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Dream About Phone Number meanings

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Example: What is the meaning of number 7 in a dream?

I had the dream few days ago and made a note to look up the meaning of it. I don't recall much of the dream except for the fact that it was a phone number and all the numbers were 7s. Can someone please interpret the dream. Thanks!

Dream Dictionary - NUMBERS

These are difficult to define, and are very often only
connected with personal associations. They may refer to
a particular year of your life, number of a house you lived
in, date that something happened, number of children
you had, and thus draw your attention to these events
and the emotions surrounding them.

Numbers may also refer simply to multiplicity or size, as
a crowd of events, a big experience, a many faceted
realisation. However, since man could first count,
numbers have had a fascinating, mysterious and even
magical significance. In this way, early man found in
numbers realisations of inner qualities, spiritual
understanding, unconscious wisdom. Dreams often use
numbers in the same way.

1 One is the first number and is indivisible. It symbolises
a beginning, oneself, the first manifestation, something
that is so basic and fundamental it cannot be divided. It
represents the heavenly Father, the male, masculinity,
power. One can divide into any number leaving that
number unchanged. It therefore symbolises the power of
spirit to enter into all things and yet not change their
outer manifestation, as all manifestation has arisen from
the one. That is, although each manifestation may be
different in outer form yet one can enter each and not
change it. Thus a hundred divided by one is still a
hundred. One stands for the astrological sign Aries, and
represents personality, ego or sense of individuality,
pioneering abilities, and the head. It can also mean
length or height. Although it is an odd number, and
therefore masculine, it is sometimes shown as
hermaphroditic due to its ability to go into all.

2 When anything is divided by two it falls into exact
halves. Two represents duality, negative and positive,
male and female, relationship. It represents the one
quality dividing into negative and positive, matter and
energy, light and darkness, consciousness and
unconsciousness, good and evil, inner and outer. On the
other hand, two, being even, symbolises femininity,
receptiveness, the womb, passivity, the formative power,
the earth or basic matter. Astrologically this is Taurus
the Bull, the builder or farmer governing the throat. So
basically it represents division, decision, choice,
femininity, formative power, receptiveness, motherhood,

3 Dividing a number by three brings it to equal thirds. It is
symbolised by the triangle, and represents a unity of the
positive and negative to create a new condition. Thus we
see it as mother and father bringing forth child, which is a
mixture of both but different from either. It can refer to the
odd one out in a relationship

It is the spirit and body manifesting individual
consciousness. Three represents the three great
processes by which God manifests being or physical life.
One is the undivided, preconscious stage. Two is division
into opposites contacting each other. Also Creation,
Preservation, Dissolution. Matter and energy have arisen
from the same source, meet in opposition, and manifest
qualities. Three therefore represents affinity that unites
Opposites; that which springs from, or is born from
opposites; fruition, reaction. Its Zodiacal symbol is
Gemini, the artist and inventor, the creator or created. It
also rules close relationships and their results; and the
arms and lungs.

4 The symbol of four is the square or cube, representing
stability, materialisation, earthiness, strength of a
physical nature, permanency. It is the symbol of the four
points of the compass; four elements, earth, air, fire and
water; four functions, sensation, feeling, thinking,
intuition; the four aspects of self, physical body, astral
body, soul, spirit; four aspects of body, gaseous,
mineral, vegetable, animal; the four aspects of activity. In
other words the physical action, which has been caused
by the astral or transitional, or mediumship which has
been set in motion by a thought, desire, or feeling.
Whereas one may represent intuition, two thinking, three
feeling, four represents sensation. Astrologically it is
Cancer, the prophet or teacher, realisation at a physical
level, home and background, and the breasts.

5 The alchemists called this quintessence, because it
arises from the other four elements. It symbolises man,
due to his two arms. two legs and head, as in a five
pointed star. It is the unity that arises from the four
elements, or aspects of self. Five may also represent
your hand or foot. Is sometimes called the sign of
marriage, but is mostly the symbol of man incarnated in
a physical body, and functioning therein. Here, all four
aspects of being are expressing in a fifth quality,
physical life and consciousness. Astrological sign is
Leo, the king. The fifth house of the horoscope relates to
children or offspring, and Leo rules the heart.

6 The symbol of this is the double triangle, or circle
divided in six. It represents symmetry, unity of spirit and
body, the visible and invisible. It is the harmonious
relationship between man and God, spirit and body, the
eternal and the transitory. Its sign is Virgo which
expresses as craftsman or critic. It is a sign of service
and rules the intestines. The sixth house rules health.

7 The symbol of seven is the Triangle above the square.
It relates to the cyclic expressions of time in the cosmos
and in man's life. It is an outer expression of an inner
spiritual principle. Thus at seven a child loses its milk
teeth, at fourteen develops sexuality, at twenty-one
enlarges the faculties unfolded in the teens, at
twenty-eight stabilises them etc. There are said to be
seven chakras, or centres within man's body, which are
foci of the spiritual forces acting on his body and soul.
These are expressions of different levels of
consciousness, and different forces or principles, such
as growth, reproduction, and sensation. Thus it
represents the influence upon the physical, of the
invisible rhythms within man, the cosmic keyboard of
harmonic vibrations or energies. The zodiacal sign is
Libra the manager. It rules the kidneys, and the seventh
house rules marriage. Seven is the number of initiation,
and there are seven colours in the spectrum, seven notes
in music.

8 Usually associated with generation, degeneration and
regeneration. In the growth of a seed, we can take the
seed to represent number one, its relationship with the
soil or opposite as two; the budding of seed into shoot as
three or the point of growth: then the reaching above
ground and rooting as four. The opening of leaves five; the
development of stem six, the formation of bud seven, the
opening of bud and fertilisation eight, the forming of seed
nine. Thus eight can be seen as a climax where the old
self opens to the development of the seeds of the new. It
is a sort of death or degeneration into matter, that yet
develops the seeds of the future, of spiritual
consciousness. It is thus the sign of death and rebirth.
Also of Justice. In the symbol of the figure eight, we see
that the down ward loop drops and then doubles back to
rise again. The Zodiacal sign of Scorpio, the governor or
inspector. It governs the generative Organs, and the
eighth house governs legacies, death, the occult.

9 The fact that all numbers rise in series of nines and
then begin again, and that babies are born in the ninth
month, lends itself to nine symbolising the completion of
a process, or stage of growth. There are also, in some
mythologies and religions, nine orders of angels or
forces. At the ninth hour, the veil is rent between spirit
and matter. The astrological sign is Sagittarius, the sage
or counsellor. It rules the thighs, and the ninth house
rules travel and dreams.

0 Zero is taken as complete negation and
meaninglessness, yet it is the very substance upon
which all the other numbers, all the rest of manifestation,
rests. When we see, sense, know or realise anything we
do it against the background of space, of absence, the
void. Things are distinct because they appear in this void.
A tree only has being because it is surrounded, even if
only slightly, by space. It is said that we can lose
ourselves in a crowd, but not in a space. Thoughts also
are only coherent because of the absence of other
thoughts, because we are not overwhelmed with thought,
because there is a mental space into which this thought
can materialise and be recognised. Everywhere we see
that this void is absolutely necessary for individual
realisation, as a background to all life, and all its
processes. From this void we emerge, into it we withdraw
again. It is the chaos or unconditioned state prior to the
emergence of One. It is the Ain Soph, or Unknown God
of the Kabbalah, that is beyond all manifestation. It is the
void of Zen Buddhism. In it all Opposites are lost, there is
neither movement or non-movement, good or bad, up or
down, creativeness or destructiveness, love or hate. It is
beyond the opposites. Yet it is the very source of all that
arises, beginning with one, and yet itself never moving.

10 From nine onwards one must start from the beginning.
Although one divides into all things without changing their
nature, when it is added it makes a definite change. But
zero can be added to all things without changing their
nature, proving that it is symbolically representative of
the void, or spirit in its unmanifest aspect, or nirvana.
Eleven is two ones. One plus one equals two. Twelve is
three, One plus two equals three. Thirteen is One plus
three equals four and so on. After nine, the series starts
again on a higher octave. So ten represents a new
beginning on a higher Octave. We start afresh, almost as

Example: What does it mean when I dream of a phone number?

I had a dream I was in someone's home and I found and picked up a folded newspaper. There was an advertisement circled, within which there was a phone number. I forced myself to memorize the number (though I forgot the area code). What could this mean?

Example: Cant dial a phone number correctly in my dream! what does it mean?

i have a dream where i try to dial a number into my phone but im not in any panic. i just cant dial it correctly

Example: What does it mean when you have difficulty giving out your number in a dream?

I dreamt that my crush and i were talking. We were sitting in a table inside a 24-hour convenience store, and i was asking for her cellphone number. But she seemed to not want to give it to me, like she would give the first 4 digits, and then she would be stopping and stalling. After a while i woke up, and i didn't end up getting her full number, since the dream got cut. Well, in real life i was told that my crush wants me to call her and befriend her, so i'm not sure what is the symbolic meaning of this dream. I haven't had the chance to talk to her for the 1st time yet, so i'm curious to know what this dream could mean.

Example: What does a dream about not being able to write down a phone number mean?

I have this recurring dream about having to write down a phone number, and either the pen doesn't work or the writing is illegible, and it is very frustrating.

I do have pretty bad handwriting, and I have lost touch with people I should have stayed in contact with. But this is like a nightmare, and I get it fairly often. What gives?

Example: What does it mean when you dream a phone number call you and the number calls you for real a couple days later?

I dreamed a phone number called me and the number called me a couple days later but I didn't answer. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a phone number in a dream..?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a phone number?

I dreamt I was at home, & my phone kept ringing - constantly, but I didn't know the number so I didn't answer. Whoever it was kept hanging up and calling right back, so finally I answered. When I would hang up, the phone in the other room would ring, and I would run to that room to get the phone. While I was on that call, the phone in another room would ring. Long story short, I was running from room to room, trying to get to each call, and the phones were ringing non stop. Each call, the caller ID had the same cell number, but each caller was a different person. And some calls were sales calls, some were the wrong number, some were people asking me random questions about my job, my friends, whatever. I wasn't scared or anything - just rushing to get all the calls and confused about why they all came from the same number. It was a cell number, no area code, and I still remember it. I have never heard of this number before. It's a weird dream, but I'd appreciate any insight. Thanks!

Example: What does it mean to remember a phone number in a dream?

My friend had a dream that someone her cousin knew wanted to talk to her. Her cousin gave her the number and she texted them. When she woke up she wrote the phone number down and I was wondering what it means when you remember a phone number in your dream?
Oh.. and she has no clue whose phone number it is. Thanks.(:!

Example: Dream with a phone number?

I had a weird dream with a girl in my math class. We were in school when i suddenly asked her out. We were sitting in a bench, I know I asked her out but I can't remember what I said exactly, but she gave me her phone number. I asked her to wait a minute while I get pen and paper to write it down. For some reason I couldn't find paper in my notebook so I took out a box of magnum condoms, which I've never used in real life by the way, and In the dream I told her the condoms weren't mine and I said to her they belonged to a friend who borrowed my bookbag earlier. I ripped open the box of condoms and wrote her number on the inside of the box. I don't remember exactly what happened afterwards but I remember moving closer to held, putting my hands around her waist which she loved very much and we kissed, a nice kiss on the lips. What does it mean if it means anything at all?

One thing I do know is I am playing those numbers today in the lotto drawing, lol.

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