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Dream About Pier meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream, I was walking along this pier on this lake with this stranger but it felt like I knew him, We had just gotten married and as we walked along the pier we sat at the end and when we did he just looked at me and turned into ashes o.o I have very strange dreams indeed..Then after, I had just told his grandfather and gotten back to the house where I sat at a wooden chair and held onto a picture of him with the date of 1923 or something. Very strange indeed.

Yeah.Really a weird dream.You may ignore someone who is very close to you in your life and so your subconscious may cause you to dream it.You must pay attention your deeds in your life.And there is a time,1923, it may mean a special time for you or your parents.You may experience something bad during your childhood and it may reflect to your dreams.Think about this.This may be important and this may symbolize that your life may become worse.Keep your mood, psychology and temper stable and try to be happy.That's all.Good luck


Hi, I dreamed about going out from a journey inside a very old subway, not as old as British, more like Prague subway (for anyone who knows that one), and stepping up into a very futuristic city, with rounded modern buildings, walked a block or two into the seashore, only to find that at the end of a long pier with a bunch of jets and jumbojets sunk into the water, you could read a sign that said "just before junkyard", then I remembered I had something to do (I can't recall what) and started not walking, but jumping long distances in that direction I had to go, felt almost like in Dragon Ball Z haha. I should mention I listened to binaural beats for an hour, before going to sleep. Thank you.

Example: What do you think this dream means?

I dreamed that I went swimming in a lake that had alligators in it.I remember jumping off the pier and hitting the bottom.I looked up and seen tons of alligators swimming overhead.They were swimming really fast.making it hard for me to get to the surface.I remember praying in the dream telling God I still had things to do for him...eventually I got to the surface and took a breath...what do you think this symbolizes.

Example: What does my dream mean?

My dream started with me on a pier and around me and other on lookers were a few GIANT rainbow fish and a few sharks, no one knew what that GIANT fish was. And there were two girls and an older lady who werent afraid to go in the water. I was so scared i didnt even wanna go near the water. I then just flew away and was going somewhere but didnt know where. I landed at a baseball game and i was late and so was this other boy and we were star players of the team and we were best friends and i didnt know who he was. we both called our place to hit we said these numbers and i dont know what they were. He was up to bat before me and announced to everyone in the stands that he would hit and i would bring him home. He hit and made it to second or third. Then it was my hit and i kept missing. And then the officials said we had to end the game but the score was 3 to 4 and we were loosing (but the score was different earlier in the game) so it meant we lost, but our coach said let me hit one more time and the game would be done. So i hit and brang my friend home but i was stuck between 3rd and home and they were tossing the ball back and forth and i faked run back to third and the home basemen threw it to third and i ran home and won the game. but everyone was hugging eachother no one payed attention to me (except my friend) even tho i won the game. then once the team hugged eachother they all ran to us to congradulate me and my friend. we were the best players on the team and it took awhile for everyone to come congradulate us. then me and my friend was walking the halls of my high school and my dream ended. for some reason i loved that dream and tried to get back but i just dreamt of practicing different sports for the rest of my sleep. Anyine knows what this means. sorry if my dream dont make sense.

Example: Reccuring dream meaning?

I had this happen in my dreams for the fourth time the other night, so I thought it might be a good time to get an opinion or two.
In my dream I'll be with my mother, on occasion my siblings appear. We'll be having a nice drive and come across a body of water (usually at the end of a pier). I always think my mother will stop the car but she just doesn't. She'll drive directly into the water and I'll see an enormous slash out my window then our car will slowly start to sink. I find myself unable to breathe, as though my lungs try to pull air into themselves, but there simply isn't any to take. After, this I'll wake up gasping or breathing very heavily. What I find strangest about the whole ordeal is the fact that as our vehicle becomes submerged in water my mother seems happy, ecstatic even. More full of joy than I ever see her while awake.
I've also had a similar dream to this one, the difference being my father was in the driver's seat. Also he seemed willing to let me escape with my life I could find a way. His reaction also differs from my mother's, he, on the brink of death he seems content and peaceful, ready to accept his fate.
Any thoughts?

Example: Can anyone tell me what my dream means?

I had a dream that I was at a psychic show and at the end I was approached by the psychic's assistant who told me that it was urgent that I meet with the psychic after the show he said that she felt compelled to meet with me. I waited untill the audience left and the woman and her male companion came out of a lift she had the most amazing huge pale blue eyes, her hair was silver. I felt afraid that she was going to tell me something bad. I asked her if she was but she smiled and shook her head to say no she never spoke a word to me,she directed me to stand in the middle of the floor, where we both stood about two foot apart facing each other I felt as iat this point as if we were in some kind of church or ancient auditorium. She stood in front of me and stared at me, I felt a vibrating sensation begin in my feet and this sensation moved up my legs it was totally overwhelming. I felt as if there was pure love and energey coming from this woman allthough I couldnt see light I felt as if there was light coming from her eyes it was such a strange feeling. As the vibrating sensation moved upwards to my body I felt my arms lift from my side and raise upwards i had no control over myself. I felt this immense feeling of pure energy around ust he vibrations became stronger and was nearly too much for me to bear as it moved up my body. I woke up just at the point where I felt I could take no more. I did not feel as if I was under threat I felt that whatever was happening was good. Im not sure what this meant. Can anyone help me with the meaning of this very strange dream.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, so, some people believe in the meaning of dreams and whatnot. And I need someone to at least try to tell me what this repetitive dream means.
Every night since August 6th, I've been having this dream that I'm sitting on the edge of a pier with my girlfriend, a blonde teacher, a brunette friend and a blonde friend of ours. I don't know who the 2 friends or the teacher are. The teacher tells us to draw pictures of who we use to be and put them in the water, so we do. As we do a gray wolf who somehow I knew was named Sam showed up, and the others got scared. But I went up to him and told him to go home and a guy walked out behind me and froze all my friends except the blonde friend in a green slime that killed them. A guy walked out behind him and they both took me and the blonde friend. they took us, escorted us over a frozen and snowy wooden bridge over a railroad track that lead into the ocean into a camp ground. I escaped and ran through the camp ground. In the middle of the grounds a shaggy brown furred dog started chasing after me and attacked my pink and white wheel-less heeleys. I lost the dog as I turned the corner and I ran through to a small neighborhood. I ran to a fence with a security guard behind it and said you gotta help me. All he did was scream at me in an indecipherable noise waving his knight stick at me and I ran away between two red bmw's and beside a building. But then I saw a car coming down and I ran behind the building behind some trash cans. Just then I looked up and saw a man standing on a balcony staring down at me. He asked me if I was a vampire and I nodded, he went inside. Just then a guy got out of a wooden fence near the bmw's and took out a gun. A man came out of the car and they began a shoot out. Then I got pulled inside the building and that's when I woke up. Please try to help me decipher the meaning of this dream! Thank you!

Example: What does my tsunami dream mean?

Well my dream started of in the mall then i watched a movie in like a second(don't know what the movie was) then i saw an old friend and when i left the mall i was somehow at the pier and saw my track friends and football friends then i saw my football coaches and when i looked at the ocean one of my football friend who plays the same position as i do(Runninback) said something and i looked at the ocean again and a huge pink tsunami came and i tried running but a gate was in my way and so i took a deep breath and as soon as the tsunami hit me i lost my breath and i was upside down and couldn't swim due to the pressure i was feeling and then i woke up from the lost of breath( i seriously couldn't breath in real life when i was in the tsunami).

Example: What does my dream mean?

My dream was: I'm sitting in a theatre to watch a live theatre production of grease and I see the guy I like and he is playing saxaphone for the orchestra and when our eyes meet we run to the lobby of the theatre and start ballroom dancing to beauty school drop-out and were just looking into each others eyes and smiling :)! So what does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okayy what does this mean, idk if this is because I'm Maori and my familys very spiritual..

I'm nearly fifteen.

Okay my dream is..
Me, my dad and my brother were on a raft.. like planks of wood in the ocean.. I don't know where but mum was on the pier and said bye to us well we went off on the raft thing.. we had an anchor.. it got stuck on something and we pulled up a coffin. we took it home and for some reason layed it on my drawer in my bedroom. I was laying in bed.. looking at it and music started playing from it. Thats all I remember.

tell me what this means?

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