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Dream About Pluck 2 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Two very strange dreams...what do you think they mean?

i had a dream last night that a hummingbird was in my room with me flying frantically about looking for somewhere to land and it was fluttering around me as well... it seemed to be trying to get my attention to open the door and help it or something... itw as very beautiful and colored like a macaw with rainbow tones to its wings... at first i just watched it fly around, trying to figure out what it was doing... then idecided to open the door for it. when i went to open my door to let the bird outside, it was raining heavy outside! the bird looked scared to leave... but it was eager to escape as well. i felt bad for it. i kept gesturing my hand to the bird as to say, here, lool the doors open! then finally it just took off right into the rain.

dream two...now for a nother bird. right after the hummingbird dream i have a dream that im sleep on my bed and a black bird that is huge and resembles a vulture and crow mix... it had buzzard feathers like frayed all around the neck as they tend to... this big black buzzard came through ahole in my roof. it then perched on my foot. then it just stared and looked at me as if to examine me. then it hopped closer. onto my knee. examined me more. then... it hopped onto my shoulders! i freaked out! i could tell it was going to possibly bite me, even pluck out my eye so i began to try to intimidate it to get off me by making scary sounds and face expressions. i looked dead as i was sleep to the bird, but i wasnt i was just sleeping... i was too afraid to get up and move because it was so close to me and i tried to move my face away from his so he wouldnt bite me and then i woke up. what the hell do you think of these?

in the past few months ive had dreams of a cobra lunging at me, 3 tigers- two pitch black , the 2 black ones attacked by the normal looking tiger sat up and watched. i had a dream of 3 black ravens watching me, a dove turning into a rat...lots of animal dreams! most of them are black and im lost on what it allmeans!

Perhaps you are moody.You are happy sometimes,unhappy some times.The changing mood only reflected in dreams.You are growing or sexuality is getting aroused.Such dreams are usual around periods.Possibly you are anxious about outcome of something.Since your age or gender is not known nothing more can be added.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream of the following, please interpret it:
1. there are black straight about an inch size of few hair on my armpit and I was trying to pluck it out.
2. i was in a train and it seems like i'm working there managing and making sure that everything is in order.
3. there were men that seems to be familiar on my dreams but when i woke up i forgot even everything about them.
4. my 3 friends are in a car and i was in another car with 2 people. i was worried coz my friends' almost bumped or had an accident coz they were driving in zigzag.
5. there was a strange man i was having sex with but i can't recognize his face.
6. i was confident that i can fly

please send me interpretations about these dreams. thanks.

Example: What will be the meaning of dream where I am plucking fruits(Guava) from the tree?

Yesterday night i had a dream where I saw an old castle, I am not very much sure that what was I doing there but I saw a big snake lying far away from me in a room. Then I saw that I have climbed a guava tree and plucking some of its fruits of which few, I think 1 or 2 was eaten partially by squirrel and I was keenly searching for the ripe fruits. I even had a fruit which was very sweet in taste. Actually we are planning to buy a car and so last night I prayed to God to show me some kind of vision to know the will of God.

Example: Why am I dreaming every night..?

Hi, for as long as I can remember (around 2 months). I've been dreaming every single time I sleep and this means I'm really tired and wake up feeling groggy, and then I usually end up just crawling back into bed and sleeping for another few hours! Anyway its kind of a few questions in one..

I have Agoraphobia, maybe my dreams are linked with that.

I cannot for the life of me - sleep at a normal time. My usual schedule is getting tired around 9 a.m and waking up at 5-7 p.m. I've tried completely staying up overnight to the next night then going to bed at a reasonable time since I'm tired and I'll fall asleep there and then but it hasn't worked. I stayed up from 12 p.m a few days ago all the way to 12:30 a.m the next night, went to bed woke at 12 p.m. Now im here at 7 a.m still not tired!

So could this all be linked to excessive dreaming/Agoraphobia.

Sorry for the long question(s)!

Example: Had this ridiculously perculiar dream... i mean WTF?

ok, first off i was playing in the park with my childhood friend. ( i havent seen him for a decade but i recently found him on facebook) when all of a sudden the swing he was swinging on and him got eaten by a giant hedgehog! i told him to spit my friend out but he said hed only do it if i could pluck a golden spine from the middle of his back. well i climbed through the spines heading towards this golden one in the middle that i was catching glimpses of through the spines, then right arm got cut off by one of the spines but i was determined to save my friend. as i went through the rest of the spines i became aware that it had turned into a corn field and there was much shouting and screaming, a bit like world war 2 seeings as i was in military gear with a gun strapped to my back,still no arm though. as i emerged into a large expanse of land littered with bodies i discovered that the final spine wasnt a spine at all but a golden line made by a large bomb dropping from the sky about to impact with the earth. as it hit a giant mushroom cloud apeared on the horizon and button mushrooms fell from the sky. "its all over" said my old headmaster dressed as a polar bear. "your best friend has died and you let him die, youve failed not only yourself, but me, and your family, and everyone else in this class" "THATS A LIE!" i yelled and even as i did so he picked up a chainsaw and started it up. at this point i realised we were in the general office of my old school except there were fish tanks with babies swimming around inside dotted around the walls. anyway i was feeling angry at this point so with rightous fury i kicked my headmaster( now an actual polar bear in the shins) and stole the chainsaw. with the chainsaw i plunged it repeatedly into every part of the polar bear i could find, i was just so angry at it, i cant believe myself. normally im not a violent person but it felt so justified attacking this monstosity.

anyhow i replaced that missing left arm with the chainsaw and proclaimed myself ruler of the people, and there was a big parade in london which was going on fine until the young version of one of my best friends was crying. i said "whats wrong little girl?" and feeling my left arm she said "y.y..youre just so cold" to which i said, "ill never let go" and sank into the ocean. it was at this point that i sank into the ocean and woke up sweating.

to be noted is that this was quite a cold night and my left arm was hanging out of the bed fro under the covers which might explain the arm but what about the rest?

anyways thakyou for reading i know it was fairly long but i need some solid advice on what the hell it was all about.

Example: What's the meaning of Daniel's dream in the Holy Bible?

Example: Dream Analysis, plucking hair from my chin, any ideas?

I dreamt that i was plucking hairs from my chin, 2 hairs ... but the hair from my chin was very long, almost never ending it looked about 8inches. I dreamt many dreams this night but what on earth does this mean?
thank you *

Example: What does it mean to have an incredibly intimate dream about a family member?

while staying with my cousin Payton and her husband Jack and their 3 kids (Alec 7, Hank 4, and Jessie 1) i had a dream about Jack 2 times a couple days apart. It was very intimate and i still think of it often, i thought for a little while i had feelings for Jack but i know now that i can love him but ONLY as family. In this dream i got in the shower with Jack and we "DID IT" but i mean hes 15 yrs older than i am, im 16. Does this dream mean anything? What does it mean?

Example: What does this dream, (more like nightmare), mean?

Usually, when I wake up from a bad dream I think, "Oh, its nothing". But once I woke up after this one, I needed to find out what it meant.

The dream was:
I was at my drama club and my best friend/crush was there. It was the break and we were talking. after a little time I decided it was time to finally plucked up the courage to ask him out. So I did and he just walked away. I asked what was wrong, and he was silent. I said sorry and asked if we could be friends still and he shouted "0 percent chance" So I was really trying to get him to understand I was sorry and then this other guy I know comes up, and he says "Wow, this is the first time you've cared for a guy cuz..."and I cut him off saying "Shut up!" The roots of that bit is like 3 months ago I dated one of his friend but I dumped him after 2 weeks. Anyway, I carried on pleading and then, omigosh, I accidentally called him the wrong name! The name of one of my other guy friends.

I don't really remember much else but I want to know what that dream meant. Is it saying, "Don't ask him out!" or "If you do, that's what'll happen!"

I just need to know

Thanks lots in advance

Example: My boyfriend dreamed 2 dreams in one night. Can someone please interpret them for me?

So I live in Arizona and that is where I met my boyfriend (In 10th grade). We have been dating for a very long time. Well I moved to California for college and my boyfriend is still in Arizona. It has been tough for us, but I come home in a couple months. :) He has been missing me and I to miss him and just recently he told me he had these dreams that he didn't know what they meant, but they seemed so real to him and he just wants to know what they mean! Here they are! :) Please no rude comments. Thanks.

First dream:
My boyfriend dreamed that we (me and some people [friends family]) were in a field and we were plucking weeds out. My boyfriend, as he was plucking a weed out, he got cut on his right hand side thumb. It really didn't bleed, it turned an ugly yellow color. Then he told me in his dream that I told him that he now has this weird disease (he cannot recall what) and that he was going to die slowly and I laid by him by his side and cried until he died. :(

Second Dream:
My boyfriend is dead in this dream but he is another person's body. He sees that I have moved on with someone else in his dream. He cried in the dream and woke up really sad, but relieved it was a dream. He wants to know what these dreams mean. Please and thank you! :)

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