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Dream About Playing Chicken meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean if I dreamt I got beat by a fox at a game of chess, so I had to give it my chickens?

what does it mean? well thats not hard to innterprit, every one knows that if you play a game of chess with a fox and he wins you HAVE to give him your chickens, however if you beat him he is obligated to give you all his grapes. thats just the way it is

Example: What do my dreams mean? :I please and thank you?

ok well my first dream a flamingo/chicken hatched out of an egg that was in my fridge. second one was where my parents bought this big store and put it in our basement (so we had a store in the basement and we sold stuff, and in that dream we had 3 cats, we then let them go in the wild and they were BIG cats now and still loved us. and i dreamed about the guy i liked (hes usually quite and shy) and he was so mean! so can anyone help?

Example: Dream meaning? (About hens, bunnies, and a gecko?)?

Lately, I have been dreaming a lot.
One night it was about a peacock I was scared of that was "guarding" a friend's house.
The other two nights I'm really curious about.

So one night in my dream, I dreamt I was in a farm like field. I saw young hens walking around and hiding (like as if playing hide-and-go-seek with me). I ended up straying away from searching for the hens because I found some chicken eggs in the field... Lots of them (like Easter egg hunts, but with real chicken eggs). So I started picking one after another and soon enough had a basket of them. In the middle of this, I found a metal cage with four little baby bunnies inside; two white and two black. I completely adored them so I decided to take them home with me.
And that was it.

Another night (my most recent one), I dreamt I was in my backyard but it was filled with potted plants and growing leaves and vines everywhere (My backyard has none of this). And I really wanted a gecko for some reason and I finally got one. Well.. I think I found it somewhere.. I didn't have a proper cage, so I put it in this huge plastic container and put the lid on it slanted (so it could breathe..). I put some leaves and a water bowl and what not in it. I remember the gecko was trying to climb the walls to get out.. The main problem was that I didn't have any food for it. And by the time I found a bug/worm to feed it, the gecko was turning yellowish brown and dying...
In the end, it died, and I felt really bad...
In reality, a gecko wouldn't die in an hour... (Unless it was starving already, I guess)

If you could help me out by solving the meanings with me, I would greatly appreciate it (:

Example: Weird dream about chickens?

last night i dreamt about chickens..it started i was watching tv and i weird song came on with every other word being chicken and then cleaning my house everywhere i turned was a rooster or chicken statue, ..there were chickens and roosters everywhere and the chicken song kept playing over and over..what could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

So I only remember bits of this dream I had, and some I dont remember at all I just wrote them down. Anyways, please help me decipher the meanings as well as you can.

One part of the dream was that I had one skinny wrist, which I was excited when I saw it (like a yay im finally really thin) but then I saw that my other wrist was still the same, which made me dissapointed

I was in a large clothes store, where I repeadetly saw and atalked to a certain saleslady who looked normal enough, but was kind of bigger and also gave off this aura that I didnt like, kind of Im-better-than-you-ish, and then later I saw one of the salesladies who started to freak out and pull clothes off the racks, and then the saleslady I didnt like told me that 'Death' was coming for me, at which point a grimreaper appeared.

-another part of the dream was that I was in Starbucks, where I was getting a drink, which when I recieved it wasnt made very well, and then I was thinking of getting something to eat, so I picked up a granola bar and it wasd 530,000 calories, which totally shocked me
, but then I realized it was cement, and when I looked outside, there was a pool with a lot of little kids playing in it, which had been built with the cement.

-Another part was that I was in my basement, but it was pretty dark and some guy that I knew in the dream was there. There were a lot of weird-looking bugs, and the guy kept chickening out so I killed the bugs with a textbook by myself.

What does this all mean? Sorry its so long just such a bizarre dream

Example: What do these two crazy dreams Mean? Dead cockroaches and spoiled meat?

In the first dream, I was at my parents house. I looked behind a curtain at the window and dead cockroaches lined the window seal. All shapes in sizes with their dead shell like bodies, pieces of their crispy carcasses scattered along the window seal. It looked as if they had been there a while. It was a collection that had to have accumulated over time. My dad's chair was beside the window. A throw blanket was over the back of his chair. I lifted the blanket up a bit to find more dead roaches. The legs and bodies seeming caught to the fabric of the chair and the blanket. I was utterly disgusted. A few seemed to still be alive and moving. I couldn't believe my dad would sit in such a nasty chair. Then I woke up.
I went back to sleep and into a dream where I was a contestant on a show. Every day I had to eat whatever I was given to win. On this particular day, it was gangrene beef and chicken that was not spoiled. The chicken was okay and safe to eat. Both meats were already cut into bite size peices. The gangrene beef was dark. The chicken was white as if it were canned chicken. My son (age 8) was in the dream. He wanted to try some and I wouldn't let him because it could make him sick. He had a toy in a package with him. The packaged toy looked like he might have gotten it from a happy meal.

That is all I remember of that dream. I had both dreams in the same night.

So...peanut gallery...what do you think? Any idea what these might symbolize?

Example: What does it mean to dream you're standing on a balcony?

This is not the first time i am dreaming about this.But i dream it in different ways.
The first time i dreamed this;in the dream i was standing on the balcony enjoying the environment and the balcony i was standing on was white and it was so beautiful and i was looking over and down seems deep..i think cuz the balcony i was standing was like two or three floors high.
the second time i dreamed about this; i was at the country i use to be when i was a kid and at the same house i was, the house is big and it was white and looked bra-new and i was so happy that i returned to the country i use to be,i was playing around then i went to the balcony to take deep breath (like sign of relief) and then i looked down i saw an old poor man, and in my hand i had some bread, then i cut the bread into two pieces and then i throw half of it down to the poor man.he didn't see the bread at first but then their was a police standing by him and told him some one just throw him a bread ,he was happy and then all of a sudden i saw my white chicken on the street,so i told the old man to give me my chicken and he did ..then i turned around i saw people standing on my balcony i asked them what are they doing then i told them to leave the balcony cuz i don't know who they are and what they want but it was weird that they were all looking at the same direction.but i don't know what their looking at cuz all i saw was houses and they looked super amazed at something.

Example: Can someone figure out what my dream means?

well i know i had a dream before i had this one but i can remember what is was about but this is the one i remember.

i remember that i was a guy god (or i thought i was guy). there was talking animals in a cloud sky town. and i was like the ruler, i was the ruler because i was nice as kind. there was this girl chicken who wanted to have kids. so i gave her the power to have kids with out breading. then this big chicken coop like thing but it had arch way all over it and going though the coop thing was like a conveyer belt but it didnt move and nests were on them so the chicken can lay eggs. and the coop thing kept the eggs warm. and i believe that the chicken was an off white color like cream. so the chicken starts laying eggs and i move them inside the coop thing. there was 2 - 4 eggs in each nest. and right by the chicken there was a pile of eggs and a sign saying 7432 (i know the 7 is right, not quite sure of the others ) but the pile was way to small to be that number. so i say something like "i think there done now." so the cow comes out of this basket like a hot air balloon basket but just a basket. and the cow says "lets see" then starts jumping on the eggs. and when the cow jumps on the ready eggs they flatten half out then go back to normal. then i go closer to the chicken and i take an egg and put it on the ground and i cracked the egg open a girl chick can out, i did that again but this time the guy chick jumped off the edge of the cloud city. and the chicken starts freaking out. so this boy with 2 giant chocolate chip cookies (i don't even like those ) as wings tries to get the chick that fell, and i'm watching this from below the boy with the cookies and his right arm a part of that cookie goes though a cloud and i think it looks like cream of some sort, then i look up at the darkening circling clouds i see this thing like the face of john silver from treasure planet in the clouds. then it restarts were the boy jumps again, and again and this time i hear a voice like "game over" or "you fail" or "times up" then the boy jumps again than after than he gives up. i could not save that chick. so i crack open another egg this one was just a yoke and something pushes it off the edge then i said cook it and feed it to the hungry people in the cloud city. then i crack another egg another yoke one, they cook it. then i am told i was needed in the library. so i go there and i am handed a book and it says this was supposed to happen in the future and i read on to what happen later to that black chick that fell off. and i turns out he finds a powerful blue tear shaped stone that let it live and rule that part of the sea were he fell. he asked the blue stone were his mother was and it told him. he found her then i closed the book and returned to the mother chicken and told her she will see her son again then cracked another egg and a chick came out a boy.

then my alarm clock woke me up

Example: What does my dream mean? i need help!?

Okay so last week I had a dream related to this one guy I have a small crush on so this is the deal he and his friends stare at me a lot and many times when I was alone and walking to class he would stare at me and I would somewhat look back at him we once made eye contact for like more than 6 seconds for sure and well in my dream I was walking around in my school and one of his friends says something to me I couldn't understand what he said and he left and smiled at me and then this other guy friend of his starts talking to me and says oh hey you know my friend "Andy" and I act dumb and say no I don't know and he says " what's up with you and andy I heard you guys be exchanging looks at each other and I stayed quiet and he said what kind of kids do you like and I was like I like every kind except weirdos that be staring and he said you like us and I said no but I got a little nervous and then he turned and looked at me and said remember the looks try really hard to remember and then I started remembering all the looks and stares from him and his friends then I just woke up. What does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

my dream
First i was on the rooftops of my high school fighting monsters or demons i don't know which and i was fighting them with magic . My partner fighting with me was this girl i liked but she was weaker and i had to protect her. then i killed a very important person who was chinese and he was like an evil ruler or dictator. He also knew how to use magic but to my surprise i snuck into his palace and assassinated him with a butcher knife to the back. i covered his mouth so he wouldn't scream. His guard came around the corner and was all like, " what have you done? you set great dangers upon yourself," that wasn't the exact words but that's what i remember he said. When i killed him i was the leader of the city and my Friends worked for me. someone was trying to kill me and eliminate my Friends. One of my Friends had white hair and a red leather jacket and it was announced that the guy i killed planned to kill him. This story is a little jumpy but then i was listening to a video as if i was in a game where they transfer you to a screen. then i was playing a video game that i won. sort of like skateboarding in tokyo on floating skateboards. then i somehow ended up in the past in the 1960's with my Friend david. we were hungry so we went into a kfc and ordered 2 meals of chicken and mashed potatoes. the lady looked at us suspiciously when we handed her a yellow 10 dollar bill from the future. she told us to wait there and talked to her other workers. she was chinese and so was every worker there. my Friend realized wat was going on and just left an older version of a 10 dollar bill on the counter and ran out. The lady started blaming me for giving her a fake 10 dollar bill, and i was like i didn't give you that my Friend did i have money to pay for my meal! i gave the lady 3 old dollars and some old pennies . the meal had cost 3.15. She asked me to tell her my school schedule which i immediately became defensive saying no! i payed for my food and that guy wasnt paying for me i shudnt be in trouble! and shes like well okay and she gave me my food and immediatly dissapeared into the workers area. i was eating my food and watching an old time t.v. that was inside the place. The reseraunt was not using lights though, only had the t.v.. then i woke up from a phone call

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