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Dream About People meanings

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Example: How do people KNOW what dreams mean?

Is there any foundation that backs up research? It just seems odd to me that people "know" that, if you dream of this it means that. I just don't get it.

Other people DON'T know what your dreams mean. There are books out there that say things like "If you dream about a cat, it means you're coming into money", and stuff like that, but that is all just based on old wives tales.

The only person who can interpret your dreams is you. A cat might hold a different meaning for you than for someone else. When you have a dream, you just need to look at the symbols in the dream, and ask yourself what that thing represents to YOU. If you dream about a cat, and in reality you hate cats, then obviously the cat will be a negative symbol.
More importantly than what you SEE, though, is what you FEEL in the dream. If you remember a dream, and think about how you felt during the dream, you can usually associate the feeling with something going on in your real life. Like if you had an argument with your sister, and then a week later you have a dream where an elephant steps on your new car and crushes it, you might realize that the feeling you had in the dream is exactly the same as the anger you felt when you argued with your sister. The "elephant" itself doesn't necessarily symbolize anything. It's just a random image generated by your brain. It's the FEELING that's important.

Example: Why do people think dreams mean something?

Dreams are caused by your brain, not a special meaning. I mean i can see how they could mean something~ you're thinking about something too much... But how would they have a religious/spiritual meaning?

I want answers from people who believe/used to believe that dreams have a meaning.


Example: What Does It Mean To Dream About People Without Skin?

The Other Time I Had Dreamed Some People Without Skin. like They Had No skin, It Was All Red. They Took Me To A Place And Threw Me In There. They Locked It And They Had Several Other People. They Said That They Would Eat Humans. I Got Scared And I Noticed That They Had Left Like A BIG Door Halfway Open. Me And My Friend Escaped And We Went Out Looking For Help Hoping We Could Go Find Our Home, Or Someone's House. We Then Saw There Was No More World. There Was only a Farm, And The Place They Locked Us Up. We Then Proceeded To Go Back To The Place, We Went Running At The Place When They Were Closing The Door. We Then Saw Them Come Out, The Skinless Tall Skinny People, And Proceeded To Get One Of us. That Was Me. They Got My Arm And proceeded To Bite It. Before They Could Bite It I Got Up.

Please Tell Me What This Dream Means. I Am Worried If it Is Something That Can Harm Me
Or Something.

I Hope My Dream Helped You Understand What It Means.

Example: What does it mean to dream about dead people?

Okay when I lived in my grandma's house I had a dream about a dead man he looked like he was in his late 20's, early 30's but not from are time period and he claimed to have died in my grandmothers attic (and as long as I could remember I have always been afraid of my grandma's attic because I always thought someone was watching me, and one day I was sitting in the rocking chair up there and I had that feeling of being watched so I turned my head in that direction and I saw a tall black shadow figure of a man he was walking but when he noticed I saw him he stopped and just stood there staring at me and he had to kinda bend his head down since he was tall and parts of the attic was tiny like roof wise and I just sat there staring at him trying to figure out what could make that movement and then stop and take that shape and nothing could have made that shadow and I ran out of the attic freaking out and when I went back up there with my brother a few minutes later it was gone, and at night everyone always hears foot steps in the attic.) I don't remember much of these dreams. A few days later I had another dream about a dead person, but this time it was a dead fat woman named Cynthia, she was really kind and I remember she wanted to cook for me and I think she said she was french. Sometime after that dream I had another dream but this time both Cynthia and the man where in it. I don't remember what happened but every dream I have of the man he tells me his name, but when I wake up I can't remember it. Oh yeah I also told my grandmother about these dreams and when I told her about the Cynthia women, my grandmother said a old fat nice woman named Cynthia use to own the home before my grandmother and she passed away a few years ago. I asked my dad if that was true and my dad said yes, but the women didn't die in the house he said.

Example: What do dreams of dead people mean?

Does anyone know what it means to dream of people that have already passed on?

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming a dead people?

i am 35 weeks pregnant now, since my previous weeks i keep dreaming for a baby, carrying a baby, a kid calling mommy, in a hospital delivering a baby...most of my dreams are babies...but suddenly lately i am dreaming for a dead person, 3 nights this week i am dreaming for a dead people. Im afraid, but i keep thinking what is the connection of a dream and my pregnancy? and they said also your dream will be opposite in real... my question: have you try dreaming for dead person while you are pregnant?

Example: What does it mean when I dream of dead people?

My father passed away a year ago and i never had the chance to say goodbye to him. But in my dreams its weird because I see him as if he were still alive he talks to me about the current stuff that have been going on with me. The other night in my dream he asked me if i could give him a glass of water cause he was really thirsty. Idk I'm very confused do you think my dreams have any meaning?

Example: What does this drem mean? dreamt that i killed people?

dreamt that i killed two already half-dead people, and my mother found out and was going to the police station and i was begging her the whole way there not to do it, but she wouldnt even look at or listen to me... but eventually (after like a really long time, even after my throat was starting to hurt from begging her, she kind of told me that she wasnt going to tell the police...either that or that she knew i never killed the people...i forget which one...)
then i was at this horse riding place, mostly filled with kids and teenagers... and then one of the little girl's moms got on a horse ... and i got on a horse too... i was riding behind her and then she was scared to keep riding and jump off this one tall barrel she was on...and some guys had to release a lot of water and then she let the horse jump off the barrel and the horse like landed safely and softly in the water... and then we kept gallopping and we reached like some kind of place that looked like we were on the pointed edge of a ship ... and we coudlnt keep going...

any ideas what it's about? thanks...

Example: Why do people ask what their dreams mean?

Dreams are random and some people think that they mean something

Example: What does it mean to dream about people close to you who have died?

It started off I was in a very old, derelict house (one not known to me in any way) and I was setting the dinner table with 2 plates, 2 sets of knives and forks, 2 glasses, 2 chairs and 2 candlesticks. (the only objects in the house).
It was not apparent to me at first who was joining me for dinner or what we were eating for that matter. Then my nan appeared, she passed away 12 years ago and sat down at the table with me, I was not startled or confused as to why she was there in any way. We then began calling for my Great Grandmother (my nans mother, who has also passed away some 15 years ago).

All of a sudden she appeared at the staircase in a old coat and looked at me very worried and disappeared, with that my dream changed.

I was standing in a car park, local to me with my best friend, who died 12 years ago. We were reminiscing about the past and she kept showing me a pencil in which we had both carved our names in as kids (although I do not remember such an event ever happening when we were kids).

The dream ended there. I do apologize for the lengthy detail, it was a dream that struck me as quite strange due to the reference of all the people I love who passed away were in it.

I have looked on all the dream websites but many give you several different meanings to the dream and I wondered if anyone could give a more accurate meaning.

In advance I would like to thank you so much, this means so much to me.

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