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Dream About Police Tape meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does these two dreams mean?

Dream A:
Yesterday I had a dream I gave my friend my iPod to read something on it,. Then when we were in class and the teacher randomly disappears, he comes up next to me and picks my hand up and puts something in it, I looked up and said what is this (I read mouthing). Then I opened my hand up and two kisses were in my hand, I looked puzzled. Then he said don't I get something and taped his cheek. Then I said not here and my friend said what is he doing that for? And I wanted him to go so I gave him a fast kiss. he was my friend what does this mean?

Dream B:
My other dream, I was being chased by a crazy old white artist because I found he was a killer. I told the police and they came over his house and were questioning him and he ignored them and told me "you crazy b&$#%, your getting it" and he pulled out a gun. Then I started running, and he said don't be scared, and I ran so I ran to my neighbors house that was like 2 blocks away and ran in the house and was screaming I need help and call the police and the wife laughs and asks how I am. So I ran up to her daughters room and try to break out the window but it was to late because the door bell rang and the man was dressed like my dad. What do these two dreams mean?

teacher means there is a lesson to be taught
but u may have feeling for your friend that goes deeper than u expected but u want him to feel the same way. I don't know bout the iPod.

be careful with ur future movements towards your father u seem to be scared that he will find something out about u that was meant to be kept to urself but when an if ge finds out u will seek help but eventually become trapped and have to face the music.

That's my interpretation anyway
hope this helps

Example: What does this mean- I dreamed about hundreds of dead bodies rotting in fluids under my floorboards?

the other night i woke up from this horrible dream and i'm wondering what it means

i was moving into a new house with my mum and her partner(ive been independant since age 15 - 9 years ago) and we settled in on the first night and my two dogs were in the back yard digging around and i find them chewing on bones they dug up from the garden. the first few looked like ordinary bones from meat but then as they dug up more I saw a hand and a skull i grabbed my dogs and took the bones out of their mouths and threw them on the ground. after putting my dogs inside i rang the police and a forensic team came over and started to unearth body after body. it was getting really late so they put up tape and told us not to go out the back area, then they left.

my mum and her partner were fighting about the usual things they fight about and I went to look around the house. I walked into this front room that was kind of like a veranda/ annex type room with lots of windows and wooden floors. the room gave me a creepy feeling so i didnt go in more than a few steps. my mums partner came in with his dog and walked across the room, suddenly the floor gave way like it was chipboard it caved in and snapped there was a huge crack noise then a splash as they landed in this murky water with the floor board peices floating around them. this revolting smell wafted up, a strong overpowering stench that made me dry heave.

my mum and i rushed over to help them out when we saw what was in the water> hundreds of bodies all decomposed and flesh rotting into mush, greenish yellow blobs covered the bones and skulls. I screamed and ran outside vomiting over and over then called the police again.
we had family coming over to help us unpack and they arrived not long afterwards. the floor boards were suddenly back up again and our guests one after the other walked onto the floorboards and landed in the purid rotting water with the corpses.

I woke up with my heart pounding and struggling to breathe, the stench still fresh in my mind like i could still smell it.

what the hell does this mean?

thanks in advance to the people who respond with real answers

Example: What does my strange dream mean? 10 pnts!?

FIRST DREAM:the dreamed started off me being in a crowded chapel with everyone in my school but the seats were facing the wrong way. to my right was Cole Sprouse and he was dressed as a teddy bear lol. i was flirting with him but the last time i liked him i was 12. in my dream were friends ever since we were little but he moved away and he came back that day. his mom came up to me she had brown hair. she smiled at me said "how have u been victoria? its been such a long time?" we talked and more went on. i looked at cole while he was talking to someone else and he looked like this nerdy kid who likes me at school. sad that he looked like him me and my friend went around the school. we found a room we have never been to before and there was a bath room but the walls were glass. i don't care if ppl see me naked so i just peed and washed my hands in front of everyone lol. we then went back to the chapel and a party started and they were handing out free stuff like candy and glow sticks. to my relief Cole looked normal again and we went back to flirting.
SECOND DREAM: we were on a beach deck. Cole was laying in the hammock and my friends were sitting on a bench. i came up to cole and messed with his hair and sat in front of the hammock. now he looked like Justin Beiber ugh. we all talked. i went by myself and explored the beach. when i was done i walked back up to where we were but these two guys that were in my school were talking about me in a good way though i cant remember wat they were saying. when i made it to where we were hanging out i said "lets get in the water!"
THIRD DREAM: i was in a McDonald's and i was walking around it until i passed two little boys sitting on a bench with a camera. as i walked by the video taped my butt and said "DAMN!" lol. i turned around a held the kid against the wall he turned into a gray kitten and automatically felt bad but before i said anything his mom came up "whats going on?" she said. i set him down and said "he video tapped my butt and used the D word" she started yelling at him and i walked away lol. dreams show wat is going on with ur life but those dreams were happy and last night i was laying in bed. my left lung started to hurt and i started to weez. i remember my mom saying "well u have the worst lungs in the family" but ive never smoked a day in my life and no one around me smokes. as human Instinct i thought the worst: cancer. i started to cry and begged god and buddha to plz not let me have lung cancer. (yes i believe in buddha) so last night i cried to sleep.

Example: Can you please tell me what my dream means?

My boyfriend's friend (lets call him John) was driving me home, and it was such a long journey so we parked for a bit and decided to sleep. I was in the back seat and he was in the front. He wanted to hug me, and as he did he said "Don't worry" then he kissed my neck and said "it's alright, we're still just friends" and hugged me again, then we went to sleep. Out of nowhere, his friend was driving now and I was still in the back, John being in the passenger seat. When they dropped me off at home, John handed me a lighter and I refused it, so they drove off. As I came up my driveway, I noticed police tape all around my house. I asked my dad what happened, and he said to take a look. So I ran all around my house and noticed everything was trashed... I went into my bedroom and immediately looked at a box that in real life I keep souvenirs and movie tickets of my boyfriend and I whenever we go out. They were all gone, but instead there were little packets of white powdered drugs

Example: Dream meaning: people falling to their death?

it's been a long time since i actually remembered something i dreamed about, that's why i find it very unusual to have this extremely vivid one still running in my head after a day.

i was on the streets, playing the guitar, surrounded by a bunch of friends. We were singing and laughing when i had this sudden urge to look up. when i did, i saw something strange... it was an airplane having engine trouble. it was tumbling and leaving trails of smoke wherever it went and then suddenly it exploded. after a few seconds, i can see and hear people screaming, it was the passengers of the plane... falling from the sky to their death. i can hear the thuds their bodies were making as it made contact to the ground. there was no blood however, just a bunch of mangled bodies. and i then saw their ghosts rise up from their mutilated forms (i don't believe in ghosts), what was weird was i waved at the ghosts. last thing i remember is i was helping cordon off the scene with yellow police tape.

what does this dream mean?

thanks in advance

Example: What does my dream mean?

I trapped my only brother into a room of a house that I have never been in before. Before I left there were 3 of him in the room. 1 at his current age 32 tied up in duct tape, another sleeping at mid age 15ish and a 3rd at approximately 8 months. I lit the room on fire and locked the door.
I waited in the living room and saw the smoke leaving through the bottom of his door. I began to hear crying and screaming. Finally, I could not take the noise any longer and opened the door (all smoke and fire immediately disappeared) to find brother (32) dead, brother 15 dead, but baby brother still barely alive. I cried and begged him to not move, I would call for help. He gave me an evil look and I tried to pick him up anyway. As I did half of his body and his skin fell completely off, he died.
My mom arrived later in the dream and asked what had happened. I told her the story and she said "it was okay and would protect me from the police; after all he was not going anywhere in life anyway".

Example: What does my dream mean?

i was in new York and i was in a cab and the driver was driving so crazy i thought i would die! he kept driving on the sidewalk and making super sharp turns at intersection he never hit anyone and that was so strange. We finally went to this factory like district and told the cab to pull over by this cop car, i paid him and got out. i looked around the parking lot and walked over to the cop car, i noticed a cop not to far way in the ditch on the road walking around, and it looked like it rained recently because of the water was in it. i opened the cop car door and a dead police man falls out in a pool of blood, he is holding a pistol that's broken, it had the trigger and everything but it was missing the box thing that shoots so its just a cylinder for the barrel. i quickly put gun in my pocket before the other cop walked back and started running the other way. i ran for not to long before i stopped, (just imagine running through an abandon factory parking lot with stuff all over, thats what it was like). and as i approached this giant metal create thingy a fat guy with a machine gun walks over and starts shooting me, i think i got shot so i get on the ground behind a box and take the gun and shoot myself in the head. the next thing i know i'm at this party in a huge rich house and there are teens everywhere, i walked around and the whole time i felt like i didn't belong there. i didn't know anyone there. Someone was handing out duct tape looking envelopes and bottle rockets that had a black herbs in them. someone told me to eat it and i did, and said that it was a tranquilizer that will make you feel great but make ya feel like **** after a while. i walked around some more and started feeling really happy and stimulated (it was weird, considering this is a dream) i talked to everyone, things started slowing down and kid cudi's We Aite (Wake Your Mind Up) was playing in the background and everything was moving almost as slow as the song was. i saw some other people going crazy, someone kept hitting a basketball with a tennis racket people started disappearing and i was the only one left. the music died and i heard sirens and shouts in the backyard but i felt so sick and my moments were so slow i didn't run, i just walked out back with my hands up. a cop and a angry mob was behind him and he said that there were 40 carnival tickets stolen and that's when things went back to the beginning with the gun in my hand, then i woke up. what does it mean? the whole time i felt deja voo, like i knew to shoot myself and to take the herb. the dream lasted almost 3 hours.

Example: What could this dream mean? Very creepy.?

Last night, I dreamed that I was driving at night with my girlfriend and we heard a crash. As we drove a little farther up the road we noticed a train passing overhead on a bridge (not the kind where cars travel, but only trains), and a car on the road. The car had been hit by the train.

I slowed down to see the wreckage, and I saw that the man inside the car was still alive, and moving slightly. I stopped my car and ran to the other man's car to help. When I looked inside, there was a stereo equipped with a screen. I don't know if it matters, but the screen was about maybe 15 inches?

On the screen, there was a scene inside a hospital, with a newborn baby. At first, I was thinking that the man's wife had given birth, and for some reason he couldn't be there, so they had a sort of live feed from the hospital to the car so he could at least see his child.

I looked at him, and he was still moving slightly, and then I looked back at the screen. At this point, the camera was zoomed in on the baby, but its skin was gray, as with dead people. It had many cuts on its face, and its mouth taped shut. It looked almost...evil? Then the camera started to zoom out from the baby, and it was sitting on the man's shoulders in the car. I looked at the man, and the baby wasn't there, but when I looked back in the screen, there it was. I was also visible in the screen.

Then IM's started popping up on the car's screen saying "HELP ME", and they were making the sounds that IM's make. At that point I woke up, only to ACTUALLY HEAR the IM sounds coming from my laptop. My laptop is my alarm in the morning, except that isn't the sound that is supposed to be played. I have an actual song as my alarm. Later, I found out that I deleted the song from its folder, and since the alarm couldn't find the file, it was making a strange sound instead. But I do find it really strange the way it happened.

When I picked my girlfriend up this morning, I told her I had a crazy dream, and she said she had one too. I asked her to tell me hers first, and she told me:

"It was at night and I was looking out my window, and there was a lady in the street, running around screaming "HELP ME," pleading at the doors of houses, only to get no response from anyone. I texted you and asked if you had gotten home okay, and after you texted me back, I looked up and I was outside your apartment with you. We were in front of your door. You had your hand on the handle, but you were shaking and it seemed like you were scared to open it. I turned around and saw the lady running and screaming "HELP ME" still. When I turned to you, you disappeared, and your car was gone. I couldn't get into your place, and I didn't have my car, so I didn't know how to get home. All of a sudden, a police car came and I flagged him down. I got in the back seat and he said he would give me a ride back to my apartment. The lady was sitting in the front seat, with her hair covering her face, so I couldn't make out any of her features. When I asked the officer if he could see her, he said he couldn't.

Then she woke up.

I asked a friend of mine today, and she said that it could have something to do with us having a child?

Just to give some background information, we're very happy together, and we are planning on getting engaged very soon. Neither of us wants kids. Although she never wants kids, I'm not sure if I will one day or not.

Thank you to anyone who can interpret this! :) (P.S. maybe our dreams aren't related, but it just seemed strange because there was a woman screaming "HELP ME" in her dream, similar to the IM's popping up on the screen in my dream saying "HELP ME", and in my dream, I thought that it could be the baby's mother saying "HELP ME" through the IM's? I don't even know what to make of it, really. It's so weird.)

Example: What does this dream mean?

Next week I am going to visit my aunt and uncle (my uncle is very sketchy and mob like, my moms sister's husband), but last night I had the strangest dream. Him and another man paid me to kill this old rich drug dealing man, I don't know why I accepted it, I was just curious? The next thing I knew, I was right outside of this mans bedroom/bathroom window of this huge house (I HAD NO IDEA HOW I KNEW IT WAS HIS HOUSE OR THE RIGHT WINDOW) so I climbed up and went in to look for him, but I found him already dead on the marble floor of the bathroom, stabbed multiple times. After seeing this I was shocked, but relieved that I did not have to kill this man, and thought that someone must have beat me to it, and that I would still get paid. (NO IDEA WHY I WOULD ACCEPT THIS DEAL), So I went back to my aunt and uncles house and was paid. The next morning me and my 10 year old cousins were walking in the neighborhood, and the house was right there, there was no police tape, nothing, part of the house looked like it had ben destroyed by fire, so we walked in and we saw, a little boy sitting on the roof crying (It must have been the old mans son) and when he saw us, he was yelling that I was the one who had killed his father. I knew (or at least I thought) that I hadn't done this, but someone else had already unlocked the window and killed the old man. After hearing this, we ran and ran from the little boy and then I got a lot flash backs, I remember breaking in and doing this!?!?!?!? But how could this be? Then I knew that I had been drugged. I then woke up from this nightmare.


Never had a bad experience with my uncle, and did not watch any movies like this before I went to bed

Example: What could this type of dream mean?

Yesterday evening I had a strange dream. I dreamt that I found a note in my science text book that said: Go to the basement. Don't let him find you*. I fooslishly went to the basement at the school during lunch and found a book with a tape recorder in it. I brought it home with me and didn't think I was being watched, but just in case I felt I should listen to it away from the place. As I listened, I could hear these people being operated on. The people wanted the operator to stop, but he wouldn't. He would just keep slicing away. I turned it off and called up my friend who was on the football team. I got him to drive me to the school so I could show somebody (going to the police would have been better). I went in the school by myself for some reason to get help from someone at a party that was being held there. But before I get in I notice someone in a black hat with black gloves, a black trench coat and black shoes walk into the school. I decide to follow him instead. I walked down the hallways with the white-brick walls and tried my best to keep up. I eventually lost him and went to pee. After I finished, a stall opened up and the man walked out. I bolted and accidently hit the play button to hear the patients being cut up and put into a stew. I run even harder away and come to the big party where everybody is. I shout *HE'S GOING TO EAT THE BODIES!*. This is when I force myself to wake up, due to being too afraid to continue my dream. I fell asleep at my mate's place in his room, which happens to be in the basement, which was darker than I saw it when I was last awake. That was earlier today, and now I woke up at 03:08 having to pee. I go, wash my hands and think I see something in the corner of the mirror. I panic a little and rush back to my bed. While there, my significant other goes to the bathroom. I'm still in panic mode and slowly turn my head and see the top of the hat I saw on the man slowly rise from the side of my bed and let out a loud scream. They come rushing back and turn on the light. What I saw was a pillow, and this is the first nightmare I've had where I got petrified and couldn't move.but now begs the question: What does this mean, and is it going to interfere with my life?

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