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Dream About Peach Color meanings

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Example: Spiritual Dream Meaning, HELP!?

Spiritual Dream Interpretation. HELP!?
I had a dream that has been bothering me and it is difficult for me to ignore it. I cannot recall some of the details. In my dream a man wearing a mask was running because he was being chased by someone or a small group of people. The man ran into a public women's restroom in the building in which he was in. There was a woman present. When she saw him she screamed and attempted several times to offer the man her purse. He kept insisting he did not want the purse. He stated he was only looking for a way out! In the restroom there was a window up high. The man managed to escape out of the window (I cannot recall how he did it). When he escaped out of the window he was in a parking lot. He then exited my dream then somehow I appeared. In the distance I could see another man trying to sell a woman a tree that was on the back of a pick up truck. He was telling the woman that the tree changes color or form depending on the light (I cannot recall). As I walked closer to approach them suddenly they were no longer there and the atmosphere around me changed. The sky was a pinkish peach color and the atmosphere appeared to be mystical in nature. It seemed as though I was on another planet but not earth. I proceeded to walk toward the tree that was still sitting on the back of a pick up truck. I believe the tree was glowing. As I got close to the tree I wanted to touch it but I felt as though I was not supposed to as if I was forbidden to touch it. It was so beautiful and unlike any tree I've ever seen on Earth. I remember it had these large white flowers on it that looked like angel trumpets/trumpet lilies (not certain what the flower is actually called). Still looking at the tree in amazement, a man dressed in white was approaching me. He had an accent but clearly stated, "GOD and JESUS" does exist! He told me that he would show me anything I wanted to see, I told him that I wanted to see the past of my parents (uncertain as to why). He took me back in time and I could see the lives of people I did not know. As we reached our destination, the man said it all started with ... and I saw "APPLE PIE" written on a wall or in the sky (i cannot remember). I am not certain as to what this dream means. I feel as if GOD is trying to tell me something but I am not certain as to what it is!

WOW!? I'd love to help with that one. Daniel told the king of Babylon that it was not by his wisdom or knowledge, that he could give the interpretation to the king's dream, but because he had prayed to God to show him the meaning. Daniel was one of the holiest men ever to touch this planet and relied on the angel Gabriel to explain the meanings to even his own dreams. He did not try to decipher or figure them out. He asked God to show him the meanings. Freudian psychologists surely have a bunch of sympolic meanings for the characters in your dream, but they probably work for the devil, to confuse us. If you have a feeling that God is trying to tell you something, ask Him about it. Sit outside, read His book , and ask Him what He wants you to do

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream about two days ago. I had a great-grandmother (on my grandfather's side), who died last year. As long as i can remember (i am 18 now), she had been in a Nursing home. And she had both of her legs cut off. well, in the dream, i was at church. My grandmother (who is still living) was there. And i was walking up the aisle, andi saw my great-grandmother sitting on the pew. I realized that she had both of her legs and she had on a nice pant-suit, i think it was like a peach color.And she also had on a matching church hat.She looked gorgeous!She looked at me and i walked over to her and i hugged her tight. And she was smiling at me the whole time. It felt like she was still alive, but in real life, i knew that she died. When she died, i never got a chance to say goodbye to her because i am in another state, and her death was unexpected. I told my grandmother what happened and she said that she thinks that she is resting in peace and she is happy. but i know that it's more to it. What does it mean?

Thanks :)

Example: What does my dream mean?

We were in Miss Long's class, Language Arts class. I saw my best friend Cory. Who i also have this crush on, but i think i'm also falling for him. This other girl named, Jill. Who i think he likes maybe, i'm not sure. my teacher, Miss Long and some of my other classmates. For some odd reason, i was back by my teacher's desk and my desk was over there too. I asked Miss Long if she had nail polish remover and which she did. I removed my other nail polish and I applied blue nail polish to my toes. Another girl, Mariah, needed the nail polish remover so she could paint her nails a pink/peach color. Suddenly, i saw red nailpolish on a couple of my toes and asked the teacher if she had the remover. But she said, "no" When i was done painting my other foot (blue), I looked up around the room and saw Cory glance at me a few times. Mariah was done with the nail polish remover so I could finish what i started. Cory went to Miss Long's desk holding a poster (i think). He was telling her that he has alot of frog stuff at his home. (since that's his fav. animal) Then someone, i think Jill, gave him the idea to use the frog items for something.

Suddenly, I think I was at his house with my aunt, grandma, grandpa and him. They were in the living room. He wanted me to follow him into a dimmly lit rrom with a table two chairs, a chadaler, and a flower arrangemant in the center of the table. (so it was a date) I told him it was beautiful and also saw a black velvet box, where i was suppose to sit. We kindof talked and i remember looking at the menu (he did the same too) and i asked him if he liked what he seed, he said, "no." (i don't know if i meant, if he liked what he sae by me or the menu, haha) My aunt peeked around the corner and smiled so did my grandfather. Then she was on the other side of the room. (the other side of the room, cory and i were in.) she told us to come and hurry to see something. so we hurried.

For some odd reason, we were outside with a dog who was barking happy. It was weird because we thought the dog was going to have babies. One was a live frog and the other was an almost dead pup. I was sad/happy since i'm an animal lover. i have no idea why but cory had a little gun and killed the pup. He told me he wanted to put it out of it's misery. But before he pulled the trigger, i hurried and ran away. As i was running away, he pulled it. I then turned around and looked at him, with tears in my eyes as i ran into the bathroom.

Could you please help me understand my dream and I'm sorry if it's really long. What does it mean? thanks

Example: I dreamt of a wedding dress...what does this mean?

I dreamt that I was looking at a wedding dress and decided I would dye it peach. What does this mean? It was a slinky dress with a simple silhouette and a ribbon around the waist. Almost like a modernized 1930's... .

(I am divorced but am in a serious relationship at the moment with talk of someday marriage).

Example: Dark Colors in Dreams.?

Most of the dreams that I can remember are really dark. Not like emo or anything. But like I dream in really dark colors, dark pink and black are usually present in all my dreams. Is this just how dreams work?

Example: What does this dream mean? 3 peaches, and living in a venice like area?

I dreamt that I was married to this beautiful, skinny and tall chinese girl that I used to know in highschool named Jennifer who had a black guy chasing after her named Lamari. And then in my dream I was one of her female friends. I was looking for my black husband who had left me and I was given 3 cartons of peaches that I could use to get my husband back. We were traveling along at night in a row boat and we were going from one place to another on the boat. All the stops we choose were islands. The lady traveling with me suggested that we get my husband back by using the peaches to change the color of our background. So we took one peach and mushed it up until it was soft like paint, and then we spread it around, and this peach was unusually large in my dream, so large that we were able to spread it about the length and width of a house, so that now there was thousands of square foot of yellowish peach colored paint near the house that was surrounded by water. There was no such thing as size in my dream. The peaches were small enough to fit in your hand and small enough to fit in a peach basket but big enough to cover the width and length of a house. They were as small and as big as I wanted them to be. We visited some other places at night and I thought I lived a very glamorous life. Then I woke up.

Example: Dream Interpretation: Just wondering what does this dream mean?

In my dream I saw a guy put a peach coloured rose in my hair which made me smile. Does this mean anything?

I also saw my brother wearing an oversized coat and shrunk to a child so I could lift him like my little sister. (He's 16).

And on another part of the dream I was passing by a spooky street. Maybe a graveyard like place. And I met some strangers there. I tried counting them outloud and then the girl told me there were 7 of them. Some guys, some girls. They all looked nice. But some didn't wanna share their real names.

This all happened in the same dream. And I'm so confused.

Example: I have this reoccurring dream, what does this mean?

The dream I keep having is that I'm floating in space with this long white flowey dress (something like what an angel would wear) on. So I'm floating in space, no planets around, and I can actually see all the constellations (I'm very much into astrology) along with some I've never seen before. So I'm pretty much dancing gracefully and everytime I move, these peach rose petals (my favorite type of flower) appear out of nowhere and stir up around my feet and legs. After a while, some of the stars turn into small silver butterflies and fly around me. But I also see a big multicolored butterfly floating, not really flying, towards me. Each of its wings are about as big as a piece of printer paper and it has the colors of an abalone shell on it's wings. The butterfly lands on my right hand and just stays there flapping it's wings. After a while it flies off and the butterflies again become stars. That's usually when I wake up. What could this mean? I've had this dream about 5 times this month

Example: What does my dream mean?

basically i have had this dream for a couple of weeks now and it wont let up!

okay this is a visual of my dream: i am laying down in bed and i'm sleeping. there is this beautiful boy standing thee hovering over me as if he is protecting me from something, that something i don't know. and every time it becomes the end to my dream he leans closer and closer to me as if he is about to kiss me. my eyes flutter open and i stare at him with compassion and hope and we are about to kiss and i wake up. When i wake up he's all i think about.

(FYI) ; i don't know this person and i ever seen him in my life but he's beautiful. visual on what he looks like : he is light skin peach color like he got a tan. he had a oval face and when he smiles he has dimples. he has narrow eyes like hes a protector. and his node is kinda of big but it fits his face. and his big as in *buff. i guess you can say he look like Jacob Black off of twilight. Lil

Example: Need Dream Interpretation: I was on Earth...looking at the Earth...? I don't get it.?

I was in a house, that was apparently our house in the dream. It was huge. Bigger than the one I currently live in. I looked outside and I saw Earth. It was bigger than the size of the moon. It was big enought to distinguish continents. I went inside to get my camera to take a pic of it, but my camera was some weird gizmo that need 12 batteries...none the less, still a camera. Then all of a sudden it started moving, like it was backing away. I grew smaller and smaller then disappeared. Then it came back and did the same thing. In the back yard there was a bunch of people that i didn't know just watching it too. I guess some of them knew me. The ground was mulch with sand underneath and if you stood for too long you'll start sinking. Oh, also my room was peach with lime green pillows nailed to the wall.

Really weird dream.
What does this dream mean?

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