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Dream About Pit 2 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

So last night i had a dream and it involved a male member of our family. This was weird because there are no male family members (that live near us or we know of) so he had to be maritally, related to one of my sisters. But he was abusive, not to us, but to the people outside our family that we hung out with, and killed whoever it was. For majority of the dream i was running from house to house with different family members in fear.

So in the last part of the dream, me and 2 male friends were sitting in a diner (similar to the peach pit in the old 90210 or that diner in pulp fiction, and we were talking to the man casually, like we were old friends, and then he walked out of the diner. Our intention was to get him and kill him there, which one of my male friends, sitting by the window, decides to announce very loudly. The man obviously heard him and while walking by the window of the diner to his car, casually shoots my male friend in the most unusual way: tucking the gun under his arm to make it look like his arms were folded, while using one of his hands to aim and shoot my male friend without stopping or looking at us, just kept walking, and it was so casual no one in the diner notices. So the next part of the dream involved a lot of kill-bill Quentin Tarintino style fighting with guns, killing the bad man and waking me up.

I have been sick lately and didn't do anything before bed to provoke this..i only have dreams like this when im really stressed out and the thing thats really killing me right now is the fear or me not being able to graduate high school and the fear of me failing in life because of undecided decisions and no future plans and it's really hard, i would post my question on this question, but it is so long...so i hope that helps!

But back to the dream...what does it mean?

Dreams are influenced by what we watch . If you watch horror or action films your dreams will reflect that. If you want a pure dream life, don't watch films with a lot of violence.
Your dream means You feel like you are in danger in life. You don't know about your future. You don't know about school. You don't feel safe right now .
Some people say we are every character in our dreams. You are the shooter. You are the victims. I don't usually interpret that way but if you want to , go ahead if it rings true.
We process our worries while we sleep. Maybe you are afraid you will lose the people you care about after graduation when people go their separate ways.
That would explain all the running from the bad guy who might just be your future.
I recall feeling like this when I was graduating . I knew my friends would be gone, married or in college and things would change.
It does no good to worry. Just flip a coin and go with a decision. The only thing worse then a bad decision is no decision at all.
You get stuck in limbo and you can stay there for a long time.
I tell my kid this. Any major is okay . Just pick one, get it and then you can always go back and do a" do over" if you want more schooling. Good luck. I don't think you are in danger. You are just more sensitive than a lot of people and probably more mature.

Example: What did my dream mean? I don't get it.?

Okay so there are actually two dreams.

1. OK i had this dream when i was like, 6.
So was at my house, and we had an elevator to my basement/laundry room. There were dinosaurs attacking! One of my uncles and my parents and sisters were there. we went in the car and locked in the door and the dinosaur didn't get us.

Here's the Second one, i had it a few nights ago:

2. I was in a car with my mom, me, and my dad's girlfriend's daughters (my parents are divorced.) I Have no idea why they were there. So we picked up some guy, like a hitchhiker, he actually sorta forced us to let him in the car. he was behind a bush and we drove past him and we saw him. then my dad's girlfriend's daughters disappeared and it was me my mom and him. we drove onto like an empty pool that had a water slide attached to another pool with a thing you stand on in the middle, decorated with like pirates of the Caribbean stuff. the pool was filling up. under this water slide/pool thing was nothing. it was basically a bottomless pit but you could see like wallpaper to make it look like a city was far away. the guy pushed me and i landed on the slide and climbed back up. then i pushed him off and he fell in the bottomless pit.

What did these dreams mean?

I Appreciate Your Help A Lot =) Thank You.

Example: What does it mean when u dream of world end?

I am sick right know with cold and everytime I close my eyes it keeps comming back to that dream but it keeps going. It is really scary to be in that dream becuse u are trying your best to servive but u see people diying. What does it mean.

Example: Within the past year I have had 2 dreams about God. What does this mean?

My first dream involved me living in Israel and I was wondering around in the market when I stumbled apon a crowd gathered around a man dripping with blood and a crown of thorns upon his head. His hands were tied in front of them and the king, I guess, was yelling out to the crowd what we wanted done with this man. I couldnt help thinking what on earth had this man done to deserve this? Then I woke up. It wasnt until I woke up, however, that I realized the man was Jesus. That was about a month ago, then just this morning I awoke to another strange dream. In this one I live at the beach and for about a year I had been getting these letters about going through tests for God. Then I met this man who knew about these tests. He told me what to do and how to fight and win over them. I thought he was an angel. Well, on the last test he asked me to fight God. He said, "Defeat Him by putting the feather in the master's hands and fight." He told me that after I did it, God would set me free to run wild as a boar. I started to feel worried and odd about the situation, so I began asking questions. Then I knew by a strong feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was wrong. I just wanted to go back home and cry and pray my heart out. I turned and looked at the man who had been helping me and his friends that I had just met. They had all been whispering about what I was supposed to be doing. I was so scared, I knew some how that if I told them I wouldnt do it and to take me back home, they wouldnt be too cooperative. Suddenly I woke up panting. It was such a completely bizarre dream. I really dont know what to think of iether one of them. To be completely honest they both have frightened me a little.

Example: Strange dream? what does it mean?

Yesterday I had a strange dream. The bits I could remember go like this: I woke up in my bed however there was no roof on my house and the sky was a dark purple color. I sat there for a while and there was a knock at the door and I went to get out of bed but the bed evaporated and the door materelized in front of me. so I opened it and 2 pit bulls dressed as police officers barged in a one of them jabbed me with a needle in what I think was my eye or cheek. I awoke in a prison cell with cats in suits sitting around a table player some kind of card game. One of them looked at me handed me a blank card and said "raise me" and I looked down the card had gone and I looked up and the cats where gone. I sat down at the table picked up a deck of cards and woke up.

Example: What does this dream means?

I dreamt of a lot of snakes staring at me one by one and some chasing me, while i run away from them. What does it mean? And my dad dreamt that i had plasters on my forehead like 2 days before and he told me today.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Hello, so I notice I have this dream a lot. Not exactly like it but something similar.
First (in reality) i woke up at 4:35 which is weird from a text i guess. My friend texted me at 4:30 and then i went back to bed, with a quick prayer. It started off , all I can remember is someone ran and tells me that this girl is going to McDonald's to sell my canon 60D camera to get money and they told me go to my photography's teachers room for help. For some reason it became scary and I was walking down the hallway. I don't remember but I bumped into someone. Something happened in that hallway. Now I only remember bits and bits.
There were helicopters surrounding me at one point
My mom was in the dream..
I was In the car with someone that was trying to help me.
My 8th period English teacher was In the dream
It had something to do with the devil and hell
I was suddenly in this place and it's a warehouse looking place
There's a door and behind it is a huge fire like...pit or swirl. There's two men a man with a half burnt face (I guess he's the devil) and he waits by the door and his assistant which carries a gun and for fun shoots the devil which results in the devil just laughing. That place is hell behind it and some lady comes up and she's wearing like leather and a cat suit and she's nude under all that. She walks up to the devil strongly and tells him something courageous that I don't remember. He points to hell and she stands up, does some cool ninja move an ends up on the top of the warehouse shelves. Suddenly I'm the woman running and toppling down things. Then I'm out and then I grab onto this Christmas light and slide down it and them land in a huge blanket (which happens to be the one I sleep with every night) but I end up being tiny like a little mouse and I hide behind my sheets then run out the back door.

A group of my friends and some other girls are in this smaller warehouse and they're all putting on shirts that say like "x" I put on mine and we have to memorize these lines in our sleeve pocket so I memorize one but when i go to read 2 and 3 I lose my 1. So I try to run behind it and go away but that's the boy area and people are there I don't know where I hid from here but I do remember Satan coming out and looking at all his girls. I remember there was one girl I don't know if it was me or not but her shirt had Brown straps around it like my sandals do. (the girls shirts turned from black to red.) I remember praying to God to help me and then I feel everything fading and I wake up, it was...it doesn't sound scary but It was terrifying. Please help what does this mean?!

Example: What does my dream mean? Weird dream what does it mean? ?

Dream 1: from what i can remember I had huge nasty pores all over my face. So huge like I could stick a pencil through it. It's was Nasty and weird.

Dream 2: okay my mom is prego with 1 baby. I had a dream that she had four babies?!? Then it turned sad while two were up stoats and two were down stairs the room upstairs caught on fire. The babies were still in there so I rushed to save them. I got them but they were burnt but they lived. Then after I got to the hospital I left to go party?!? Like a club. And I was like WTF when I woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I don't remember the order or the scenes but I remember a couple of them.

scene 1.
it was in a gloomy swamp with dead trees, green slime or moss all over the place. The swamp was filled with evil knights and shadowy creatures with glowing eyes that chased me, but i wasn't scared. I was enjoying the fantasy world appearance and the creatures in there. There were heaps of dead trees and alot of mist.

scene 2.
in general, i had alot of scenes in the dream that were set at night time, in the mist. In this part, i must have been at some circus or something because there were small tents, in one of them was a fat lady fingerng herself, the second, these wierd devices where a woman's head appeared and i got oral sex from her head, and then my brother and mum caught me without my pants so i went running around the tent to put my pants back on quickly. and out of the mist, there were these glowing orange dots flying towards me one at a time. I dodged as many of them as posible, and one hit a tree, i took a good look at it and it was a dart with a glowing orange light on it. i was feeling scared here, because sharp darts or arrows were flyng at me and i only just managed to dodge some of them. one or two caught me by the arm.

scene 3.
there was a scene where it was like on the movie THIRTEEN GHOSTS -- i was in this glass house with freaky ghosts/ghouls running after me, i was scared there.

there was this strange place, illumed in the light of fire from a torch on the wall maybe, or a light bulb, either way it was a light in this room, it looked like a room. The room had no floor tho, it was a drop to a dark, unlit area or dirt/sand. but in the light, i was standing before the drop, with all these professional looking men with suits, kind of like members of parliament. And next thing i see are these black things crawling up the wall, in big masses, which turned out to be mummies with armor and spears, climbing the walls and leaning off them, facing the men standing around me. they threw the spears in a huge hail of spikes, hitting the rich looking men and leaving them to fall into the gloomy pit. At this moment i fell into the pit too, but i wasn't struck, and wasn't scared either. But i was fascinated.

And for some random reason i saw hitler, but this was in an area of daylight, like in a gas station maybe, with glass doors that open and close for people. He stood outside with soldiers. Freaken wierd dream, huh?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i have this dream monthly where i wake up in my old bed and in my bedroom but the walls are painted as a beehive. i look up and my dad is standing over top of me with a knife and a evil smile on his face. he has hollow black pits for eyes and there is like this almost white glowing bead in the back of his eyes that looks like it wants to come out but doesn't then the darkness covers it. i get up and run down this long hallway that used to be in our old house and i run through our old house to the back yard and when i get to the side of the house, it turns into my new house. i keep running and i look back and he's almost floating but quickly like im sprinting and he's floating but he's almost right behind me. i run faster and i climb into my open window and jump back into bed and cover my eyes to make it go away but then i open them and it starts all over again and just keeps repeating.

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