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Dream About Plums meanings

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Dreaming with Plums may be related to...

Dream Examples

Example: Whats it mean when you dream of broken fingernails?

i was having a dream..and i looked down at my nails in the dream they were originally french manicured with acrilics. then i looked at my hand and it looked like i had been bitting on them. they were torn to bits..

Hey, Plum. Dreaming of your fingernails indicate that you feel defensive in waking life. Broken fingernails tell that you are facing a problem too tough to handle by yourself. Hope this helps, even remotely. Seeking insight, Bret

Example: After experiencing a heart arrhythmia I had this dream. What could it mean?

The other day I went running but I had to stop as I felt a heart arrthymia. That night I dreamed I was looking at some plums. I know they represented hearts because I was imagining them beating. I bit into several of them but they were hard and underripe.

Example: DREAM: over sized ripe oranges and sweet mango's; what does it mean?

I had a dream last night that i got out of the car from my driveway and to my right there was my apricot tree(but in the dream it was a mango tree) and i got told by my mum to take a bite out of it, so i did and it tasted really nice and sweet then i was just about to walk into the front door of my house until i noticed that my plum tree(but in the dream instead of plums there were over sized nice looking oranges), and the branches were blocking my way to get into the house then my dream ended. Can anyone tell me what this dream means please?

Example: Strange Dream...What Did It Mean?

I had a bizarre dream. One part of it involved some sort of magic. A girl and a boy were sort of transparent and made of ash or something. I didn't know what they were taking about, but me and another boy agreed to help them and we did some weird ritual. There was music, but I don't know what it was. During the ritual the boy and I were turning into the same ashy substance as those two, so I broke free, urging the boy to let go because I felt like it was a trap. There was also something to do a spider that had several eyes.

After we broke free, it was like some sort of war started. There was a tan girl with black hair who kept trying to kill me. We were fighting with these large sticks made of steel. She almost hit me several times and I ended up running away. During the dream I didn't realize it, but this took place in the two yards my dad owns.

When I ran away she proceeded to throw things at me and two of them almost crushed my skull. I head for a trail if lush green, and this I remember very specifically, including that there were blackberries. Some of them were red, and others were a juicy ripe black. As I ran I knew I needed to head in a different direction. I kept glancing outward to make sure that the tan girl had not seen me. However, I noticed that there was these Vitatnmese looking people standing around at a distance and hat made me wary. I kept going though untilI got to end of the trail.

I stood in the line with the Vietnamese where there were lots of children. Their eyes were messed up and has blue in them. There was also some blood pouring out. I heard people talking how it was contagious just by touch. I heard someway talking about vaccinations, and how some guy had died after 90 transfusions (which I guess we're supposed to save him from becoming like the children). I then decided to leave before they could do that to me. I saw these two large plastic tubs of blood, and there was some guy standing on top of a bus speaking English. I ran, knowing that if I didn't something bad would happen to me.

I ran into these three or four girls under a plum tree (almost all of this took place in my yard but it was modified) and we quickly became friends. We played cards and we were told by one of them that people were being discharged from the war permanently for having asthma. We all rushed next door and told the similar story. When it was my turn I told the nurse I had coughing asthma and regular asthma. She scared me because she started talking and I had a one beside something that said leukemia. She told me, however, that I was extremely intelligent. She said something else but I don't remember. She started talking about a guy, but she handed me a ticket which I guess she wasn't supposed to and I left.

I begged a friend of mine to tell the asthma story and make sure they got out alive to come back and see me. I was so sad. Then I had to travel up and down these crazy railroad tracks, some of which were made of mud, others of rock. I saw a few other scraggly people traveling along them, and because everything was railroad tracks I had no choice but to outrun trains the entire time. I'm very fast but in my dream I was even faster though at times it felt like something was pulling me back.

When I made it to this small station, I handed in my ticket which said, 391 which I guess was my car number or something. I met some girls and I think their number was 376. None of us could find our cars when they started driving up, and we ended up getting a large call all to ourselves which was 391 (I told a lady it had not come yet and she called another one). That is all I remember if the dream because I woke up shortly after.

What does all of this mean? Especially the numbers: 391, 376, 90 and 990 (the amount of money I got to leave the army with)?

Example: What is the meaning of fruit trees in dreams?

I dreamed that I was sitting high on the roof top of a house that I have never been to.

I and and my mother (who in real life is alive and well, and happens to live across the street from me) were trying to figure out what type of fruit was growing on the big tree next door. They were big round and green, sort of like unripened apples. I guessed it was plums.

HERE is the important part: I looked up at OUR tree that in the dream was the same exact type, and it was close, in the front yard close, but I knew I couldn't reach, so...

I decided to go inside... and thru the window where I was entering the house (I was on the roof and used the window to go in and out, there was...

a branch from the tree with a ripe fruit coming thru the window right to me! I bit the fruit, and said "I was right, it is a plum".

The trees on both yards were big and abundantly packed with green fruits.

Example: What does my dream mean?

The other night I dreamt that I was talking to a cat & the cat was talking back to me.. I hadn't been drinking, nor do I smoke the funny stuff.

What does my dream mean...

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night where i took a really big dump or poop that it plum filled up the toilet bowl to over flowing! Sooooooo, does this dream mean that i am full of____?

Example: What does it mean when you see your reflection in the mirror screaming dream interpretation?

Example: I just woke up from a scary mutant apocalypse dream. What could it mean?

This dream was almost like a tv show with all these stories circling around the same thing because there are parts of this dream where I am not there, but I know what's going on.

So in the beginning of the dream I was at my friend's boyfriend's( we'll call him Steven) house with his dad, daughter and roommate(we'll call him Anthony). We were all in the living room and for some reason his dad put this gate in front of the door (like the gates closed stores have in mall during afterhours) and there were these kids. They weren't doing much I would go outside to smoke and nothing would happen. Out of nowhere I hear Steven's dad screaming about how he just killed his daughter because she was going crazy. We ran back outside to see that everyone were either being attacked or turning into these weird goblins. They were still well functioning human beings. some were standing around and talking, but all the other ones were attacking and eating people. This is when my dream shifts to an entirely different location and we're at some rich guy's mansion. He's hiding up in his attic and some weird girl from downstairs is calling him a coward. Then he has a flashback when he was with this girl and he betrayed in some kind of way. I'm pretty she is the cause of all the chaos going on in my dream. Now we're back to my issue and we're outside(again) trying to stock up on things so we can hide in the basement. Out of nowhere Anthony is on the roof the house chilling like nothing is going on and simply says that he needs to get ****** up because it'll be the last time. So he starts smoking a bowl then we all join him. While we're smoking all the goblins are still going crazy and eating people. We go back down to the basement where we try to act normal and watch TV. Steven's dad becomes a goblin, but he's acting completely normal except for the fact that his face is twisted and speaks with a growl. I ask him for some food and he tells me if I give him a cigarette he will. Then Anthony turns into one to and is chilling on the floor and says how your lungs fall out at first but after that it's okay.
Again we shift and I'm running down the sidewalk of the a park by my house. There I cross the street and climb onto a billboard with my friend. She shows me pictures what's happening downtown and there it's much worse. There are buildings on fire and goblins crawling on cars chasing people. We even see street punk goblins and gutter punk goblins including this kid named Klyde. We sit up there for a while and then we finally get down. We head to a palace or some crazy **** and the queen has everything barricaded. We meet her at the tower and it's nearly morning now and she's on this peaceful mood and tell we're now queens too and flowers grow around her. THEN OUT OF ******* NOWHERE WE'RE BACK AT THAT RICH GUY'S MANSION and he's in the attic now and the girl is still giving him **** and is now coughing up blood this is where we find out that he pretended to love her to exploit her to the press and she threatened him that she will give him hell... and obviously she is now cause he is freaking out.
Finally my friend and I are back on the billboard looking at more photos of the disaster and most of the goblins downtown are punk kids. The queen comes up on the billboard and tells us we need to leave and therefore we do and we end up in this balcony of the queens palace and we eat plums. Then a moth starts to fly around me, a dusty moth.


* I don't even watch TV let alone watch zombie ****

Example: What did this dream mean?

The other day I went running but I had to stop as I felt a heart arrthymia. That night I dreamed I was looking at some plums. I know they represented hearts because I was imagining them beating. I bit into several of them but they were hard and underripe.

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