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Dream About Pickles meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Meaning of this dream getting blessings from animals.?

I really wanted to know the meaning of this dream I had, but I couldnt find anything myself.

In the dream I was an native american out in.the old west and.i was trying to get the blessings from animals who couldnt talk of course but we communicated through our minds. well i spoke out loud there were 5 animals and I got the blessings of 4 and the only one who was stubborn saying
" I didnt deserve his blessing just yet" was a spider named mee-dee-me or mee -dle-me I cant remember the other animals but a frog.

also in my dream there was this cowboy watching me like he was the law but I dont think I did anything wrong I knew hebhad a crush on me though. lol

idk if this is all pointless but i just though i'd ask.

I'm not sure.
Maybe you can help me with mine.
I dreamed I was a European girl living in the 1800's and I was trying to get pickles to paint my toenails.

Seriously, why do non-natives think that dreaming of my race must have some special spiritual meaning to it?

edit...what does that make you? It makes you someone who has a family story about a cherokee grandma most likely. That's all. If your parents were really 1/2, then they'd be tribal citizens, and so would you. If their story was true. But you aren't, and they aren't, and so it isn't.

Because if you were a tribal citizen, you'd be asking your elders this question, and they'd slap you silly. So if you want to be an indian, think of me as your elder. Stand up, stop slouching, and check your spelling and grammar, and stop wasting everyone's time with this nonsense.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay so I had a really weird dream last night.
Soo me & my sisters were on a road trip to las vegas, even tho we are all under age. & on the way there we were fighting but we ended up playing a card game. The card game was that you got a picture of a person & you had to guess what they did the day before or something. Well anyways we got to the hotel and had to fly back. Well the airplane we took, took me to space with donald duck. When I was up there I turned into a guy and when I walked in a room I was trying to find & kick dead body's.
Does this dream have any meaning? haha

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was sitting in my music class, my crush is next to me.she leans back to pull up her pants a little, and i see right down her shirt. Then she yell "Hey this little perv was looking down my shirt." I think quickly and say "no i wasnt i was looking at the...clock"So i get sent to the office. Later i run into her brother i tell him i was falsely accused(even though i wasn't)of looking down her shirt.He laughs and said "Well that's quite a pickle youre in huh?" Then i see her parents walking fast in anger up to me. For some reason her mom looked exactly like lois in malcom in the middle. I cower in a corner because she scared the bloody crap out of me. She slapped me and said
"what do you know about my daughter." I said "born on march 21 1995" she slaps me again and then i wake up. What does this dream mean.

please don't say dont be a perv

Example: I dreamed I was marrying a large Vlasic pickle...?

I am concerned about my dream. I was madly in love and marrying a large Vlasic pickle. The pickle eventually became mildly abusive, this was in no way a sexual dream... the pickle had no genitalia.

I was very angry that I could not "get a better" pickle to marry, and it was upsetting that all the pickle wanted to do was watch "The Family Guy" and drink Vodka & orange juice. Also, the pickle hated my mother.

Should I get therapy?

Thank you.

Example: Wats the meaning of my dream?

in my dream im in the dark, im hiding from someone but dont know who, i can see there shadow runing after me when i run, they're trying to catch me and kill me, i can see myself walking to a realy big window, thats all i remember, anyone know what it means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream, I was in college (I graduated almost 20 years ago) and in the cafeteria. The cafeteria was huge and laid out in several different rooms that connected to each other. There were other students present, but I didn't seem to be with anybody in particular. Every room of the cateria I went to was full of desserts and I wanted a lot of them (especially spumoni, for some reason), but I wanted my entree first. The only thing was that no matter what room I went into, I could not find entrees, only all different kinds of desserts. After wandering around for a long time, I finally found the only entrees available, which were cold sandwiches. I selected a few sandwiches and some pickles which tasted awful (normally I love pickles). I ate the sandwiches, which tasted like the Italian sub from Subway, then I went back for dessert, but the cafeteria was closing by that time and almost none of them were available. I ended up with only one dessert and it was one that I found less appealing than others.
I remember a good number of my dreams, but this one was so unusual and vivid I can't help but think it means something, Any ideas?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i dreamed that i had a newborn baby and she died what does that mean?

Example: What does this quick dream mean?

I dreamed that this girl that i like somehow came to my house and gave me an automotive pickle fork (google it). And then drove off in a rapist van. Lol wtf does this mean?

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

Last night I had this strange dream I was at this restaurant and i was eating sliced pickles from this small bowl and suddenly when i was almost finished with the whole bowl of pickles their at the bottom of the bowl their was all these dead cockroaches what does this dream mean.

Example: I dreamt that i salted a cucumber and it turned into a pickle. what does this mean?

yeah, what does it mean?

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