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Dream About Pitbulls meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream my ex got killed by a pitbull? O.O meaning please?{Click}?

So I'm just curious and yeah I'm over my ex :).

So I was at my previous school and me and his friends were walking up to the Play field and we saw alot of HUGE brown and black pitbulls and rottweilers running around and his friend was about to say something and I told him to shut up and we walked back down quickly and I saw my ex playing football and then ignored and we were going to a van when I saw the dogs standing and watching everyone and everyone scattered and we got into the van quickly and his friend was talking about how he wants to go for his friend(my ex)and I told him no we got no time and then I a dog jumped on my ex and ate him and killed him and then I said something like,"hAHA karma."What does this mean?


The pitbulls in your dream represent your anger towards your ex. Your dream is using the pitbull attack as a way for your psyche to release unexpressed anger within you.

Example: What could these dreams mean?

Please help interpret these dreams for me for the last two nights, my first dream was when i was somewhere in Romania with all the gardens and castles are around me. I found one dark mysterious looking castle. And i walked in and there was my dad with his black medieval looking suit laying on his bed, the inside of the castle was dark and quiet and i had a discussion with my father then it led to an argument. After the argument lasted my dad looked away with shame and he said im a bad father i pity him, then after that i went out side and fallowed this trail that led me to this bridge with the strong waves of the river. The sky was so black and gray like if it was about to rain it was depressing to look at to, and when i was heading towards the bridge i saw a man and a women they both had blonde hair they seem to wear a kind of clothing from the 1940's. They seemed like soul mates together, so i try to run after them but they saw me running towards them, so they ran away from me and as soon as i catch up to them they stood by the tree they both looked at me laughing and disappeared like ghosts. Then i woke up, my second dream i can only remember some of it i was heading to school and all of a sudden a tan pitbull saw me and started to run towards me and bit my private area it wouldn't stop biting me there so i ran away then i woke up lol. I know this was long but at least can you guys try to interpret what this means in your own knowledge sense please.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream about a pitbull that kept biting my hand. he was like chewing it and it hurt like hell. I was screaming so loud and no one helped me. I saw some of my family members there but they didn't help me or seem to flinch a little. I don't exactly remember what this dream was but it was like some competition and i was in an empty field it had no grass it was just dirt and dry and i saw something like one of those football goals there (lol i don't know). What could this mean? This dream has kept me up all night

Example: What does my dream mean.?

Okay this was my dream:

It was very early morning- just enough light to see the sky though, and outside there were 2 dogs having a dog fight, one was a Pitbull and the other A Germen Shepered. The pitbull saw me and tried to attack me but the Germen Shepered tried to protect me from Harms way, I called "Sasha!" Which appeared to be her name and all this other scary stuff (kidnapping, schoolbus crash.etc) happened but no matter what Sasha "german shepered" tried to protect me.

What do you think it means?

Example: Meaning of dreams.?

I had a crazy dream. A bunch of dogs were chasing me and my family. I was running and trying to hide but they allways find me, i am not kiding it was weird. They all were white and like a pitbull kind off. Please some one tell me what does that mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I was on the street, then two pitbull dogs came after me and attacked me, but i defeated them, like gouge out their eyes, so in a way i defeated them, but what could this mean, being attacked by two dogs like that, i keep thinking about it, sumthinn really bad happened to me, im still hurt, could this have anything to do with the dream?

Example: I had a dream I was being attacked by a pitbull. He was biting me right over my heart. Whats this mean?

Example: What does it mean if u have a dream your baby is being bit by a pitbull?

the baby was not crying just laying there while the dog was biting him

Example: What does my dream about a pitbull attacking me mean?

In my dream, there was a light brown pitbull that was playing with me at first, but then began to attack my feet and clawing at my chest. People were standing around and no one would help me no matter how much I pleaded. What does this dream mean?

Example: Attacked by pitbulls in dream?

I was sitting on the step of my door when a neighbor across the street opened his door to go outside. A black pitbull came after him and started run over to me. As it came toward me, I was scared but I stayed calm because I didn't want the dog to go crazy and hurt me even more. Then the guy had another pitbull and it came to me too so I was really nervous at this time. What made it worse was the fact that the owner wasn't in a rush to get his dogs away from me. By this time the black one grabbed my shirt sleeved and knawed at it, but the other one had my wrist in it's mouth so i was scared about that. The man got his dogs after that, but still, what does my dream mean?

Extra details: Later in the day (in the dream) alot of people were outside and the owner's pitbulls got loose again and were messing with people. I was safe because I was in my house.

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