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Dream About Placenta meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I dreamed I was chased by a placenta bear, then ground up and served as a sloppy joe. What does this mean?

It means that you are Manwich. Were you disturbed by the dream? Perhaps you should re-evaluate your environment, and whomever may be subconsciously planting those horrifying images in your mind. Did you enjoy the dream? Perhaps you should re-evaluate who is subconsciously feeding you such imagery. The profile for such a person is erratic- severe enjoyment of the absurd, but also enjoys logic problems; likes culturally disturbing things like parasitic twins, but appears socially normal, etc. You never know what to expect from such a person, but they are never mean.
Perhaps you should cut back on Oprah. Be very wary of her new OWN channel, debuting 1/01/2011.

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream about going into labor?

I had a dream last night I was pregnant then I went into labor and went to the hospital. They said I was not ready yet so I had to wait there. I had to pee really badly and they helped me to the bathroom. I peed forever and when I got up there was blood, the nurse said o that's just the placenta. But we need to pull the baby now. I went back to the room and they pulled the baby out in like two seconds and laid him on the bed, as the nurse was cleaning him I woke up. Please any ideas?

Example: What does my baby dream mean?

i am pregnant and i had a dream last night that i had a miscarriage in the bath but it wasn't really gory or anything, my bf was with me and he said whats that? then i looked and it was a sack type thing, like a placenta i suppose, but it looked more like a water balloon. it had a hole in where you could see in and i looked and there was a tiny tiny baby size of a mouse and it was still alive and smiling, it was gorgeous and perfect and i was thinking 'awww should i ring hospital and see if i can still save it' it was bizarre it wasn't really a sad feeling it was like happiness. but then it started falling asleep, it looked peace full though, but it drifted off and then i could tell it was never going to wake back up. i was feeling empty because i knew my beautiful baby had gone and i had loved it before it even had existed properly, then i woke up. for a moment i thought it was real then i realised it was just a dream and was relieved i am still pregnant. but now i am wondering what dream meant and hoping it not a premonition or my baby saying goodbye or something. i am due for a 4 month scan tomorrow

Example: What does my dream mean?

Two nights ago I had a dream that my younger sister layed and egg and I was screaming at my mother and step father to take us to the hospital because their was something wrong with my sisters uterus which is why the egg would not stay inside her, and in order to keep the baby alive I needed to place the egg in my uterus. As the dream goes on they dont seem to understand how serious I am about the hospital my mother seems to think what ever is in the egg is dead but I feel something moving as I am holding this egg. So I tell them I feel it moving we need to hurry and they stop off at a mall for stuff that was not needed, and the egg begins to crack open now the shell is completely off and its the texture of a hard boiled egg. I start again to stress the fact of going to the hospital and my sister makes a statement "i refuse to have a baby wearing a uniform for the rest of my life". I dont understand what she means but it makes me angry and I begin to tell her she is only 16 she needs to shut up. My mother gets angry with me and then my sister replies "Dont think you get to keep my baby just because your helping it survive" again I get upset and scream at her the boiled egg begins to crack and yolk falls out of it.
As the egg open a very small baby still in its clear sack with water and placenta is in my hands. I get fustrated and run to the parking lot and see my step father buying a watch I get to the parkinglot and call 911 and ask for an ambulance. Finally my mom, sister and step father arrive and the ambulance shows up shortly after, they begin to tell me that there is nothing they can do to help and they leave. Moments after they leavr the sack open and water flows out and im holding this beautiful baby in my arms I keep calling it a he but in my head I know its a female, I clean her off and give her to my sister and then I drive to the hospital and as soon as I pull up, I wake up.

What does this dream mean? The details are so strong and it felt so real.

Example: I had an awful dream, what does it mean?

last night i dreamed i was in some school showers, we let all the showers run and blocked up the plug holes so it flooded, and we were all sitting in the flood as if it was a bath, i then started to spot (as in bleed like the start of a menstrual period) it got heavier, then i had an urge to push and i delivered a placenta.

what does this mean?

Example: One crazy dream. What do you think it means.?

I was in a huge house going from room to room messing with things. (I can't remember all of the details on that). Just about everyone I knew was in it. Then before I woke up I basically gave birth to a placenta sac with a baby inside (still attatched to the umbelical cord). The baby was really small but still breathing and developed a little bit before I woke up. But I don't recall even being pregnant during the dream at all or anyone mentioning it.

I do know that just because you dreamed of a baby has nothing to do with a real baby. And no I have no baby plans. But it was just too weird and I thought id ask about it.

Example: I dreamt i had a baby girl but she came out of my belly button, what does it mean?

Right anyone who is into the meaning of dreams, get you're head around this one, I dreamt I was heavily pregnant, I was lying on my own bed at home and the baby emerged out of my belly button, the same way it comes out of the lady area normally but from my belly button, it was a totally goo free baby, a little girl with dark hair, the birth didn't hurt and there was no cord or placenta, just this clean little baby girl? anyone got any translations/explanations on hand?

thanks in advance x

Example: I am 18 weeks Pregnant and I had a weird dream of seeing my baby! What does it mean!?

What does this dream mean!?...The dream went like this...I felt movement in my belly so I looked down and saw my baby's hand and feet stretching through my skin. I wanted to tough his/her hand and when I did, I ended up pulling it through my belly and saw this TINY hand sized baby boy! What does this mean!...I then tried to stuff him back in my belly and somehow tried to close up my placenta to prevent the baby from falling out along with the amniotic fluids...I am beyond curious what my dream means. I asked "dream experts" on some site but haven't gotten a response yet...HELP!

Example: Im Really Terrified What Does This Dream Mean. Help?

so i dreamed that there was a lady about to give birth, in my dream i tried calling the emergency line but couldnt then a lil later she grabed my arms and starrted giving birth. At that moment she gave birth, she fainted, the baby lying there death. As soon as i got to the baby,in my dream, i thought it was dead because he couldnt breath since he was stilll wrapped in the placenta. I gave mouth to mouth to the baby and the baby came back to life and looked at me as thanking me. I wrapped the baby around a blanket and gave it milk. As soon as the mother of the baby woke up I tried telling her that her baby was alive and she just walked away and I took Care of it!... What does it mean?

Example: Weird Dream - I Gave Birth To A Fish - What does this mean?

I had a dream that I was just sat on my sofa and all of a sudden a fish popped out of me, it had a placenta and blood but the fish was battered like one from the chip shop. Then a couple of minutes later I gave birth to another battered fish and they were both on the sofa covered in slime and blood.
What does this mean? I have read somewhere that fish is a symbolism of pregnancy? Please help!

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