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Dream About Petition meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

Last night I had a dream that I was with my crush. We were in this building. I wasn't quite sure what type of building it was, but It looked an awful like a church. We went into this building together and sat down on a bench. As I start looking around, I reckognize almost all of the people, like my step dad, my mom, and my 4 other siblings. I saw my crushes parents and his brother. I basically saw all of my family and all of his family. I thought it was a church because both families were wearing formal clothing and everyone was praying and celebrating something. I then reckognized this one girl, her name was Haley and I found it awkward that she was the only one their that was not Christian. She is Jewish, not that I have a problem with them, I just found coincidental, that she was the only one their. Everyone started singing in a language that I did not know, it sounded nothing like I had heard before. Shortly after, it was only Haley singing this weird *** song, then it ended with my crush singing in this language. Haley then got upset with me because I let him sing. My crush then kissed my neck and then my lips spontaneously. After that everyone cheered.

I have no clue what this means. Right before I went to sleep, I tried to lucid dream and put his name under my pillow with the question: Is ****** the right guy for me? . So I don't know if that may have been the answer to my question, but I would like someone to clarify this for me.

Just for the record, we both are only 14.

Hi taylor, Im no expert on interpreting dreams but I own several books on the matter(I don't have them on hand) but i don't completely believe everything the books say. I believe the secret to interpreting dreams would be to go with your gut feeling on the dream. What does the dream mean to you? If you asked me to interpret the dream for you I would think that the large gathering of each of your families in the church may have been a wedding maybe, although you were probably not in a wedding dress:D The strange singing you heard may have been Hebrew(commonly spoken in formal temple rituals among Jews) Which might explain your friend Haley being present. You might have even been in a temple instead of a church, who knows:) ? Lucid dreaming is very helpful in receiving Messages in your dreams, just remember to keep a look out for anything unusual. Petition Magick(what you did when you wrote down a question in a piece of paper and slept with it under your pillow.) is a very simple yet powerful art and also works with a statement e.g. "I want to get a good grade on this upcoming test". I am sure that your dream is in response to your question. Im not saying that you are going you get married to the guy but wedding and such symbolize love. My advice to you would be to ask the guy out, the worst he could do is say no. Did you know that 80% of guys want that girl to make the first move? who know, maybe he secretly has a crush on you. Of course, what do I know, im just a 15 year old guy:) Anyway, in conclusion, I hope that everything works out and i was helpful. Also if you care to do so you can eMail me at caino1495@yahoo and let me know how everything went. Anyway goodluck and Blessed Be:)

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had dream that I signed this petition to stop toture in the People's republic in China and like the Chinese Government put's a price on my head. Then I'm captured and put in some toture faculty where they shoved a basebat warped in barbwire up my anus and plucked the hairs of my scortum.
Then I got put in a cell and got ked up the *** by some huge black guy...But then I'm busted out by Tibetan monks and becomethenext Dali Lama.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok ever since I was 5 years old (i am 15 currently) until the age of 13 I been having thses dreams where this person is telling me and "showing" me my past life. All I can remember is that person keep telling me that I am a witch and a princess from a long time ago. And I always get Deja vu a lot like everyday and even my plam readinds say I have a physic powers so what are these dreams telling me?Am I really a witch? Or is it a dream of wanting it which I doubt it because half the thigns in my dreams are extremly freaky.

Example: PETITION: Who hates "Hollywood"?

"Hollywood" is a collective term nowadays.
And, essentially, describes the majority of the entertainment business.

But that majority is destroying a treasured art-form -- the art of performance.

"Hollywood" is idolized by the majority of the population, and many people dream of grasping it because it is seen as a way to make a fortune for doing nothing or to satisfy their own ego.

Stanislavski once said, "love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art!" The prevalence of people in the entertainment business who do not appreciate the art of performance is staggering.

And, often, it is the people who love this art form the most that are cast aside by the entertainment business.

The business side of entertainment should be in direct balance with the artistic side -- this is simply becoming less and less true every-day.

I would like to spread awareness of this issue. See if anybody cares anymore.

Example: What do arcade tickets in a dream mean?

After just avoiding my rapists, thinking "I need to get to school, where I'm meeting my boyfriend. They won't be able to touch me there, and my boyfriend will protect me."

When I got there, all my past classmates were there, sitting around a table. They knew I was coming, and that my boyfriend was going to meet me there after work. When I got closer, I realized they were all signing something. I got closer, and saw that it read:

"Whoever thinks X deserves better than her boyfriend"

It was about me. My boyfriend got in the door, and I told them to please take it down, and that it was disrespectful to our privacy. So they did.

Flustered, I went to one of the back rooms, boyfriend in tow, hoping to find somewhere alone so I could explain the situation to him. We got to the back, only to come through the door and realize a lot of girls and a couple guys were getting high.

When we tried to turn around, two of the girls pulled my boyfriend onto the couch and said, "Aw, don't go! You're really cute!" He smiled really widely, they kissed his cheeks, started putting their hands on his chest, etc. I was still in the doorway. I jerked my head in the other direction, saying "Let's go." He said that it couldn't hurt to eat in there.

I stomped out. Infuriated, I went back in and said, "You know, this isn't making that petition look any worse."

He gave me his typical "okay, whatever" look. He asked if I was drunk when I started talking again and slurring my words. I said that when I'm upset, that happens. So, I stomped out again. All my classmates had gone back to class. I went back to the table, and saw that the petition was still there. Instead of just a long line of signatures, each name was written on an arcade-like ticket. I saw that where it had first been cut off when I said to take it down, had been taped back on.

I took a marker, and wrote my name across the title page of it in large letters. My boyfriend came back from the other room, sat down with his lunch across from me, and started eating.

I said, "There's a lot of signatures on it."

He nodded. And that's when I woke up.

So, interpretations?

Example: What does my Dream Mean?

Ok so last night I had a dream about my favorite tv show Reba, which showed the finale mid- February, So in my dream me and my friend were flipping through a magazine I think it was people or tv guide. And there was a full page add stating that The show was coming back after its cancellation but the thing i was wondering about is when the magazine said it was coming back it said it was coming back for its 8th season, instead of 7th. I've only had this dream once. but, why would i have this dream that would say the wrong info.

Example: How to start a petition?

So I am wanting to make a petition for something that seems too big and out of my control. I don't expect to make an immediate change, nor do I expect the change to happen at my hands, but I want to make this world a little bit better if I can.
I want to ban the use of and/or replace most to all "anorexic" or too skinny mannequins being used to advertise clothes to young girls. As a young girl struggling with anorexia it pains me to see the mannequins in the Plus Size stores because most of them aren't even plus sized, some even resemble a body similar to mine and I am NOT plus sized. If we eliminate mannequins with an unhealthy body image than I can guarantee eating disorders will decrease by a major amount.
I know this is much bigger than me, as I am only 14, but if I can get tips on where to start than that would be a great help. I'm already making Youtube videos, an Instagram account, and I plan to start a blog. I am going to try everything in my power to get noticed, and I think one way is to start a petition. I know its small, and it may take a while, but if a change is possible I want to see it happen. Any ideas on where to start? If you want to talk you can email me. changingclothes8@gmail Thank you.

Example: Could Every Wrestling Fan Please Please Sign This Petition?


Okay, Now I know I ask a lot of questions asking people to help this guy out, but he has just written another blog in his MySpace (myspace/rappingwrestler) talking about how the support is moving onto the next level. Please check out hirechampain for e-mail information and how you can contact WWE, TNA or ROH. Anyway, some of my friends on MySpace have started a petition, which, when they have enough signatures, will be sent off to the wrestling brands along with a lot of e-mails. Please put your name and e-mail (email will be hidden) and sign the petition! He really deserves and needs this chance, and you can be a part of history!


Thanks and please help this guy out!


Example: Can somebody tell me what this means please?

Okay, I had a really weird dream the other night and it's really been bugging me:

I'm in Maths, and my friend Nia is handing out a petition to get a radiation lab into the science department. Then I'm in Science, and there's a massive tank sending radioactive gas into a room behind my Science class. Then my teacher, Miss Hubrecht, tells us that the room is actually the radiation lab and that we're doing an experiment in there. I noticed that the door of the lab was open so that the gas in there was pouring into my classroom. I pointed this out to the teacher, but she dismissed my concerns.
Then she told us that we had to go INTO the lab to get our spare clothes, and while everyone got their clothes out I couldn't find the ones with my name on.
In the end of the dream, I was admitted to hospital with radiation poisoning, but I ended up getting better (which I KNOW is weird because radiation poisoning= slow, painful death no matter what).

Does anyone know what this dream means? Thnx

Example: Weird dreams?

I had a really scary dream the other day, it was proper apocalyptic!. Basically the whole of London got flooded and everyone i knew died. Has anyone had an apocalyptic dream? details?.

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