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Dream About Pet Food meanings

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Example: What does this bizarre dream mean?

I had this odd dream where I was trying to stop deer hunters and succeeded and I ended up in some sort of hotel/warehouse place and they were all there and angry at me but attracted to me, I think, I kind of got that feeling, but they were all Latino. Or Mexican. I can't recall. And I think I was undercover trying to infiltrate some kind of illegal activity but I can't remember.

And I forgot that I was supposed to be pet sitting for these pets I pet sat for in the past in real life, and had to go speeding to the people's house b/c they were probably starving.

And the oddest part was that at one point I was naked and completely aware of all my physical flaws and somebody gave me a blanket to wear but the blanket was made out of a big piece of beef jerky and I was eating it while I was wearing it.

I KNOW this is crazy but I really had this dream.

Wow, cool dream. I think it makes more sense than it may initially seem.

In the dream, the deer hunters are people who are trying to destroy something that you value. It is likely that you feel that someone is trying to do this to you in real life. Maybe there's a part of you that you feel is being "killed" by the people around you (or maybe you're even doing it yourself.) Deer are often seen as graceful and therefore feminine. A deer could also be something wild and fee. You'll need to ask yourself what a deer represents to you, but it probably represents some part of your life or your personality that you find valuable but that you feel you now need to hide from others.

Because these people are both angry and attracted, this indicates to me that the part of your personality that the dream deals with is your seductive side. Have you ever felt guilty or self-conscious about people finding you attractive in real life? (Maybe people been making unwanted sexual comments to you, or even just looking?) This dream could be about you noticing how men see you, and it may be making you anxious. The fact that you feel that there's illegal activity further implies feelings of guilt or embarrassment about men's attraction to you.

In your dream, you're having a hard time dealing with these concepts, so you want to go someplace you feel more safe and civilized. That's why your mind turns to the pets, and makes you feel that you need to get there urgently. Pets are tame, and also loved and accepted. This shows that you have a desire for these same things, especially when confronted with men that are doing things that make you feel uncomfortable.

The nakedness probably means that you feel exposed and worry that people are seeing your physical flaws in real life. Your blanket also serves as food, which is very interesting. It could mean that while you want to feel protected and less exposed, you also have the desire to gradually eat away at what covers you to show more of yourself.

Example: What does this dream about dogs mean? ?

I remember having a dream that I was carrying a German Shepard in my arms. I was taking him shopping for food at a pet store. Does this mean anything? I've never owned a dog by the way. I guess the dream dog liked being babied.

Example: Dream Question...What does this mean?

I remember all my dreams very very well. I mean I remember each dream I've had. I remember them for years. But, nearly every night I dream about fish. Mainly I dream about whales. Sometimes I am only watching them, sometimes I'm in the water with them. I do not dream I am drownding, I'm not even really scared of them. They are not scary dreams, I just wonder why I dream about it...

In real life I HATE fish. I will not get in lakes or oceans. I don't eat fish (I am vegetarian). I actually have never even touched a fish. I was even given the opportunity to touch a whale and dolphin at sea world and would not do it. I also have a fear of undergroud aquariums and I don't even feel comfortable at pet stores looking at fish.

Example: Dream about a two headed pet frog called Charlie who ate tiny roast dinners of my hand, what could it mean?

Example: Meaning of wierd dream?

I was me,only I had alien like antennas and long,straight har. I had 3 friends. One was a gilr,with pale pale skin,and she dressed in lacy pink clothing and and a matching parasol.She had long,white,platinum hair. She looked like a doll,in a way.

My third friend was a tuxedo cat. It couldn't speak or anything,but I guess it was my pet since it followed me everywhere.

The last friend - oddly enough - was a total geek. Slicked down hair,Huge,circular,thick glasses,tie,you know,everything,including the buck teeth.

(before i move on to teh actuacl dream,i just want to say i have all of my senses in my dreams.)

Al four of us walked into the cylindrical capsule thing.It looked extremely futuristic,wires and all. ANYWAY,we climbed in on these seats.I pulled this lever thing with a danger sign,and then,with tremendous force,i was blown to the side of the capsule,and i was having a minature spasm.My vision was totally and completley distorted. After just about 2 seconds It stopped,with a frightening thump. We all fell to the ground. I opened the capsule door,and we were in this .. place. Its ahrd to explain. it was nighttime,no stars or moon,and we were in a rocky,yet grassy plain. Infront of us was a fairly large condo. I remeber telling them to come on,and we began walking to a large,rectangular window.

We looked in side and saw (this is pretty ridiculous) coca cola bears. Like,they had teh bottles (but they were some foreign langugage) and they were white,but they looked different.more fierce. They were sitting,much like a human does,in a pool of bubbling black...stuff.It resembled Oil. Then,one began to walk out. It saw us,and gave the most scary growl/roar i had ever heard. I ran,so fast it was unbelieable,and then the bear caught up to the cat.

The bear ate him in one swallow,and then disedegrated.The geek started talking to me,and he said soemthing like "Once they eat,they are destroyed." And the doll - girl kind of just looked there with sad eyes.She looked at teh polar bears and...

She started to run to them. I jsut watched,i didnt know what she was doing.And lets just say she commited suicide. I remember sobbing,sobbing so hard that when i finally woke up my pillow was sopping wet. What could this really,really bizarre dream mean? It kidn fo scared me,it had repeated three times.

Example: Dream about metro stations, cats, dogs, pet food and drugs? What does it mean?

I was sitting in the metro station, feeling sad, just watching the trains go by... The station was dim and somewhat resembled a cave.

Some friends briefly came over, but didn't have much contact and disappeared quickly. In most of this dream I felt like I was alone, absent, observing.

One of them (more like an acquaintance) gave me a bag of pet food and told me it was baked with weed. Instead of smoking them ("which would have been normal") I started eating them (wasteful, but comforting), but something kept interrupting me from my consumption.

I was really worried about my cat. I was afraid he would go in the metro and a train would come smash him. I kept shouting at him to be careful. Cat just ignored me and in a moment jumped to the ceiling, his fur in all directions (like a scared cat), so I stopped worrying that much because he seemed to react to stimuli.

I walked over to the other line. A metro passed by and I noticed among the crowd a little blonde girl with blue eyes staring at me (probably me?). The metro went away...

Another train came by, but didn't stop in the station. It had some platform wagons that were designed for transporting goods, but they were empty. On one of them was a dog that was looking at me. He was warm (breathing with his tongue out), although the station had a cool atmosphere.
I noticed there was another dog laying near the "safe edge". He was just as absent as I am, watching trains.

I returned to my seat and took the pet food and wanted to eat some more, since I didn't feel any relief from what I ate the first time. However I somehow found it sickening and useless and so that I don't throw it, I left some in a bowl, near the normal pet food, for my cat.

My cat came around curious about the food, but didn't want to eat any of it. He was curious about the "pot food" but wasn't more attracted to it than the normal food. He was walking in circles around the bowls for a while, then left, wandering somewhere else.

Observation: (thought about this after I woke up, not sure if it is relevant)
trains, people, friends, little girl and dog 1 had a linear movement - they were going "somewhere" and "away"
me and cat were moving circularly mostly ending up in the same place "nowhere" and "back"
dog2 was unmovable and as stiff as the station itself, like part of the building.

Example: What does my dream mean?

So what I remember from this dream is that I had no where to go. It was dark out, raining, and all I had was a bag of clothes. I walked to this Chinese take out place and remembered that they had spare rooms that you could sleep at. I asked the owner and he took me in the back and showed me where I could sleep. There, I saw a friend of mine (who I talk to now, and claimed that he really liked me). I layed down and fell asleep. Only to awake to a bunch of animals on my bed, who were mostly white bunnies with big gray spots on them. I petted them and told him how cute they were. I took my purse and took a walk when I reached this big spray painted wall. I knew it was my friend (he does good sketches) because of the style. Then I looked down into my purse and saw a note that I knew he left in my purse. It asked me if I would date him. I saw and rushed back to where I slept that night. I saw him there, with this big wierd armor on him. He told me that these people were going to try to take his beloved pets and that he was going to hide them and hide with them. The female that also owned the Chinese restaurant with her husband said that she would protect them with her own life. I watched him get into hiding. Holding the note in my hand, heart broken because of what could of happened.

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream means; Dream interpretation?

I JUST broke up with my boyfriend because he was cheating on me. But now there is this other dude who i am crushing on and have been for a while, even while i was with my boyfriend, his name is nick. I had a dream about Nick the other day and i wanted to know what it meant...

In the dream me and nick were hanging out and we found a naked rat, and we were talking and joking around about it. and just having a great time. Then his dad started saying stuff about me to nick while i was in the room. stuff like "oh she is great, nice catch." then i went home with the naked rat and i kept it as a pet and gave it food and shelter, and i noticed that the rat grew nice lush black fur. And i told nick and he was really surprised. Then the dream ended and i woke up..

Example: Meaning of a dream (strange dream)?

last night i had this dream about a small white rat running away i wanted to capture it but he got away next day i saw him again (rat got a little bigger) and i managed to capture him funny thing is i kept it as a pet gave it food water and all that stuff months passed and the rat was starting to look more like a human (was standing on two legs!) it even started to talk but he started to act like a total asshole,mean but strangely at the end of the dream i felt bad because i ended killing the rat instead of talking to him get him to understand him to change him in the end i took him to a hospital gave him an injection and told him ive always liked you no matter what as a friend so then when i woke up i had this feeling a guilty bad feeling
can someone please tell me what this means specifically (i know this was a pretty strange dream)

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok, so my dream was that I was at a restaurant for a girl's birthday party , there were about 7 of us, and the waiter kept coming over and asking if we were ready to order. We sent him away 2 times saying we were still looking at the menu. The third time he came over (apparently this was AFTER dinner) we ordered cheesecake. Then suddenly I'm sitting on the ground talking about how I'm an Aries and petting my pet dog, and we're all a little bit drunk and Whitney (the birthday girl) is sitting on a chair and going on about how sweet her boyfriend is and making kissy faces. Then I woke up.

What does my dream mean?

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