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Dream About Police Car meanings

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Example: Whats my dream mean ?

I had a dream once that I could hear a police car going up main road and it was making a scary siren sound, whats it mean?

Some dreams can be a combination of things created by outside noises or like leaving the TV on while sleeping- then u get a dream that is strange & weird. Like yours w/ the sound mixed up… This happens a lot to a lot of people in their dreams.

Example: What does my car accident dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that the guy that I like (who has been my friend for two years) and I were going on a date (from how I remember my dream it seemed like we had gone on dates before, which we have not in real life, we're still just friends), and he was driving us down a long dark road.

While he was driving he was looking down at his phone the whole time, not paying attention to the road, was really rude and was nothing like the guy that I actually know. Also while he was driving, he was constantly running over small animals, and it was really freaking me out. Then out of nowhere, a moose walks out onto the road, and even though I keep calling out to him "Moose!" he hits it anyway and we're in an accident.

(It's really weird that it was a moose in my dream because I live in Arizona and as far as I know, there are no moose anywhere near where I live; however, my dream was really specific in that it was a moose because I kept calling out the word)

After the accident all I remember of my dream was that the police were there, there was a dead moose on the ground and there was no car for some reason. My friend hugged me and said he was sorry, or something, and then I must have woken up.

I hope someone can interpret this for me because it's been on my mind all day, and it's really freaking me out because I've never had a dream like this before.
Thanks to all that answer, I really appreciate it :)

Example: What does this dream mean when the car is driving itself?

I've had a few dreams 2 that I remember one today and one another time and the car was driving itself. This time I was in the front seat on the highway and I look in the driver seat and no one is there its just going. I don't drive I've driven around the block and to put the car in the garage that's it. I was hesitant to take control of the car in my dream but I did. Some how I ended up getting chased by the police because I made an illegal turn right in front of them when in real life I wouldn't. They chased me I got away tho but what does it mean. I need to learn to drive? I can drive and I don't need to be afraid? I need to take control? That's what I get out of it but I'm just not sure

Example: What does it mean when you dream your car was stolen by someone you dislike?

Last night I dreamt that I was out work and there were parking spaces on either side of the road. I work in the front desk so it is easy for me to look outside and have a clear view. Shortly after wards, many unknown persons swiftly parked their cars in the empty spots. My co workers and I became suspicious, trying to figure out who they were and why were they parking here. A gentleman who parks, cleans and washes cars walked by and we asked why persons were parking here. He stated that the police were booking persons for parking on the sidewalk and road near a clinic in the area. They heard that this was a good area to park with free space and came here. I became puzzled because I knew the clinic is not nearby, and would therefore be a very long walk from here. A while later, a gentleman came towards the door whom I knew from childhood. I remembered his name and knew that he had always liked me but I found him unattractive and annoying. I became apprehensive about buzzing the door and didn't want to let him in but someone else had buzzed him in. He came towards the receptionist desk and stepped to the side of it further back and pressed against the wall just watching me. I turned to face him in my chair and was annoyed by his position, he asked if I wanted my car wash and I instantly said no, after which he left. A short while later , I walked outside , looked around and noticed my car was missing. I stepped back inside then out again to recheck and realized it was gone. I went inside amongst my co workers , and faced the one I'm closest with, with a sad face saying that my car was stolen. I went towards my purse to recheck if my keys were there or had I given it to someone but they were with me. The gentleman I knew pulled up in a spot near the door I ran towards the car , looked inside to see him but as I stepped back I realized the car was not mine. It was a sports car, windows down and looked very relaxed , chauvinistic and had a slight smirk as if he know my car was stolen and that I was upset. We got him out the car and brought him inside while I went on the road in someone else's car to look for my car. I passed the clinic that was mentioned earlier and didn't seen it while meanwhile flipping through a big white notepad. As I stopped at the traffic light by the clinic, I thought to myself that I would have to report it to the police and recalled all of the details of the car, license plate number, color of the car and any marks/dents which I stated out loud. I also thought of how upset my boyfriend would be about the missing car and also how fortunate it was that I picked him up the night before and that he has his clothes to stay for the weekend. After wards I woke up.

It was odd to me because it felt so real, as though the dream was a preview of today because I did pick up my boyfriend last evening, I do work as a receptionist at my work and the feelings that I had felt accurate.

What do you think it means?

Example: Saw a car fall off of a snowy mountain cliff in dream--meaning?

This dream is bothering me so much!

I was driving in a ton of snow and took a wrong exit.
It led me to a swirly edge-of-a-mountain trail (huge, snowy, mountain). I immediately thought of how crazy the road looked and had to take a picture. I got out my phone and when I looked back up, I saw a car falling off of the top of the trail in the distance ..pieces of it were breaking off and I sat there with my mouth open in horror watching it drop from the sky. My stomach just dropped thinking about whoever was inside :(. I thought ...well, that's why you have to be careful on these mountain trails- especially in the snow! I looked ahead and saw that there was no railing on the road and it was extremely narrow and became absolutely TERRIFIED. I looked ahead again and saw a truck that was stopped on the road get smashed by an icy avalanche. I didn't know what to do bc I couldn't reverse up the steep, icy, freeway ramp! I thought about work and realized my phone had died so I couldn't call in. I looked up and noticed that my car was in a safe place that couldn't be crushed, so I climbed up the exit and found help. It wasn't an exit after-all - it was a nature trail at a national park of some sort! I told these girls with walkie-talkies about drivers getting confused and thinking that it was an exit and asked to borrow their phone to call the police. Red helicopters came to scene and hovered over where the car fell off the mountain. I woke up.

It scared the crap out of me! What do you think it means?!? My stomach is in knots :(.

Example: To Dream of a police officer means?

I saw a cop in his car looking at me then he pointed at me. Why did he point at me. He said I am coming to get you while pointing at me. He was handsome to. I was trying to hide form him at first, but he spotted me out.

Example: What does it mean to dream about being followed by the police?

I dream that I was being followed by the police. They weren't trying to arrest me or anything. They were just following me around in their car. What is this dream supposed to mean? Is it trying to tell me something?

Example: What did this dream mean? Police outside, struggle running, being kidnapped?

It starts with me asking my dad what it's like being on the exec board of a school organization and he says "well you'll have to fight Covington terrorists." Weird, I know (and that has nothing to do with the exec board but the tone of the dream is set now.)

Now I get a phone call from a strange woman telling me my grandfather has passed away (in real life, he already has). Suddenly her voice is mute.

Next, the police are outside of my house with the lights flashing but I never got the feeling they were after me. One of them was doing a sketch of a criminal.

Next I'm outside of a friend's house with some random girl I'm sitting across from and I'm still scared and paranoid. Then a car with some strange men pull up. I freak out and start running but I'm struggling to run (feels very slow motion).

Now Im seeking safety in a gas station and I call my friend to pick me up but mid-conversation I stop talking. I just stop...like I lost the words. Somehow my car is at the gas station now so I get in and even though I locked the doors, three strangers quickly get in. Now I'm in the back. They're kidnapping me. I start crying and it becomes too stressful for me that I wake myself up.

Example: Military and Police Dreams...what do they mean?

I have had many dreams about being a police officer, and being in the military. Once, I had a dream that I was a Sheriff's Officer, and I was called to help on a crime scene. I then pull down a culdasac in my cruiser, and at the end is a small dirt road that ends shortly up ahead. I pull onto the dirt road, and a friend from school is there on the scene investigating. I help out a little, and then I return to the car, pull away, and then I wake up. I also once had a dream that I was in a high speed chase, and I was the lead patrolman on the chase. The units that were behind me were friends from school. The suspect then spins out, and then he(which is a punk from school)runs from me. Then I chase him down, and tackle him. After that, I take him into cuffs and escort him back to the cruiser. After doing so I woke up.
And last night, I had a dream about the military. And these soldiers were friends of mine from my old school. I was a Gunnery Sergeant in charge of all of them.

Example: What does this dream of running from police mean?

This dream got me kind of scared of myself and reality. I guess my dream officially began on an apartment building outside any apartments. We were standing in the middle where one can fall in the middle of a spiral stair case all the way to the first floor for death. It was me, my mother and my father. My mother and father were sitting on some couch that was here. It looked like an out door little lobby. There was one more person with us, a lady in a suit that was going to tell my mother the release date of my older brother who is locked in prison. My mother expected it to be TODAY and she told her it is next year. My find my mother very fragile and when she said those words, my mom got in cardiac arest and had a heart attack it seemed and fell over my suprised fathers lap. I suddently went in rage and grabed this lady and threw her over the bars that perimetered the way of the stair case one can fall and killed her by having her fall many stories before hitting the ground and I intended for her death...I'm not a killer. Afterward, police officers came to investigate the scene. My father didn't admit what happened and my mom recovered from her heart attack before the cops even came...What the ****? So I'm here ****** and once the cops proceeded their investigation on the other side of the room, I ran out of the scene and triped outside at night in the rain. I ran so fast in white beat-up converse, black skinny jeans and a green button up plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves and beads wrist bands on my left wrist. It's what I wore today, or still am anyway.. Idk if that matters. Anyway, I kept running until dawn and stoped at a gas station. Some car stoped in front of me saying "we don't accept people like you" and blocked my way for the police to spot me that drove by far ahead on an avenue but they didn't. This car then just drove ahead for its originally intended direction and I ran further then saw kids playing before realizing all their parents glared at me so I got nervous and walked further before they could realize I'm a culprit. I felt like beating everyone ***. I had this rage. I don't know what to do when I woke up. I guess Yahoo answers were all I can use for now. Let me knote that I've gotten really agressive lately. Two days ago, I have my brother two very strong to the face for not co-operating with taking turns on the computer. I broke my laptop recently haha. The computer is a family device though. And just in case you guys come with invalid reasons, I don't have problems with getting a girl friend. In fact, sometimes I get a lot of compliments from girls. I don't feel too uncomfortable around one.

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