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Dream About Playing meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean? I'm not playing?

Ok. I'm a straight nice guy. But today when I had a sweet dream there were two girls in my house. For some reason they were both lesbians (I talked to some of them in life), and I was slowly making my move. At first it didn't work, then went I started caressing the first pretty girl, the second was a little envious and I tried to satisfy her too. Then when things got to the final stage (she gave me a condom), the first girl got on top of me and took full control of my body and quite shockingly, the second girl was about to inject some syringe into my body (I guess into my arm or whatever). I struggled forcefully, I was extremely scared and I woke up. It all seemed so real.

Any people who believe in dreams... what could this dream mean?

Thanks. No offense to anyone by the way.

hmm... maybe its a sign that says you shouldn't be too anxious, after all it did bring your demise in the dream. also, never go for more than one girl.

also kinda curious, after the dream where u were injected, did you feel different or did you have like a revelation or something?

Example: Dream meaning?

So there's a boy who i really hate, but he keeps showing up in my dreams. Like in the first one, he's playing xbox with my dad, and in the next he's apologizing to me for being so mean to me. In my friends dream, we got married. Does this mean that i have repressed feeling of a lovish nature?

Example: What does my dream about playing the "cello" mean?

I had a dream last night, that my band teacher was teaching us all to play the cello. It was really fun and made a nice sound. Although, I don't think it was a cello but, that is what everyone was calling it. It didn't have a bow that I can remember and it was the size and shape of a violin. Maybe we were just practicing plucking for the day and maybe it was a violin. But, I remember making a joke that I was playing the violin with this unknown instrament.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream the other day that my crush and i were playing tips in the park playground , what does it mean?

Example: Car crash & playing guitar. What does the dream mean?

I sometimes have dreams about "the one who got away." This guy is someone I've noticed since 8th grade, and it's the kind of thing that hasn't faded with time (it's been about 7 years).
The most recent dream was maybe a blend of several dreams in one sleep.
I remember seeing the dude die in a car crash (winding a curve too fast, flipping over, then a burst of flames). I got on my knees and cried it felt so real. Next thing I knew, he was sitting cross-legged directly in front of me, and I was sitting the same way facing him, singing and playing guitar, and he was looking at me with love and adoration. That felt great. Then I woke up. That's all I can remember.

Example: What's this dream mean -- playing a sport...?

I played lacrosse in college a bit, but was a walk-on with little previous experience. I did pick up enough of the sport to start a good number of times. Anyway, I had a dream that I was my age now, 40, and on some lousy team where most of the players were younger. I hadn't started and they didn't have much faith in me. During a practice, the team was trying to find a scorer. Eventually, as all the players were resigned about my (they thought lack of) ability, I get the ball and am shooting on goal. At first, everyone groans that I have trouble picking up the ball and cradling it. But, once I get the ball in my stick's netting, I'm making tremendous shots on goal and everyone is amazed. The consensus is, if I just pick up a couple of basic stick-handling techniques, I could be the team's star scorer. What the heck does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a cat playing in your lap?

Such a weird dream. The cat was playing with my fingers and licking my face.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a cat licking and playing with you?

It was such a weird dream. The cat was in my lap licking my hands and playing with my fingers.

Example: What does it mean when dreaming about playing soccer with a marble?

what does it mean when me a a few long time friends that i haven't seen in years are playing soccer with a marble in my living room?

Example: Does my dream mean anything: Music playing?

Hey :D
i had a short dream which was odd...and music was playing and the song was another one bites the dust by queen which is odd ha ha does it mean anything?

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