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Dream About Pine Tree meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean?

this dream was a long time ago i was 4 years old but i still dont get it.It was me and i was climbing some stairs like a tree house with some friends i dont know them though.once i get to the top of the tree house my friends tell me sorry i cant let you in and they push me down and i fall while im fallingi see my self wearing what i was wearing and i see myself falling and this might sound weird but i felt like it was my spirit because i could see it go back into my body and when it did i woke up freaked out.what does this mean?

Jung's first dream he recorded came to him at age 4. Briefly: he went down a shaft and encountered the Siva Lingam (God as the Lving Phallus, the channel of life) on a throne. Going down into the shaft of dream-life and religion (he renamed God by calling Him the Unconscious from which all the world emananted) preoccupied his entire life. From this we may deduce that dreams at that age are characterising the life to come.

You might want me do support this observations with material from this very Yahoo Site. I just interpeted a dream of a young man who as a 5 year old saw the moon burning up and falling to the earth causing a general conflagration. A man with a beard appeared and words were heard. When this dreamer grew up to be a young man he had the dream again and saw that the man that had appeared in his first dream was himself as he was now. Ergo: dreams must be seen as blueprints of the future.

Your dream has you go in the opposite direction to Jung in his first dream. Boys love climbing trees not just in dreams but in reality. It is an urge to ascend into the sky which is symbolical of the spiritual world. Thus, whether you go down a shaft or climb a tree, in essence you want to connect with your origin, with your spiritual home.

But of course climbing a tree to get to a tree hut can as easily stand for social climbing, for career ascent. Your dream features both the worldly climbing and the spiritual seeking in one go. As you want to get up with the other boys and be part of the social struggle to get to the top of human achievements, your friends push you off the ladder of worldly success and you fall. The shock of your fall brings about a blessing in diguise. You are able to see both the material world, (your clothes), and your re-entering spirit body that houses your bone-house, your human frame.

It is common for spiritual seekers to be shocked out of their materialistic frame of mind. Saint Francis of Assisi was a priviledged rich boy who became a womanising knight in golden armour following a career of war and women till the day he was thrown off course by a voice from above. He put all riches and women aside and become a hermit living in the mountains where he attracted llikeminded men.

You have been priviledged to see your spirit body or your etheric. It means that it will be easier for you to accept that you are not just flesh and blood and an intellect, but also a soul that pines to know itself. Not many of us will go the path of self-knowledge freely. Most of us need a push off the ladder of social aspirations. Far from being a disater, such a push and fall is a massive blessing.

Incidentally there is a good little book on the market called "Discover Astral Projection" (how to achieve out-of-body experiences) by J.H. Brennan published by Aquarian/Thorsons 1989. It even tells of your compatriot Robert Monroe who developed in his "Institute of Applied Science" an electric aparatus that will help your etheric to leave your body almost instantly, but also allowing it to return safely again.

It is more common for the etheric to leave the body under stress. Your dream seems to suggest that at the time of your etheric adventure you were rather stressed because you had been made an outcast. It was necessary for you to undergo that suffering so that you could see your etheric.

There was an especially recalcitrant prisoner on Alcatraz. The guards used to give him the wet blanket torture which meant he was wrapped into a wet blanket that got tighter and tighter as it dried. This discomfiture caused his etheric to escape the body of flesh and blood and fly to San Francisco. There he would see what the latest news were and when he returned to the prison he was able to stun his tormentors by telling them all the latest happenings.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Hi guys! I have been having weird dreams & feelings. I just want to know what it al means? The first dream was like a forest full of pine & oak trees I've dreamt this more then once. & the other one is I'm flying on a Broom for some reason? Another one is about my body being covered with thousands of spiders? & is there a reason why ever night when I'm just about to go to sleep my body feels like it's falling and wakes me up again? Plz help thanks!
Ps. U don't have to tell what they al mean- if they mean anything- cuz it's kind of alot. (I've just been having weird dreams lately) thanks

Example: What does my chase dream mean?

I had a very vivid dream last night, so vivid that I almost feel like it was a vision into the future. So it all started out at a new apartment on the 3rd floor. I was selling magic mushrooms and a friend/customer was coming by to pick some up. This friend/customer is actually someone I know in real life and means two things to me. One, he used to sells a lot of drugs for me. Two, I don't trust him and I consider him to be a shady person. Right after he shows up, all of a sudden there are about 10 people in my apartment that I have never met before. The weird thing about that is that I never let anyone that I don't know personally come into my house or even know where my place is.
Then a little bit later, before anyone leaves the cops show up on my porch. I'm outside along with 2 older women I have never met and the cops. The cops make me lay down on the ground and they search my pockets. They find nothing in my pockets and they don't know I am the resident of the apartment. A couple of important things to know now is that one, there is a party going on inside now and two, I have a closet full of magic mushroom growing. After the cops search me, they do nothing to me and walking into the apartment. Then one of the ladies said "Then didn't handcuff you so you're not in trouble. You're free to go." I immediately jumped up off the ground and took a running leap off the porch onto a pole and slid down it as fast as possible.
Once I got to the bottom I took off running through the park lots, hopping a couple fences and continued running through people's yards. About 2 minutes later I heard dogs coming after me and when they got closer I sprang up into an old dying needleless pine tree. There were 2 dogs, 2 brown pitbulls with big teeth. They were jumping off the ground and trying to bite my feet and they were barking a lot. I never did get bitten because I kept kicking them in the head. The 2 dogs kept trying to bite me but somehow a really old lady appeared next to me and the tree. Like a guiding voice she said "You know you can stop this any time you want."
Then all of a sudden I was no longer in a tree or being chased by dogs. I was on my way back to my apartment. When I got back to my place no one was there, no even the cops, and my place was trash. I hurried back to my room to see if the cops found the closet. They didn't but there were plastic bags one the floor. The bags were see-through, flat, and were designed like an envelope. They were bags left by the police. On one bag it read "Evidence: MY NAME" and there was something small in the bag. I felt a sigh of relief because the cops forgot the evidence. The second bag had paperwork inside it and in big letters it read "MURDER". I was shocked and scared that someone died in my apartments. So I reached down to pick it up and as soon as I grabbed it I heard a knocking on my front doors.
At this point I actually remember thinking in real life that this dream is too real and scary so I woke up. I was actually mad at myself for not waking up earlier because I felt like I could of woke up at any point. So I looked up at the clock and the time was 5:55 AM. That is what really freaks me out because I've been waking up at 5:55 AM almost everyday for the past week and my birthday is on the 5th. I don't ever wake up that early because I don't have to and I always go to bed after 12:00 AM.
Now here's a little background information for you about my life. I did used to grow magic mushrooms and I did have a closet full. Just to give you an idea I was making on average at least $2,000 a week if not more. At one point 10 guys did break-in to my apartment while I was in my room. The guy I was referring to in the beginning of my dream, friend/customer, I was actually letting him sleep on my couch. They were all there to beat his *** and they hit him in the head with a crowbar. While I was in my room, I didn't know anyone had broken in yet. All I heard was a loud slam and I thought maybe my entertainment stand fell over. I hurried out into the living room and all I see are some dudes standing there and one guy yellings "Get him! Get him!". So I ran back into my room, grabbed a sword and an axe and came out swinging. I chased them all off and the cops never came because no one called them. Turns out they were only there to beat his *** (friend/customer). So I ended up kicking him out and 5 days later I moved to Denver, CO from OH. That incidence happened over a year ago.
As of right now I no longer sell any type of drugs and I actually live at home with my parents. It's been over 8 years since I've had to live at home but considering what recently happened to me I pretty much don't have a choice. After living in Denver for 8 months I moved back home and moved in with a couple room mates. Six weeks ago I was assaulted by one of my ex-roommates and his friend from behind with a weapon in the back of my

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a VERY vivid dream, and I was wondering if anyone knew what it meant. I experienced the whole thing as if it were through my own eyes.

I am standing in middle of a pine forest. It is very sunny and quiet. All of a sudden, a huge wall of water comes through the trees, and washes me away down a river. I get carried by it for about 10 seconds as I struggle to stay above the water. Then all of a sudden the river just soaks into the ground and it dissapears completely. I am left laying in the middle of a small field (about 1/2 an acre) surrounded by trees. Suddenly, tall stalks of golden grain spring up out of the ground all around me, and fill the whole field. As I am laying there, a strange creature flies over my head. It has the body of a lion, and the head, feet, and wings of an eagle. It is made of silver. It flies along the tree line and up into the clear blue sky. Then I woke up

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

In my dream, I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling that something really bad had happened. So I rolled over and picked up the phone (in my dream, that is) and dialed a phone number, but got a busy tone.

So I pulled on my bath robe and slippers and ran out of the house.

Although it was pitch black, I ran for what seemed to be a mile or two as fast as I could to a wooded area with a lot of tall pine trees.

At the edge of the trees, there was a huge fire, fifty feet high, and a bunch of people standing around it in their winter coats, just looking at it.

I pushed through the crowd of people and the policemen who tried to stop me from getting to the fire. Until one man stood in my way and held me back, telling me what happened.

A plane with more than three hundred people crashed and exploded upon impact, but most of the people, he told me, survived. I yelled at him, begging him to tell me about what happened to a certain person. At this point, I not only was really scared, but I felt this kind of sadness that's really hard to describe.

So he told me that the person I was asking for, a girl that I loved more than anything in the world, was the only one that died in the plane crash. All the rest of the 300 plus people on the plane survived and was able to walk away from the crash.

And I fell to my knees, crying, because then I realized that I had asked her to come back home on the next possible flight so I could see her smile again.

What do you think? What does it mean?

Example: What does my weird dream mean?

If it matters: I'm 18 and a gay male who will be starting estrogen in a few months. I have no one in my life and I live alone on 45 acres of desert. I've been a little depressed lately and feel very set back for still not coming out to my parents.

(Most recent) Dream 1: (takes place at night) I was in a car on a road trip with my family and we were driving in between hills covered in pine tree's. There was a massive national monument (Not a real national monument but it was in my dream. This national monument was taller than the empire state building. It was a massive cement door. It was shaped like half of an eye you know? > like that only pointing up and the sides were rounded. On either side, there were giant cement pillars. It was lighted with bright overwhelming fluorescent lights. It was a door and when you walked through it you simply took a nature walk through the pine tree's. (even thought I didn't in the dream) We stopped half way up to the hill of the monument at small 1 story hotel. We all settled in and I asked my mother for the car keys because I forgot something in the car. We park VERY far from the hotel. Once I opened the door to go outside, it was day time. Our small car was parked where on one side, there's more parking spaces and on the other there's a big grassy field with trees full of fall leaves and dead grass. When I got to the car, there were two people on the dead grass an inch from our car completely naked. They were having sex but the frightening part was, they were calmly cutting pieces of flesh off of each other and eating them. They didn't show any emotion and seemed completely calm. They didn't even look at me. They kept looking in each others eyes. They both had white ivory skin and dark dark dark brown hair. They were cutting pieced of skin off of each other with a small pocket knife. I got what I needed and walked back to the hotel. When I got inside, it was night again. I told my mother what had happened and she said "Well you know, it's fall equinox. Maybe that's why they were doing that" Then I woke up.

Example: What does it mean to dream about sex?


I know this might be a little awkward but I had a dream that I was with this stranger who was older than me and we were surrounded by healthy pine trees everywhere and a clear blue sky with the sun shining. All I remember was that we got on top of a truck and I got on top of him naked , and sexing him till I had an orgasm. While I was sexing him the stranger was just holding my waiste and smileing at me while I was just rideing him and moaning loud and enjoying the orgasm, that I didnt wanna stop but it felt so sensitive down there like if it was really happening ?
Then I woke up...Does this mean anything or can it just be a dream ?

Example: Dream interperation...what does this dream mean?

When I had this dream I was about 13 years old. I'll try to remember it as best as possible.

I'm outside the door of a bedroom looking in and inside was an African-american girl about my age but somehow even though I'm white, I felt like a had a relationship with her, like she was a cousin or something. Standing next to her was a boy about 2 years older with a strong build, short spikey hair, and looked very tough. The african-american girl looked very nervous and stuttered when she talked to me, with the boy looking angerly at her. The boy screamed at me to leave and forced the girl into a corner, telling her to put on a purple corset. She looked frightened and I wanted to help her but he locked the door. When I ran outside, I realizedd it was a cabin with a banquet hall next door and an open feild surrounded by pine trees. I ran out into the feild, not looking back, finally stopping to rest and turn to look at the cabin. Suddenly the boy flashed infront of me, staring deep into my eyes and holding a large knife. His voice was taunting me, trying to scare me and he cut part of his own arm, still threating me about what he would do to me. I cried and tried to run and begged he tell me wear the girl was. He told me it didnt matter and grabbed my arm, cutting me with his knife. I felt the pain. I got loose and ran for the cabin but suddenly I was naked with only my bedsheet wrapped around me. So instead I ran into the banquet hall and there was dancing and all my family member were there. I was pleading to people to help me but the music was so loud no one could hear me. I felt alone and scared, and I woke up breathing heavily and crying.

I've never had any expericence like that, so why would I dream of it? Please help me find what this dream means, it still haunts me. If you can interperate dreams, please leave your best answer.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Here is one of my dreams that seemed different than other dreams I had.
Anyway it started in a small room; it had an old fashion glass window (the top is solid glass while the roll up part was three smaller planes separated by a dark brown wood), there was a no ceiling light or a small unnoticeable one, a cabinet made of wood and about four levels high, in the room there was also a wood chair with a cushion on it, a full body mirror, a small plain bed with a thin mattress, looked like one of those old fashion ones, it also had a blue sheet and a small worn pillow. Finally the floor was wooden, basically a pretty plain old fashion looking room. Anyway I woke up and stretched, I was wearing boxers and a white undershirt, and I walked around the room and looked out the window. Outside it was green and spring like there was a lot of a pine trees in a wall like a side of a forest and very green grass. Anyway I was on the second floor of a farm house sense next to me was a barn, white in color with a green black roof, down below there was a few pigs and other animals, it was slightly muddy and there was a small feeder with some hay in it.
After that I looking outside I went and got my clothes off the top of the cabinet. They were brown and what not, anyway I put on my pants and my shirt. Then when buttoning it up I looked in the mirror to see if I looked good and I was Hitler, yet it didn’t affect me I just keep buttoning up my shirt, and messed with my hair a little. Then a group of people (a look alike, a short guy in glasses and a grey shirt, a tall skinny guy, and a few others all in military suits) came in and we started joking around and talking about the Russians and what to do, but I wasn’t listening for the most part just kind of joking around. Then we left the house walked out to the cars and drove towards the city in the distance. Then I woke up but I feel asleep again, where the dream started with me leaving in an aircraft looking down and seeing people fighting the streets on the outer parts of the town, and I was upset angry, since I had failed not only my people but myself. Then it jumped again and I was back at the city and this time with a candle light ceremony going now was I promised to a few other people that I would kill a 1000 of them for every one of our dead and it ended, with that promise.

Example: What does this dream about trees mean?

I dreamt i was in a field in high winds and a huge conifer fell down, it felt really weird and scary. Next night i dreamt i was with a group of people taking lots of rubbish to a huge recycling site, it was after a world war, then we were walking through a wooded path way and again there was a huge pine (xmas) tree fell in front of us and i was scared to walk past it. Any ideas?

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