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Dream About Platonic Love meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What Do My Dreams About Love Mean?

I'm a 15 year old guy and do not usually go for this dream type-stuff but it has happened enough that I would like to know what it means if anything. I only remember my dreams when I wake up late on weekends but when I do they are usually about me falling in love with some girl (my age) that I don't even know. Most recently it was an actress but it has been anonymous girls in the past. In the dream we just go on dates and share real, intimate moments with each other. Also, these girls (especially the actresses) are not even people that I am that attracted to in real life. I have never had any sort of girlfriend or even ever been on a date because I'm extremely shy so I think that these dreams may be due to a desire to experience such feelings. Please help.

You are probably right. All of us yearn for close relationship and when we begin to feel as though we are missing out on those relationships because of shyness or other fears, we begin expressing that longing in our dreams. Don't be in too big a hurry to have a girlfriend.

It is often more pleasant to yearn and dream, than having those dreams and yearnings fulfilled, only to find that those relationships cause greater turmoil and complication. I missed out on college because I was in a deep depression over my best friend stealing my girlfriend when I was 18. Nothing wrong with having close Platonic relationships with girls (if possible) but love will always create the drama.

Example: What does losing an old girlfriends bag in a dream mean?

Last night i had a dream of walking around and i magically saw my old chinese girlfriend from 2004 appear in front of me! her eyes were glistening and she had a cute hairdo with long black shiny bristles!

she gave me a small college bag full of paper, it was so heavy! after she poofed the air i walked away from the college and i left the bag there because it was so heavy.

then on the streets i was walking past a traffic light and she was on the other side looking at me with a sad face. i felt so sad i wanted to cry! then i looked into her eyes and she said to me "you lost my bag can u go find it for me?" but strangely she said it to me with her inner voice using telepathy!
how could she communicate to me wihtout moving her mouth?

somehow i had telepathic powers and i said to her "ok" without moving my mouth, its very scary this is the 2nd night i see her... but she is in another country now, it was 2004!

Example: What does my dream mean?

for the past week every night ive been having dreams about me kissing and dating my big sisters bf. The weird thing is, every time we kiss its in crystal clear pools. Help? Please?

Example: Sexual dreams? what do they mean?

what does it mean if you have a sexual dream about someone you know?
I had one about a very close friend of mine, and it wasnt that sexual, we were just making out and feeling each other but for the rest of the day i couldn't get it out of my mind.we're really close friends.

I fancied her awhile back but then she got a bf. Now they've split up.
ever since this dream, I have started like-liking her again, sortof.

I don't want to start liking her again just from this dream, like is it okay? I have mixed feelings about her.

Example: Love and dream ? Want to know what it means?

Ok there 2 dreams I want to talk about one is my dream and the other is this girl I have a crush on (2years still like her ) ok I had a dream that I was a terrorist for some reson I was killing people I was in rage for some reson I pull out a RPG and fire it in to a group of people I saw that I also kill the girl I had a crush on I start to freak out I was like no! Then some how she got up and all mad and said my name Jose what wrong with u ( and she all way get mad at me when I do something wrong ) she said all this stuff then I woke up now let talk about her dream it was a long time befor she was in love with me she said me and her were walking in this forest she got this bunny then she told me that I took it away from her and let it go she went chaseing after it then a monter came out of no were and was about to kill her she said out of no were I came to save her the monter went away then she said that I said in the dream " I though I was going to lose you " then I hug her that it I still love her she use to love me but not any more just has a friend can any one tell me what the two dream mean the one she dream of me saveing her was befor the one I went cazy thanks =)

Example: What, if anything, did this dream mean?

Ok so last night i had a really strange dream. I was on i think it was a vacation, or at least it seemed like that with my sisters and my two best friends. When we were there I was just hanging out with my friends out of NO WHERE pops in the kid ive liked for the past year, lets call him...ethan. So in my dream Ethan calls me over and is like, "wanna play a game?" so of course i say yes. and he was like good id love to tap that. hahahaha. then what he did was we stood back to back and locked arms then he would lean forward so i would be laying on his back. and in my dream for some reason everyone was like wow, that's the coolest thing! we did that for what seemed like ever, and then he just disappeared..

what could this dream have meant? thank you so much!

Example: Platonic love?

what is platonic love?
Is it possible to love someone and yet not be with him?

i met this guy when i was 15, we were best friends for 3 years and then he shifted across the world to study.
i knew i was in love with him, but i never told him, since he had a gf. but we always remained close friends through email and chat.
he has never been happier, he enjoys his work there. and i have got the job i really wanted here. he would never even dream of moving back here.
i feel so lost sometimes. i hope he remains happy there but there is this selfish part of me, which wants him back here, with me.
i am 23 now.
he doesnt have a gf anymore. just today morning he told me he loved me in a platonic way. and he is coming to visit me next month.
should i ask him if we could be more than that? [because we havent see each other for 5 years, his opinion may have changed right? ]

Example: What does nonplatonic love mean and platonic love mean?

I had a dream and I just wanted to detail it accurately.

Example: Platonic love VS real love?


I dont understand how people say platonic love is "dreamlike".

Example: What do my dreams of my male friends whom I have a platonic relationships with mean?

All the dreams are different, and I can never pick them up again. And the friends are always different. The dreams range from casual hang outs to arranged marriages. What can they mean?!?!?!?!

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