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Dream About Pet Store meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

I had a dream that I found a lost hamster in my condominium and I picked it up and carried it in my hand, thinking about whether I should bring it home or give it to a pet store.

The hamster was white-ish grey-ish --just like my old hamster. I was carrying it and it was calm and still most of time. But sometimes --this happened about 3-4 times-- it would get cramps. Like the cramps you get on your toes and you can't move it but you can feel it relax it bit more over time. It would go on it's back, curl up, stay totally still, then it would be fine after a minute. I was so scared! I thought it had died those few time.

Then these two Indian kids followed me home saying that I wasn't allowed to bring it. Then somehow, they turned into a baby with blond hair and blue eyes (who looked like my baby cousin) and another 8 year old looking boy. I found a peanut to feed it because I wanted it to be able to move a bit more and put it in front of it. It ate it. And I put a hamster cage around it just so it wouldn't go away. Then the baby put it's head next to it and fell asleep. Then I told him to move his head, otherwise the hamster might pee on his head (jokingly). Then the hamster actually peed on his head, but then some blood came out while she was peeing. Then I thought, "Is it her period?"

All dreams have meaning. They are our subconscious revealing our thoughts and emotions. You think of yourself as an animal lover and one who is particularly caring for pets that are in pain as the hamster with cramps. Deep within your thoughts, you think of someone who would be so cold as to believe that you shouldn't be so caring as being very foreign (indian children) and very far removed from your own personality and caring attributes. Your subconscious uses indian children as the analogy of strange and cold people. You are so caring for little animals that you think of them as babies and there is nothing wrong with that. The peeing and the blood just further signifies your concern and interest in the nature of animals. Your dream reveals a very caring and loving person.

Example: Opening at Pet store?

Hello. I live in southern Maine and I would love to open up a pet store. I work at one right now, I've been there a year next month. I know how to do a lot of things. How do I get started, do I have to get a loan, credit card? I know that I want the store as a dog, cat, bird and fish store. I don't think I will be selling any animals. Just merchandise. For food I am going to the good stuff like Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Wellness, Solid Gold, Merrick and other great brands. I will not be carrying Science Diet, Iams, Eukanuba, Purina...yea you know the rest. lol.Bird food, fish food, cat toys and other great things. I also know some of the vendors. I just want to be able to get some of the finanacial down and be knowlegdable. This has been a long dream and a calling. =).

Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you!

Example: Dream Question...What does this mean?

I remember all my dreams very very well. I mean I remember each dream I've had. I remember them for years. But, nearly every night I dream about fish. Mainly I dream about whales. Sometimes I am only watching them, sometimes I'm in the water with them. I do not dream I am drownding, I'm not even really scared of them. They are not scary dreams, I just wonder why I dream about it...

In real life I HATE fish. I will not get in lakes or oceans. I don't eat fish (I am vegetarian). I actually have never even touched a fish. I was even given the opportunity to touch a whale and dolphin at sea world and would not do it. I also have a fear of undergroud aquariums and I don't even feel comfortable at pet stores looking at fish.

Example: What does this dead bunny dream mean?

I had a dream that i was walking around Cambridge with my family. I stopped by a pet store because i saw a bunny outside in a cage. Well we walked passed the store a couple times. The last time i noticed that the bunny was out of it's cage. So i went to go bring it back to the pet store but it was closed. so i was carrying it around cambridge with me, but then i dropped it and it was dead. I started crying and my family didn't really care. I was really sad though. what could this mean? Does me being sick have something to do with it too?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I keep having dreams of a pet store...

ANYONE know what it means?

Example: What do these dreams mean...?

Usually it's rare that I have bad dreams, they're mostly just weird, but still fun. Lately I've been having dreams and I'm just in my room doing nothing, looking out my window at the world go by. My brother would be hanging around his friends and my mom would be just outside holding hands with her boyfriend, and everyone overall was happy but me. I was alone, by myself. I also have dreams of family members (and my moms bitter ex-boyfriend) coming after me with verbal and physical abuse. I don't really go out with my friends much because I can't afford it, and even when they have movie nights I can't go sometimes depending on who's house it is because I have really bad pet allergies. Also, my mom and I don't really get along (the family never bonds) and I'm graduating high school this May and off to work/college this fall, and I'm stressing. How can I just relax? I've even woke up crying a few times because of the hate and abuse in my dreams, it seemed so real? Thanks in advance

Example: What does my dream mean?

it had a turtle in a aquarium and i was in prison for impersonating a cop by yelling "FREEZE" then they took me away, there was also a pet store in my dream I MUST KNOW WHAT YOU THINK IT MEANS!

Example: What does my dream mean- a pet rabbit in my jewelry box?

I had an odd dream last night and I'm wondering what if anything it could mean. I had a pet rabbit, he was small and fluffy, black and white spotted. He lived in my jewelry box on my dresser and he was so cute and affecionate. He required very little food and water and attention but what little I gave him he was so appreciative of it and loved to cuddle up to me and always looked so happy and content. I remember thinking I would like to do more for the bunny but he seemed to be very happy just sitting in my jewelry box, I just loved this bunny so much in my dream and he made me so happy and content! lol.

Could it have something to do with my boyfriend in real life who is so good to me and does so much for me, I sometimes feel like I should be doing more for him?

Example: What does my crazy dream mean?

its a really weird one, and is really confusing.. so yea.

i had a dream i was in a house, supposedly my parents', but it doesnt look like our house. i was sad, and depressed and was looking for something or someone to make me happy, so my dad goes out and comes back with a "pet," which is a two-headed cockroach. i freak out and tell him to take it back. he then comes again with a white cat.

at first i didnt want it [because i hate cats] but then it looked innocent so i picked it up, when i did, it started to dig its nails into my skin and purposely want to hurt me, it didnt have cat claws, but human looking nails. over time, its paws start to turn into hands, and its skin gets blotched with dark brown spots, it looked really scary and every time it would see me, it would jump on me and try to hurt me, and no matter what i did it wouldnt get off.

i then got fed up and took it back to the place where my dad got it from. it was this creepy place with many tunnels and obstacles, i would hide behind my father and let him lead, and he eventually got me through to a safe destination, but then disappeared. i then found myself with my girlfriend, and we went looking for puppies. i saw a whole lot, all in cages, and i set my sights on a dalmatian puppy. i managed to get him through the bars of his cage without opening the doors and held him close protectively. i asked the guy that was selling them how much they were for, and every time i would try to pay him, he would put the price up, and up, and i wouldnt be able to pay him the correct amount..

this is a really fuucked up dream and i have no idea what it means..

and please, no negative comments

thanks :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

Here's the dream:

Well, the colour was messed up, the sky was red, the clouds were yellow, and the grass was orange, and many of the other colours were inverted. I had ran out of pet food so i walked to the store and they were filming an adult movie (porn) there and they thought i was one of the actors, but i said no so they threw me out the door and the next pet store was 20 miles away so i walked. along the way, i experienced hippies, stoners, clowns, and total nut jobs, and they all had a briefcase. I finally got to the pet store and when i got there, they ran out of the pet food i was looking for, so i shared a taxi with a clown who had a baby plant where babies are sprouting from a plant. There were babies from all colours of the rainbow, white, black, green, blue, purple, etc. A lot of them were drooling, and I felt grossed out. It took me home where i slept inside a cocoon.

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