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Dream About Peel 2 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well,I actually have two questions.

1)Why do I have so many bad dreams?

2)I had a dream that was really scary yesterday. People were peeling their faces off and you can see the flesh and everything.The skin of the faces were sold in stores and people were eating them and there were blood dripping everywhere. Some people were hurting themselves by breaking their arms off,stabbing themselves in the neck with a knife and others were trying to burn themselves.

it could be because your life is not going well according to your plan. try and think for a moment and ask yourself this question. are you happy with yourself, happy with your friends and family and happy about your life, career or school. some of this aspect might be affecting your mind and make you dream like this. for starter you might be dreaming how this country is going cause you said something about people are peeling their skin faces and selling them in store. I'm assuming people are running out of ideas and how to make money or jobs and they are cutting off their arms, stabbing themselves in the neck and trying to burn themselves. well this is a definition of people are now fade up with live. economy is still getting worst, still there are job that have not recover yet and money is running out and so is time. something like this could be trigger your dream. so try to relax and don't think about any negative things that happen during your day, think of the positive, read a book or something and yeah don't watch some late night scary movies. watch something like comedy so it can help relax your mind; well i hope that helps. good luck.

Example: Why do I keep having and remember dreams of snakes over the course of 4 months and what do they mean?

Okay so over the past for months I dream of snakes. I never wake up in fear of any sort nor are they scary I will tell you each of them I remember.

Dream #1: So the first one is just of a small snake that is following parallel to me as I walk and I was just calm in curiosity, like is the snake following me.

Dream #2: I'm there with people who are like friends but I have no idea who they are nor have I ever seen them in my life and I hold the snake across my shoulders.

Dream #3: I'm with my son on the beach building a sand castle. The waves are serene and my son says, "look mommy a snake." I look up and I say, "O wow, yeah that's cool a big sea snake" The snake is just as big and how you would imagine chinese dragons to be floating around with there humps. Well the snake is just floating and staying still just out to the left of us going along with little waves close to never touching but never touching shore. It's like the snake presented itself to us and it was something magical to see, I felt a peace needless to say.

Dream #4: I'm with someone and feel pain in my right elbow it looks like a tiny scab and hurts. I scratch it a little and I see something move. I pull the moving thing out it was a maggot and then i pulled another one out. In my dream I was not disgusted nor scared, I was just like what. Then I feel something bigger move. I peel my skin open pulling it down (as in towards the ground, opening it to a gaping hole/round pit) and its like a 6 to 8 inches my skin stretches. Inside I see a snake, I try using a stick to pulling the snake out but he doesn't want to come out and I kept attempting to get it out but it just kept moving and staying in the pit in my skin. I always had a friend (someone I didn't know in real-life telling me get it we got to get it out) I wasn't scared and it just seemed natural to me in the dream. I don't recall whether I got the snake out or not.

Dream #5: I'm with someone who I have no idea who they are or what they look like. I see my son seat next to them and (my son) he is holding a grayish snake in a semi-straight line out in front of him with both hands. I told him, "eat the snake" and he bit it in the middle. A chunk was gone and the snake was still alive. I saw the whiteish flesh of the snake and I told him, "no, you eat the snake" (almost like telling you child to finish his dinner, it seemed natural yet again). He took another bite in the same spot which had bit all the way through the snake leaving it in half. Some how I was then walking with this along side the other person that sat next to my son and I said, "do you have the snake?" I automatically pulled out the tail half of the snake out of his sack and see some skin peeled back from it showing white flesh. I then am walking across the street alone holding half of the snake and it was like it was still alive (It went from being small when my son had it to thick like a python). The half part of the snake wrapped around my arm and I was all dressed up in a nice dress and heels carrying this half snake down the sidewalk. I also was clasping to something in my left arm but cannot recall what. In this dream I felt empowered, confident, and looked sexy holding this half of the snake.

Now, that would be the accumulation of the dreams I've had about them. I haven't seen any snakes in real life in quite some time nor do I ever think of snakes. It's only when I go to sleep I keep having at least one to two dreams of a snake over the past 4 months and always remember them vividly but I'm never fearful of them and feel calm. It's been driving me crazy because I'm like why do I keep having these messed up dreams about snakes. Maybe, someone who is good at interpreting dreams could possibly help me with this. I hope someone will give me some real knowledge on this topic and not smart remarks. I have googled online but, nothing ever fits what I dream about.

Example: What does this disturbing dream mean (warning: gory/graphic)?

Don't read this if you're easily disturbed.
I am in a house, and when I enter the room, I see all of these older people who want to attack me. I throw my arms against them, and grab one of the man's knife, and start using the knife to defend myself. I slash at them leaving horizontal slash marks. I run out of the room, and a young guy comes around and tells me I'm weak for attacking them. I yell "you a'sshole, I was only defending myself!" He walks me down the hallway to explain why I'm weak. The hallway becomes outside, and we're sitting on the sidewalk. There are other young people around on the sidewalk, and we all have weapons. The boy commands for everyone's attention, and gives them a talk saying that the best thing to do is run, b/c you show you're strength in not fighting back. His weapon was a metal device that snatched onto the eyeball, and crushed it if made contact w/ the eye.
He asks me "do you still think I'm an a'sshole?" and I say, "well, when you say it that way.." he had me convinced at the time. A boy across the sidewalk wants to see the device. The skin of his right eyeball has been peeled off already, and he holds the device to his eye to see what it's like to feel like you're having your eye snatched ou, but he doesn't actually touch it to his eye.
There is a girl across the sidewalk with brunette hair in a side ponytail. Her weapon is her fireworks that she uses to shoot at people, if she needs to defend herself. 2 other girls come up bullying her. They ask if the fireworks are hers. The girl is terrified, and keeps saying it's a friends. 1 of the girls says they'll shoot the firework at her head if she doesn't listen to them. They tell her to dress up in a costume & get someone to f'ck her.
She obeys, out of fear. When she strips her clothes off, I see she has no shins and her body seems hollow, as if made of plastic. There are red and blue blood veins that are huge and stick out. As if her body were a shell, she opens it and replaces it with a costume.
Next thing I know, everyone is running to the left to watch something. As we're running, I say to the buy that it's strange that he's here (in this dangerous place) There is a stand, as if in a carnival, with a tent. There is a pen of pigs inside the tent, and I dread what's going to happen. The girl comes out with a pig costume, oinking like a pig, on all fours. A pig comes up and f'cks her, and as it happens her intestines explode out of her body. She turns around out of disgust and throws up on a girl in the front row of the audience. The girl next to her laughs at her, like 'haha, you got thrown up on!'
I have had a gory dream `1 or a few times before, even though I never see this kind of stuff and don't really watch horror movies. I don't feel really freaked out, even though it's so gross to read about I just think it's weird.

Example: What does my skin-coming-off dream mean?

I dreamed that there was a huge gash on my arm and torso, and underneath was wet, bloody skin. It didn't hurt at all, but I could see under this layer of skin all across my arm and torso, it was almost like a coat or jacket made of my skin. I could peel it back to see what was underneath and it was pretty much how you'd imagine it to be in real life (except with no pain).
I tried googling for this but didn't get any good results. Does anybody know what it could mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was over my friends house. It was me, me friend Adam, his girlfriend, and 2 of her girl friends that's I never met. Adam has a swimming pool, so everyone was in swimsuits. Adam was peeling because he got too much sun a couple of days before. He was putting lotion on, his peeling skin started getting all mixed up with the lotion and it looked gross. So, his gf, her 2 friends and I started to tease him and we started calling him "skin boy". Adam then started running around rubbing up against us, rubbing that nasty lotion soaked peeling skin on us. Now it was time to go out for lunch, but I said that I'm not going anywhere without jumping in the shower first. Then 1 of the girls that I just met that day said that she wanted to shower as well. She walked up to me and said "I don't like to waste water, we should shower together", so I said "OK".

What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay. Last night i had a dream where i bought 4 bunnies and they got shipped fedex to me. They came to my door and i brought their boxes inside my house. i went and got something to open the boxes and opened the first one up it was cream colored cute and it was so sweet! Then i opened the second one. i was only in one box instead of 2. It walked out and onto the counter the slithered and turned into an orange and black bird as it jumped of the counter. I freaked and then tried to catch it as it walked around on the floor i toughed it and it turned into a really long banana peel then another animal i didn't recognize then turned into a bunch of bananas and i grabbed it and pinned it between my arm and side. Then i woke up because i really had my arm jammed into my side.

Example: ((Okay weird)) what does my dream mean?

Okay so I was standing outside my house with my friend and we saw a light that looked somewhat like a lazerpointer thingy in the sky, it grew and it began to go back and forth through the sky. Soon it became a line and was twisting in the sky, then it became like an atom design and still was going back and forth through the sky. It appeared to be late at night. So my friend went to her house and got her camera, by that time the atom like thing in the sky was huge and rainbowy. Like it was a huge atomy-rainbowy-satilite. So we took pictures and it kept evading the picture because it was moving faster than when it was an atom. So I took the camera and took an off center pic of it. After we took pictures my friend had to leave, so I still looked at the sky, the big rainbowy atom stopped and morphed into a tiger... then it split in half making a lizard... then they both turned into fish. ((This reminded me of an expierence when I was on my boat and we saw numbers in the sky drawn out and then was so a huge flounder... no I wasnyt high... I was 5 and my parents remember it too.)) (in my dream->)So after that I ran inside to see my dad sitting on our staircase in disbelief and angered at me. I showed him the pic and he didnt believe me. Then he yelled at me. I showed my mom and she didnt believe me. I showed my sister and she didnt believe me at first, but then I showed her the real thing... and she did... then I showed my mom and she told me it was an ad for a new band...sorry this is so long but I have more parts to my dream.

My 2nd part of my dream was when I owned a store. I owned a store in my basement and I had a lot of ppl I knew in it. I was talking to a boy I liked and all of a sudden my face started peeling off... like layers and layers peeled off. Then I went in my backyard, the thing in the sky was still there, bigger than ever and it was still late, I looked at my watch 12:55 pm... not am... pm... so I was confused at how it could be noon and its so dark. There was a rollercoaster and it was made out of wood, my bestfriend took me back to my shop and showed the paintings she made of her friends, she made a cartoon of me. It was tim burton style, I was fat, and had stringy hair. I dont remember the cartoon but I remember it was hurtfull, I looked at everyone else pictures and they looked beautiful. After that I remember getting a brand new car for no reason... and it was on my stoop for some reason. Then I took it driving, it was midnight and bright outside. all the houses on my street were covered in toys and the band's name that my mom told me about, finally I looked up at the sky and saw the atomy-thing and it exploded... then I woke up.

Example: I feel no emotions when i dream i kill my family. What does it mean?

I dream i kill i kill my family and friends with a knife and then i watch their blood flow out. In my dream i feel no emotions when i do it. But when i wake up i feel dangerous (like i might actually hurt them in real life), sick (like about to barf sick), a cold sweat and a headache. its a repeating dream and its taking away my sleeping time. Sometimes a stay awake all night so i wont have that dream. I need to know what it means.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was at my house with my sister, whom I dont really like and dont get along with in real life. And we were standing outside on the patio. She went into the room thats off in the patio and I went out of the patio, into the garage. We both later came out and I guess we were playing a game to see who could last longest with a spider on them, a spider that got onto us in each room we were in.

Then it becomes night and I threw a party I guess, some people I knew from reality, most others I made up I guess. I remember yet again I go into the garage with a girl I knew from 6th grade, but she was older now. We were in there with other people, I think they were making out I dont remember. I assume she was my girlfriend in the dream as we were close and talking as if we were. Honestly after we talked its fuzzy, I dont even remember what we talked about.

After the party died down, I was out of the slab of concrete and talking to a friend I knew from real life in Freshman year of High School.He was pretty much whispering to me close to my ear talking quite fast, explaining in detail what he did with his ex girlfriend at the party. A girl who I also know from Freshman year, a girl named Mayda, who in real life I was in love with. He then went on to explain in detail how he hooked up with the girl I was with in the dream. And I remember thinking he stole both chicks now.

Now morning has come and again this is a bit fuzzy as I woke up for a moment and went back to sleep. When I do this, its like skipping scenes of my dream, but its still in the same alternate dream reality. LoL. I remember I was standing on the same slab of concrete but now I am talking to TNA Wrestler Matt Morgan. He is a very tall dude, like 7 foot. And I remember I kept obsessing how tall he was in my head. We were friends in the dream and I remember I think he wanted to do yard work at my house and he insisted on having a key to my house. I told him just cal me, I will be here.

I think its the next morning and hes at the house. I am still on the concrete slab. And we get into a van, he is driving. We go up the field which I have in real life, and turn right at the main road. Everything is all true to reality, police station on the left, etc... We just go straight and the all of a sudden Matt turns to me and asks, "Do you want to see something beautiful?" I said, "OK." and he floors it and we go peeling off and through bushes. We go flying off a cliff I guess and I sat back into the seat and put my hands on the dashboard, but he was right. It was beautiful. The sea under us and ahead was a deep blue and glistening, the sky was an orange/yellow and the sun was going down. I remember I was so captivated that I wasnt scared we drove off a cliff.

Somehow we crash, but not into the sea, but rather right on the edge of the road and we peel off again hitting a cop car. After that it was like a game of Grand Theft Auto. We got swarmed by cops and he was taken away, I somehow ended up at home. I went through the patio, into the house, through the kitchen, into the living room, all of it was how it is in real life. I noticed on tv was a Toy Story tv show. So I went into the hall and knocked on the bathroom door and I told my 5 year old nephew it was time to get out the bath. I told him Toy Story show was on and he said in his sweet voice, "OK, be right out." I turned around, went back into the living room and stood looking at this Toy Story show for a moment before I woke up.

Side note- I dont know how big of a deal this is, but I have not seen alot of these friends in 3 years or more. And Mayda shows up in my dreams atleast once or twice every month, for the past 2 or 3 years. I havent talked to or seen her in 2 or 3 years...

I am messed in the head, arent I?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok I don't know how it starts but all I know is that it takes place in my neighborhood. Ok that part that is closest to the beginning is that I was at a small park area and there were my brother, my friends, a random man, and the main character from infamous 2 (i don't know the name) and we where fighting some type of robots that take over your body and you have to smash the face until it cracks and the face becomes like a robot's face and you peel it off and they die just basicly shut down. So we were fighting them until there were to many and we ran off to my friends garage and there were to posts there and there were a lot of robots there and we retreated inside and we waited until the random guy infected by the robot and he hid in the curtains and bam he through something at me and tackled me but I smashed his face on the floor and peeled his "mask" off. Then my sister came out of no where and she crashed on the table that's when I smashed her face repeatedly and peeled the face off. Then we saw my car and ran in, my mom was driving and that's it... I know there was more in the dream after the car thing! Also all of a sudden my dream repeated and I knew everything that was going to happen like I predicted exactly what's going to happen next. Also this dream occurred right after I threw up.

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