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Dream About Police Report meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

i keep having a dream were i visit my dad in his new aparetment(secondtime seing him) since my parents divorsed, im staying over his house and he rapes and beats me...i keep having this dream like everyother night..

my dad was an as$ at times...what does this mean

Tonight, dream that you report it to the police and he winds up in prison. That prick.

Example: What does this dream mean? Finding a corpse?

In the dream, my mum, and younger brother and I were in my bedroom just talking. My brother suddenly confessed that he had found a dead body buried in our garden. I said "Are you serious?" and my mum said "Oh no, not another one..." like this was just an annoying nuisance. My brother told us he had dug it up a few days ago by accident, but wasn't sure what to do so didn't tell us. We went out into the front garden, and the hedge that separates my house from the neighbour’s house was half gone, and there was a shallow grave there instead. I could see a decaying, blackened body halfway out of the grave. My mum said we'll worry about it later, but right now we have to have a family party. So then suddenly all my relatives were over at my house, swimming in the pool and having fun and seeming very unconcerned with the corpse. Only I was freaking out...thinking we should call the police.

Then, suddenly I keep seeing a koala that stood up on its back legs and kept waving and grinning at me from behind gates or fences or places where I couldn't get close to it. I knew that no one could see this koala, just me and, for some reason, my pet black cat. This concerned me, because I thought I was going a bit insane, like in Donnie Darko.

When I put my black cat through the fence to get close to the koala, the koala suddenly turned into a replica of my pet black cat. And when my cat touched this fake cat they both disappeared in a blue ripple, like they teleported or went into a portal or something.

I was freaking out because I thought I had lost my beloved pet forever. I ran down to the front of my house where the corpse was. I was suddenly very, very curious and wanted to see what it looked like up close. But As I went closer, suddenly the corpse sat up and started to climb up over the grave. I knew I had to run, but when I turned to run back into the house, the corpse was suddenly in front of my house door. My mum appeared and said something like "So you want to play with the unfortunate dead fellow do you? Well, this is what's going to happen, then." Then she somehow made the corpse disappear back into its grave and it didn't move again. My mum then said to me that if I went near it again, it will move again, so I shouldn't go near it at all. I didn't want that, but I was still so curious to see what it looked like. But I left it alone.

And then...I think I woke up. It was a very creepy dream and made me feel very uneasy. It was all so realistic! And the weird thing was absolutely nothing in it was relevant to what I had done that day...which I thought dreams usually were - that they were just your subconscious processing what worried you that day and stuff.

Could anyone be so kind as to maybe interpret this for me please?
Thank you to anyone that answers :)

Example: I had a dream that a woman police officer got beaten to death by a group of people what does this mean?

Im not sure how to add answers to the answers but... my dream was that my nefue said to me why didnt you pick me up from the football ground so i said i havent got my car he then said watch this and then hid behind me and said i cant watch this so i looked down the hill at the bus stop and there were 2 friends at one side of the bus stop and a female blonde police officer the other side then a group of yobos came and attacked her and it was so bad she was beaten to death within a couple of minutes it was on the tv and they showed her face etc and showed her being put in a beech coloured coffin !

Example: What could my dream mean?

I had a dream that a lady from my class was outside, whoring herself out. I paid her no mind and sat on the hood of my car to make a phone call. Suddenly, the lady and her (much younger) boyfriend came and stole my stuff (a camera, a dog, money, and some type of coins). I called the police, because they hadn't stole my cell phone. After the police were done, they stole my phone and the police report.

I went into my school, and she and I ended up in the same stairwell together, and she screamed. One of her friends came to see what was wrong, and she told her friend that I had robbed her. I tried to tell my side of the story, but no one was listening to me.

I went to class, and told my friends what happened. I asked the teacher if I could leave early because it was the last day of school, and he said no. I said "But, you wouldn't believe the day I just had", and after about an hour of class, I gathered my stuff and was about to leave, but I saw the lady who stole my stuff. I started punching her in the head, asking where my stuff went. After punching her about 3 times, my dream cut to black and had some typed words that said the following

"Delores died. I still never found out what happened to my dog."
The black screen went away and I felt terrified. I knew I was going to jail, but I was thinking it would be for manslaughter and not murder, because I would have never laid hands on her if she hadn't stole my stuff, and I didn't mean to kill her.

Then, I woke up.

What can it mean if you accidentally kill someone in your dream?

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

Okay, a few weeks ago, I had a strange dream... Can you tell what it means?

Okay, so I was at one of the schools sites I used to go to, I can't remember why I was there.
The school's playing fields, backs onto a local airport, (West London Aero Club, AKA. White Waltham)

[I point out the dream was actually set in a REAL location :P]

I was one of the last people outside, As everybody was walking in, I noticed a light aircraft was flying low, coming over the hedges... I pointed this out to a person, who was walking past, they looked over, and replied with what can only be described as a "meh"
With some knowledge of aircraft, I knew something wasn't right, and as I thought, the aircraft ended up crashing in the field in front of me.
If I am going to be technical, the aircraft appeared to have stalled, and had fallen into the field.
The plane had remained intact, no piece had broken, there was no fires, and when I ran over to check if everybody inside was ok, it turns out that there were three people inside, two men, both in their thirties, and a young lady about the age of 17-18. Following education in First Aid, I checked them all, and they were all ok, no injuries at all... So, removing them from the airplane, I helped them out and sat them under a tree nearby... I took out my phone, so that I could at least call the emergency services, to report that this plane is down, and everything is ok, people may need medical treatment etc, no matter how many times I tried, by stubby fingers which were beginning to clam up, were unable to dial any number at all...

A few minutes later, I notice a police helicopter above, and I try to wave at it, to catch it's attention, yet nobody noticed, and it moved on into the distance away...

[At this point, I wake up, and have to go to the loo :P]

When the dream continues, the two men have disappeared, and this time, I am sitting in a room with the female who was somewhat traumatised, and I was there explaining stuff [I can't remember exactly what]

[I finally wake up, it's Morning]

So, If anyone has any ideas what that bollocks I just dreamt about actually means, I would like to know!

Example: What does this dream mean? please don't report i am just trying to figure this out?

so last night i had a dream, i was white and i was extremely mean to my real self(if you get it) i would push down people and i would yell in their faces, than i stole someone baby and bribed police(because i was a millioniar) to say that the lady killed her own baby, than i gave my friend a stolen car. so what does this dream mean

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream the other night that I was in the parking lot of the church that I went to growing up, and there was this weird homeless man following me around and asking me questions. So I pulled out my cell phone and called the police, and they came and escorted him off of the church property and told him that he was not to come back there again. Then a bunch of people came of the church and said to me, "Why did you do that, he's a child of God and has much of a right to be here as anyone else. It's not like he was attacking you. You're not being a good Christian to call the cops on him and make him leave." Then I spent the next several minutes of the dream wondering if I had done the right thing.

Example: I had a Dream were I was in a school shooting! what does this mean?!?

I really scared, i was at school and my teacher took me, and my two best friends to the resource room, because we were about to do a test. the teacher pulled out a knife and told use that we were all gonna die and that she would give us revenge! she said that there was a rumor that she killed a student and that it wasnt true but now she gonna make it true! i was so scared! some how i ran out of class and told my principle he was suprised but wasnt that urgent. I didnt know what to do but i assumed that it was a school lock down because all the lights were off in every class room. (a lock down is when you turn off the lights and hide in your class room) they say that if your in the middle of the hall during a lock down that you should run to the closes class, so i did. the teacher in that class was a killer. i ran out of the school building and waited for the police they did and i ran back to see if i could help my friends a table was crushing them i lefted up and carried them out of the building we all cried and hugged eachother. the lockdown teacher was arrested but not the teacher you tried to stapp us. her and the princable were working together normaly. anyways i woke i scared and crying. what does this dream mean?! thank u!

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay so I've been talking to this guy for a while now and we both like each other .. But I feel like there's a problem with the age difference since he just turned 18 and I'm 15.. Anyways I had a dream about him last night that we saw each other after a while and we were kissing .. I felt everything ! I don't really no where we were but there was a lot of people that I recognized.. I think it was a park or something but back to the dream . One of his friends walked by and I didn't want him to see us kissing so I said " oh sh*t there's your friend " and he didn't care at all he just told me " it's okay he understands .." And when he said that, I felt so relieved and happy in the dream... He kissed my neck and I felt all tingly .. after that dream I had another dream about him but this one it was just mostly us being silly .. We did hang out once in reality and we ended up making out .. He expressed his feelings but I guess it was because he was high lol but anyways the day we hung out , we saw the same exact friend in my dream and he didn't want the friend to see us ... So I don't know.. Does this mean something ? Does he feel different about us somehow ? Thanks

Example: What does it mean to dream of someone breaking into my bedroom?

i had a dream where i came home and there was a massive hole in my bedroom door so i went through the hole and then all my stuff was smashed up and my money was ripped up on the floor, and there was a note saying "i will be back"
what could this mean

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