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Dream About Piercing A Hole meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had this really weird dream that really left me a bit confused: i was in a medieval-looking town, but it had bits of places (villages & towns) i've been in (i live in the south of spain). Suddenly, very sharp nails were flying from all directions (they poured out from the sky, there were nails that looked like if they were being shot, like if they were bullets), the nails were piercing the houses' walls and some of them were hurting me too, but it wasn't an unbearable pain, it was a bit irritating and annoying. I suddenly was in a house, that looked like it was a poor family's house, but it was actually amazingly big. 2 random people (that somehow i had the feeling that I knew although I've never seen them) told me to follow them if i wanted to protect myself from the flying nails. We went up the house, and the nails became stronger, sharper and they went through the cracked walls like uncontrollable bullets. We had to walk up on some kind of fabric instead of stairs (so it was a bit complicated to keep balance) and the 2 random kids and I had to avoid some cactus-looking plants that were on the fabric. Halfway there, there was a window (well, a hole), and massive dark and heavy nails were violently pouring out of it; the kids ducked down and avoided them, but i wasn't able, so i had to quickly run, hoping that i wouldn't suffer a lot. Then, out of no-where, my grandma appeared and hit my head with a cactus while she said: "It'll give you good luck!" I was confused and i kept on running, I was about to reach the last part of the house, but then everything blacked-out and I woke up.

Sorry for this really boring essay :)

It wasn't boring.

Apparently s.t. from your past, or your family's past, is going to come back and haunt you as little things from all directions. but someone you wouldn't think could help you, in this circumstance, actually has more resources than meet the eye.

The fabric stuff indicates that its going to be a hard climb out of the trouble, and the spewing hole indicates that when you're almost there, you're going to have to dodge the biggest bullet of all.

The thing with your grandma could mean that she, or some other family member, will help you in a most unexpected way.

Everything blacked out b/c you can't yet know how it ends.

I hope this helped. :)

Example: What does it mean to dream that you're breast feeding a baby?

I dreamed that I had a baby, but no one in my family knew it was mine. My aunt was covering it up for me pretending that the baby was hers. The baby looked like my aunts baby, but it was not her. When I went up to the baby I thought that it would not recognize me as its mother, but it did. As soon as I picked her up she wanted to eat so I breast fed her. Then I guess it was the next day and I went back to find that my aunt had not only pierced her ears, but stretched them out and the baby had band aids on them. She was crying and she pulled the band aids off and when I picked her up I started breast feeding her again. I'm 21 years old and don't have any kids. I have my ear holes streched and I often babysit my aunts daughter. So is this like one of those flash back dreams or what?!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt a good friend owned a tattoo parlor. I came in and he pierced my ears (my fourth ear piercing) but gauged them so that I had big gaping holes.

Example: What could these reoccurring dreams mean?

The first dream is always centered around my ears. I got a second piercing on each ear a few months ago, and in the dream what keeps happening is I'll be walking down an empty hospital. It'll have the usually horrid hospital smell and I'll walk by the receptionist desk. On the desk is a picture frame, but it's blank (just a white piece of paper in it.) I'll notice my reflection and on my ears I only have my earrings in on the first hole, but the studs I usually wear in my second holes are both gone. But my lobes look a little swollen. So I'll reach up and feel my ear and there's a HUGE bump where my second piercings are. It then dawns on me that the skin of my ears have grown completely over both of my second piercings and I'll claw at them and have to rip them out. When I finally get them out, I notice that the frame of the earring is there, but then diamond in both of them is missing, and then I start sobbing.

The second dream is I go up these winding stairs to a room, which I suppose is mine (it's all very castle-y like. It kind of reminds me of Hogwarts from Harry Potter but I know it isn't.) I'll push open the door and on my bed, right on the pillow, there will be a dead white rabbit. It's completely slashed open, blood splattered all over my white room. (The room is always white. So is the rabbit's fur. The only color is the blood.) I run to my bed, grab the rabbit and tuck it under my shirt (which also happens to be white.) I run down the stairs, past people, not wanting them to see the rabbit. I find a bathroom and I dump the rabbit in the trash can. (Everything in the bathroom is white as well). I take all these paper towels from the dispenser and throw it over the rabbit but I can still see the blood. I got to wash my hands and on the edge of the sink there's a blood knife with a white handle. I grab it and look up in the mirror. Always, my face and all my white clothes are covered in blood, although it would be impossible to get that much blood on me if I just carried the rabbit under my shirt. I then realize, as I look at my reflection as I hold the knife, that I am the one who killed the rabbit. I just forgot that I did it, or wasn't conscious when I did kill it.

What could these dreams mean? Anything is appreciated.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in a bathroom and my belly button was hurting because of my belly ring so I looked down and my belly ring was stuck in the hole so I pulled it out and it started to bleed at first it was a little bit and the I had to keep using paper towels and I walked out of the bathroom and I was in the middle of the hospital asking for help and noone would help me so I stood there almost bleeding to death the blood soaking through a lot of paper towels and blood was coming out of my mouth too.

Example: I had a dream i had a TONGUE PIERCING...does that mean i should get one?i used to hate them until now?!?!?!

last night i had a dream that i had a tongue piercing and i took it out and placed it next to me and then i decided that i didn't want to lose it because i had just got the piercing and hadn't bought any new ones yet...so i tried putting it back in and i couldn't find the hole for a while, but i finally found it and was really happy when i had it back in...
i have my own look and really like:
*pale skin
*black eyemascara etc
*plump red lips
*classy hair
and fab/classy/rock/punk/hip hop style clothing on me...
i never would have considered a tongue piercing until my dream last night?!?
should i get one?!
i'm 17!
please help!

Example: What does this dream mean!?!?!...

Okay a couple days ago I had a dream where I was in the forest or well ya, I could see both through my eyes and above my body, I was covered in blood, and I could feel the pain I was in in the dream, I was coughing up blood and I had cuts going all over my body I was kneeling down on the ground on one knee with a double edged sword in my hands, and I was bald, I do have hair now though, and I had cuts on my head too, the ones on my back where like when people are beat with whips and claw marks from animals such as dogs and large cats, I also had a hole in my left side like a spear hole, and then when I was going to get up in my dream a dark figure darted by me as fast as I could blink and then ran back again, I looked in the woods at it but I could only see its eyes which were a greenish yellowish and reddish color, and then I stood to my feet by using the double edged sword to push myself up, and when I stood up I shouted to the heavens something in a different language or something I couldn't understand what I was screaming at the heavens cuz my dream was rainy foggy and it was thundering louder then it is supposed to, and after that I held the sword straight to the sky and then a bright light shined and the animal in the forest was gone and the fog was gone and so was the forest I was standing in front of a giant bright light figure, and then I tried to look at the figure but it dissapeared and I was alone this time in the desert and when I looked at my feet it was spelled out so perfectly it is still lodged in my mind this is what it said when it appeared at my feet "I shall conquer all and all evil shall be diminished at the face of God" What would this dream mean? Me and my dad where talking about it and he said it might be God trying to tell me something (I just recently got saved best choice of my life)

Example: What does this dream mean?

The other night I dreamt I had an ear piercing, one that requires about a half-centimetre hole in my ear lobe to be put in. My hair was like what Marilyn Manson's is like now, but the shaved hair had grown a bit. I was putting an ear piercing in looking at the mirror and my brother was looking at me with his friend saying "Oh my god, why did you get an ear-ring?!" (That's his reaction to a lot of stuff).
My hair has grown to the bottom of my neck and is dark dirty fair and I'm a 15 year old guy.
What does it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of getting pierced and having a different hairstyle?

The other night I dreamt I had an ear piercing, one that requires about a half-centimetre hole in my ear lobe to be put in.
My hair was like what Marilyn Manson's is like now, but the shaved hair had grown a bit. My hair is at the bottom of my neck and is dark dirty fair.
What does it mean?

Example: Weird dream about eyebrow piercing?

Last night, I had a dream that i had my left eyebrow pierced. I remember my mom was there in my dream and was like,"What's that"? But she said it calmly, which is odd. I saidd," I just got my eyebrow pierced, but I don't like it. So I guess I'm just gonna take it out".

Then I took it out, and it started bleeding a little bit. Then I started blotting it with tissue or something, which caused it to bleed even more. Next thing I know, there's like about a quarter sized wound above my eye. The first thing that I thought was," OH,NO! Everyone's gonna think I have a third eye"
Then it went away.
And I woke up xD

I just wanted to know if that meant anything at all?
Does it have anything to do with sress or caring too much of what others think?

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