my boyfriend broke up after 3 months it has been 3 days now starting today and my friend got hit by a truck while he was on his bike and is in the hospital getting better.

Example: What does it mean dreaming about ur neighbors daugther wearing a police uniforms and she is teenager?


Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in boot camp. Then I was at AIT.. It was freaky. I was wearing a uniform!?... It seemed so real. My big brother is a soldier and it is my dream to one day serve our country. Please and thanks..

Example: Weird Weird Dream. What does it mean?

Okay so I have had this dream before. Its really short. Well basically what I rememember is that in my small town there was for some strange reason a small little police office in a field (not an out in the country open field) but in the spot where our large trading company building is and it was small so it didnt take up all the space. Anyway there were 2 white SUVS parked out. Anyway I went in with my bff and I see this cop and his friend I forgot what he said but I remember it had something to do with me knowing he knew that we were sexually involved yeah (I dont do that) but anyway me and my friend ask him for a ride and he gives us one and I sit in the back with my friends and then they say to me now hes going to think that you dont like him since he was in the front by himself. Thats the end. By the way Im 14 and he looked to be in his early 20's like 20 or 22 or 24 (im not good at guessing age)

Example: What does a dream of being a Police Officer mean?

Last night I dreamt I was a Police Officer. I was stationed in a hospial reception where I didn't do a lot, just stood around and made sure people were ok and stuff like that. Having said that even though it appeared I didn't do much I did a lot more than most Police Officers as far as I could tell I kept my job very seriously, my uniform was up to date and neat and my mind was completely focused on my job.

I am really interested to know what this means, espically the hospital part because the reception looked a lot like my college reception in real life. The Police part however, I used to want to be a Poilice Officer and was recently considering this career option again breifly. Can me being a Police Officer be explained by this?

Thank you =)

Example: Police officer dream interpretation?

One career I am considering is being a police officer. The other night I had a dream that I was in a police officer uniform and I was shooting at someone across the street from inside my house, but the bullets were going really slow, almost like an air soft gun or something..what could this mean?

Example: Dream meaning door-eavesdropping-police - what does this mean?

I had a dream about someone I know leaning up against a door, almost like they were eaves dropping and there was a mention of headphones as if to want to hear what is going on more behind the door.
I was there too outside the door face to face with this person. Any interpretations or insights welcome. The person I know who was in the dream is a policeman in real life.

Example: What does this dream mean? (is it psychic?)?

Well,a few nights ago i had this dream,but it has been so strange that i still have it clearly in my mind.It starts out with me being outside on a pitch black night (no moon) on a road & next to a police car,with 3 other men,only 2 were in uniform.The only light was that of the lights on top of the car which were orange & blue.Time passed,and we could all feel that a danger was lurking in the darkness.It was some sorta monster that we couldnt see,only hear.Slowly,it attacked one cop and ate it in the darkness,then it countinued to the other one.All while the officer(not in uniform) tired to unlock the car door but couldnt.He was screaming and banging on the window.When the thing finished with the other cop,we somehow go into the car,me in the backseat,him the driver.We escaped.The thing is,none of the cops ever seemed to notice i was there.Well then the dream shifted to a ''time travel'' It was some kinda mission,the year 1989...but i turned the dial past 2008 to 2011,but to no avail

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